Tashan-e-Ishq 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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Jenny comes to wedding venue dressed as christan bride. Yash comes there with Yuvi,both are wearing tuxedo. Yash winks at Jenny. Manohar says to Usha that i took challenge and fulfilled it, you should be happy now. Twinkle says they are starting new journey, they are lucky to find partners who are best friends,this kind of relation never breaks, Yuvi says she is right, true love makes you a better person,Twinkkle is surprised listening this, Jenny and Yash exchange rings, Twinkle takes Jenny for wedding preparations.
Pallavi brings doctor,she says he wants to go to Amritsar after surgery, doctor says my hospital is in Amritsar, we can do his surgery there, Pallavi thinks that he should get treated there only,what i saw there after that its good that Kunj goes there as soon as possible. she says

i have home there, we will go to Amritsar then.
Twinkle makes Jenny ready for wedding, she recalls her marriage with Kunj,how they took pheras,how he made her wear mangalsutra. Twinkle mistakenly puts hand on sindoor box, she touches her forehead and sindoor gets applied on her forehead,she gets shocked seeing it, she wipes it off. Yuvi comes there and thinks that it must be difficult for Twinkle to make her ready,she shared her pain when she was drunk but now she is acting strong again, i have to change her mood, he says to Jenny that people are calling her, she leaves. Yuvi says Twinkle where is your left earring? Twinkle gets tensed and starts searching for it, Yuvi laughs and says its already in your ear, Twinkle kicks his foot and says you monkey man, she leaves from there, Yuvi smiles.
Surjeet comes to jail, Anita says Yuvi must have given bail papers, Surjeet says he denied giving papers, he is busy in arranging weddings with Twinkle,he said that he wants you to remain in jail, Anita says this cant happen, Yuvi cant leave my side.
Yash and Jenny exchange garlands, Twinkle misses Kunj. Yuvi is on call and says this cant happen, Manohar asks what happened Yuvi? yuvi says dancers are stuck in landsliding, they are not coming,all get tensed, Twinkle says how will get dancers at end moment? Yuvi looks at her and thinks that i have to do something now.
Song Toh floor pe jab hai plays, Yuvi dances with girl. Twinkle comes and sees him dancing. Jenny wants to dance but Yash stops her, everyone enjoys dance, Yuvi closely dances with girl,Twinkle looks on. All come stage, Yash and Jenny comes there too, all dance together, Twinkle looks away and says Yuvi just know how to flirt. Manohar says Yuvi saved our respect today, Leela says yes this shows he cares for your business,its strange that person can change this much. Yash’s father thanks Twinkle for arrangement, Twinkle looks at Yuvi and thinks that i thought Yuvi wanted to get appluad and wanted to prove me irresponsible butwhen time of limelight came, Yuvi didnt come forward, he made me get all credit, i was wrong. Yash’s father gives cheque of 1crore to Manohar and says i will give contract of functions to you now. Manohar calls Verma and tells him about it, Verma cuts call, all laugh, Manohar says to Yuvi that this wouldnt have happened without you, thank you,he hugs Yuvi, Yuvi says no problem,i enjoyed it, Twinkle looks on.
Anita asks jailer to give her phone, she will give her money, jailer gives her phone. Anita calls Yuvi, Yuvi takes it,Anita cries and says i miss you Yuvi,i know you are miffed with me but i know you cant see me in jail,say that you will come to save me, Yuvi says your son has died,i have no relation with you, everything is finished,dont call me again, he cuts call, Anita is distraught.
Twinkle comes to Yuvi’s room, Yuvi says what i did now? Twinkle says you helped me, thank you, Yuvi says what you are saying this? maybe i listened wrong, Twinkle Taneja and thank you? Twinkle says you helped us,you got us this contract,i thought that you would destroy something, you would take credit but i was wrong, because of you my family is happy, Yuvi says dont come out of character, i will faint,Twinkle says thats your problem, dont fight with me,say that you accepted my thank you, Yuvi says this is forcing, Twinkle says yes, you monkey man, she smiles at him, Yuvi smiles, Twinkle feels dizzy and faints.
Yuvi brings Twinkle to room, he says to family that i was talking to her and she suddenly fainted. Leela says to doctor that Twinkle fainted suddenly,dont know what happened, Doctor says dont worry,its good news,she is two months pregnant, all are stunned, Babee and everyone gets happy, Usha is excited,doctor leaves. Babee says i am going to be grand babee, Leela says my daughter is going to become mother, Babee says she has given us promotion. Twinkle becomes conscious, she looks around, Usha asks her to be careful. Twinkle asks what happened to me? i was talking to Yuvi and fainted, Babee says this happen in this condition,you have eat good, now there is one more life with you. Usha says to Twinkle that you have given me my Kunj back, i can live his childhood again, Twinkle is confused, Leela says you didnt get it? you are going to be mother,Twinkle is surprised.

PRECAP- Twinkle looks at toys in her room and says Kunj remember you bought these toys and i asked you why you are buying now its time for them to get used, where are you Kunj? Yuvi say to Leela that we should leave Twinkle alone,she has to breakdown once fully only then she will be able compose herself again,let her pour her heart out today, let her cry fully,they leave Twinkle, Twinkle cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Awesome episode. Love twiraj.

  2. yashasvi ( yashu )

    thxxx atiba fr the update

  3. wow tw is pregnant ohhhhh iam exited….

  4. badhai ho chotte kunj anewale hai

  5. Uv ws nt hpy whn doc said c s pregnant I think he still loving twinkle bt he dnt want 2 shw jst want 2 help hr.. bt i lyk Uv sry twinj fan from fst I lyk uv wen he turn negative I stopped watching nw am stared 2 watch jst 4r uv

  6. Wowwww twinkle is pregnant that a great great great news nd pls kunj come back for ur twinkle nd ur baby nd pls Cvs don’t create misundarstandings between twinj at this happy situation let kunj come nd take care of twinkle nd am missing my kunj badly nd pls come back as the same kunj

  7. Twiraj/Yuvle were just great! Especially when uv said about fainting if heard sorry from twinkles mouth! Well looks like jr. Kunj sarna or jr. Twinkle is gonna come.

  8. Btw there were great dance performance by aneri vajani n yuvi today. 🙂

  9. Choti twinki ane wali hai widout Sid it has really became worst ….???????????????????????ab unse aur expect b kya kiya ja sakta hai…arhhhh cvs hate u hmmmm urghh #missingtwinj# #majormissing# ????????

  10. Omg wtf ws dat twinki 2months preggi dude dey jus consummate b4 2weeks omg miracle baby heheh lol ROFL….??????????

    1. Hhahahaaa…..Zikra….I’m also thinking the same….how it’s possible… it seems to be CVs got crazy after Sid left the show….that’s why they also don’t know what they r showing….

      1. Ikr…???????

    2. lol..also that doctor is a genius since he told them for sure that Twinkle is 2 months pregnant by just checking her pulse.

  11. Kunj is in hospital from how many month????????? Twinkle is pregnant

  12. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    wow….congrats to all twinj fans including me ;-)…kunj come soon na….I m scared if they remarried twinkle with uv for twinj’s child…

  13. Sidhantian (isabella)

    I had been sidhant fan till now..
    m still his fan & Will be his fan forever.. ♥ Sid we the sidhantian fan miss you a big time..

  14. Loved twiraj today. They both are so cute. Aneri was also looking so pretty. And zain what to say looking so hot and dashing. Love you both so much. Hope this tine thry give us yuvle.

  15. Sidhantian (isabella)

    & before i forget uv isnt a good dancer compare to our hero kunj♥ sori uv’s fan but fact is fact.. Our hero dance cooler dan Uv.. By the ways no hard feeling.. its my view lol

  16. it's me uv''s fan ♥

    No this should not happen .And kunj should not come back .Twinkle should not be pregnant .UV and twinkle should get married . if this didn’t happen I will stop seeing tei

  17. Wow.very excited for twinj’s baby ,please kunj come back for twinkle and your baby .

  18. Yuvle ki deewani

    We wnt yuvle yuvle n only yuvle ds new kunj wl be disgusting

  19. if kunj(sid) was there. he will be on cloud 9. miss u sid.please come back and we want to see that sweet moments

  20. oww..twinkle is pregnant..so nice..kunj v amritsar a chuka hain surgery ke liye.so nice.kunj is on the way.i hope now everything will be fine.and uv did the great thing with his mom.she deserves it.but don’t know what will be the next track.will pallavi turn negative and try to separate twinj or kunj will misunderstand uv and twinkle??let’s see…

  21. I hope the writers make Twinkle and Yuvraaj unite… Twinkle used to love Yuvi a lot…she even decided to leave her family and elope with Yuvi (though she didn’t)… Yuvi was her first love.. So it is good if they unite the true and first lovers together again… Love Twiraaj scenes a lot….

  22. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Twinkle’s baby give all twinj fans hope. Especially me. Thank god. Please kunj, come back soon. I pray the writers shouldn’t make misunderstandings for them. We want twinj no matter the outcome. And as for yuvi, well, whatever!! Haha.

  23. New kunj will become negative after his surgery because he will think Twinkle cheated on him with Kunj and now she had Yuvi’s child. Kunj will vow to ruin Twinkle and Yuvi’s life… Pallavi won’t tell the thruth to twinkle as she wants Kunj to marry her she will fall in love with kunj…
    Because Kunj will have her dead husbands face…

  24. Twinkle cries i am fed up of all the pre caps today criers everywhere, and guys you think Twinj will be united?, forget it as usual they will unite yuvi and Twinkle and eventually Kunj will accept his fate and go for the crazy doctor. By now you should know that no love story survives in the indian serials it is all about separation and twists and forging new love and accepting fate instead of true love, why do i even read these written episodes????????????????

  25. are yar..kuch logo ko pata nehi kyun samajh nehi ata bat.kunj ko twinkle ke liye hi zinda rakha cv’s ne.ab to twinj ka baby v hoga.and kunj amritsar v a chuka hain.jaldi vo bapas ayega.and there is nothing lyk any word such uvle…tei is all about twinj and they are the lead couple,for that kunj is alive and now twinj are going to be parents.everybody should understand this simple thing yarr..

  26. Congrats to all twinj fan…chota kunj ya choti twinkle anewali hai…
    I m very happy kaash kunj v hota yeh news sunne k liye.

  27. hey twinj fansssss ..dint u saw d spoiler hmmm if no let me say”now babe is trying to bring uv n twinkle closer ..n cv’s r now concentrating on twiraj’s love story ‘..

  28. I love the episode. Twiraj are so awesome together, and that dance OMG!!!!!!I LOVED IT. I still won’t believe cvs as its their habit to break our hearts. So for now I’m gonna enjoy these episodes. I hope they will not turn uvi negative again as it’s rly boring to watch the same cycle happening again.I want at least to see him as a friend if they aren’t planning to reunite them.

  29. Sidhantian (isabella)

    Hey twiraj’s fan..
    Attention plz…
    Our kunj is kunj one on will change his decision nor twinkle.. Because he deserve more dan dat lol
    He is not like uv ?
    Even if kunj turns out to be villain i will love him s a kunj ?
    & some 1 said uv is twinkle’s 1st love for that i should say that only true love exist not 1st love exist.. so her true love is kunj..
    Anyways lets wait & see both twinj & twiraj fan’s

    1. Sidhantian ( Isabella)…I must say ur comments are always so attractive….every time u take ur stand to support Twinj… amazing.. nd yah ur name is too good..

      1. Sidhantian (isabella)

        Thank you so much dea..

    2. yes u are r8.but some people still think uvle track will start though kunj is alive and return very soon.and that’s really funy…

  30. yaar..ek baar socho k kunj nay kaise twinkle ko apnaya even after knowing tht she hav a bf in past and tolerated uv n his mother a very long time phr b vs nay twinkle ka saat Diya..aise may kuch din vo Gaya tho how can she fall in lv wt uv…?..how can a girl can marry him who tortured her n her family alot n whoz mom is the murderer of her loved husband

    1. Sidhantian (isabella)

      Truly said.. ?
      Even i the TIE everytime watcher wont accept that Uv marrying twinkle

  31. I lv yuvle too.even I started seeing this serial bcz of them only bt do u think agar kunj Ki saat na ho thoo twinkle Ki lyf barbaad hojata thaa just bcz of uv so please..i lv twinj n yuvle..bt how can one girl b in 2people’s lyf…….let’s see what twinkle choose her true lv wt kunj r past broken lv wt uv?


    I do not get that y kunj doctor tell his family about him… as all this will lead to confusions and two negative characters i.e. kunj and his doctor.. as kunj will feel twinkle betried him with seeing her with yuvraj and coming baby and his dr. Will fall in love with kunj so she will manipulate him and as always male leads of tv comes in manipulation easily he will also come and will turn negative…


      And making show worst… it would have been better that they have ended show with anita getting arrest and kunj shown alive…

  33. Joonakanksha

    Yaar when will jdj be telecast on tv…missing sid soo much….want to see him badly

  34. Guys I have just read somewhere that kunj will make a grand new entry and then this will start a new journey of love,tashan and revenge….
    Hope that this news will become true.And plz writer bring new kunj on TEI within 2-3 days..

  35. lol Twinkle 2 months pregante just consummating her love with Kunj 2 weeks ago… Cvs gone crazy

  36. Nooooooooooo, why twinkle pregnant , don’t like kunj … I want Yuvle/ twiraj … Sorry twinj fans but twiraj were the first pair on TEI and I loved them from the begining even though the writers made yuvi negative . Will always love yuvi and twinkle … Zain is a brilliant dancer… Omg he looked so cute 2day … No kunj plZ 🙂

  37. Hey.. Wats tis yaar..twiraj track was great… actually twinj pair always remained me about ishanveer..(especially their dating) .. but now twiraj track is more likely ishanveer…wild cat..wat a fun it was during ishanveer’s first n8….haha…

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