Tashan-e-Ishq 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jenny thanks Twinkle for everything, Twinkle says i will show you what you have to do. Twinkle asks Yuvi come infront of her,she says Yash will bring ring for you. Yash and Jenny goes from there, door gets locked, Twinkle says where did they go? Yuvi says they must be bored by your speech, Twinkle tries to open door, Yuvi says please open it and save me from this wild cat, Twinkle says you are useless, you didnt do anything, you were just exposing your body by taking off your shirt, Yuvi says you fatso cant even move let alone work, Twinkle says i am fatso? what you think of yourself? wind starts blowing, Twinkle’s hair is messed up, Yuvi glares at her, Wajah tun ho song plays, Yuvi goes and sees Twinkle trying to control her hair, he closes window. man comes and opens door, Yuvi

says why did you lock lion(Yuvi) with cat(Twinkle), Twinkle asks him to go and work, Yuvi says dont order me around like boss, Twinkle says i am boss so i will act like one, Yuvi leaves from there.
Pallavi comes to wedding, Yash’s mother meets her, Pallavi is Yash’s friend. mother tells her that Twinkle has arranged wedding, Pallavi gets excited, she takes Twinkle’s photo and sends it to Kunj, she messages Kunj that Twinkle have arranged wedding, Kunj looks at her picture. Babee comes there, Twinkle meets Pallavi, Pallavi asks ifshe can take selfie with them? all family members come there and takes selfie with Pallavi. they leave. Pallavi sees Yuvi there and recalls how she saw him in jail. She sees manohar giving work to Yuvi. Twinkle comes to Yuvi and asks him to work,Yuvi says i saw you eating samosa, you fatso, Twinkle says i was checking it, they argue with each other. Pallavi says Twinkle with Kunkj’s killer? if he gets to know it then he will feel bad.
Yash parents say t Twinkle and Yuvi that come early morning tomorrow, Twinkle says he cant come, he cant wake up early, i will come, they leave. Yuvi says to Twinkle that why you keep ordering like boss? Twinkle says i am boss, i didnt ask you to come and help us, Yuvi says fine, i will not come tomorrow, you come early tomorrow, he leaves.
Yuvi makes drink, he drinks wine. He sees worker needing help, he goes to help him, Twinkle comes and sees drink glass, she says its chilled colddrink, she drinks it without knowing that its wine. Yuvi comes there and is irritated that Twinkle drank it. Yuvi asks Twinkle to lets go home, she says why you keep behaving like my bodyguard, my Kunj used to call me lioness so i cant cry, you know i feel like choking,i feel like crying but then i think how Kunj would have behaved if he was here then i behave like him, she cries, she asks Yuvi if he will bring her Kunj? Yuvi gets sad and says lets go home, he lifts her and goes with her.
Pallavi comes to Kunj. Kunj has written note asking about Twinkle, Babee, Manohar. Pallavi thinks that Twinkkle was pally with Yuvi, it seems like she is developing feelings for Yuvi but i cant tell this to Kunj, he will bring stressed and i cant risk his health before surgery. Kunj looks at Twinkle’s picture, Pallavi says everything is fine there, all are working for wedding planning business.Pallavi switches off lights and thinks that Kunj keep thinking about Twinkle, when he will know truth, his heart will break.

Scene 2
Twinkle is sleeping. Leela is there. Yuvi comes and says sorry,Twinkle drank my drink, she is not habituated to it, dont be angry with her, i brought her here as Usha doesnt like me and would have got angry on Twinkle. Dont wake up Twinkle in early morning,i will go and work there. He starts leaving, Leela says thank you, Yuvi says no problem, he leaves.
Surjeeet says to Yuvi that you know your mother did everything for you and you put her in jail for that Twinkle? Yuvi says dont say anything about Twinkle, mom snatched son from a mother, she snatched husband from wife, she killed Kunj, she didnt understand her mistakes, Surjeet says its all past. Surjeet says to Yuvi that till you dont take your complaint back,they will not free Anita,come with me and take FIR back, Yuvi says no. Surjeet says dont be stubborn, come with me, Yuvi says no,
Its morning,Twinkle gets up and sees Time, she says i am late.
Twinkle comes to church. She says i have come late then how setup is ready? she sees Yuvi there and says person can never change. Twinkle says to Yuvi that you mixed wine in my colddrink last night so that i couldnt come to work on time and would be proved incompetent, you wanted to come early than me, Yuvi says i am genuinely doing all this. i have done mistakes in past but i have changed, Yuvi says you are thinking wrong, Twinkle says i know only you can do this kind of act, there is always some game behind your deeds, Yuvi says but.. Twinkle says please and leaves from there, Yuvi is tensed.

PRECAP- Yuvi dances in marriage with some girl. All are enjoying his dance, Jenny feels like dancing too seeing him, Yash stops her.Yuvi enjoys dancing with girl, Twinkle looks on with straight face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    This show is just so dull after sid quit. Its not anyone’s fault. But still. I will say I prefer Yuvle over the new Kunj, Twinj. Twinj is only for sidmin. Only good thing here is Yuvi is positive now

  2. how pallavi can reach to a conclusion like,that

  3. Madina

    hehe.. twinkle and yuvi..

  4. Yule looks so good together continue this track please

  5. 2dy uv ws very cute.. he ws same.. lyk dat fst promo of tashn e isqh..

  6. Yuvle ki deewani

    Wowww jus lovd the way uv stares at twinkle. Main jo jee rahan hoon . . . Wajah tum ho! Mmmuuuaaahhh my yuvle rocksss :*

  7. Pallavi badi door ki sochti h.
    ek baar twinki ko uv ke sath dekh liya to samajhne lagi ki dono ishq lada rahen h. Aur apne har waqt kunj ke ird gird mandrati rahti h. Actually ye uski problem nahin h salaa pura show hi chutia h

  8. this show is getting more cool now after kunj exit
    hope twinkle love yuvraj and not misunderstand him

  9. Sidhantian (isabella)

    Pallavi πŸ™ what a doctor..
    A doctor with no brain lol
    She have only a big -ve mind..
    Working together doesn’t mean uv & twinkle are in love..
    We still have a faith in twinjβ™₯
    Miss u big time sidhant πŸ™ πŸ™
    Without you tei is nothing lol πŸ™ πŸ™
    Feel like crying when u were in flashback scene..

    1. Same here that doctor can’t come and interfere in their personal lives,she should think then talk or find out about what is happening and then come to an conclusion.???????⚑???????????

  10. so many yuvle fans are coming out of their shell.very good. but don’t hope for so much.we can’t trust this,cvs

  11. I don’t know why people are changing their minds over yuvle from twinj,I don’t understand what’s happening.I’m just disappointed with the serial’s track.wideband’s leave has definitely made a vast change over tei ,this are my views.

  12. Wow a wonderful episode yuvi is so cool and cute as well as twinkle the two rock well I liked it

  13. ye pallavi kuch v jane bina kese kuch ayse hi soch sakti hain??and ye surjeet itna kamina kyun hain?kunj to uska apna vai ka beta hain na.he is his nephew.khun ka rishta hain un logo me aur sab jante hain ki kunj kitna accha aur suljha hua larka hain.usne to anita ka kuch nehi bigara tha.leela aur twinkle ki sath badla lene ki liye vo kunj ko marneki kosish ki.vo zinda hain but sab to samajh rahe ki vo mar chuka hain.phir v surjeet ko bilkul v afsos nehi apne vanje ki maut ka?chi…so disgusting…but ab me ak hi bat soch rahi hun.new kunj kon hoga?rafi malik or kunal verma me se koyi ek ya phir koyi aur??i hope koyi bakwas typ hero na le.

  14. oh god what is happening here……..I think its a starting of upcoming track as I think after surgery that fool( pallavi) which had no brain at all, gonna make Kunj villain by saint her man gharat kahani……..

  15. Omg this pallavi really have no brains.
    I think she will only create a misunderstanding between twinj . But twinj will reunite.Noone can seperate them.
    And one thing I dont understand why pallavi is not telling to twinkle that her kunj is alive….
    Hate u pallavi.
    Love twinj….

  16. And writer plz bring new and handsome kunj as fast as possible.Cant tolerate this yuvle anymore.

  17. Hi I’m silent reader.I don’t like UV..so I HATE him so much.I don’t why..when sid left the SHOW BECOMING boring so I’m also QUIT THE SHOW.I love only twinj not twiraj.meine ye show sid entry ki baad hi dekha hain.but now no sid no tei BYE bye..because I can’t TOLERATE UV..

  18. Yuvi and twinkle looks amazing as a pair
    It will be good if the story continues with Yuvi and twinkle as pair

  19. did u guys see the new spoiler?pallavi will turn negetive and will try to separate twinj.because she will fall for kunj.now that will be interesting.always we see that uv is mad for twinkle and try to separate twinj many times.now someone love kunj and try to separate twinj.so i am eagerly waiting for the next track and twist…

  20. wow yuvi n twinkle looks very beautiful together…i like it..n after changior uv he becomes very cute n nice….i wish tashon btwn uvwl will b continue..love it.

  21. what the hell is happening yaarr i want only twinkle and kunj together the pair was good but now how yuvi will come in between them its bull shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. wow twirajjj become rockkk yuvi luv u

  23. Twiraj/Yuvle they r so cute. I especially loved the samosa joke. Guys just chill. I no u like twinj n stuff but when entertainment is full on with yuvle why r u wasting ur time weeping. Didnt mean to hurt anyone. Twinkle has moved on too. So its expected for twinj fans to move on too. Sry if i hurt u.

  24. Yuvle????☺

  25. Wow yuvle/twiraj rocks. Love you both so much. Wish cvs make them as a pair.

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