Tashan-e-Ishq 12th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Pundit comes to Sarna house, he says you all have arranged pooja for Manohar, its good, with this Havan, the problems of this house will go away and there is going to change in this house, Maha Laxhmi is going to enter this house soon, things are going to be better, they start havan, otherside Twinkle comes out her house with luggage, she enters Sarna house, strong wind comes in house, Kunj gets up to close door but sees Twinkle coming in with luggage, he is stunned, Sajna ve’s sad version plays as they look at each other, Babee is happy to see Twinkle in house, all are shocked to see here there, Babee says Twinkle you have come, she comes and hugs Twinkle, she says come in, Usha says what are you doing here? Twinkle says i am doing all this for Manohar, if he wants me to handle

his business then i cant deny his decision, if he has given me this much big responsibility then i will fulfill it, i will fulfill his wish thats why i have come here again, i will handle everything from here, we have Anand, Cherry, Surjeet and Kunj here, i cant handle everything alone, i need guidance of everyone, flashback shows Twinkle saying to Leela that i have taken decision to handle Manohar’s business, this is second chance for me to be with Kunj, all will be angry with me, Kunj doesnt want to talk to me but i will not lose hope, i will work hard, i will be determined and with time i will win their confidence, Leela says you have taken right decision, i know this path is not easy to walk on, you will have difficulties but i know you will win everyone’s heart, i am always with in this decision, flashback ends, Babee says thank God daughter in law of this house is back, i am happy that Twinkle is back, Twinkle says i will take Manohar’s blessing, she angrily looks at Yuvi and passes-by him, he looks at Kunj, who stares her back, she goes to take Manohar’s blessings.
Twinkle is going, Yuvi comes and says nice move baby, you have surprised me by coming here but dont be so happy, this game wont last much, Kunj doesnt want to see your face, how will pacify him? Twinkle says why are you interested in my and Kunj’s personal matter? you must be afraid that when i and Kunj will be back together then your all hard work will be gone, you thought that i as thrown out of house and wont comeback but see God paved way for me to comeback here, this time too i will win and as always you will lose, she leaves, Yuvi smirks.
Twinkle comes to Manohar’s room and sees him lying on bed unconscious in coma, she touches his feet and says thank you, you have given me chance and this is blessing for me, i promise i will stand by your hopes, i will make your business successful, i will win back my respect and faith of family, i will mend my relation with Kunj too, you become fine soon, Kunj comes there and says what was the need to do all this? you know all are worried, you could have waited till Manohar becomes fine, Twinkle says i am doing what Manohar wanted, whats your problem? Kunj says problem is that Manohar is in this condition because of you, Twinkle says enough, i know you hold me responsible for his condition but you dont have to repeat same line again, i am here to set everything right and nobody can throw me out of here, if you have problem with me then deal with it, she stares him in eyes, Kunj leaves, Twinkle says i am sorry Kunj, i am doing all this for ourselves, if i have to fight with you to get you back then i will do it, i cant lose you.
Usha is packing her stuff, Babee asks her to stop it, Kunj comes there and says i got to know you are going on pilgrimage(yatra), is it because of Twinkle? Usha says i am going for Yatra for Manohar, Pundit ji asked me for it, i will do anything for Manohar, that Twinkle is not that important, you take care of Manohar behind me, i dont know why he gave his business to Twinkle, Kunj says dont worry i will handle everything here, Usha says i am not alone, Anand is coming with me.
Twinkle says to Leela that i thought it would be easy to win Usha’s trust back but she is leaving, she is miffed with me, Leela says she is going to pray for Manohar, she is not leaving because of you, Twinkle says but it hurts me, i wish i could tell her how much i care for my family, Babee comes there and says why you seem lost in start only? she says why you both are surprised to see me here? i am Twinkle’s babee too, she says to Twinkle that you didnt tell me that coming in house because of business is just plan to get Kunj back, dont worry Kunj will be pacified soon and Usha will understand you too, Twinkle thanks her, Twinkle says i just wish Kunj agrees to help me in business, this way i will get chance to be with Kunj.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes at her room’s door, Kunj is sitting inside room, Twinkle asks if he is busy? she says i wanted to talk about business, if you help me in business as i dont know much about it, Kunj says its great day that you want my help, you can do everything alone, cant you? like you helped my father with telling me anything, you can handle business too, you have taken responsibility to handle business then do it alone, Twinkle says give me marriage album, i will get ideas to prepare for wedding planning business of Manohar, she asks Kunj to give her their marriage album, he says come in room and take it, Twinkle says i wont enter this room till you dont bring me back here yourself, Kunj brings album and keeps it near Twinkle instead of giving it in her hands, she takes it and says i will stay in guest room till.. she says thank you and leaves, Kunj looks on sadly.
Babee says to Twinkle that you have turned Manohar’s study room into office, Mahi comes there, Twinkle asks her to come in, Mahi smiles and comes in, Yuvi comes there too and smirks at Twinkle, Twinkle smirks back in his style, he is surprised, Twinkle starts setting up office, she stands on stool to tie flowers on ceiling, Yuvi looks at her and thinks that i know you wont stop doing business by me asking you to stop, you are doing all this to get closer to Kunj but i wont let things be easy for you. Twinkle is standing on stool, Yuvi comes there and pulls rope which Twinkle is holding from other end, Twinkle loses balance and is about to fall from stool, she screams, she falls down but Kunj comes and holds her in arms in time, they share eyelock, Yuvi looks at them in anger.

PRECAP- Yuvi says to Twinkle that you can try to handle this business but i wont let you be successful, i wont let you and Kunj reunite, Twinkle says you will keep barking but i and Kunj will reunite infront of your eyes and also i will make this business successful too.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Simi

    Ooooooo love twinkles tashan today . n here laga sabko jhataka . east n west twinkle is d best . ???????. Now toh twinj have to come together tats it fir usha n UV n Anita all will get jacked . gud only usha Rani went out of the house. Love tei awesome story line n obviously love twinj to d core .☺☺☺☺☺☺

    • Riyaa

      U can donwload the app called ozee it contains all episodes of all zee tv serials in HD….btw the app is completely free

  2. kripa

    better episode 🙂
    and yessss!!!!!!
    usha is leaving!!!!
    yeeeeiiiii!!!!! 😀
    wedding planning episodes r coming…I’m excited 🙂

  3. zuha (Asya Fan)

    After long I saw twinki in Tashan coz mostly she is playing an adarsh bahu and emotional scenes , like her in patakha or tashan mood and probably all think like me , atleast 90% , if yes then tell me by ur comments. Love u TwiNj!

  4. Devil

    Great starting again… Nice storyline.. Hope they don’t drag… Todays episode awesome ? thanks atiba..

  5. tara

    omg!! thank god..for few days this usha drama will stop..and twinkle wow…what an atti..m impressed…now i hope everything will be fine..

  6. Fatarajo

    Thanks for the update yaar Atiba can’t wait for twinj to reunite ASAP at least that Manohar did something good

  7. Ruby_Ryan

    .if anyone know about stabbing someone in selfdefence is prefered as crime or not, in dubai?pls help me guys

  8. ??? When Twinkle Smirk back Just like Yuvi Style, and He surprised, I was impressed and happy cause That shows how fast Twinkle learn to react back at Yuvi.???

    I’m so happy that Twinkle is still the same old girl; Strong, Brave and Bold! Although I know this time it won’t be easy to win Kunj & idiot Usha Trust back, but at least she can show her sincere love through her work that been given by Manohar. I give my full Support on her to earn her Dignity back!

    ???? Twinkle Twinkle Biggest Star?, Now They Know Who She Really Are?, Up above She Flying Hight?, Like A Rocket in Skies?….????
    # that is my version of Twinkle Twinkle little Star…

    Hahaha ?

  9. sanam

    Thanks for the early update atiba
    wt an Co incidence my today’s ff and tei episode have the similar ending!!!!
    well loved the last part
    finally twinj romantic moment came to existence !!!!!
    loved it soooooooooo much! !!

  10. Twinj fan

    WOW ..love the dailouge- ” twinkle terko vardhan mila h sab akele hi sambhalne ka, ise bhi akele hi sambhal le”…well it applied to all the adarsh bahu in every serial

    • Harshi

      Yup! that was bomb even when Twinkle does that yuvis thing
      finally can see tashan in tashan e ishq

  11. tara

    finally…twinkle takes a stand!!! today’s episode was sooo good after all the mess happening lately

  12. loveleen

    now this is called tashan e ishq…..loved twinkle today….n yeee usha left ….woohhhoooo…????

  13. Awanti Gupta

    Tdys epii last scen ws too gud…tnx yuvi frst time kuch accha kia….nd kunj stop all this nonsence….

  14. Harshi

    You know what
    I dont think Kunj will be angry with her for a long time because remember holi is coming. It all makes sense now they will get back together before holi. Zee will keep some new title or something Khushiyon ka rang or Pyaar ka rang like always.

  15. Ritzi

    No usha for some days wowwwww! And only twinj’s tashan with a hidden love ….. Now the real fun begins

  16. prit

    Yes todays episode was vry vry vry vry vry vry vry vry nice twinkle ne bht acha jawaab diya kunj ko or us uv ko bhi and usha left. I loved today’s episode. I think twinj will be reunite again and uv plans are going to fail. Vry nice. I m with u twinkle. And eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  17. sonal

    Oh I can’t find ozee app …plzzzzzzz tell me what to write or ozee is the name but when I search …result not found came……plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell mee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. Thank God usha left for some time I’m fed up with her nonsense and yuvi how low will he stoop and that mahi doesn’t she has any sense

  19. lamat alia

    Thank god usha left the house and twinkle came back to sarna mansion.eagerly waiting for twinj reunite.

  20. Sanu

    Bechara UV awww soo sad!!!! Hahaha….. OMG twinkle is back.. Acha hua usha chali gyi ab twinkle aur kunj ko time milega ek saath spend krne ke liye…. Twinkle gave nice reply to kunj and that idiot uv too.. It might be mahi will help twinkle for exposing Uv in front of everyone .. I hope so my thinking comes true &distance b/w two sisters will end… Now it will be more interesting to watch this serial… Twinj will be together soon.. FINGERS CROSSED…..

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