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Scene 1
Leela says to Yuvi that i trust you, the person who can change so much, can be her friend and can be selfless for her, he cant be wrong, Yuvi says i dont know how to start finding Twinkle, this is big gameplan, i dont understand what kidnapper wants, i dont understand anything. Kidnapper calls Yuvi and says good job, he tells Yuvi more orders which is muted, Yuvi says i wont do it, what proof you have that Twinkle is with you? let me talk to Twinkle, caller ends call.
Usha gets call from kidnapper, he says listen to Twinkle’s voice, Twinkle says on call that Mummyji please save me, they are dangerous, please protect me, kidnapper takes call and says if you want to protect Twinkle then do Twinkle’s death prayer meet tomorrow, ask Leela to donate things for Twinkle, he

ends call, Usha and all are tensed.
Yuvi gets video message from kidnapper, Twinkle is tied to chair in video, she is shouting for help, Leela cries seeing this, Yuvi says this kidnapper is dangerous, he is playign games with me, i will handle him but i am worried about my family, they are alone there in Sarna house, Leela says Rocky will take care of them but you just free Twinkle. Yuvi says if this done by my mom then i will make sure to let her pay for this, she will have to pay for this, i swear to God.
Usha says to Babee that he is asking to do prayer meet of Twinkle, Babee tells Manohar that Twinkle is kidnapped, he is stunned.
Yuvi says to Surjeet that i wanna meet Anita and i know you know where she is, he says you tried to kill your mom? Yuvi says i have to meet her, its really important, Surjeet nods.
Leela comes to Sarna house and says you people did good by arranging pooja for Twinkle. She sees garland on Twinkle’s photo, she is shocked, pundit says lets start Twinkle’s prayer meet, Leela says you people have done this? how can you people think that she is.. shame on you, she leaves from there before listening to them.
Yuvi comes to some isolated place. Anita comes there and is emotional to see Yuvi, she says listen to me, she says i dont know why you doubt me so much but i didnt kidnap Twinkle, there is someone who is trying to make us enemy, he freed me from jail, made me go to that house so that you come there and kill me, Yuvi says who can do this? Anita says there is one policeman Raghu, he was keeping an eye on me in jail, he was calling someone consistently, i am sure, he is involved in all this, Yuvi asks her to send his details to me, i will find about him.
Leela sees a baby lying in cot outside her house, she sees baby here? she sees note in cot, it reads Leela ji please accept this baby, Leela says whose baby is this? she takes baby in her hands and smiles.
Yuvi is searching for policeman Raghu. he goes in his house and sees Raghu dead and tied to chair, he is shocked.
Phone rings in Sarna house, Babee takes it, kidnapper says i told you that Leela must be in prayer meet, you didnt do it so now you will have to pay for it, just see what i do now, he ends call, Babee prays for Twinkle’s safety.
Yuvi sees Raghu dead, his hands are filed with his blood. He listens police siren and runs from there.
Leela says to baby that we will find your parents. One woman came with police there and says you were kidnapping me baby, inspector arrest her, Leela says i didnt steal baby, baby was there in cot, it had note, woman has hidden note, Leela tries to find it but cant find it, inspector says you are under arrest, Leela says i didnt do anything, i was just helping, she asks woman why she is lying? they take her from there.
Yuvi comes to parking lot, his hand is filled with Raghu’s blood, he says who is this man? why is doing all this? he kidnapped Twinkle, and now making me do all this.
Leela is locked in cell, she says let me talk to my lawyer, there is misunderstanding.
Kidnapper calls Sarna house, Manohar takes call, kidnapper says him something which is muted and ends call, Babee asks what happened? what did he say? Manohar is in shock state.
Anita calls Yuvi and asks if you talked to Raghu? Yuvi says i will call you back, he ends call and is tensed.

Scene 2
Manohar, Babee and Usha comes to ice factory, Manohar says kidnapper gave this address only, Usha says maybe Twinkle is kidnapped here. They listen Twinkle’s voice which is calling for help, they go in to find Twinkle.
Yuvi gets call from kidnapper, he takes it, Yuvi says enough is enough, where is Twinkle? kidnapper says first save your family, your Leela Maa is in jail, he ends call, Yuvi cries.
Manohar, Usha and Babee comes to ice room to find Twinkle, door gets closed behind them, they are locked in ice room, its all smoke in room, they cough.
Leela is in lock up. Usha and Babee are fainting in ice room otherside.
Kidnapper calls Yuvi and says you didnt ask address how will you save them? your family is locked in ice room on Nizampur ice factory and your Leela Maa is locked in police cell, how will you save them all? run Yuvi run, he ends call, Yuvi sighs heavily.
Rocky is boxing in his room, he gets Yuvi’s call. Yuvi calls Rocky and tells him everything what kidnapper said, Yuvi cries and says i am going to jail to free Leela, can you please save Babee and others? Rocky says dont worry, i will handle this, he ends call and leaves.
Rocky comes to ice factory and calls out for Usha. Manohar shouts from ice room. Rocky comes outside their room and tries to open ice room, door is locked, Manohar asks him to do fast, they are fainting. Rocky searches for some tool to break it.

PRECAP- Rocky is breaking door with hammer. Yuvi is crying in his car and not able to take any more pressure.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. is rocky behind all this mess.how one can hurt his own family.

    1. SidMin

      But If Rocky is doing this then why is he acting worried infant of Pallavi I think she is involved in all this Hope this is true want to see Twinkle back soon

      1. who knows. if it was our kunj(sid) tw kidnap hone k bath haisa chup nahi baittatha kaise bhi kar ki use dundh lathi.ye stupid rocky boxing mein legi rahe ho

      2. who knows. if it was our kunj(sid) tw kidnap hone k bath haisa chup nahi baittatha kaise bhi kar ki use dundh lathi.ye stupid rocky boxing mein legi rahe ho.bakwas

  2. Poor yuvi … So much pressure to save twinkle and the family .. Just hope they come out of the mess and twinkle is found .. And finish that rocky’s game for once and for all

  3. hi I’m newcommenting for first time.
    I also think the same that rocky is behind all this drama to become great in front of family,or to make Yuvi lower in Twinkle’s eyes and reveal his identity as KUNJ and Twinkle will come to Kunj’s side

  4. Can anyone plz tel me whose behind this kidnapping plz

    1. Nobody knows it’s neither the new kunj rocky nor anita I don’t know who it is only the time will tell us

    2. ???Carol Ann ???

      I strongly believe that half of it is rocky plans and the other half is Pallavi. Maybe rocky want to show how bad Yuvi is but he never intended to hurt his family.

  5. SidMin

    Uv conveyed all the emotions so well :X
    Jas is enjoying her vacation and these Cv’s are showing her Photo with garlands LOL

  6. maryam sidhatar

    Anyone who tell me what drama is doing here.so draggggg…..plzzz leave this track and move to next track…
    Whos kidnapped twinkle??????it think jasmin in bali there for
    her role is quite….

  7. What the hell is going on and what this writer want realy hating day by day.Bhahut sare logo ne tu ye serial dekhna hi band kr diya.Or top 10 TRP m bhi is serial ko koi jagh nhi mile rhi colors or star plus ke giire se giire serial apni jagh top 10 m banay hue h.Tu sochuo ki kya buri haalt banadi is show ki hate you writer and all team of makers.only love twinj.

    1. itna bakwas agar show ko banayega to phir kese ye top 10 me hoga??kisiko ab tei pe koyi interest nehi raha…sab log galiya dete hain….

  8. Kuch bhi ho but kunj villain naa bane itna boring ho jayega tashan e ishq kabhi so cha nhi tha hate this track

  9. it’s clear that kunj and anita are not behind the kednaping….it’s a third person…new villain…

  10. Shatakshi

    I strongly feel that its pallavi
    She might have fallen for Kunj these years n now to bring him on his side she is doing all this…. God know what these CVS r up to

  11. What the hell is going on here.Just dragging this track much.It’s very boring yaar.Cvs dont know anything they have lost their memories.
    Itna bakwas show kar diya hain.Stupid cvs.I am just waiting for twinj to reunite and nothing more….

  12. Its pallavi who kidnapped twinkle,cuz she has fallen in love wit kunj

  13. both kunj and pallavi are involved in all these . i’m pretty sure about this , if pallavi would have done this alone , then c would just kidnap twinkle but would never try to separate uv from his family . this is all kunj’s plan n pallavi is just accompanying him .
    first kunj kidnapped twinkle , then acted sweet to uv so that nobody doubts him , he called uv and ordered to save anita so that uv thinks it’s all anita’s plan . then he called uv to kill anita so that one side her enemy anita get killed and on other side uv gets arrested for killing his mom . kunj just followed him to make sure that uv kills anita so that he can get arrested , but this plan fails so he thought to write to sarna mansion as anita . all start to doubt uv , then i guess pallavi called babe as anita and kunj on the other side told uv to raid in that place . he didn’t want to hurt babe but he wanted to bcm hero in front of all n so how mean uv is . then he did that baby drama and leela got arrested so that she get punished for supporting twinkle n uv , on the other side trapped uv in raghu’s case . he trapped sarna family there and now trying to be hero again by saving them ,
    all he wants is to be a perfect man in his family’s eyes and turn uv into a villain . how cheap kunj,…………..

  14. Hope yuvi comes out of this soon!!…

  15. isa kyun hotha hi

  16. Poor Yuvi… I want him to be with Twinkl. And I want Kunj(Rocky) and Pallavi to become normal and marry to each other.

    Besides, Twinkl lived with Yuvi more time than with Kunj. I don’t understand all this rubbish in this show….

  17. I think that it’s Anita and not rocket because why would he save Leela Maa

  18. Feel Pallavi is the culprit here and hope Twinkle is found Kunj identified but,,,, Twinkle shld stay married to UV he is the right person for him One must always change fr the better and not the worse Kunk is not my favourite anymore

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