Tashan-e-Ishq 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Twinkle gets dressed she says thank you so much God for my will power. Maa must be proud to know that I did my fast. Niki says babbe Twinkle accused Kunj so they had to get married. Its a forced marriage. Kunj had to get married to the girl who blamed him. Twnikle did all this. Babbe leaves. Niki says lights camera action. And your the end is soon.

Pinni says to leela I am really worried. Leela says its twinkle’s first karwa chauth. Someone has to be there. Pinni says i will go there. Leela says ask twinkle how she is? how is everyone with her. Dont tell her that i asked you ask all this. Pinni says don’t worry.
Pinni comes to Kunj’s house. Usha introduces her to babbe. Pinni says come to our house some day. Babbe says lets start the ritual.


does the pooja. They pass the artis. Pinni says pooja finished so well. In some time we will start the pooja. Twinkle belches. Niki says you belched that means you ate something. you lied to all of us. If you are so modern, then you should have told us that you cant fast. Usha says this is because leela has given her way too much lenience. Pinni says its not like that. Usha says she is part of us, we can understand how she is. We know what she is. Twinkle says this is what i was worried for. Twinkle starts fainting. Nikki says now see how she is pretending now babbe. Babbe says enough. you dont have to pretend all this. You should have told me that you didn’t want to fast. your mom has made you this way. She has brought you up alone.
Twinkle says you can’t blame my mom like this. I know you all think that i ate something but this is just because of acidity. I am not used to staying hungry. My mom has taught me everything. Yes I am modern but its not a sin. I feel equally good in desi attires.
trust me, I didn’t break my fast. Usha says why should we believe you? Kunj says because she is not lying. And I am the witness. Babbe says i couldn’t come to your wedding nor do i know what was the reason but I am so glad to see you both together this way. i hope you both stay happy together.

All the women break their fasts, Kunj makes Twinkle drink water.
Twinkle is in her room. She recalls how usha and niki blamed her. Kunj comes to room. He says wow you have turned into a good wife. You are not even eating after fasts. You have served this plate for me. He starts eating and says wow this is so tasty. Twinkle starts fainting. He makes her eat. Twinkle winks and says wow this is a good husband. He makes his wife eat.

Precap-Babbe says this is how you talk to your husband twinkle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wow.. the hubby-wife thing started… ty for updates atiba sis 🙂 🙂

  2. Aw, hope their love grows stronger ASAP

  3. Nice episode day by day kunj is coming close to twinkle

  4. After twinkle and kunj marriage I thought that it was over. But after reading today’s update I loved it

  5. ??❤️?????my heart beat and love for zain imam????❤️??

    I am missing you yuvi. Please come save the day. After all you is the main actor in the show so you guys need to enjoy your moment with kunj and twinkle casuse you raj luthra will return and when he comes back he will have to marry twinkle and they will live happily ever after.love you yuvi????❤️?????????????

    1. Are you serious?

      Yuvi is a sick person. He abuses women and everyone else for that matter. He is just like his mother. He want Twinkle just for the fact that he is a Luthra and not because he has the capacity for any feelings. Do not get me wrong….he is an absolutely gorgeous fella and if his character in the serial was nice then I would just love him but he is pure evil and abusive.

      Twinkle and Kunj are perfect together and a pairing between her and Yuvi is not possible.

      No offence meant.

  6. @Vanessa, me too

  7. I need to say that I’m another Twinkle and Kunj couple fan. This pairing is amazing and they have a lot of chemistry. I love them. In the beginning, the Twinklee and Yuvi pairing was OK; but know my favorite pairing, by far, is Twinkle and Kunj. They are really cute together. And now, we are watching the beginning of their love story… And I love it!

  8. Even I thought after marriage yuvi will not interface between but thats the fate .but I must say twinkle and kunj are the best couple and niki is tooooooo jealous of twinkle as she is so cute and modern and thank god there is some one in that sarna house for twinkle’s safety thats babee .

  9. Twinkle and kunji ?????????
    Yuvi ?????????????

  10. I thought the serial was getting boring but I loved today’s episode…just waiting for the next episode …luvvv twinkle and kunj

  11. YUVI is not sick but sadistic. Hate him it is because of his thrinking that woman in this world suffer because of male pigs like him who think they own every woman on earth

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