Tashan-e-Ishq 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Leela says thank God all three kids are fine. Tj says to Twinkle sorry I always got you wrong. Twinkle says elders don’t apologize. She hugs him. Mahi says maa I know you love me a lot but I wanna go back to London. Leela says I won’t let you go anywhere. You will stay here with us. TJ says yes everything just got better. she says papa i wanna do something on my own. Leela says you can do everything here. Twinkle says let her go. She will forget everything easily. Leela says but how. Kunj says let her go. Leela says okay if thats your happiness. but you will video call me every day promise me.Mahi says okay and hugs her.
Mahi says twinkle di and kunj jeju I have this new life because of you two. Twinkle you always told me how to fight. You killed my fear, I always got

you wrong but you never left me alone. you support means everything to me and I am glad you are my sister. I am not alone my sister is with me. i love you. Twinkle says I love you too and they hug each other. Kunj holds twinkle’s hand.

Next morning, babbe gives parsad to everyone. She says I prayed for all my kids. Leela says where is anita? Babbe says she is seeking lawyers. Anita is responsible for his condition. Leela says she can’t save him. Babbe says leave it. Better not talk about them on a good day.She says to twinkle now think about your tomorrow. Mahi planned a surprise for you. Its in your room. Twinkle says let me check.
There is a box. Twinkle tries to open it. he says you can’t give it to me. There are so many tapes. Twinkle says see. Lets open it together. They untape it together. Its a musical ball with couple in it.
There is a voucher for one night stay at the honeymoon suite. Kunj says I have such a good sister in law. you know what happens in a honeymoon suite. He says both alone..Twinkle says leave me. He says. Be shy, I will come close to you then your heart will beat fast. he comes close to her. Twinkle shoves him. he falls on candle stand. Twinkle says I am so sorry. She takes out first aid box. He says its a small cut. She dresses it. She says I am sorry.
Twinkle says I think we should cancel it for today. You have a bruise. He says no we are going today. She says are you sure? He says lock it.
She says how will you ask everyone for permission?

Twinkle and kunj come downstairs. Babbe says got the surprise? Kunj says yes. Babbe says what is this bruise?He says I just slipped. kunj says twinkle wants to say something. Twinkle says no kunj wants to say something. He says mahi’s gift was so nice. Babbe says now go to doctor. Kunj says I was saying honey.. Leela says what? Babbe says doctor asked me not to eat sweet. if i put honey on it and eat towards moon. She says i am not allowed to eat sugar but you are. Leela laughs. Leela says so this is mahi’s gift. Babbe says this is your age. Go. Kunj says okay then we are going.

Doctor says we need your blood sample for precaution. Doctor says to nurse take his blood sample.
They reach the hotel. Manager says we can’t give your suite. You had to call and book. Twinkle says where is it written? Kunj says calm down. he says give us other one. I will pay. He says we are full. Twinkle says you are giving this attitude because you are five star? we are leaving. A man is overhearing.
Twinkle says they are so stupid. The man comes and says I have special room for you. A lot of people come there. Its about one night. Kunj says go from here. Twinkle says lets go. He says its not that type of hotel. Twinkle says it will be fun. The man says you are so smart bhabhi ji. Kunj says shut up. Twinkle says lets go please. it will be adventurous.

Kunj and twinkle come to room, twinkle says neon lights. And siri divi’s picture, she was looking so hot in that movie. Musical bed. and there rahul loves anjali.We will write our name there. He says people’s wife want taj mehal and you just want your name there.
The man comes and says this is our special milk for our special people.
Twinkle drinks it and so does kunj. They are both hungover. Kunj sings a song. he says my wife in sari with loose hair look so hot. Twinkle unbuttons his shirt and says you should look hot too then.

Twinkle comes in singing ‘zara jhoom lun main’. She dances. Kunj tries to control her.

Precap-Kunj says to twinkle we are going to london. My project is approved.Now that will be real adventure. I am so happy. I will earn and give it to you. I will give you all the happiness. He hugs her.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. baby

    Hey gyz amazing episode bt i thnk abhi dey ll continu tmrw d episode yah.. nyc thnks so much atiba fr riting daily updates u no i can’t just w8 2 read or especially watch d episode any of d episode of tashan e ishq i just luv twinj actually sidhant n jasmine look gr8 together.. luv u both

  2. fiona

    i can’t able to that honey part understand can someone write this in hindi because today IWAS NOT ABLE TO SEE TEI DUE TO ELECTRICITY PROBLEMS AND CAN’T WAIT TILL 11:30

    PLEASEE! 🙁


      Actually mahi twinkle and kunj ko honeymoon package gift krti krti or jb vo dono ghrwalon se permission lene jaate hai to sharamate hai to honeymoon ka honey me dip krne wale biscuit bnna dete hai and bebe unhne chiddane ke liye kehti hai ki honey me dip kiya hua biscuit moon dekh kr khaaya karun…

    • callmeprincess3

      Mahis track has not enfed it will come back with yuvis track wid a new track i read it on insta

  3. dewani mastani

    Wat the hell ….. the precap was just anymousaillased…….it was helll ….and so late update..

  4. pari

    episode was very nice but from this episode i noticed that doctor scene i think there will be big problm in kunj report

  5. Ritzi

    Nyc epi but nw i m worried about kunj as the cuvs gave importance to kunj’s bloodtest reports i just hope nxt track is nkt related to cancer and all that shit just bcus of that part i m still sad

  6. nayana

    Kunj ko kya ho gaya hai……… kyu ki doctor ne kunj ki blood report ko point out kyu kiya………. twinj are rock on this episod

  7. Tinmins

    Why m I getting the feeling that kunj will be detected with some big disease..:-(
    The way d doctor asked fr reports asap moreover the in precap kunj’s expression were quite painful rather being happy..

  8. Why this serial writer end Mahi Tracks when everything seem to be fine? They should put other Hero for her so its look fair. Please don’t do this to her… Please bring her back. Although at first I hate her because of her stupidity, but now…., after she accept her mistakes and change for everyone goods, I start to like her. Please don’t do this to her ???


    Nice episode….
    But kabhi kabhi twinkle behave so immature and kabhi she is more mature than anyone…
    And what is all drama going to happen now with kunj??? I hope kuch aisa na ho jiss se yuvi wapas aa jaye kunj or twinkle ki life me…

  10. The doctor said to the nurse to take blood sample. That means something not good in Kunj report. I don’t think is cancer. That’s means Kunj wil leave the show.that will be very sad ?

  11. Noooo yaar kunj ku kiya hua now hope koi disease naa hoo but doctor has specifically point out at kunj blood report hope everything is fyn

  12. Guys say am i right or not do u want that twinj consumte their realation pls teply me everyone who want or not who is the big fan of twinj they will say yes for it pls reply pls pls pls pls pls.

  13. Alishaa

    I hope it doesn’t turn to out to be like Kunj has some sort of problem and he needs blood or something and only Yuvi can give it ☚ī¸

  14. Mariana kapoor

    I really love kunj hope I get a caring and loving husband ohhhh goodness I just hope I become very lucky kunj one in a million what a fantastic episode? ?

  15. pari

    i think that uv will again come when he leave he says to twinkle that u will come to me & begging from me so may be kunj is suffering from the disease whose solution is gone through uv in that way twinkle want’s help from uv and do as he said

  16. baby

    Yes i agree wid u pari mayb but dis kunj reports oh god shit yes i luv twinj i really really luv dem seema r u r rite n thnks krisha atiba pls aaj ke episode ka update bhi asap daal dena site par i can’t w8 fr it n guyz who r nt able 2 watch d episode download ozee uspar d episode cums by 10 or 10 30 so u can watch d whole episode bt fr d precap u need 2 a8 becoz it cums on utube bt a bit late.. thnku n luv u guys

  17. baby

    Yr hi guys its d truth in d upcoming episode it ll b non dat kunj is hving sickle cell anemia n twinkle ll b nowing dis n twinj ll reach d clg of kunj he ll b running on staircase wid his frnds as twinlke ll b behind him n she no bout his sickness she ll act 2 get faint as kunj stops bt kunj cums 2 no dat she was acting he ll be angry wid her

  18. savi

    Viewers waited for the reunion of Kunj n twinkle why such short preview of their honeymoon? Seriously indian soaps only wants to concentrate on drama fights n death scene!!!! Totally waste of time

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