Tashan-e-Ishq 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kunj is holding Twinkle in arms, they look at each other, Kunj puts Twinkle down and says Babee some people think that they can do everything alone, they can even hold mountains in arms but when they fall, they get hurt alot, Twinkle says kunj is right, some people are like this but i am not because i know before i fall, my husband will come and will save me, he wont let anything happen to me, Kunj looks at her in surprise, Sajna ve music plays, he is speechless and leaves, Twinkle smiles. Twinkle starts working again, all leaves, Yuvi comes to Twinkle and asys you can prepare as much as you want but you wont get any work, i will destroy your business before starting, Twinkle says you will keep speaking but me and Kunj will reunite and i will make this business successful too, she leaves,

Yuvi looks on.
Chinki tells Twinkle that my uncle’s daughter in getting married so i have suggested him to get contract from your wedding planning company, uncle says to Twinkle that i know you and Chinki from childhood, i just wanna ask will you able to handle marriage? Twinkle says yes, uncle says my daughter Pinky is fan of Dj RD, can you arrange him for engagement tomorrow? Twinkle says dont worry, i will bring him, uncle leaves, Chinki asks if RD is her friend that she will call RD and he will come? Twinkle says i know RD is in Amritsar, we will meet him and make him agree for engagement ceremony.
Chinki and Twinkle comes to hotel, Chinki comes near guard and says my knee is hurt, guard goes to help her, Twinkle stealthily goes in RD’s room.
Rd sees twinkle in his room, he says who are you? how did you come here? Twinkle says i am your big fan, RD says but how you came here? Twinkle says i have work from you, Rd says i think you need a selfie with me, Twinkle says no i just need your 10minutes tomorrow, RD says what? Twinkle says my friend Pinky is your big fan, she has dream from childood that you come to her engagement for 10minutes, she will be so happy if you come, please come, RD says okay fine, give address to my manager, Twinkle thanks him.
in engagement party, Pinky says to Twinkle that you have fulfilled my wishes, thanks for calling RD, Twinkle says you are like my sister, go and sit.
RD is in car with manager, a biker comes infront of their car and has accident with their car, RD is shocked, manager and RD comes there, they see man unconscious, Yuvi comes there and says accident? did this man die? RD says nothing happened to him, Yuvi says what you did RD, RD says i didnt do anything deliberately, Yuvi says leave from here, police can come here at anytime, media can come here too, just leave, manager says he is right we should leave from Amritsar, they leave thanking Yuvi.
Twinkle gets call from RD’s manager, he tells her that RD is not coming, he ends call, Twinkle says how can this happen? what will i say to people here now?
Yuvi asks man who had accident to wake up, he says good job, just leave now, man leaves.
Uncle asks Twinkle when is RD coming? Twinkle says actually his manager called and said that RD is not coming, he went to Delhi, uncle says how can this happen? i bragged about him infront of everyone, if you can work then you could have told me.
Yuvi says Twinkle made plans but Yuvi is here, Twinkle’s plan wont work, flashback shows Twinkel telling uncle that she will bring Rd and how Yuvi listened it, he says i wont let you succeed, get ready to see your first plan being shattered, flashback ends, Yuvi says i am feeling bad for you Twinkle, you made big plans but Rd is gone.
Uncle says to Twinkle that if you needed money then you could have asked me but why did you lie about RD? i was telling Pinky to hire a big wedding planner but she had faith in you, i did mistake by giving contract to you, Twinkle cries, dhol wale come there, someone comes there, he starts singing, he turns and its Kunj, Twinkle smiles seeing him, Kunj recalls how he said that he wont let Twinkle get insulted infront of anyone, Kunj says to guests that engagement happens once in a lifetime and it should not be dependent on some celebrity, we called RD but he ditched us at last minute but because of that we cant let Pinky’s engagement destroyed, he says to uncle that give us one chance and i will rectify everything, i will smile on Pinky’s face, we punjabis enjoy dhol most, he requests uncle, uncle agrees. Kunj asks dhol to be played, Jogi mahi song starts playing, Kunj dances on song, all enjoy it, Kunj dances near Twinkle, he brings bride and groom, uncle to dance with him, all start dancing, Twinkle is happy to see, Chinki brings Twinkle there too, Kunj and Twinkle looks at each other, Twinkle thanks Kunj for coming, Kunj says i am not doing this for you but for papa, i cant see his business failing, he plays dhol, Twinkle glances at him lovingly.

Scene 2
Its morning, Babee says to Twinkle that i wish Usha was here and could see you taking care of Manohar and his business too, Twinkle says you are saying this as you love me but if Kunj had not come in engagement party then it would have been disaster, Babee says dont worry, Kunj maybe angry with you but he will be with you in Manohar’s business as this is family’s respect, Twinkle says keep blessing her, she says i got one more client, i am going to meet him, Babee says always be successful, Twinkle looks at Manohar and says wish me luck, she touches his feet and leaves.
Twinkle comes in office, Kunj is checking files there, she tries to see what he is writing, Babee comes there, she asks him to show her too, he says its not like you should know everything, Twinkle says to babee that see he is not showing me, Kunj says have patience, i will tell you, he says i am going to meet a client, Twinkle says i want to meet him too, lets go together, Kunj says you dont need to go, he starts to leave but Twinkle comes infront of him to stop him, they strike with each other, Sajna ve plays, they share eyelock, Kunj tries to move but Twinkle sees her mangalsutra stuck in Kunj’s shirt’s button, she says dont move, dont let this break, my faith is tied with this Mangalsutra, Kunj looks at her in surprise, Twinkle tries to free her Mangalsutra, he helps her, Kunj starts to leave, Babee says take Twinkle with you, she is lucky, Manohar’s only business is running because of Twinkle’s name, Kunj says i dont believe in luck and all, i believe in hardwork, if Twinkle wanna go then she can go herself, he leaves, Twinkle says he didnt take me, how we will work together when he is not even talking to me? babee says i will count till 5 and you will see Kunj coming back, if he comes back then you will bring chocolates for me, Twinkle says done, they both look at gate.

PRECAP- Kunj comes back and says to Twinkle that if you dont come out in a minute then i will leave you. Yuvi comes in room and says i wont let this business get successful, he burns Twinkle’s suit with iron. Twinkle gives peck on Babee’s cheek and leaves.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. Seriously Yuvi, how will business get spoiled by burning twinkles clothes its not that twinkle doesnt have anything else to wear. LOL

  4. Episode was really very nice but why is kunj is being very rude to twinki ?

    1. sony , kunj is angry on twinkle as he used to believe that twinkle trust him and shares everything with him but she dont and also believes that if twinkle had told him earlier about the pics and video then manohar uncle might not suffer that much

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    1. 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm

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    1. If u ve Nokia Phone(unsmart)den press * and rewind da pg u ll get smilies.

    2. u can use symbols for that like colon and brackets..

  32. It looks like Yuvi has nothing to do in his life other than following Twinkle. I understand he is obsessed but doesn’t he have some kind of work/job or something for some kind of income? Every time Twinkle goes somewhere or talks to someone about something important, Yuvi is always present. The show is becoming boring.

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    en find the real update

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