Tashan-e-Ishq 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

(Tashan e Ishq parts from Maha-sangam with Jamai raja)
Scene 1
Kunj and Twinkle comes back to Amrtisar with Anita and Yuvi. Yuvi says to kunj that i will go in Manohar’s house with Kunj, he says to Anita that i will tell everyone that you tried to hurt Kunj and Twinkle and locked me too in room, Anita gets tensed, Kunj says no this is our secret dont share it with anyone, and she is your mother so talk with respect, Yuvi says no she is witch, Twinkle says he is right, if she tried to kill us then why should we hide? truth is truth anyways, she leaves.
Usha brings medicines for Babee and sees her in new dress, she says you are looking good, Babee says i want to surprise everyone when they will see my new look. Kunj, Yuvi, Twinkle and Anita comes there, Babee ask how was

your journey? they says fine, Anita says to Babee that i am sorry i tried to hurt Kunj and Twinkle in Mumbai, Yuvi says Anita harmed Twinki and Kunj, she locked me in room too, she is bad aunty, Anita says my son also thinks that i am responsible so Babee give me punishment, i am ready to rub my nose on floor too but i cant bear more now, this Twinkle thinks that i am responsible for everything wrong happening, she has filled poison in my son’s mind too, he thinks i am bad, Twinkle says by twisting words, your truth will not be changed, Babee says let anita talk first, Anita says i came in this house and tried to win everyone’s heart but i am hold responsible for everything, even if i dont know about it, cant i be given chance? Twinkle blamed me for kidnapping Kunj but it was Anand, she blames me for every single thing, she breaths heavily and falls unconscious, Kunj says maybe she got asthma attack, i will take her to room, Twinkle says but.. Kunj says enough, you have talked alot, Twinkle thinks that enough of drama happened in this house, now i promise i will expose Yuvi and Anita in 7days, lord gave me hint in Mumbai that Yuvi is acting, there game will be finished soon.

Scene 2
Kunj coms in room, twinkle says why didnt you let me tell truth to all? that Anit did everything t us in Mumbai, she tried to kill us and this thing cant be taken lightly, Kunj says what would you have told? Twinkle says i would have told truth, that she tried to kill us, Kunj says but you dont have proof to prove this, Twinkle says i know we dont have proof but one day i will teach them lesson, Kunj ask her to finish the matter, she why will i? Kunj says because i am saying, she says i wont end it, Kunj puts hand on her mouth, they both fall on bed, Kunj fall on Twinkle, Sajna ve, Twinkle tries to speak but Kunj ask her to be silent, she says why? he says silent, he puts ahdn on her mouth and leaves, Twinkle smiles little.
Anita says to Yuvi that you cant go to meet Kunj at this time, Yuvi says i wanna go to him, you cant stop me, Anita says look at yourself, remember your attitude, you style, you used to have, what has happened to you? Yuvi says you are bad aunty, let me go, Anita says you cant go, Yuvi smirks, Anita is shocked to see his anger and says you are acting? you are fine? i saw a old Yuvi in your today, Yuvi says you are bad aunty, i wont talk to you, Anita says just call me maa for one time, please Yuvi, Yuvi doesnt listen to her.
In morning, Twinkle calls Pinni and says i have brought gifts for Bubbl, Yuvi comes there and ask where is Kunj? Kunj comes there, Yuvi ask him to play cricket with him, Twinkle says you are ill Kunj, you should rest, Kunj says its just cricket, i am going to plays and infact you should chill in this room and on my bed when i am not here, he leaves, Twinkle says what kind of person i am married with? i was caring for him only like a good wife but he never listens to me, how will i live life with him? Cherry listens all this hiding behind pillar and says what a crackling news i have got, he says Twinkle and Kunj have no spark in marriage life, cute, innocent, pretty Twinkle must be feeling alone, i should find out if Kunj is not interested in his married life or in his wife, if he is not able to enjoy his married life then Twinkle’s brother in law is here to take care of her, Twinkle is comign down from stairs, she dis-balances but holds stair-case, her hairs comes forward from back, Cherry eyes her bare back, and lustily looks at her back, Anita sees this and smirks, she thinks that now its great twist in story, Twinkle and Cherry? now i will create drama.

PRECAP- Twinkle shows short dress to Kunj and says i will wear this in tomorrow’s party, Kunj says you will wear this? she says yes, whats a problem? he says do whatever you want, he leaves, Twinkle thinks i wish i could tell you Kunj why i am wearing this in party.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. if uvi has lost it then why is he doin this to his own mom?some1 ppllzz answer me

  2. Great work Atiba. Fastest update, amazing. Thank u so much.

  3. Thanks for the super fast updates atiba

  4. Kunj twinkle awesome pair…. An yeah cherry bhaya ka naya drama hai.so cheap na.,…

  5. Great job…. Thanks for quick updates

  6. Tnx sooo much atiba ?????
    u r the BEST
    Good epi
    twinj scene WOW ????
    this stupid cherry ????
    guys when u write the update have twinj scenes really specified with all the information , a sweet advice
    thnx a lot atiba

  7. Are yaar, aj Sab mera fav show ka episode kamaal ka tha, but ye Tashan-e-Ishq main Twinj ka scenes Bohot kam hain
    But precap is good
    Uff , this Anita is so cheap, she is so annoying , she does not have any other work than disturbing Twinj just like Vasundhara disturbing Thahaan in Thapki Pyaar Ki in Colors,
    Cherry better stay away from Twinkle

  8. Hey guys but this part is only half the other half is in jamai raja …. Can anyone tell me what were twinj scenes there!!!!!!

  9. I love twinj scene….
    but i hate cherry ,anithaand yuvi.
    all of them are crossing her limits ….
    twinkle called cherry has a brother but he is so chip…
    Pls give some brain for kunj also….why he was not beliving twinkle..

  10. Love Kunj a lot…. and twinkle and Kunj look perfect together….but stop showing Mahaepisode that with Jamai Raja…. and show some love scene between Kunj and twinkle…. sirf detective scene of twinkle show kar rahe hai

  11. Gys lil update is missing which dey showed in jamai raja cherry says ill about twinkle so kunj gets angry n saays dont bring my wife in between our fight cherry n kunj fight twikle cum n stop dem n see dt kunjs hand injured she get worried n take him to room n put medicine kunj says knw ur coming near meh den dont say I kissed uh uvi hears dem n ask who kissed whom dey get shy uvi force dem to say so kuunj says he kissed twinkle uvi says knw evn he will kiss twinkle he goes near twinkle kunj pulls him bck n say u cant do dis uvi says he will kunj scold him n says go to ur room.

  12. this chery is taking advantage of the situation

  13. Hi guys.I’m new in commntin bt I hv a quiz.Unique angel I read jamai raja bt I hvnt sin dat prt u wre saying

  14. grt episode. ..

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  16. now cherry too… cant they just be typical family members in a normal household…. why??!!! why??!!! does this have to happen …. i just hope this doesnt affect twinj’s romance

  17. @ fatma dey dint include tashan e ishk epi

  18. I loved the episode and the most loving scence was last one which atiba has not mentioned but unique angel has given it

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