Tashan-e-Ishq 14th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Yuvi gives cell phone to waiter and asks him to connect phone with outer camera and asks him to connect camera to LED TV so that everyone can see live telecast. He asks him to message him once he does his work. He puts glycerine drops in his eyes and asks Twinkle baby where are you? Twinkle comes just then. Yuvi thanks her for coming. Twinkle says I came here to get the stuff so that it don’t get in wrong hands. She asks him to return the gifts and says she needs to go. Yuvi returns her gifts, and says you had given me with much love. Everyone has ended now. Neither you are with me nor your memories. Waiter connects the camera to the LED. Yuvi holds Twinkle’s hand. She asks him to leave her hand. Yuvi says I forgot that I don’t have right to touch you. He says can I hug you for one last time,

and says we were physically attached before. He tries to hug her but she pushes him. She says we were never physically attached although I am modern. He gets a message that work is done. He thinks to expose Twinkle infront of all.

Kunj’s dad says he will be very happy when Twinkle becomes his bahu. Leela gets happy. Binny asks Usha, if she is not happy with the marriage. Leela scolds Binny for asking embarassing question.

Kunj comes to the hall and sees waiter connecting cam with TV. He looks at Yuvi and Twinkle on TV. Waiter accepts to his crime and says he did it on Yuvi’s orders. Kunj takes the wires out to disconnect the cam and mobile. Mama ji and everyone come there. He says he was checking the TV. Leela asks to call Twinkle. Yuvi says I will bring her.

Kunj tells Twinkle that live footage was going on, and it was Yuvi’s plan to ruin your respect. Twinkle gets teary eyed, and says I didn’t understand him or his plans. She calls herself idiot and says he can never be right. She says I was blinded in love and I deserve this.

Twinkle hears Usha talking to a girl Alisha and asking if she loves Kunj. Alisha says I love him very much. Usha asks her not to leave Kunj and says she is not happy with this marriage. She says if Kunj loves you, then I will get you married to Kunj. Twinkle thinks she can back off if Usha asks her, and thinks Alisha is after Kunj’s money. Leela tells Twinkle to make Usha happy and says you will be proved to be a good bahu. She thinks what to do?

Leela brings Twinkle and makes her sit with Kunj. Usha hesitantly makes Twinkle wear the chunari and gives her gifts. Everyone give her gifts. Someone asks Kunj to make Twinkle eat the sweets. Kunj makes her eat. Twinkle makes him eat sweets and he bites her finger mistakenly. Everyone laugh and claps for them. Twinkle looks angrily.

Usha asks Kunj to elope from there. She says Alisha told me that you loves her. Kunj says he don’t love her as she loves our property and surname. Usha is shocked. Kunj says Alisha has played with my feelings. I loved her so much, but she betrayed me. Usha is shocked and cries saying why destiny plays with your emotions. Kunj says it was good that we came to know about her on time. Usha says she wants to see him happy and says she couldn’t see Alisha’s greedyness. Kunj says he will marry Twinkle.

Yuvi tells about their love story on the stage and tells about enmity between their familes. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. I also think kunj will save her again. I like that.

  3. Omg wat is thiz.. Goin on i think again kunj helpng twinkle. So swt cupple..:-D

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  5. Kunj should be named as helper bf as he always helps twinkle

  6. O my God! precap is very scary I hope kunj will prevent it to be hear

  7. Kunj is awesome,luv him. y late updates nowadays

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