Tashan-e-Ishq 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Anita says to Babee and Usha that Sarna family used my son, they made him marry Twinkle then when Kunj returned then they threw them out like he is nothing, i have never seen selfish people like you, you did great, Usha says Yuvi is not a kid, we didnt force him to do anything, what about what you did? Babee says to Usha that dont talk to this rubbish woman, Anita says even i dont want to talk to you, i want to know where is my son? Babee says i dont know, Anita says you people are hiding him, i will go in Sarna house to meet my son, she tries to go in but Babee stops her and says i wont let you go in my house, they both have physical fight, Anita tries to push her away but Babee pushes her back, Anita is about to fall down but Yuvi holds her in time, he is dressed as Jassi so Anita

doesnt recognize him, he sadly looks at her, he says nameste aunty, Twinkle takes him away. Babee says to Anita that dont try to come here again, find your son yourself.
Principal says to Kunj that Rocky you have contacts, you can bring sponsors for us. Manager says Twinkle can bring sponsors for fest too, she is business student, Kunj thinks that i have to talk to Twinkle if we want to work for fest together.
Jassi is with Twinkle, he says who was that woman? Twinkle says she was Yuvi’s mom, Yuvi asks who is Yuvi? Leela comes there and says i got to know that Anita have returned, she wont let us stay in peace, she asks who is this guy? Twinkle says he is my new friend Jassi, Pinni says why you dont eat or drink anything Jassi? i mean you need some milk and vitamin, Leela asks her to not tease him. Pinni says to Twinkle that decide between Yuvi and Kunj, this Jassi is very skeleton, twinkle sighs, Pinni and Leela leaves. Yuvi asks why everyone hates that aunty Anita? Twinkle says lets work on fest.
Anita says to herself that where is Yuvi? nobody knows about him.
Twinkle says to Yuvi that nobody is giving us sponsor, what to do? Yuvi says call Chadda, he gave a great contract, it was big indian fat wedding. Twinkle is stunned and remembers how she and Yuvi arranged Chadda’s daughter’s wedding, she asks how do you know? Yuvi says Chadda had big wedding so everyone knows and you told me you did wedding planning business and i even know his son, i have his number too, Twinkle says this is good idea, we can call Chadda. Anita is worried for Yuvi and calls Yuvi. Twinkle sees Yuvi’s phone ringing and says Jassi your mom is calling you, Yuvi cuts her call. Anita thinks that i hope you are fine. Twinkle asks Yuvi why did he cut his mom’s call? Yuvi says my mom asked me to bring veggies and i forgot to bring them so she would scold me if i did it. Yuvi thinks that mom i want to meet you too but this is not right time, i have to concentrate on my plan, Twinkle should not know about my identity.
Pallavi comes to Kunj’s room and says you injured yourself again? let me bandage wound, he says no need, she says shut up. Pallavi sits beside him and does bandage. Twinkle is in blacony and sees Kunj and Twinkle sitting in Kunj’s room and Pallavi doing his bandaid, she recalls how Kunj caught Pallavi in his arms when she fell down. Kunj says to Pallavi that i am fine, Pallavi says i am doign this for Usha, she leaves. Kunj says i have to call Twinkle and talk to her, he calls her and turns to window to see her standing on her balcony, she cuts his call.

Scene 2
Its morning, Anita comes to Twinkle and says i know you people dont like me and Yuvi doesnt want to meet me but tell me where is he? Twinkle says when you know he doesnt want to meet you then why you are asking? Anita says i am worried for him, he is not picking even calls, Twinkle thinks that even i dont know where is he, he is not seen after he said goodbye to me, i will find about him after college today. Yuvi comes there as Jassi and greets Anita, he thinks that i hope she doesnt recognize me. Twinkle says to Anita that i dont know about Yuvi but please leave our lives, she sits behind Yuvi on scooter, Yuvi says to Anita that dont worry, your son would be fine, he leaves, anita says this boy reminds me of Yuvi.
Principal says to college that Twinkle made Chadda agree to sponsor our fest. he says Rocky is bringing his contacts too, Kunj comes there, Twinkle asks if he going to work in fest too? Principal says Twinkle and Rocky should organize fest, Yuvi says to Twinkle that Rocky Sir came here too, he seems like coming everywhere, what will you do now Twinkle? Twinkle says to Principal that if Rocky is working on fest then i am not going to organize it, Principal says why? Rocky can bring contacts while you have management skills, cant you both do this much for your institute? everyone starts pleading Twinkle to organize it for college, she contemplates but gives in and says fine i will arrange fest, all are happy. Twinkle says i have one condition, nobody should interfere in my work, Kunj says i am in, i will arrange budget and venue, Twinkle says i will supervise food and decorations, both say that they dont need interference, Principal says great mission fest starts now, everyone claps, Twinkle and Kunj stares each other. Yuvi sees Anita in college and gets tensed, he thinks what mom is doing here? if she recognizes me then my plan will fail and Twinkle will hate me instead of Kunj, he tries to look at her stealthily. Anita is tensed. Twinkle asks Anita why you are here too? trust me i dont now anything about Yuvi, if i get to know about him then i will tell you myself, i dont want any scene here, Anita smiles at Jassi. Twinkle says lets go guys, Yuvi tries to leave with Twinkle, Twinkle has already gone but Anita holds Yuvi’s hand, he looks at her surprised, he tries to act like nerd Jassi but Anita takes off his glasses, Anita says to Yuvi that maybe nobody can recognize you but i am your mother and i can recognize you in any avatar, from the first time i saw you, i knew you are my Yuvi but i dont know why you are hiding like this? from your mom? can you imagine how i spent days without you? you are running away from me instead of hugging me? will you not hug you mom? she cries and hugs him, Yuvi feels sad but doesnt hug her back fully, he pulls her back and says i am happy that you are out jail but this doesnt mean you didnt do crimes, you were guilty and you are guilty, Anita says i know i am and i am ready to rectify and pay for it, i just want my son, what should i do for you?, she caresses his face, Yuvi says if you need my forgiveness then just leave me alone, i am doing all this, hiding like this for Twinkle, i cant lose her like this, i am acting like this Jassi for twinkle, this is all my plan to get her back, so please stay away from me till i dont get her back, Anita sadly looks at him.

PRECAP- Twinkle is dancing with her partner, her partner falls down and get sprain in his foot, one student says i dont think he can dance now, what will we do now? Other student says i have one friend, he is very good dancer, people call him Junior Micheal Jackson, i will call him, he calls him. Its Yuvi whom he has called, Yuvi comes there in his normal dressing not like Jassi, Twinkle is stunned to see him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yuvi has not changed he is just pretending. I can’t stand it. Please let kung and twinkle get back together.

  2. Kanimozhi Raman

    I want twinkle to accept yuvi .yuvi is awesome please don’t change him into negative.

  3. For the first time I felt sad to see anita like that and yuvi whether he’s pretending or not all the ways he’s just outstanding I hope yule get together really

  4. Happy indpendence day guys.

  5. I really want Twinj back together any how

  6. Baby

    yes dis uvraj cnt eveer change as we say naa sum ppl never chang dis cheeppo luk guys my intentions r nt to hurt any1 any uvraj n twinkle fan bt dey ll never b togetr he hv nt changed his negative vibes r still dere widin him n he is jst trying to seprayte twinj first of all i wish sid cm bck oh god its jst a hell abhi aaj didnt she gt dat uvraj ne jb bola chadda wali baat ki he is uvraj itna toh ek bevkoof ko bhi samaj aa jata itna stupid koi kaise ho skta hai kunj ka pyaar nhi dikhta jisse omg lyk srsly

  7. Love make you do strange things, and Yuvi clearly loves twinkle a lot

  8. Chanpreet0815

    I too want twinj azreen. Becoz kunj had not done any planning or plotting to win twinkle’s heart. And uv he will never try to change. How much plnning and plottings are there in uv’s mind

  9. I don’t know why you people hate yuvi so much. I know he was negative and then you’ll used to hate him but that doesn’t mean that he’s still negative so pls if youll hate him then don’t try to show it cause you’ll are forgetting that he has fans. And yes once more I’ll tell you people that yuvi is positive and has changed

  10. Hi guys I want to share something important with you please whether twiraj’s fans or twinj’s fans please let’s not hurt or bash each other even if our options are different let’s respect each ones idea I aisha am yule’s fan and I also respect my opposite fans. please guys can we all be friends? Can we all shake hands ?. ? I just want us to be together at least on this page . Please share with me how you feel. ? And most important thing guys happy independent day. ❤❤❤❤❤ you all guys

  11. yuvle are the real couple of this show since the promos why can’t ths ppl get it clear. and i know tht without twinkle yuvi’s life is meaningless if yuvi and twinkle never unite thn for sure tht will be the last day for yuvi cos he is sooo deeply in love with her tht only death can separate twinkle from him. and for sidhant fans he’s rly dng wel in jhalak so kip supporting him thr and for tei now the story is rly boring but i hv ful hope tht yuvle will unite as shown in the promos even anita will turn positive and leela-anita’s enimity will end rocky (kunj) will marry pallavi as they rly look gud together now. and ofcos yuvle will live happily ever after jus we ned to hv patience and bear ths twists and turns of this borng show cos from promos it was crystal clear tht yuvle are the lead couple and evn in recent interview zain said sidhant came for shooting aftr 1 month so now sid will never cmbk cos he wants totry smthg new such as dance and mvies wch is rly gud for himas an actor every1 wants to grow up so sid fans support him in whtever he’s dng and don’t spread hatred towards yuvi he’s just a fictional charactr so don’t tk ths ficton seriously enjoy ur life and enjoy the show

  12. Hey yuvle fan,you are talking about which promo.I cant get it.
    Plz tell me.
    Is there any new promo of tashan e ishq or you are talking about the very first promo.I have not seen the new promo.Plz tell me about it.

  13. Plz cvs reunite twinj.
    Anyhow I want only twinj and twinj.
    Nothing else.
    Cvs have to understand that after the sid’s exit from the show,we twinj fan will forgot him.No, a guy who had given his so much efforts to this serial for minimum 9-10 months,how can we forget him.
    And now also if any twinj fan is watching TEI then we are just watching it only having the hope of twinj.
    Cvs you should not play with our emotions yaar.Plz reunite our twinj.
    And one thing I want to say to all yuvle fans that dont take our words in your heart dear.We are only expressing our feelings here and nothing else.Our motive was not to hurt anyone.
    But some of the yuvle fans also bashes kunj.But we twinj fan have never argue with each other bcoz we all are frndz,right.
    And even if twinj will reunite that doesnt mean that yuvi’s character will be end.He will be there for you in the show.But think about us if twinj will reunite then also we will not get to see our lovely sid back.we have to see naman.But he is a good actor and takes place in our hearts and we are ready to accept him.
    But rest depends on cvs to whom they will unite.
    Dont take my words into your heart dear.
    And yuvle fan tell me about the promo.


  14. Plss tashan e ishq zee anmol par bhi start krdo……starting se dekhna hai hmein yeh show plzz sir…sid ko dikha do plzz sr unhe wapis le aayo……or zee anmol pr start krdo…nd twinj ko reunite krdo…….namn nd jasmin also looks gud…..

  15. Hey guys i am twinj fan and want only to reunite twinj and also fan of uv’s acting too as a superb villian. Yes uv kuch time k liy postive hua that means not that ki vo hero bangya or agr vo real m postive ho ta tu ab planing or ploting nhi krta balki twinkle ka dil apne dam pr jeeta or isly ose best villian award mila ek actor k liy koi role se jaayda jarori award huta h or ye bat writer bhi aache tarhse jaanta h. Uv k kuch aacha kam krne se ye bat nhi badl jati h ki ye sb uv or oski mom ki vajh se hua h. Mahi tu sb ko yaad hi hogi oska kya writer ne oski body nhi dekhai thi or kuch time baad oski entry to paki h i am damm sure abt this guys or anita ki entry kyu kr aayi agr uvkle hoge or kunj ki shadi pallavi se hoti h tu koi villian rhe ga hi nhi or serial chale ga nhi. Twinkle uv k ek sath 10episode tang se nhi aay or serial ka title song sanjna ve bhi kbhi yunkle k liy nhi bajaya na to phale or na ab ye hamesha se twinj k liy bajaya jata h and they r the only soul of this serial nothing else and i have a stronge feeling of twinj reunition and it will happen as soon as. Twinj aaj bhi bs ek dosare se bhut pyar krte h or is liy leap aane k bad bhi vo dono apni life m aagy nhi bahde or pallavi or uv twinj ko jeetna dor krne ki kosis kre gye vo ootna hi paas aay gy.I realy don’t want to hurt anyone and say sorry if anyone hurt seriously guys.

  16. http://www.tellychakkar.com/tv/tv-news/badmashiyaan-fame-sidhant-gupta-play-the-lead-zee-tvs-tashan-e-ishq-150612
    u can check this link and sid was the one to be casted even before jas and zain.
    in their first press conference sid was there promoting the show.as far as i remember zain was not there.sid entered the show in the 10th episode.
    there r many other shows where male lead introduced later like thapki,swaragini

  17. Yes Nrk u r absolutely r8 kunj and twinkle r the main lead pair of the show nothing else.

  18. Plss…….sid ko waapis le aayo without sid to tashan e ishq boring lgta hai pls come back twinj reunite luv u sid……plz comeback………we want sidmin….pls cvs…..

  19. Yup naina you are totally right.I agree with your each and every words.
    And thanx a lot nrk for sharing this link.It clears the doubt of each and everyone.Now it’s clear that twinj are the main lead from the starting and yuvi was villain.
    Now let’s see what will yuvi do.
    Love u twinj.

  20. And thanx yuvle fan for clearing my doubts on the promo.I thought it’s the new promo where kunj and pallavi will married.Thank god that it was not a promo bcoz when I read your comment,my heart started beating faster and I was blaming cvs for marrying kunj and pallavi.
    Now I got a sigh of relief.
    Waiting eagerly for twinj reunion.

  21. l searched for this link so much.finally I got it.so guys please stop saying sid is parallel lead or cameo.
    l love zain but as negative uvi. for me kunj is always sid.I know many changed to yuvle because sid quit the show.if twinj is not gonna happen all the hard work of sid is a waste.
    anyways guys it’s a fiction don’t take it by heart

  22. once a snake always a snake and yuvi can never change everyone knows yuvi never loved twinkle he was only obsessed with one thing and that was revenge so all this bullshit about him wanting twinkle makes me wants to puke,he had all of the five years to make twinkle his why the hell didn’t he? he suddenly had a reality check,three cheers for yuvi ra ra ra BULLSHIT

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