Tashan-e-Ishq 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle with her in laws come to Leela’s house, Twinkle says to Anita that i am not able to see any person here, you were saying that there is man in Leela’s house, where is he? Anita says calm down and turn, Twinkle turns and is stunned to see her father standing there, he lovingly looks at her, Twinkle goes to her father, she in shock looks at him, Anita asks Twinkle what happened now? you kept giving lectures about your mom’s pure character, Twinkle asks her father who is he? Anita says its straight thing that your mom was alone in this house with him so having affair with him, Kunj says first let Leela speak, Surjeet says its clear Leela is having with him, Anita brought us here so we could know her truth, Usha says to Leela that atleast you should have thought about

our respect, Twinkle says there is some confusion, she asks Leela to tell truth, Anita says there is nothing to say, husband says enough, you all wanna truth? truth is that i am staying in Leela’s home since yesterday, Twinkle holds his collar and says you are lying, you are putting false blame on my mom, Kunj asks Twinkle to leave him, husband says i have come from far away to meet my wife and daughter, Twinkle says what you mean? husband says i know leela from past, i used to know about your father, i had a family, i had wife and daughter, because of my mistake, i had to leave my family and i couldnt return then i got to know that my family is in Amritsar so i came here, i know Leela in this city only so i came to meet her then i had accident so i stayed in at night, i didnt want to disturb Leela, i was silent till now because i was shocked, Leela is pure and i couldnt remain silent listening blames on her, Leela is very nice women, dont put blames on her, Anita says he is lying, Babee asks Anita to just shut up, Twinkle asks her father if he met his wife and daughter? he says no, i have lost them forever, he caresses Twinkle’s face and says i saw you last time when you were in childhood, my daughter must of same age as you, Leela is in tears, husband comes to Leela and folds his hand, he says i am sorry, you had to listen so much because of me, i should leave now, he blesses Twinkle and leaves, Twinkle comes to Anita and says what you were saying? Anita says i am still sure Leela and that man are lying, if you dont believe me then remove dupatta from her head and you will see sindoor, Babee asks her to shut up, she asks Surjeet to take her away, they leave, Babee says to Leela that i am sorry on Anita’s behalf, we all know Anita always say bitter things, i am sorry, Leela says dont be, Babee asks Twinkle to be with Leela, she leaves, Leela cries, Twinkle hugs her and says dont cry, i cant see you like this, its good that we shut their mouth, Kunj says can you both cry more for me? i feel like crying too, i cant miss this moment, he takes selfie with them and says this is my screen savor, Leela and Twinkle smiles, Knunj says finally my mother’s smile is back, i can give thousand selfies for this smile, he hugs her, Twinkle smiles.
Anita says to Usha that i created wrong issue but i wasnt wrong, i saw a man in her house and sindoor in her forehead so i doubted her, why did Leela hide this news from us? what do you think Usha? Usha says i dont know, Anita says i know very well how difficult is to be alone all these years and then a person comes to hold your hand so you do get weak, Usha thinks and leaves, Cherry comes there and says to Anita that one more plan wasted, Anita says i can never be wrong in understanding Leela, there is definitely something wrong with that man, just do what i say.
Twinkle comes in her room and says Anita can say anything to me but why she insults my mother? Twinkle starts taking out bangles from her hand and screams in pain, Kunj says why you are taking out anger on yourself, he starts taking out her bangles, she screams, he asks if it hurt? she says no, he says then why did you scream? she says just like that, Kunj says you are mad, Twinkle thanks him for loving and respecting her mom, Kunj says she is my mom and my respect, i am feeling bad about that man, Twinkle says how can man leaves his family like this? his family must have thought that he died and now after many years he comes out in open and say no i was alive all these years but didnt meet you, how will family feel then? Kunj gets silent.
Leela comes in room and recalls how her husband came to meet her, how sindoor fell on her forehead, she finds her husband’s phone ringing and says he must have left his phone here, she picks call to find some women talking on call, she gets tensed listening lady on otherside of call, she ends call.
Kunj gets Maya’s call, he says you take out remaining bangles from hand, he takes Maya’s call and says did you reach home safely? Twinkle sees him talking to her, she deliberately pins bangle on hand, she screams, Kunj comes and says cant you do anything carefully? its bleeding now, Twinkle says why you are talking to me, go and talk to that maya, Kunj says i will bring ointment, he brings, Twinkle says i am not a kid that you are treating me like this, Kunj says i know you are afraid, she says i am not, he says nothing will happen, let me apply ointment, he blows air on her wound and applies ointment, she glances at him, he asks if its hurting her? she says its hurting her but she will handle, she takes her hand off from Kunj’s hand, Sajna ve plays.

Scene 2
in morning, Leela sees sindoor box and says i cant fill it in my forehead even if i want, i cant let things repeat, i cant take risk, what if Twinkle knows truth? she will be shattered, what if Twinkle knows about her father’s cheating? she wont be able to bear it, she puts sindoor box back and wipes her tears.
Leela is seeing old pictures, she gets her husband’s call, he says i forgot phone at your home, can i come to take it? Leela says so that people will start pointing fingers at me? husband says i am sorry, you had tears because of me last night, i had to lie to save my wife and daughter, i couldnt even tell my daughter that i am he father, Leela says you are responsible for all this, i will come and give you your phone, husband says to Leela that i am waiting for day when you will forgive me for all the mistakes, Leela says that day will never come, she ends call and says i can never forgive you atleast in this life.

PRECAP- Leela goes from her house, Cherry sees her going, he tells Anita, Anita and Cherry follows her. Leela comes in restaurant and says to her husband that you could never become good husband or father, Kunj comes there and is shocked, Leela sees him there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    twinkle didn’t recognize her father?hasn’t she even watched his photo?
    and one more thing,i’m not liking this jealousy track…maya is kunj’s friend and there is nothing wrong to hang out or talk or text ur friend…twinkle is over reacting..kunj has tolerated a lot of ‘yuvi-the ex psycho boyfriend’ drama..he never doubted twinkle’s loyality towards the marrige…he has handled twinkle’s ex bf matterwith maturity and kindness…but twinkle is being childish…
    and i miss zain in the show….tashan e ishq is not only abt twinj,it’s also about yuvi..i hope he comes back with a better track

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