Tashan-e-Ishq 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Its morning. Yuvi as Jassi is cleaning his bike outside Twinkle’s house. Twinkle asks what are you doing here? Yuvi sees Kunj there and wipes his eyes, he says Rocky Sir is your neighbor? his bike is so new and my scooter is old, you go with Rocky Sir, Twinkle says no. Pallavi comes to Kunj, she slips and falls in Kunj arms, Twinkle sees them like that, Kunj looks at Twinkle and tries to leave Pallavi, she winces in pain. Yuvi asks Twinkle if she Rocky’s girlfriend? wow, Twinkle looks on, he asks why she is upset? Twinkle asks if he can ride scooter with her sitting behind? Yuvi says i never rode with anyone else before, Twinkle says you dont know double riding then why did you come here? Yuvi says you are my best friend and saved me from bullies thats why, Twinkle says

its okay, you sit behind and i will ride bike, he says what? can you drive it? Twinkle says i can do anything, i am Twinkle Taneja. Twinkle sits on scooter, Yuvi sits behind and says Ram Ram, they leave. Kunj sees them go, he says to Pallavi that you should have been careful, Twinkle must have felt weird, Pallavi says i fell mistakenly, i came to tell you that Usha aunty is thinking to get you married again, Kunj says what? he thinks that Maa knows how i feel about Twinkle then why she is doing this? he leaves his bike. Pallavi says everything is fair in love and war and i dont care if i have to lie a little to get you Kunj.
Usha says to Babee that Twinkle doesnt care about society, she doesnt see how much Kunj cares for her, i have to set her straight, Babee says its not you but your mother inside you speaking, think about her, her problems, trust her, Usha says i dont trust her anymore, the girl who left her house, husband for college, how can i trust her? i have to talk to her.
Twinkle and Yuvi comes to college. Twinkle gets off scooter, bullies say that Twinkle next ride with me, girls make fun of Yuvi. Twinkle says dont worry Jassi, if they bully you then tell me, you need to build self confidence. She sees poster and says Salsa class? i always wanted to learn it, she drags Jassi with her.
Kunj is punching his bag in his training room and thinks why Maa is thinking about getting me married? Students come there, Kunj asks where is Jassi? student says he has joined salsa class with his bodyguard Twinkle, you know he was sitting behind Twinkle on bike today, he is useless. Kunj says stop, he thinks that i have to do something else Jassi will become just laughing stock here, he needs to learn to fight back.
Yuvi and Twinkle comes to Salsa class, trainers instruct them steps, Yuvi says i cant do this, i am not hero but zero, Twinkle says why you keep calling yourself zero? if you dont know how to dance then why did you join class? Yuvi says because you asked me, Twinkle pulls his cheeks and says you are cute. I will teach you, Twinkle puts his hand on her waist and holds his hand, she sways with him to beat, Yuvi is mesmerized by her, Tum hi ho sad music plays, Twinkle enjoys dance, Yuvi stares her, she hints what? they end dance. Kunj comes there, girls ask if he will make them learn dance too? Yuvi says to Twinkle that he must be here to ask me to learn boxing, i will do any dance with you but i cant do boxing, i cant fight, save me, Twinkle asks him to calm down. Kunj comes to Yuvi and says Jassi i called you for boxing classing, come with me, Twinkle says you are no one to take him, Kunj says he needs self defense training, Twinkle says why you are forcing him? Kunj says i am just suggesting that he needs to learn to fight, Twinkle says you are doing this to spy on me, Kunj asks Jassi to go out of room. Yuvi leaves and smirks. Kunj asks Twinkle to listen, she says why should i listen to you? you dont listen to me, she tries to open door but its locked, someone from outside says that Rocky sir we locked door as you said, Kunj says i didnt ask anyone to lock door, he knocks door and says Twinkle i swear i didnt ask anyone to lock door. Outside door, Yuvi says you need self defense Kunj now as i will make you do Salsa, you are stuck with Twinkle like magnet, now rumors will spread through college that you got stuck with Twinkle in a room and she wouldnt want to see your face. Twinkle is angry, lets put more salt to fire. Twinkle says to Kunj that i cant believe, you would go so low, you can be so cheap? Kunj holds her shoulder and says you think that i will do this? you dont trust your Kunj? look in my eyes and say that you dont trust me?

Scene 2
Yuvi comes to students and says Twinkle and Rocky are locked in room, girls get jealous, Yuvi says we should help them to get out, all students leave to open door, yuvi smirks.
Twinkle says i dont trust you Kunj, in last five years you have changed so much that i cant even read your eyes, why should i trust you? did you trust me? your eyes even cheated me, i cant trust you anymore, Kunj puts his hands down from Twinkle’s shoulder, he is hurt and starts punching door, Twinkle is sad, Kunj keeps punching door, she says stop it, he doesnt and keeps punching door, door opens. Kunj comes out and asks who closed door? everyone is silent. Girls gossip what they were doing alone in room? Kunj asks them to leave, all leave. Yuvi comes to Twinkle and says Rocky Sir is strict, i feel like you stopped him from making me learn boxing thats why he is doing all this, i dont like boxing, he is staring at me, i am scared of him, i dont want to learn boxing, save me please, Twinkle looks at Kunj and leaves, Yuvi goes behind her.
Anita comes out of car outside Sarna house, Usha and Babee are outside house, they are shocked to see Anita, Usha says what are you doing here Anita? Anita says i was missing these expressions, i know you must have missed me too, so many years passed but Usha still doesnt have brain, now when your Kunj is alive then there is no case or allegation on me so i am free, Usha says but you tried to kill him and he was not with us for many years, Anita says atleast he is alive and you even got ready made son, my Yuvi, whole Sarna family used my son, even made him marry Twinkle and now when your son ha comeback then you have thrown him like hair from butter, you have used him nicely, Twinkle and Yuvi comes there and sees her too.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Yuvi that Jassi nobody is agreeing to sponsor us, what will we do now? Yuvi says call Chadda, he gave such a big contract, it was big indian fat wedding, Twinkle is shocked to hear it, Yuvi realizes what he has said and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Baby


    |Registered Member

    ab toh bhot hogya sb kunj ke hi piche pde hue hain hath dho kar n now toh dis stupid twinkle get dat is uvraj kisi bhi insaan ko pta ch jayaga dat who is it by soo mch dis is jst heck actually as said some ppl cnt evr change yr had hai dikhta nhi hai twinkle koki kunj innocent hai oh god i suer its jst bull shit

  2. Peewangmo


    |Registered Member

    TEI really sucks after Sidhant exist 😰
    I really really really hate Twinkle & Uv.. unite them cuz their character match a lot.. both cheap s wel s ugly hrt 😣 & kill that pallavi, anita, leela & usha they are not human beings. Alys think of destroying other’s life πŸ‘Š
    It would be good if TEI too end this useless season & start with new season like otha serial.. really fadeup with same show in same time πŸ‘„

  3. Azreen

    Hate this Uv. He is such a cheapo. He was a villain and will remain one. Now whenever I watch TEI, my blood boils in anger because of that Uv. He always does something cunning and traps Kunj, where as Kunj remains loyal to Twinkle no matter what happens. And now that Anita has returned, mother and son will reunite and will do planning and plotting against Twinj, same as old times but with a Twist. And the twist is that, now Twinkle will trust Jassi aka Uv instead of Kunj!!!!!!!!😑😑😑😑😑 I so deeply and badly want Sid to return! But that is not possible😩😩

  4. Barbie

    Yuvie u are just amazing.But headtake of his villanism is also shown.I don’t like it. Voh purana Yuvie nahin ho saktha.I can’t imagine about it.Kitna din chalega yeh JASSY wala plan?Pakada toh?Wah!So Pls writers unite our YUVLE.We YUVLE fans still waiting and hoping about it from beginning.Agar writers ko TWINJ banane ke liye mann the toh PROMO se humko hope kyun diya?Unite YUVLE. They had an amazing something special chemistry than TWINJ.Why ROCKY forcing TWINKLE to feel for him?If u want the TRP so unite YUVLE otherwise YUVLE fans bhi SIDHANT fans ke tarah show chodega.It’s a promise.



  5. Barbie

    Aaj mein AAJTAK SBB mein TEI ka news dekha tha. Usmein JASSY wala news badhaya tha. But as a YUVLE fan I feel something intresting.That is before leap and before SIDHU quit TWINKLE told that Uski TASHAN jo YUVIE ke saath aur ISHQ jo KUNJ ke saath aur voh donon ke beech.But today she told that Uski TASHAN jo ROCKY/KUNJ ke saath aur ISHQ toh YUVIE ke saath aur voh donon ke beech. So I feel some hope. Sorry if I type wrong grammer.Bcz my mother tongue is not HINDI.I’am from KERALA.

  6. Romaisha


    |Registered Member

    Seriously I’m not bashing any actors as it is their i still love them … But wat twinkle is doing with Kunj is not good … She needs to understand that Kunj didn’t do all this for her and yuvi? Kunj even wants to help him.
    Well jassi to be exact… Well let’s see what’ll happen … Now Anita is back also .. God … What have they planned for us?

  7. aahna shrma

    Ohh plss haa apni yeh yuvi or twinkle ke milne ki hope apne paas rkho…..we just want our luvly twinj…i just hate uv…..meri mom ne to show hi dekhna band kr diya….bcoz twinkle ko smjh hi ni aa rha….nd pallvi was ryt agar 10 saal baad bhi husband aata to bhi use hi apnaati

  8. aahna shrma

    Nd ye yuvi ki schai pta nhi kb aayegi samne…nd jo best frnd hote hain wo apne frnd k liye itna to kr hi skte hI to yuvi ne bhi kya….

  9. Naina

    How easily twinkle said that she don’t belive on him and kunj always belived her in past and he done one mistake due to misunderstanding but uv done alot and she forgive him but kunj ko to ek single chance tak nhi diya seriously i realy hate this new twinkle and leela too usha or uv to shuru se ese hi thee. Sb kunj k peeche padee h. Uv ne to saari hadde paar kr de gatiyaa khi ka uv tu villian hi aacha lagta h kunj to beechra fas gyaa iw pallavi or uv k chakr me god plz help him and make twinkle to realize her mistake as kunj. Plz twinkle understand her love kunj tum pyar to aaj bhi kunj se krti ho tbhi to kunj jb hurt ho raha tha tu tumhe dard ho raha tha tu kyu kr rhi ho asa. Plz reunite twinj soon blo*dy writer.

  10. Baby


    |Registered Member

    never unite uvraj and twinkle dis chepo he cnt change aggggghhhhhhh agn creating misunderstanding bw twinj oh babaji dis serial uuggghh kunj twinj ll unite i m sure

  11. Zakzn318

    Haters hate..My yule z the bestπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜Žjust look at them!!how cute they are guys..bilkul perfect jodi..zainu..πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜hatzzoff off jaanu..you are the best..😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. samia

    hahaha…wohi sab bakwas fer se start hoga..now uv is villain again…anita ne v entry mar lia…aur plus point hain pallavi..i think these 3 will join hands soon..lol…after sid’s exit show pura dustbin ban geya..serf bakwas,tamasha aur natunki…morality nam ki to koyi chez hain hi nehi..nonsense..😈

  13. raven

    Baby i want Kunj and Twinkle to be united too but by the time she realizes it may be too late for the saying goes time and tide waits on no man she probaly wants the both of them she is a disgrace to womanhood Kunj has already slept with her she wants Yuvi to do the same? we have words for women like her, i dont care who is annoyed with me for speaking my mind once one man touches you thats it how can a woman who has been married for so long to one man wants another man to do the same thing to her shame shame,and to think she was getting a child for Kunj i thought she would need him more than ever now but no she is not willing to give him a chance she is too damn stuck up he should really leave her for some time and go away and lets see what will happen to her you know guys absence makes the heart grows fonder if you guys agree with me please give your review thanks



  15. rayna

    Oh stupid writer dont drag the story.
    Twinkle needs a tight slap on her face.
    I hate u twinkle.
    Yuvi is turning into a villain.
    Think with your mind guys,if yuvi is pretending to be a villain then why not he is pretending infront of twinkle.
    Yuvi toh twinj ke beech misunderstanding create kar raha hai.
    Aur kaise usne twinj ko lock kar diya tha.
    He makes twinkle angry with kunj.
    He is turning into a villain.

  16. Aisha jha

    Rayna I already believed that he’s pretending and he’s not doing it in front of twinkle so that when she gets to know it she don’t choose him but kunj thinking yuvi is really a bad boy but I really don’t want that want #yule

  17. Barbie

    Hai,NRK nice to meet u.Allisha,thank u for commenting. YUVLE FAN,who told u that YUVIE doing these for divorce? TWINJ fans pls stop blaming YUVIE.In beween Twinkle’s kidnap ROCKY KILLED 2 PERSONS. One is MUNNA (YUVIE’s friend) and the other is a POLICE MAN.Yuvie never killed the outsiders and the person who helped him.We can’t forget the past 5 years.He stand with Sarna family as a son and Twinkle as everything instead of Kunj without any expectation.He lose his life.Where the hell is that ROCKY in these 5 years?He take revenge against his own family bcz of a misunderstanding. So pls I beg u guys don’t blame our YUVIE.If u continue it so we also have to say.So pls.We can also hope for YUVLE days like u.Don’t play with our emotions.This is from the heart of all YUVLE FANS.Sorry if my words gave any pain to u.Hope u understand the same pain coming from our heart bcz of ur comments.

  18. Aisha jha

    Wow barbie I so much liked your awesome comments and thank you too for supporting me and yeah please twinj’s or yule’s fans don’t hurt each other. it’s true I don’t like twinj but it doesn’t mean I have a right to bash them or hurt twinj’s fans. I’m a big fan of yule I hope they get united very soon. Love you all twiraj’s fans

  19. rayna

    And no one is hurting anyone feelings.
    We are not playing with anyone emotions.we all are only expressing our feelings here and nothing else.
    And our comment will neither unite our twinj nor your yuvle.
    It depends on cvs.

  20. raven

    WOW this serial is getting everyone worked up,remember its just a serial,its not reality lets face it ,who loves Yuvi keep on loving him,and who love Kunj keep doing the same from now on i am not going to comment on either one of them i am only going to look at the serial and whatever happen is no concern of mine i have a life to live and this serial is not putting food on my table so enough of this nonsense these directors know how to get people worked up its them who are reaping the benefits not us so why should we care who Twinkle ends up with its their storyline let them do their work not trying to be a snob here guys these are just my views

  21. Naina

    Hey guys Rayna is r8 here we all twinj fans only express our feelings yar and we also respect ur feelings too. So don’t think that we r trying to hurt u all yar we all frd here.

  22. Manny

    I knew these stupid cv would break our hearts. After seeing today sbs i realized that twinj will be the end game. Now i’m sure uvi will turn neg again to get tw . if they wanted to do from the beginning why the hell they turn uvi positive . screw u cvz.

  23. rayna

    Hey can anyone share the news.plzzzz.
    I was searching for a video but I am not getting it neither on fb nor on twitter.plz can anyone share the news of sbb.

  24. rayna

    And now anita is also came back.Bas usi ki kami thi.pallavi toh villain thi.ab yuvi v ban jayega.bas anita ki kami thi.ab woh v aa gayi.twinj ke life mein toh jeher bhar denge yeh teeno.villain triangle.
    Kitne villain rakhoge cvs?
    Plz share the news anyone.plz.
    And raven plz do comments yaar.dont get hurt with our comments.and really sorry if you got sad.

  25. salia ali

    Yuvi is so nice when he why is shaking hands with pallvi for .he is turning back into a villian it is a spoiler alert…….why do they want to split twinj

  26. Athira

    Here is the NEWS ALERT from SBB AAJTAK:-KUNJ & TWINKLE AAYA GAREEB.In a dance performance YUVIE can’t dance with TWINKLE.So KUNJ dance with TWINKLE.All students are watching their romantic dance. Then NEXT SCENE:- TWINKLE is on stage in a white frock.That time the flashlight falling on her.But KUNJ catch TWINKLE before it fall.They fall down. TWINKLE was shocked.YUVIE and all came there. Naman told that they don’t know who did all these.But someone is always trying like this.It will took TWINJ together.ZAIN then said that he can’t dance with TWINKLE so KUNJ did it.He also said that the planning of light falling is done by PALLAVI.HOPE IT CLEAR for all.I know it’s a bad news for TWIRAJ FANS and good news for TWINJ FANS.Let’s see.Pls support TEI.

  27. Naina

    Hey Rayna videos tujhe u tube pr bhi mil jaygay and thank u Raven. And its clear that twinj will be the end game ye….. love it.

  28. rayna

    Thanx a lot athira and naina for the news.I am very much happy with this news.
    Now it’s clear that twinj will only reunite and yuvi will again turn into a villain.now there will be a villain triangle.

  29. rayna

    Thanks a lot naina,I saw on youtube.
    I am very happy.twinj are dancing together and yuvi was feeling jealous.
    If yuvi wants twinj to be together then he should not get jealous.But he was angry at that time.If yuvi’s motive is to unite twinj then he should be happy.
    He becomes angry.
    It’s clear twinj will only unite.
    Waiting eagerly for twinj reunion.

  30. raven

    I am an Indian but i was not born in India, I am from the US both of my parents are from the US,never the less I AM AN INDIAN AND PROUD TO BE ONE, so on this happy occasion i wish all my indian brothers and sisters HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY may all you wish for your country comes true HAPPY AUGUST 15TH and hope Twinkle finds what she is looking for now that his mom is back he is going to be his old self again [villian] that is Yuvi and may all her misunderstanding about Kunj vanishes

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