Tashan-e-Ishq 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Yuvraj and twinkle are on the bike…yuvraj says how much he enjoyed twinkle’s performance in the competition but how angry it made him seeing others boys staring her…twinkle calls him jealous to which he refuses..then twinkle tricks him saying that her marriage is fixed with the guy whom she had gone to meet…this fumes yuvraj and he speeds up bike towards a hill…twinkle gets scared and reveals she was just pranking on him…yuvraj applies the break…twinkle says that she is playing this trick on yuvraj from 3 years and he always behave this…yuvraj says then why she repeats it he if don’t like it…twinkle says these pranks only have maintained the spark in their relation…

Leela’s brother takes out gun and takes his father to

anita’s house blaming them for kidnapping twinkle…Leela too arrives with police and commissioner…they again get into a fight…then only twinkle comes back sitting on a bike with someone in helmet…leela’s brother angrily removes the helmet and founds it is chinki, twinkle’s friend…everyone goes back to their houses…

Leela expresses her anger on chinki for the prank.chinki apologise and leela forgives her…twinkle thinks that she and yuvraj would have been in trouble if they haven’t seen their mother’s fighting and switching yuvraj with chinki at the right moment…some people with dhol enters and start playing it…twinkle informs all that chinki’s marriage is fixed…all starts dancing…twinkle’s mother makes chinki eat half of a dry fruit and save the rest to be eaten by twinkle, as she believes that it will get twinkle married soon…

A mobile company guy came to anita showing her the latest model of a phone but anita throws it in anger saying she need everything before leela…yuvraj enters and anita spots something in his jacket’s pocket…

Leela goes to twinkle to give her food…twinkle eats very less saying she don’t feel much hungry nowadays…leela says twinkle’s actions hints that she is in love but twinkle manages to convince her that its nothing like that…leela leaves…twinkle goes to babaji and prays to him for her and yuvraj’s marriage…she reminds her deal with babaji according to which she will eat one chapati less each time she lies to her mother…and so today she will have to only live on vegetable…she got sms from yuvraj asking her to meet him…

Anita goes to yuvraj’s room and took out the thing from his pocket…its twinkle’s sash…anita is shocked..yuvraj says he got it made for their dog, rocky…this makes anita happy thinking that truly their rocky in ms.amritsar…anita leaves and yuvraj takes out twinkle from his cupboard…twinkle gives her chapati to rocky…yuvraj objects her for staying hungry…twinkle convinces him saying that it may look foolish to him, but she is punishing herself for lieing to her mother…yuvraj asks her why twinkle loves him and she says because he make her feel special…on being asked the same question by twinkle, yuvraj says twinkle is the most beautiful girl in the world and she made him overcome the enemity and love her…both are lost in each other…twinkle says she should leave now and challenges yuvraj, that today she will go through main door and not from the window…twinkle gets ready in yuvraj’s clothes…she is assumed to be yuvraj b anita who stops her…

Anita is coming towards twinkle in yuvraj’s attire…yuvraj is panicking standing behind anita..

Update Credit to: Roopal

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  1. Omg???hawww what if anita sees twinkle face…… hope yuvi does something…. but he’s too cute yaar…

  2. Yaar…this episode is too good

  3. Both are cute…

  4. Twinkle+yuvraj=twinkraj

  5. liking this very much

  6. Artist: Zain Imam
    Character: Yuvraj Luthra
    Yuvraj is a flamboyant, passionate man who loves flaunting his lavish lifestyle. Fearless, pompous and impulsive, Yuvraj’s attitude to life is best described as reckless. But even with all this, one trait that stands out is his love for Twinkle.
    The twist in the tale however, is that Yuvraj’s love is his mother Anita’s deceptive ploy to take revenge on the Taneja family. Yuvraj’s love is all but just an elaborate act, so that he can bring her world crashing down on Twinkle and her family……with this it is clear that yuvraj is not hero…..

  7. Artist: Jasmine Bhasin
    Character: Twinkle Taneja
    Twinkle is fun, bubbly and a drama queen who is a Punjabi kudi at heart. She is someone who doesn’t mind taking the wrong route, as far as it is done for the right reason. She is fearless, feisty, transparent, bindaas, clean-hearted and compassionate. Her biggest fear in life is that she will hurt the ones who love her, especially her family and Yuvraj. Twinkle’s outspoken personality often clashes with Yuvraj’s flamboyant lifestyle, leading her to constant conflict. Twinkle too has a childlike streak, and in many ways (Kunj and Twinkle are similar characters.) She is someone who falls for the big, lavish gestures but also begins to appreciate smaller yet thoughtful expressions of love as the story goes along……..bracket ke sentence se pata chalta hai ki kunj sarna is reral hero of the show…

  8. Dis is d best show..luv twinkle& yuvi..dey r too cute

  9. This is the best!
    Thank u zee tv for telecasting this program

  10. Omg i Rilly hope she won’t be caught

  11. Best series ever on zee tv, it has a very different story. I like the Taneja’s more than the Luthra’s, although the Luthra’s are more modern.

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