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Scene 1
Jerry comes to Manohar’s house, he is Surjeet’s son. surjeet and Babee welcomes him, Jerry says i have come here and i will do all my work from here only, i will live here now, he ask Babee how is she? he ask did you flirt with someone after coming to city? babee ask him to not joke, Manohar and Usha comes there, Jerry gets angry seeing them and says they made joke of our lives but now i have come here and i will take revenge of everything, i will take revenge for my father, for your tears babee, for the nights which we had to bear without food because of these people, he greets Manohar and Usha and taunts that you must be happy to see me here, he ask where is your good for nothing son Kunj? and your new daughter in law?
Twinkle and Kunj comes back home with inspector,

Twinkle finds Jerry’s car there and says this is same car which did Anita’s accident.
Kunj and Twinkle comes in house, Jerry says my younger brother has come, he ask Kunj to hug him, Twinkle finds same bracelet in Jerry’s hand which she saw in the hands of one who did Anita’s accident, she is stunned. Inspector comes in house, Twinkle says this guy did Anita’s accident, Jerry is stunned, inspector says we have to arrest Jerry, Jerry says to inspector that if that women(Anita) wanted to get hit by my car then what can i do? she came infront of my car deliberately, inspector says that we have eye witness Twinkle of accident, you have to come with us Mr. jerry, Surjeet says to Babee that did you see this Twinkle, she made our jerry get arrested, Jerry says to Twinkle that you want to fight with me? i will see you now, inspector takes him away, Surjeet says to Twinkle that if you were not daughter in law of this house then i would have thrown you out of here, how dare you file complaint against my son? he ask Manohar to tell Twinkle to take her complaint back else she will see my anger, Twinkle says if Jerry has done accident then he should get arrested, i saw myself Jerry is wearing same bracelet which the guy was wearing who did accident, i am not against anyone, i didnt know Jerry was my relative, its Jerry’s mistake, he did accident and left from there, i took Anita to hospital, i did what a good citizen should do, Surjeet says you should think about this house and its respect before becoming great citizen, you have destroyed our respect, come with me to police station and take your complaint back, Kunj says Twinkle will not take her complaint back, nobody will force her, Surjeet says how dare you stop me? he is about to slap Kunj but Babee stops him and says Twinkle did what a good daughter in law should do, she took side of truth, Jerry did mistake and he should get punished, i am with Kunj and Twinkle, Surjeet says you have gone to their side too, because of them my son has gone to jail, i will not leave this family, i will take revenge from all of them, Babee says dont say this, Surjeet says i will not listen to you as its about my son, you know Jerry means alot to me, after his mother left us, he is my life and because of this Twinkle, he has gone to jail, i will take revenge now, he leaves, Twinkle is tensed.

Scene 2
Twinkle and Kunj are in their room, Twinkle thinks that Kunj took my side today, he went against his family for me, i should thank him but if i say thanks to him then he will have ego boost, should i say thanks? Kunj says if you wanna say something then you can, Twinkle says why you think that i wanna talk to you? i dont want, Kunj says i know you want to thank me but you wont because of your ego, i dont need your ego as i didnt take your side but i was taking side of right, Twinkle says why do you get rude to me always? what have done to you? Kunj takes her picture, Twinkle ask what are you doing? Kunj shows her tensed picture and says when i see your face, i feel like saying jokes and rude things, Twinkle says even i have to see your face daily, i dont know why i am stuck with you, Kunj says my mother says marriage is for 7births, we are stuck with each other for 7lives, Twinkle says i am not able to live with you in this life and you are 7lives, she laughs, Kunj murmurs that this girl never stop fighting, Twinkle ask what are you saying? he says nothing, you should sleep now, he goes to sleep on couch.
Yuvi is in hospital with Anita, he says to Anita that Kunj’s cousin Jerry did your accident, Anita says Jerry is Surjeet’s son who has take Manohar’s all property, Manohar has nothing in his hands, Surjeet has won case, Yuvi says i dont care about Sarnas but i wont leave that Jerry, because of him, you are in this state, Anita ask him to not get emotional, i want to see you happy like before, i am not that weak that i will die with small accident, my life’s aim is to destroy Twinkle and her mother.
In morning, Twinkle is leaving, she says to Kunj that i can go to police station alone, Kunj says this is not the time to fight, we should go together, Surjeet throws money on Twinkle and Kunj and says to Kunj that i will give your wife as much money as she wants, just ask her to take back complaint against Jerry.

PRECAP- Jerry comes back to Manohar’s house with Surjeet, they dance, Babee ask what is all this? Surjeet says i have decided to get married again, i will show you my would be bride, Anita comes in and holds Surjeet’s hand, they smirk, Leela is shocked, Anita ask Leela will you not welcome your daughter’s half mother in law?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Stupid Anita entered twinkle house also??crap now she will trouble twinkle stupid surjeet

    1. Princess roshni

      Yh well said they are all IDIOTS

  2. God here starts the same rigmarole. …now story will keep revolving….round n round in circles….

  3. Y r they making dis stry a crap. . . I jst hate such story plots. ;->

  4. Same old stupid story.The storyline with Leela and Anita is….really stupid.

  5. I’m enjoying d track.it has revolve der only Caz its love story of yuvi n twinkle.n nw yuvle scenes will start as kunj has to realize dat he loves twinkle.he has to get jealous of yuvle n fo dat they have to show yuvle scenes.I’ll enjoy yuvle scenes.I love yuvle they really look hot n sizzling together.twinj is soo boring

  6. The story is going bad.

  7. Yuvi has done so bad with twinkle bt still she helped his mom so think yuvi may change slowly n he I’ll bcm villian of kunj .actually if kunj is so good n concerned towards twinkle helping her he shld have helped her to change yuvi to a good person n help her convince leela for yuvle marriage Caz he knew hw much she loved both of them BT usne hadse zyada yuvle ke relationship mai interfere kiya.did yuvi ever interfered between him n Alisha then y he interfered so much dis made leela impress n she forced twinkle to marry kunj n yuvi got more furious n took wrong steps o he never hurted twinkle before.its all becaz of kunj idiot.he should nt have interfered in between two lovers.he had no right to do dat.bada over innocent banta hai.sirf dusro me life mai interfere karta hai.I hate kunj all happened Caz of him. yuvi dint hurt her till kunj came in their life.hw evr yuvi would continue his drama n 1 day his father would cm n all d misunderstandings would b cleared n then UV would have fell in love with twinkle.UV is right is kunj ko hero ban me ka bad a shock hai vo bhi dusro ke life me interfere karke.

  8. Is twinj me mujhe koi bhi tashan nazar nahi at a its jus boring.kitna irritating hai ye kunj.I hate him.worst acting worst jodi n worst drama

  9. Kunj is really sweet n he is a superb actor…n i tink yuvi will end up wit kunj sister bcuz they mention abt her..she’s in d us studying so maybe she wud be apart of it really soon..I’m jus assuming frends ..so wat u guys tink?

  10. Kunji is super lovable boy. i hope yuvi changes before its too late and Anita ‘ s entry in to serna’s house as threat to twinkle does not bothers me as long as long as her heroe husband is there with her

  11. I think yuvi will nt allow Anita to humiliate twinkle much Caz she has helped his mother.n twinkle will never fall for kunj Caz she thinks he tried to molest her n till yuvi is in front of her eyes she I’ll never fall for kunj n yuvi won’t allow her to forget dat night he I’ll b remembering her their lovely days.

  12. I think yuvi will slowly fall for twinkle as she I’ll take care of Anita n he can’t marry kunjs sister Caz she I’ll nw become yuvis cousin sister

  13. let twinkle fall in love with kunj..and she should know soon who actually tried to molest her that night..Yuvi destroyed his own character n should not come in between kunj and twinkle

  14. This story is quite boring.yuvi must start irritating and torturing twinkle.he should remember her their old moments.I think yuvi ll select kunj’s sister as a weapon to threaten twinkle.yuvi and kunj both r looking so handsome and both make best pair for twinkle.BT as she married kunj,it ll b so gud if more and more romantic moments arrive between twinj.yuvi should not back up.he should continue threatening them.

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