Tashan-e-Ishq 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Yuvi throws lighter on floor, due to kerosene, place catches fire, Twinkle is shocked and say why you are doing this? She calls out for Kunj. Kunj is lying outside room unconscious, he listens Twinkle’s voice and wakes up. Yuvi says to Twinkle that dont stress, everything is going to be fine, this is new start of our love, give me hug, we will live happily ever after. All family members come outside house and says how did this fire start? Babee says Twinkle is inside, thus must be done by Yuvi, he should rot in hell. Kunj comes there, Leela asks Kunj to save her girl, Kunj ask them to move back. Inside Twinkle cries, Yuvi asks her to be happy, they are going to be one now. Kunj is trying to break doors and windows to go inside house. Yuvi and Twinkle feels suffocated inside due to

smoke. Kunj pushes door, he kicks it, door breaks and fire comes out, he moves back and coughs. Kunj asks Babee to call fire brigade, he will look around for Twinkle, he goes inside, they leave to call fire brigade. Kunj comes in room and sees Twinkle and Yuvi standing with fire around them. Twinkle runs to Kunj and hugs him tightly, Yuvi angrily looks at them, Yuvi pulls Twinkle towards him, she asks him to leave her hand, Yuvi says Twinkle wont go anywhere, Kunj holds Twinkle’s other hand, Yuvi says to Kunj that we never became one because of you and today when we are dying, you came here again? leave Twinkle, he pulls Twinkle to his side, a pillar falls inbetween, Twinkle and Yuvi stands on side of pillar while Kunj stands on otherside of pillar, Yuvi falls down on floor, Kunj says to Twinkle that jump to my side and lets leave, Twinkle sees wood sticks falling here and there, Twinkle says we cant leave Yuvi here, we cant let him die for humanity sake, we have to save him, she asks Yuvi to come with her, Kunj says leave him, he is bearing punishment of his sins. Twinkle comes to Yuvi and says come with me, he says you wont go anywhere, you will die with me, Kunj comes to their side and pulls Yuvi with Twinkle, they take him outside.
Yuvi is injured due to fire and is brought to hospital. Kunj says to Twinkle that Anita will again blame us for Yuvi’s condition, Yuvi did everything and still you saved his life, Twinkle says Yuvi just keep thinking about revenge and revenge but think about Anita, she has only one child, there is no one except Yuvi for her, she will breakdown seeing Yuvi in this condition, Kunj says some people can never change, doctor comes there and says patient is fine, you can meet him.
Twinkle and Kunj comes to Yuvi, Twinkle says today i will speak and you will listen Yuvi, what you have today? you planned, plotted so much but what you have today? you have given me pain and your mother too, atleast think about her, she has no one except you, she is living for you, she did everything for you but never thought about her, what were you thinking Yuvi? you thought that you will die for me and people will remember you as lover who died for his love? but girl doesnt love you, she is married and loves her husband alot, what were you thinking Yuvi? what have you done till now for me? Kunj says he has gjust given you pain, he has made our common lives hell just because he thinks he loves you, he doesnt know meaning of love, love is not passion of getting anyone, love doesnt mean getting someone but it is to sacrifice in love, you tend to lose in love, if you loved Twinkle then you wouldnt have hurt her, whatever you have done till now with her after that she wouldnt even like to see your face, what you thought that by killing her you will become great lover? they would have spitted at your name, Twinkle says to Yuvi that please let me go, i dont love you, i love Kunj only, my heart just beat for Kunj, i will live as Kunj’s wife till my death, end this madness, your passion is making us come more closer, try and understand. Kunj says what you did today was not expression of love but plain madness, Twinkle says not for us, atleast end all this for your mother’s sake, just look at yourself, have some mercy on yourself and end this, Yuvi looks at them tensely, Kunj and Twinkle starts leaving, Twinkle looks at Yuvi sadly while Kunj stares him, they leave.
Kunj and Twinkle comes back home, Usha says thank God Twinkle is fine. Babee says to Surjeet that i have called you here today so that you dont let your cheap wife and her useless son to come in this house, i wish Yuvi to get eaten by insects, we cant bear him anymore, Surjeet says dont you think you are over-reacting too much? Yuvi havent done something that dangerous and whats innocent Anita’s fault in it? Babee says Anita is innocent? what has happened to you? the Anita which i know has never given peace to this house, she is always behind Kunj and Twinkle’s lives, our kids’ lives are stake, i cant let her stay here, Surjeet says what she has done? Leela says they have crossed all limits, earlier they used to do small antics but now they are behind Twinkle and Kunj’s life, Usha says she is right, people like Anita and Yuvi make people lose faith from humanity, Babee says to Surjeet that Yuvi and Anita cant live in this house now and thats final.

Scene 2
Its morning, Twinkle sits in car and tells address to driver where she wanna go, she looks up and sees driver is none other than Yuvi, Yuvi starts driving. Twinkle says you? what is this new drama? if you dont stop car then i will call Kunj and this time he wont spare you. Yuvi says why you hate me much? what you dont like about me? Twinkle says its useless to ask all this, i hate you. Yuvi drives fast, Twinkle says you cant make me afraid by doing these stunts, Yuvi says why you hate me so much? Twinkle says its always about you and yourself, you are selfish and just do everything for your gain, you havent learned how to love and live for others, you just want to get anything by hook or crook that you want, you are most cheap person even, yuvi is hurt to listen all this, he drives fast. Twinkle says even if you get what you want then you wont be able to hold it for long, i hate you, you have just filth in your mind, you just keep planning and plotting, there is only filth and dirt behind this face, when you open your mouth, you just spit venom against people and destroy their lives, is it enough or you wanna listen more? Yuvi stops car. He comes out of car, he is injured, he brings Twinkle out of car, she says leave my hand, what you wanna do whyy you have brought me here? Yuvi says i wanted to thank you, Twinkle is confused, Yuvi sits on his knees and looks at Twinkle with guilt.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Yuvi that if you want change yourself then.. Yuvi says i will give your divorce papers, i know you want them, come to court tomorrow, i will be there at 12:30pm. Twinkle and Kunj are waiting for Yuvi outside court, Kunj says he wont come, he must have lied like earlier. otherside Yuvi gets kidnapped by some goons.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode

  2. yaar i too think uv changed coz he is making an end from the serial TASHAN E ISHQ so sad he was the first villan who is so cute

  3. yaar i too think uv changed coz he is making an end from the serial TASHAN E ISHQ so sad he was the first villan who is so cute yaar srsly we are going to miss him

    1. No he is not exitting. I have read somewhere that there will b a leap where twinj will seperate nd uvi will yurn positive so he is not exitting nd if he does then i quit this show becoz i love uvi his acting nd everything

      1. I also read it on fb

    2. how did u know that uvi quite tei??i mean whats the source??are u sure??

  4. wowwwwwwwww and i saw on aajtak that the serial vll take a leap of 1 yr…. and twinj would b separated… bt v know that they vll meet..

  5. It would be really Nice if UV really turns+be.Love Twinj.

  6. Tysm atiba for fast update.

  7. ab ye kya ho gaya….uv ko phir kaun kidnap kr raha hai…???naya villian….

  8. Thank God it couldn’t be better than this

  9. So the spoiler was wrong? Cz twinj isn’t separated…. I’m so happy..perhaps he turned positive indeed n Anita is still unless n wicked. There should b no twiraj…bring mahi bk for yuvi or sum other girl.

  10. Omg omg omg……………….. Such a heart touching episode yrr…. Its beyond expectations……. I m speechless this time rlly i don’t hve words to describe it…….. Rlly amazing…. Love u twinj…

  11. Yaa i too think uv has changed…. He is the only villain who looked cute all through the episode …. I’ll Miss him a lot he is too gud …. I m vry much excited For the leap…..

  12. Don’t worry frnds it will be twinj not twiraj …

  13. cherry is kidnap to uv guys and he is now negative role in tei and aajtak confirmed guys twinj will get separated and 1yr leap but they will unite again we have to see how they get separated leap will take at the end of this month but we will be interest to see twinj some twist we have to be patience for that …..but they will unite sooon…

  14. No zain shuld not quit d show n guys dont worry abut twinj separation as title it self says v r gng 2 see some tashan bw lead pairs but its not for ever n ithink anitha as kidnapped uv wht do u think guys

  15. Osm atiba thnks fr fast update abhi toh thik chal rha hai ab pta nhi kya hoga oh god pls cvs don’t give a leap n pls pls pls don’t separate twinj pls

  16. Yr bt now den y r twinj being separated frm eo n y wr dey saying twinkle ll cm close 2 uvraj y????? Its confusing a lot bt still lets w8 n watch

  17. Pls don’t separate twinj they shouldn’t seperate nd plsssssss unite twinj nd we all need to see twinj happy way say guys?

  18. Heyyuy i think cherry will kidnap uvraj bcz ther is a news that cherry will turn negetive again. Anyway lve u twinj and uv also.its nc now uv will be postve. Now plssssss brng back mahi for uv. And dnt seprate twinj.

  19. Guys i got news that cherry would again b turning negetive…n i think that he will kidnap uv but don noe y…but he is turning negetive….i got news so thought to share with u all…..btw nice episode……lovetwinj…twinj forever….

  20. It’s good that Yuvi turned positive. Hope the TWINJ separation after the leap is just a drama and all the three master minds work together to bring cherry’s drama out. I guess TWINJ hatred will be their plan cuz they both have supported each other no matter what the situation was.

  21. V can see twinj separated but v cant see twiraj together plzzzz…..writters dont do it

  22. The episode was heart touching. Awesome n who said that zain is quitting the show. I would love the leap part. Twinj will get separated but will unite also. It would be interesting to watch. Zain, sid n jasmine are awesome actors. The best in the world.

  23. Tashan e Ishq will soon show a complete change in its storyline as the show is all set to take a 1 year leap.

    The current track of the show focuses on Yuvi trying to take revenge from Twinkle by setting her on fire.

    However, a twist will take place as Yuvi will get caught in the fire and Twinkle will rescue Yuvi.

    This will bring about a change of heart for Yuvi who will realize his mistake of troubling Kunj and Twinkle.

    Kunj and Twinkle seperate for unknown reason
    Yuvi will turn positive and make Kunj and Twinkle get married again.

    The show will go in for a 1 year leap and the major shocker will take place as Kunj and Twinkle will be separated once again.

    What will be the reason of the separation? Will Twinkle get close to Yuvi post the leap? The leap track will start off by end of this month.

  24. Zai will quit show???????????????????
    I luv his acting…..
    Is he really quiting???

  25. uv is leaving Tashan e Ishq

    1. are u sure??what’s the source??

  26. guys..i read that the the serial will take the leap after twinj’s re marry.and uvi will support them.so after the leap twinj will separate for sometime as a married couple.as they will be a married couple then how could uvi and twinkle get closer??it means may be uvi will support twinkle at the time of prblms just as a frnd.so the closeness means their friendship..and at the same time destiny will re unite twinj with some twists and turns..whatever will happened i am eagerly waiting for the new track

  27. if uv quite the show then bye bye TEI…I’m going miss ur madness. now we’re watching ur good side too.ur just awesome. …?

  28. Today’s episode was awsome. I think cherry is the new villan.

  29. Expect another insult to marriage bu 3 marriages taking place and none working at all i mean Kunj/twinkle uvi/twinkle then twinj again, what is next ?

  30. har serial ko me ek bimari faail rah i hai, hero heroine k seprate hone ki :/ like gopi-aham, suhani,yuvraj, sanyukta-randhir, ishita-raman :/ ye bimari kab thik hogi :/

  31. Nice episode. Mene kabhi life me socha bhi nhi tha ki uv sudhar jaaega. But i loved to see that uv had changed.ab aisa hona chahiye ki uv ki life me mahi ki firr se entry honi chahiye plzzz. Kyu ki ab uv sufhar gaya h. And twinj aapne uv ko sudhar hi diya so good love u twinj??????

  32. Ab a leap ka naya drama suru……. pir se twinj saparet hoga…… i cant see

  33. Hi Everyone ,
    Yuvi will never change – he is like a leopard attacking all the times. Leopards don’t change their sports. As for ANITA she is a wicked WITCH. I hope they both get killed off soon

  34. Plz don’t separate TWINJ!!!!
    I can’t see them on different paths… Plz make them unite As soon as possible
    I see this serial only 4 twinj

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