Tashan-e-Ishq 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Twinkle comes to Guradvarah, Kunj is distributing food in poor there, she is waiting for Yuvi, he messages her that he is with mom, cant meet, go home, Kunj comes there in car and ask are you following me? do you have crush on me? Twinkle says you came behind me not I, he says i will drop you home, she says i wil die but not sit in your car, he starts leaving but sees her standing in scorching heat and recall how she said sorry and how she offered friendship, he comes back and says i should have accepted your sorry, come and sit, she sit in his car, he ask her to take off dupatta from head, she says no, he takes it off and says oh you had oily hairs thats why not taking off dupatta, she says i thought your seat will get oily thats why i was bnot taking it off, he says it will get

clean dont worry, she says it doesnt matter to you? he says no, he gets call from shokeeper, he is odering flower bouquet for Alisha, Twinkle ends call and says this is old ways, if you will plan date then it will be disaster, do something like Yuvi, he says my days arent that bad that i will follow Yuvi, she says i challenge you to plan better date then you Yuvi, Kunj accepts Challenge.
Usha hires detective to follow Twinkle, she ask him to keep an eye on her.
Yuvi brings Twinkle in jungle, there is bonfire and tea, she is excited and says how nice this is, you are best boyfriend, he says i have to do this as you are best girlfriend, Detective comes there and sees them from far but he cant see who is with Twinkle, he clicks their pictures, lion roars, detective runs from there, Twinkle is excited listening roar, she says its so nice here, Yuvi ask her to give him return gift lip kiss), she says we had a deal that we ill kiss after marriage only, she thinks i should check Kunj’s date, she says to Yuvi that i challenged Kunj that he cant plan better date than you, i will go and check it, she leaves, Yuvi gets angry.

Scene 2
Kunj has arranged candle light dinner for Alisha, Alisha ask what is all this? he says i did for you to make you feel special, we will talk here, Alisha says you cant make me feel special, how will you live life with me? she starts to leave, Kunj says i cant leave my family, Alisha says you know i cant live in joint family, Alisha says dont bother me, she leaves, Twinkle listens this and thinks why Alisha is not understanding Kunj’s love and why i am feeling bad for him, i should set his mood right by telling him about my date then i have to leave too as Yuvi is waiting for me, she comes to Kunj and says this is great date, you have arranged it nicely, Kunj ask are you making fun of me? Alisha didnt like it, she sit beside him and dont act like devdas, she says if there was not Alisha then what plan you had for future? he doesnt answer, she says think i am Alisha and i am giving you chance so what you had done after bringing me here? he says i am not interested in time pass, she says you had no plans, you thought that you would just bring girl here and she will be impressed, Kunj comes to her and says now i will show what i would have done, he holds her hand and takes her to table, he says i would have cut cake with her hands, he makes Twinkle cut cake and says i would have feed her cake, he feeds cake to her, he says then i would have opened wine bottle for her, then i would have asked ‘may i have dance with you?’ he sit on knees and extend his hand, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi never planned this kind of date for me, she gives her hand, Kunj and Twinkle starts doing couple dance, Twinkle falls in Kunj’s arms, both share eyelock, Sajna ve plays, Twinkle looks watch in her hand which is given by Yuvi, she gets up, he ask how was my date plan? Twinkle says not bad, Yuvi had planned goof date for me, if Yuvi was here then it would be nice, Kunjj says i wish Alisha was here too, Twinkle says to Kunj that this date idea is filmy, nowadays girls dont like all this, Kunj says i dont need your comments, she says i just wanted to see it, i am going, both leaves.
Yuvi is with Twinkle and makes fun of Kunjj, he says if he plans such boring date then any girl would runaway, Twinkle says his date was not that bad, Yuvi says the plan which he did was outdated, dates should be thrilling, like i plan for you,Yuvi says that Kunj doesnt know about romance, he is nil in all this, Twinkle feels angry listening against Kunj, he says why you are taking it seriously, Twinkle thinks he is right why i am feeling bad for him.
Detective shows pictures of Twinkle with guy to usha, she says boy’s face is not shown, he says i will check who has ordered this jacket here in Punjab which this boy is wearing.
Detective gives list of jacket ordered by people, she finds Yuvi’s name in list, she says maybe they are faking animosity and have relation, she says find Yuvi and Twinkle’s truth soon then i will expose Twinkle.

PRECAP- Kunj and Twinkle are going, Twinkle falls, Kunj holds her in arms. Yuvi sees this and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. No it’s yuvi&twinkle….now he only wants her for his challenge but afterwards he will surely fall in love with twinkle….they both make a very cute couple

      1. this is never going to happen because he is villian of kunj and twinkle’s love story ……..

  14. i want kunj nd twinkle to lv each ada dey make de best couple eva….lv u kunj

  15. twinkle and yuvi are the best couple…….

  16. guyssss!I’m pretty sure that Kunj and twinkle will be together they’ll fall for each other
    And that brat Alisha. She’s so selfish darn it!
    && Yuvi he’s cute but he doesn’t love twinkle just using her I think he’s having a bet with her mom cause their mothers they don’t get along!!
    Kunjjjj I love you man!
    He’s totally the best!!!

  17. Yuvi is very cute and handsome???❤️❤️

  18. shifa(shakira)

    yuvi&twinkle awsome couple

  19. Yuvinkle is yucky couple. Feeling vomited?. Kink and twinkle superb and cute just like mehbeer

  20. I agree that yuvi is using twinkle NOW…but wen his challenge will progress he’ll gradually fall in love wid her…remember..its a zee tv show…just take an example of kumkum bhagya…abhigya were married fr revenge more precisely fr aliya…it may happen here too! Pyaar ka natak karte karte kya pata asal mein pyaar ho jaaye! Ppl…after all its a family drama…anythin cn happen! A person cn die n cn b alive agn in this world!!
    Agree wid u strawberry…yuvi is truly super adorable!! Btw…do i kno u? Zain imam is a great actor!! Its proved in his first show itself!!
    Zain rockssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Yuvi and twinkle is best…dey r adorable luv dem alot and zain is superb yaar

  22. Its trp is dropping coz of d writers mistake dey thot we audience are fool..in promo dey show yuvi as lead but in series dey r making kunj as lead of d show coz of dat many people lost interest…hope writers will wake up now coz if dey don’t den its trp will drop lyk nything coz most of people watch dis show just for yuvi..he is damn cute and if dey make yuvi as villain of d show and its trp will b below 1…so writers wake!!

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