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Usha says to manohar eat something. He throws away the food. He says you and your sister have ruined my life. Your sister has brought me on road. Usha says thats not my mistake. She did what she thought was right. He says shut up and is about to slap her. Twinkle holds his hand. She says I dont wanna come in between but I can’t see you hitting her. This is wrong. I know that you are worried but hitting her is not solution of the problem. Its the weak the hit the women. You are not weak at all. Manohar says how dare you to come between us. we are you parents in law. you are daughter in law better be it. Twinkle says sorry but this is not audacity. I am like you daughter, I can stop my parents. I have that right on you. Manohar leaves in anger. Babbe is also on the door. She comes in and says

you have been tolerating all this for so many years. Someone came here to who stood on your side. she is the same girl you always hate. She has such a good heart. Keep her respected she is a very nice girl. Usha says in heart now even babbe is on Twinkle’s side.

Kunj comes in with flowers and says this was the last thing. I mean now i will give her flowers. But babbe has asked so i have to do this. Kunj asks usha is there something wrong? did papa say something? usha says twinkle insulted your dad today.
I was there, he felt so insulted. I saw him being weak for first time. Kunj says please tell me clearly. She says your dad has been worried. twinkle came and started insulting your dad. She said you are responsible for everything. She said she has never lived a life with such less money. Your papa loved and respected her. She is now insulting him. I can’t see your dad being insulted.

Twinkle wonders was she rude. She says i have to tell kunj everything. Kunj comes in the room. He says i brought these flowers for you but you dont deserve this. You started insulting my parents. Mom has told me everything. You said to dad that he is responsible for everything how can you say all this. Twinkle wonders why did mummy lie to kunj. She says if i tell him truth she will be proved as a liar. I cant tell him. Kunj says why are you quite now? You dont have anything to defend yourself. If you ever make my mom cry i wont tolerate.

Anand is leaving. Kunj says please dont go we all need you. He says i can’t stay here. I have a family too. Kunj says aren’t we your family? Usha says we can fight anything together. Anand says i have decided everything. Babbe says if they wanna run away from their family then let them go.
Anand and nikki place their stuff in the car. Anand says please don’t go. I always wanted to stay in the house where we could all live together. Our family will be incomplete. Niki says my dad is helping us. My dad is way more rich than your mom so dont show off. We don’t need your help. You can live here. I and anand have decided to leave. Kunj says why are you doing this. Please dont go. Anand says i know you will handle this situation but i can’t. So I have to go.He meets everyone. usha is crying. Twinkle runs after them and says please stop but they leave. She says how can you leave your family like this.

Twnikle sees an accident on the road. Its anita. Twnikle says are you okay. Please say something anita aunty. She calls yuvi. Yuvi laughs and says to his friend. I told you she will come to me. Twinkle says hello.. he says you were missing me. I wont forgive you. You have to beg for pardon. So when are you coming. twinkle says shut up your mom has met an accident. I am taking her to hospital.

Babbe says to usha care about the people that are with you in this difficult time. babbe says kunj where is twinkle. Twinkle calls kunj. She says i am in hospital. She tells him about anita’s accident.
Twinkle tells yuvi about the accident. She says relax, doctors are doing their work. He says did you notice car’s number. Twinkle says i have given it to police. He holds her shoulder and says i will kill him. Kunj comes there. He asks twinkle how is anita? Doctor says she is better. Twinkle brought her here on time. Kunj says you brought her here.
Inspector says we have traced the car number. It is registered on Sarna family’s name. Kunj and twinkle are dazed.

Precap-Twinkle sees the car outside the house and says it is the same one that hit anita aunty.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh god repeat. Remember even in jamai raja roshini gives car number and it turns out to be sid s ste p sisters. Almost same

  2. oh! so lovely caring for ur enemy’s mom is so much humanity.i just like u so much twinkle.and i love u kunj u r so cute

  3. Guys anita is gonna marry manohar’s brother surjeet and become step mother in law of twinkle cuz the car crash is done by surjeets son

    1. whattttttt

    2. Princess roshni

      Tell me the truth plzz

  4. Princess roshni

    The son ???whos the mother of the son yuvi’s mother

    1. anitha luthra the enemy of leela taneja ,twinkles mom and anita is yuvis mom

      1. oh!wait i think this is the new plan of yuvi and his mom to ruin twinkles life.

  5. Even if twinkle was being respectful and idnt tell kunj abt his mother that doesnt mean she must tolerate it cuz it will continue and will only stop like ten years later
    Love kunj…

  6. Thank you again writers for portraying women as weak with ZERO self respect. Usha is a typical Indian slave to her cruel and abusive husband. Round of applause for confirming my point that in all these dramas women are treated like doormats and they have no pride nor self respect. Great message.

  7. I hope cherry will get some exciting drama in this boring family. Too many senior citizens in the family.

  8. What a boring episode .people want some romance of twinkle and kuch …plz

  9. Why you always show these idiot’s Son and mother in ever scene? can’t it go on more the lead pairs and their families ‘ s scenes by the way the negative characters from serna family is more than enough to bear negativity or you prefer more negativity itself.

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