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Scene 1
Leela tries to wake up her husband, Twinkle is knocking on door, husband becomes conscious, she says Twinkle is outside, husband says Twinkle should not see me now, Leela thinks whats the problem, one side is my daughter and otherside is my husband, husban says dont worry, i wont let Twinkle know this secret, he is about to fall down but Leela holds him, Twinkle knocks door and is worried for Leela, Leela asks husband to hide in room, she takes him and brings first aid, she cleans her wound, husband asks her to go and see Twinkle, Leela says blood is not stopping, he says i am fine, you go, Leela says you do bandage, i will come.
Twinkle thinks that i have to break door, i should call Kunj first, she is about to call Kunj but Leela opens door, Twinkle cries and says why were

you not opening door? she hugs her, Leela says i was not getting sleep so i took sleeping pill, i was sleeping, Twinkle says dont make me afraid again.
Twinkle asks Leela how is she? i am thinking to stay with you tonight, Twinkle says there is no need, i am fine, Twinkle says you are my mom and dad, i wll not be at peace thinking that you are ill, Leela says you are not much away from me, your house is near, go to your home, Twinkle says i will call Babee, she will let me stay here, Leela says i am telling you to leave, go now, Twinkle says you havent forgiven me? Leela says nothing like that, its just that people dont like duaghter to stay at mother’s place after marriage so you should go, Twinkle asys ok i cant go against you, i will go but if you feel weak then call me, Leela agrees, Twinkle leaves, Leela says i wanted you to stay here but there are some problems that need to taken care of.
Leela says to her husband that take medicines, he says whats the need for all this? she says so you become fine and leave my house, husband says i have made you tensed, i will leave now, he feels dizzy, she says you cant go, he says i have alrady given you tension, i should leave, Leela says you have given me tension as much as you wanted, now you should stay here tonight and when you feel better then leave, he asks if she is sure? she nods, he holds her hand and thanks her, she looks at him, he removes her hand and says you are still same, you cant see anyone’s pain, Leela says you are right, human never change but situations changes, even if there was some stranger, i would have done same, i took care of you for humanity, Twinkle calls Leela, husband asks her to keep it on speaker, he wanna listen Twinkle’s voice again, she says atleast you listened her voice but didnt allow me in all these years, she goes to talk to Twinkle.
Twinkle asks Leela if she is fine? she is feeling weak? she asks Leela to take care of herself, if you need me then call me, she ends call, Kunj asks what happened to leela? Twinke says she was feeling dizzy, i gave her medicines, Kunj says you should have been with Leela, Twinkle says Leela asked me to go so i had to leave, Kunj says you never listen to me then why did you listen to her when it was not needed, you should have been with her, Twinkle says dont make me feel guilty, she cries, Kunj gives her handkerchief and says dont cry, Twinkle wipes her tears and nose, Kunj says you will have to wash it now, Twinkle says sorry alongwith tears, nose flows too, Kunj says its okay, your husband is rich from heart, i have plan, make some good food for Leela tomorrow, she will feel better, Kunj says she can get more ill with your prepared food, Twinkle says what you mean? i made bad food? i prepare lunchbox for you, i will not make it now, Kunj says you are warning me? she says yes, Twinkle says you wanted to distract me thats why you are fighting? you seem smart but you are not, you wanted me to stop crying, Kunj says i am smart, Twinkle wipes her nose again with his handkerchief, Kunj makes weird face and leaves, Twinkle smiles.

Scene 2
Twinkle wakes up on alarm and says i woke up today on time, wow, she finds Kunj sleeping on couch, she comes to him and looks at him lovingly, she thinks that he is sometime bitter, somtime sweet, sometime angry young man, he has so much mood swings but he seems so calm when he is sleeping, once his wake up, he will start fighting again, she tries to take book which is beneath Kunj’s head, she leans towards him and takes book, her Mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt, Twinkle gazes at Kunj and thinks that i believe in God’s signs but why these filmy things happen with me? if Kunj wakes up then he will tease me again, she tries to disentangle mangalsutra, Kunj puts hand around her and brings her more closer, Sajna ve plays, Twinkle disentangle her mangalstura and covers Kunj with blanket, she is about to leave but slips and falls on Kunj, Kunj wakes up and says seems like wall fell on me, is there earthquake? he asks Twinkle what she is doing upon him? Twinkle says i feel by mistake, Kunj says is this new way to make me up, he tries to make Twinkle move, they both fall from couch, he says dont you feel shame? Twinkle says i was just covering you with blanket, Kunj says you wanted to take advantage of me, Twinkle says are you Ranveer Singh? Kunj says even you are not deepika padukone but for Mr. India like me, Miss Amristar like you is fine, Twinkle nice joke, you know Mr. india can vanish, Kunj says i am infront of you now but if i vanish then you will miss me, Twinke says nothing like that, i slipped on you, Kunj says your intentions were wrong, i dont trust you, Twinkle says you keep fighting with me, i will tell babee, she leaves, Kunj says good morning.
Twinkle asks Kunj to come out of washroom, he is getting late, your coffee is getting cold, she sees Maya’s message on Kunj’s phone that they should meet after college, Kunj comes and says you are checking my phone like typical wife, Twinkle says i just saw it by mistake, Kunj sees message, Twinkle thinks that he is making many plans to meet her, he told me whole history of her, Kunj asks where is my coffee? Twinkle says make yourself, this is my coffee, Kunj says but you made it for me, Twinkle says i made it so now i am drinking it, Kunj says give it to me, dont fight, Twinkle says what will you do? Kunj snatches coffee from her and drinks, she snatches coffee from him and drinks, Babee comes and says when husband and wife drinks from one cup then this is love, Twinkle says he is fighting with me, Kunj says she was not giving me coffee, Babee says all i know is that love increases when coupel drink from one cup, she says we have to go to meet Leela and invite her for Lohri, also we will take what Twinkle made for her in lunch, she leaves, Kunj drinks coffee.
Leela looks at sindoor sadly, husband comes there, she asks why did you come here? you need something? husband says i have already irritated you, husband feels dizzy, his phone falls, Leela bends to pick it up, he feels dizzy and tries to take support by holding table, sindoor falls from table and falls on Leela’s forehead, she is stunned, he says i am sorry, i got dizzy and this happened, bell rings, Leela says it must be twinkle, she wipes sindoor, covers her head with dupatta and asks him if he can go to his room? he says yes, she leaves.
Twinkle, babee and Anita comes to Leela’s house, Twinkle asks Leela how is she? Leela says i am fine, why you worry so much, Babee says she is daughter so naturally worried for you, thank God you are fine, Leela says its because of Twinkle’s care, Twinkle gives food to Leela, Babee invites Leela for Lohri and says you have to come there, Anita thinks that dont know when we will go from here, she sees sindoor in Leela’s forehead, she is shocked, she asks Leela about it, Leela gets shocked, she says actually i was cleaning cupboard, there was sindoor, it fell on my forehead, i tried to wipe it but coulnt, babee says you just take care of yourself, Anita thinks that why i feel she is lying, i have to find whats going on in her mind.

PRECAP- Husband says to Leela that i wanted to see Twinkle, Leela says no, you should remain away from my Twinkle, you will leave from here tomorrow and have to be away from Twinkle and her in law, understood? Anita thinks that now i will insult Leela in Lohri party.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. Today’s episode was good Twinj scenes were so cute especially the Mr. India part Kunj lol 😛 I think when Twinkle will get to know about her father’s truth Kunj will be the one to console her and then he will fall for Twinkle. Hope so

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  5. hope so fataraju…where is ur ff…you wete starting naa????m waiting for that

    1. I just submitted it today it is expected to be published by tonight so do read Tashan-e-Ishq:Intense Love Episode 1
      And I used random fan as my name in my ffs

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