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Scene 1
Leela greets Twinkle and Babee, some sound comes from room, Twinkle says who is there? i will go and see, Leela tries to stop her but she goes, Leela, Babee and Anita come behind her in room, Leela thinks that Twinkle shouldnt know about her father, husband isnt in room, Twinkle asks whose suitcase is this? Leela says i was clearing my cupboard so i brought it out, Anita thinks that Leela is freaking out, i have to find out whats going on with her, Leela’s husband is hiding behind curtain and smiles at Twinkle, Leela says i will make tea for you all, Babee says no need for formality, we are own people of yours, Leela takes them from there, Anita sees someone shoes behind curtain, she thinks that Leela is having affair, she shows herself so pious but in actual is having affair,

i will insult her now and it will be fun.
Twinkle is getting ready in her room and says Kunj hasnt returned till now even today, its Lorhi today, he must be spending time with Maya, i dont care about it, this is my first lohri so i will enjoy it, my husband doesnt care, he must be with my Maya, Kunj comes there, Twinkle thinks that he got late and still not saying sorry, he is not even telling why he got late, Kunj asks her why she is not ready? Twinkle says i should be askinh you this question, why you got late? Kunj says i told Maa that i will come late, Twinkle says why you didnt tell.. nothing, Kunj says you are saying that i should have called you? why are you behaving like typical wife like i have to tell you about everything, where i go and all, Twinkle says i should know, what if Babee ask me about you? Kunj says you always use Babee’s card, i am going to get ready, Twinkle says i have taken out your clothes, Kunj looks at her and takes clothes, he thanks her, Twinkle asks why you got late? Kunj says how does it matter to you? he leaves, Twinkle says i do care about it, i am his wife and i should know where he goes, whom he meets, she finds Kunj’s phone and says he is my husband and i should check his phone but then say its bad manners, she says i can check his phone to see where he goes but it will be spying, no no he is my husband so i can check it, she says Oh lord i am so confused, i am good girl and i will not check his phone, Twinkle leaves.
Cherry is sitting outside Leela’s home and calls Anita, he says i havent seen any person coming out of Leela’s house, Anita says that means man is still with her, she is having affair, Cherry asks if she is sure as we got failed in our snake plan too before, Anita says we got failed because of your foolish, now keep eye on Leela’s house and tell me when man comes out.
Leela comes to her husband, Husband says sorry i mistakenly made noise and Twinkle came in room, Leela asks about his health? he says i am fine, she says so you will go tomorrow from here, he says i wanna see Twinkle for one time, Leela says no you will have to stay away from Twinkle and her in laws, Husband says one day truth will come out, Leela says the truth which can destroy 4lives shouldnt come out, husband says i know you also want Twinkle to know me and also want.. Leeela says what i want? i want nothing, i havent forgotten your cheating, you kept lying to me all these years, ;leave my house, husband says i will leave but tell me why did you put sindoor in your forehead? Leela says you can forget your duty as husband but i cant forget my duty as wife but that doesnt mean i can forgive you, you have lost right as husband, have dinner, she leaves.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes in lohri function, dressed nicely, Kunj sees her and says Miss Amritsar, Babee blesses Twinkle and makes Kunj stand beside her, she says your wife is looking very nice, Kunj says she is looking same like everyday but yes make up is more, Twinkle says see Babee, he teases me this way everytime, Babee says i can see everything.
Lohri function starts, Kunj and twinkle are taking rounds around fire, Twinkle says you are jerk, i dont like to talk to you, Kunj says i know you are miffed with me because i didnt praise you, anyone can look pretty by putting make up, Twinkle says you are so cold, Kunj sees Maya coming, he welcomes his college friends and makes Twinkle meet them, Maya says to Twinkle that she is looking pretty, Kunj takes maya with him and dances with her, Twinkle looks at them, Twinkle slips but Kunj holds her in time, they share eyelock, Sajna ve plays, Kunj starts dancing with Twinkle, Twinkle smiles and dances with him.
Leela comes in function, Twinkle says you missed dance, Leela says i had some work, Twinkle says you dont take rest, Babee says let her do rituals first, Leela is covering her head with dupatta, a guest asks her, Leela says i have asked God something so i am wearing this dupatta for it, Anita brings aarti plate to Leela, Babee says what are you doing? this is for newly wed wives, Anita says i dont want Leela to blame me for anything, Babee says what are you saying? Anita says Leela havent tell anyone so let me tell you, either Leela has got married or she is going to get married soon, all are shocked, Twinkle says you are insulting my mom, Anita says dont get miffed, this is good news, your mom’s loneliness will go away and you will get new dad, Twinkle says you cant blame my mother like this, Anita says ask your mom, Babee says Anita do you even know what you are saying? Anita says to Leela that they are not agreeing to what i am saying, why dont you remove your dupatta and show them your forehead, you cant hide sindoor for much time, Kunj says Anita aunty enough, i know you like to make issues infront of all but you are crossing limit, i cant listen these things against my mom, Anita says son in law should be like you, you dont know what is going on in her life but still taking her side, she says to Leela that i will remove her dupatta, she is about to remove dupatta from her forehad but Twinkle holds her hand and says dare you touch my mom else i will forget your relation with me, my mother has promised God to not remove this dupatta and no one can touch her, Anita says you are getting angry when i am pointing finger at her, what will you do when whole world will be pointing fingers at her? you were always proud of your mom being pious, what will you do now, the man with whom she is having affair is still in her house, Kunj says how can you put such cheap blame on her, Leela says you always do these kind of cheap things but i know nothing will happen to me, Anita says why arent you accepting that you are in love at this age? Twinkle says she wont stop till we prove her wrong, Twinkle says okay we will go there and prove you wrong, she asks Leela to come, Leela gets tensed, she goes with Twinkle.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Anita that i am not able to see any person here, you were saying that there is man in Leela’s house, where is he? Anita says calm down and turn, Twinkle turns and is stunned to see her father standing there, he lovingly looks at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Twinkle is feeling jealous…..
    I hope she realises her love for kunj and kunj realises his love for twinkle….
    But this father addition was not really needed and I hope it is not much dragged….

  2. Twinj scenes were as usual superb but the show is going slow and also little dragged nowadays, I wanna see Kunj fall for Twinkle. And I have a feeling that Twinkle’s dad reality will have a part to play in bringing Twinj love story back on track. We saw enough of Tashan . Now it’s time to see Ishq.

  3. Hey all please do read my ff Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love , by this link:
    This ff did got published but I think somehow did not get tagged to Tashan-e-Ishq Folder that’s why I m giving the link. Please do read it and comment , m desperate for comments 😛

  4. Wow atiba fast update

  5. Nice epi.interesting precap….but I don’t think so k sb ko twinkle k father ki schai itni jaldi ptaa chle giii…kch aurr e bahana bna dain gy twinkle k father…

  6. Thnx atiba for super fast update

  7. nice epi but i want twinkle&kunj love

  8. Wow good… But this maya shouldn’t create mayaa on kunj like kayra… Kunj has such a beautiful wife… But he is looking at others… Well done atiba.. Keep it up

  9. shanaya princess

    It was fine epi I juxt want to see twinj romantic scenes

  10. Maybe Twinkles dad wl tell her that he met with an accident and was grateful that Leela took care of him or maybe twinkle wl come to know?

  11. shanaya princess

    It was fine epi i just want to see twinj romantic scenes

  12. shanaya princess

    Its going boring coz old lovestory start ???

  13. Shraddha Sharma

    Twinkle is feeling jealous…. i hope twinkle and kunj realise their love for each other….
    And this father secne is not required, it is unncessary addition, i hope it is not draged tooo much…

  14. soo nyz twinj seens

  15. I hope kunj and twinkle realize their love. Want to see twinj romantic scene.

  16. Anita if i were u i would shut my mouth idk why u alway want to be notice it like you a some betty buttin or some front page alwayz in somebody business….it will be better if u stay out of leela personal life or beside that man is not just a man it her husband n twinkle father cuz u will be falling flat on her face when u get to know that it leela husband only n no other man

  17. Missing you yuvi love you a lot ??❤️?????♥️?????

  18. How dare kunj dance with maya in front of twinkle and us but anyways sweet moment when twinkle fell and kunj held her

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