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Scene 1
Leela meets Anita, Leela is angry on her for trying to harm Kunj and Twinkle, Anita says to Leela that dont you dare raise hand on me again, Leela says to anita that i understand your pain as mother, you should think that our kids are getting destroyed in all this, this revenge thing was between you and me but what is happening that our kids have to bear the burnt of all this, we should not involve them in our matter, Anita says our kids are already involved in all this, didnt you see what you daughter and son in law did with my son? they have destroyed my son’s life and now i will take revenge from them, go and pray to lord to save them from mother’s hatred as my hatred has reach level from where it cant return, now i will kill your daughter and son in law after giving

them pain, Leela cries and says nothing should happen to my kids.
Twinkle brings gifts for Pinni and Bubbly, Raman says Pinni never leave chance to get gifts, he says i have idea, if you want to bring Yuvi’s truth out then tomorrow is best day, tomorrow is my and Pinni’s marriage anniversary, we will give party, we will invite your family, Yuvi will come there too, do something, Twinkle says this is good idea, i have to throw Anita and Yuvi out of my house to make my married life good, see what i do in party.
Twinkle comes in room, Kunj says everything looks fine today, he says Raman told me that you arranging anniversary party, its good bhut dont create any scene, he ask what are you doing? she shows him short dress and says i am going to wear this in party, Kunj says you will wear this? isnt it too short? Twinkle says its hot, Kunj says there will family in party, i havent seen you in such short dresses, i dont have problem but will you be fine? Twinkle says we should keep changing style, she ask Kunj why he is tensed? Kunj says your face is enough to make me tense, i dont have to try, its useless to talk to you, he leaves, Twinkle says i wish i can tell you why i am wearing this dress in tomorrow’s party, as i want Yuvi to get angry, i want to bring his truth out, i remember he used to get so angry when i would short dress, he will get angry tomorrow, she says sorry Maa, Kunj and Babee but i have to do this to save my Tashan e shadi.
Leela wishes Pinni and Raman happy marriage anniversary, Leela says to Pinni that i still remember when i brought you in this house, Raman says how can we forget destructive day, Leela ask him to not joke, Pinni says where is Twinkle? Raman says Twinkle have arranged everything for party, she did arangements but didnt come here as you would not talk to her, Pinni says i just wanted to tell Twinkle to not create any problem in party as my friends are coming, Raman says its Twinkle who have arranged party for us, Leela says why you think Twinkle will create problem? Pinni says from the time she has got married, she creates problem in every function, i want you to handle her, Leela says okay.

Scene 2
Party starts, Raman is meeting guests, Pinni says i didnt do any make up, i am beautiful naturally, Raman says she lies so much. Kunj and family comes in party, they wish Raman and Pinni anniversary, Yuvi says to Pinni that you look like witch aunty’s sister, you have so much powder on your face, Pinni is stunned and says he has become naughty, they all go in, Leela is looking for Twinkle, Kunj ask if she waiting for Twinkle? she says no, Kunj says dont lie, you know she takes time in getting ready, she breaks her record everytime, she will come soon, Twinkle comes in party in mini skirt and top, all are shocked to see her like that, Bubbly says to Twinkle that you are looking gorgeous, Pinni says to Leela that i told you Twinkle should not create any problem, what is she wearing? Usha says to Babee that did you see your nice daughter in law? you wanted me to create place in my heart for her? she doesnt deserve it, Babee comes to Twinkle and ask what is she wearing? Twinkle is tensed, Kunj comes forward and says i brought this for her, i insisted that she should wear this in party, he puts hand around her shoulder, Twinkle is surprised with this gesture and looks at him, Sajna ve plays, Babee says if Kunj has no problem then who are we to say anything, right Usha? she says yes, they all go to cut cake.
Raman and Pinni cuts cake, Twinkle comes forward to make Leela eat cake, Leela calls Bubbly and eats cake from her hand instead of Twinkle’s hand, Twinkle is sad, Kunj looks at this, he says someone makes me eat cake too, Twinkle smiles and comes forward to make him eat cake but Yuvi comes inbetween and eats cake from Twinkle’s hands, he looks at Twinkle’s short dress and says chi.. kids wear so much short dresses, you should not wear it, Twinkle leaves.
Twinkle drinks juice and says Yuvi is crossing all lines, Kunj comes there, Twinkle says dont try to defend Yuvi now, you are my husband less but Yuvi’s manager more, Kunj says i came to compliment you, all are saying that you are looking good in this dress, Twinkle says all are saying this what about you? Kunj says yes i also think you are looking fine in it, Twinkle says just fine? Kunj says someone is calling me, he leaves, Twinkle says what would get less if he had complimented me nicely? would his height become less? no but still he wont compliment me nicely, Twinkle gets call from someone, she ask the man to come fast so she can execute her plan, she leaves, Anita mixes some tablet in Twinkle’s juice glass, she says Twinkle likes to wear short dresses and nobody is saying anything to her, now she will drink this spiked juice and will create scene, she will insult her family and inlaws both, it will be so much fun to see you drunk and creating scene, Twinkle comes there, Anita hides, Twinkle drinks spiked juice, she says once that man comes here then i will execute my plan, Anita smirks seeing her drink juice.

PRECAP- Twinkle dances on Baby doll in party, all are embarrassed, Kunj looks down, Yuvi comes there and shouts to stop all this, all are shocked to see him in anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wooooowwwww it was awesome when kunj said he had bought the dress ? for twinkle ohh my god it was superb ?

  2. thanks fo the fast updates…

  3. Precap seams interesting!!! And the episode was also good and loved the twinj scenes…

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  5. Woo hoo! Intresting …. thanks Atiba once again for the fastest update. Waiting for the nxt episode.

  6. I didn’t liked this episode why always twinkle has to get embarrass……. I am only watching this show for twinj

  7. Thankyou soooooo much atiba
    good epi
    Twinj awesome

  8. Thank u so much for fastest update..

  9. I think yuvraj is just pretending …he will say something else and not feel angry on twinkle short dress and dance…he is so careful in his plans against twinj…. Today’s epi was nice

  10. OMG….M dead…Very nice epi..Kunj in caring avatar..These two r too much adorable..

  11. Niceeeee!! Dnt drag too muuch yaar…..let them knw his secret….hope to see gud turn tmrw

  12. Thanks atiba….for updating fast

  13. nyz episode and nyz pracap ?

  14. Kunj and twinkle rock the show.. love both of them…..want more love scenes of twinj..want yuvraj to be exposed soon.

  15. Twinj scenes were good but we need more of them. This Leela is so stubborn, why don’t she just forgive Twinkle, she should help her instead of just worrying about her and finish her stubbornness.
    Precap is so confusing. Yuvi having a soft corner of Twinkle? I don’t think so. This must be his plan. This mother-son does not have any other work? How can they be so rich. I wish I was like them do nothing and earn money πŸ˜›

  16. i did not like the precap -_-
    kunj has to be embarrassed tomorrow :/
    i hate to see this :/
    and y is twinkle such a fool?she thinks she can expose yuvu by wearing a short dress and make him angry? -_-
    so dumb plan!

  17. Mera to dimag hillne lga hai… hr show itna dragging kr raha h apne episodes k lagta h show na ho gya koi birble k khichdi ho gyi jo pakk hi nhi rehi h…

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  23. no pain no gain… that somewhat true… according to the precap, Yuvi ‘s truth is about to be exposed …. hopefully that happens and doesn’t end with him being all childlike…..Kunj is so supporting… Leela is really hard on Twinkle …i kind of feel sorry for her… but i have got to agree that this plan is a bit dumb as she risking her entire Tashan E Shaadi on it

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