Tashan-e-Ishq 11th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Babee asks Leela to tell truth to people, Leela says to women that my daughter Twinkle got married to Kunj but Yuvi was always behind Twinkle, he kept torturing her and he stooped so low that he got Twinkle and Kunj divorce each other by cheating then he got married to Twinkle by cheating, he wanted to have marriage night with her by cheating so he mixed intoxicating element in her juice and took her to jungle to take advantage of her, he is that much cheap, Yuvi says this is wrong, dont listen to her. Women says he did this much? how dare he? he married her by cheating and now playing with her respect and she has no consent in marriage. Kunj says you all have listened truth so now will this slipper gang women forgive him? Yuvi says slipper gang? Women say we will not forgive him, we should

set example that no one does this again, women say lets beat him, Kunj says beat him whole heartedly, Babee says beat him more and more, Twinkle says to Yuvi that you got in trap, you think you are oversmart but you are stupid, you think that i drank that intoxicating juice? i never drank it, and that dagger which i threw at Kunj, it was plastic dagger only, i did all that to teach you lesson, you have stooped so low to come near me, these women will punish, you should know what is result of playing with married girl’s respect and with pious relation marriage. Women start beating Yuvi with slippers, Anita is shocked. Kunj laughs, Anita tries to stop ladies but ladies beat Yuvi non-stop, Yuvi is helpless. Anita says to Twinkle that you didnt do right, i will answer you soon, Twinkle says i didnt do anything but your son did everything, you were always with him in his plans, he is getting punished for his deed and i am not doing anything new, you remember you did same with me, you lied to people and they beat me, today these women are doing justice so you are feeling bad? and if you are feeling bad then go and save your son, why standing on side?
Its night, Babee says to family that today was good day, public beat him so much. Leela says Yuvi wont take this easily, he got insulted in public, he will try to answer us back. Kunj says we will handle him together and if he tries to do any stunt then it will be bad for him.
Yuvi is sitting on terrace fence, he recalls what happened today and how Twinkle said that he should get punished for trying to play with married girl’s respect, he looks confused.
Usha asks Twinkle to take rest, Kunj says you all should take rest, we are kids, we can manage, Leela says you are right. Lights are switched off, Babee asks Leela to switch on torch of her mobile, Leela does so, Babee, Leela and Usha go to check lights, Twinkle is going behind them but Kunj stops her and says you come with me, he takes from there.
Yuvi says till today i did everything for Twinkle’s love, i did everything to get Twinkle but Twinkle never respected my love, never gave attention to it, he always insulted me but i kept ignoring it in a laugh but today what Twinkle did, i cant forgive her for that, Twinkle will get punished for today’s deed, he looks at kerosene can and laughs evilly.

Scene 2
Twinkle is wearing purple saree. kunj brings Twinkle to decorated place, he has closed Twinkle’s eyes, she says Babee and Leela can see us, Kunj says you are my legally wedded wife. he makes her look around, she sees decorations and says you did all this for me? Kunj says no for Angelina Jolie, ofcource i did for you, Twinkle blushes, Kunj comes near her and sets her hair, he says tonight’s this moment is for only you. its only me and you.
Yuvi sits in car and starts driving, he looks at kerosene can. Kunj comes close to Twinkle to kiss her but she shies away. Kunj comes and hugs hugs Twinkle from behind, she smiles. They slowly dances together, Aaja piya song plays. Twinkle and Kunj looks at each other lovingly, they touches face to each other and dances. Twinkle goes and sits in swing, Kunj sits beside her and kisses her shoulder, she feel butterflies and tries to leave but Kunj holds her hand and pulls her to him, she falls in his lap, he romances with her, Twinkle blushes and goes. Kunj comes from behind and lifts Twinkle in his arms, she smiles at him. Kunj says i have one more surprise for you, she says one more? he says how can i forget it, Kunj leaves to bring surprise. Twinkle says how many surprises will he give me? Yuvi comes from behind and says i promise this will be last surprise, Twinkle turns to see Yuvi there, Yuvi says you thought its Kunj? he is lying unconscious outside, he tells her how he ha hit Kunj on head with rod and he fainted. Twinkle tries to go to see Kunj, Yuvi holds her hand and shows her kerosene bottle, he says if you try to move from here then i will burn everything down, Twinkle says are you mad? what will you get by doing all this? Yuvi says today will be full and final of everything, he opens bottle and says everytime you destroy my every plan but this time the insult you made me bear was alot, i am feeling really bad about it, you thought that you will make fun of me and i wont do anything to you? what you did Twinkle? you made me get beaten up by public in market and you thought that i will forgive you? you thought you won? nobody can win over Yuvraj Luthra. You took wrong turn and now you have to pay for it. Twinkle says it will create fire badly, Yuvi says what about fire inside my heart? he starts throwing kerosene around, he says i did everything for you but what you did, you left me for Kunj and others. You became my habit but then you left me, i will end this matter for once, if you cant be mine then you cant be of anyone else. twinkle calls out Kunj’s name for help, Yuvi shows her lighter, she says you have gone mad, you wont get anything by this, what will you get? Yuvi says i will get it, by doing this we will get death, Twinkle is shocked, Yuvi says we will be immortal after death, people will give examples of us, they will say that we became one after death, Twinkle says you have lost it, Kunj save me. Yuvi says i am tired of listening this name Kunj, we are in this state because of him, if he was not in picture then we would have fairy tale story today but no issues, we are going in Romeo-Juliet league, we will die and will become immortal, we will become one, everything will become fine, i have set everything, i told you that our story has not ended, fate has made us meet and fate can never be wrong, you will become mine with this death. It will be Yuvi and Twinkle forever, he lights lighter, Twinkle is shocked.

PRECAP- Fire breakdowns in whole room, Twinkle and Yuvi stand in middle, Twinkle says what you did Yuvi, Yuvi stands there determined. Kunj is outside room. Twinkle says Kunj save me, she is surrounded by fire. Kunj tries yo break door of room so he can come in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg.. N ab leap aega serial me.. Yrrr ek b twinj scene tareeke s kyu nhi dekhne milta.


      Leap?? Seriously???

  2. Kunj……. U save twinkle. Let that yuvi die

  3. I really hope this Yuvi story ends today….been a bit long winded

  4. I think today’s episode was a good 1 .It had romantic twinj moments and action both. But I really don’t wish to see that leap track.

  5. thanku atiba
    episode was awesome

  6. Twinj’s scene was so hot today..I enjoyed every bid of it….writers I hope u let them consummate their marriage soon..but to do tht we need twinkle alive and well…no memory loss..let yuvi die..I dnt really care…plz kunj save ur twinkle…btw, av anyone notice tht yuvi av gone totally crazy? Lol.

  7. Nice epi but it was quiet scary

  8. Lovely moments TWING!!!!
    Ab UV ko samaj mein aajaayenge ki TWING made for each other hain!!!!
    Use chaahkar bhi koi alag nahi kar saktha…

  9. It seems that there is gonna be a leap after twinj remarriage…the leap is 1 years ND after that it seems that kunj and twinkle will have hatred for each other and will go in different paths.. It was also said that uvi and twinkle will come closer in this leap track. I hope it is not true..but tellychakkar always tells the truth..i am gonna stop watching this serial after the remarriage..bye bye tashan e ishq


      What the hell???? What the hell zee writers want that we stop watching the all shows….
      They are spoiling all shows from kaala teeka to yeh vada raha….

  10. Guys some one tell me is this leap track true

  11. Happy for the Twinj scene!! This UV won’t die!! Ppl are saying that Twinkle will save UV and he will have a change of heart and let Twinj unite. Twinj will get remarried and then there will bea 1yr leap and Twinj will separate and PPL ARE ALSO SAYING THAT YUVLE MIGHT BE BROUGHT TOGETHER AFTER THE LEAP!! If anything of that sort happens then I m gonna stop watching!!!!!

  12. it willnot go like dolli armano ki?

  13. yes guys,the leap is really gonna happen in the show.and i heard that twinj is gonna get seperated. but i don’t get the point why?

  14. Cherry as next villan

  15. i think cvs were buttering us to watch d leap trck by todays twinj romnc…bt we wl watch dis shw till twinj r together…zee tv has got a addiction of leap trck these days..most of d serials r shwing leap nw….plzzz tei dnt separate twinj…wen at frst the shw strtd we watchd it thinking it to b twiraj bt later we cm to knw tht its twinj so most of us becm twinj fans n sm remaind as twiraj fans nw they r again going to shw twiraj wats dis yaar….i hav heard tht in tht fire twinkle wl b saved bt uv b caught bt twinkle wl save him puting her lyf in danger so uv wl realise his mistake n turn postv….ohh god wats gonna happen its all so confusing..


    If there is leap in the show with seperation of twinkle and kunj than 2 things are going to happpen-

    1. It will be due to yuvi as twinkle will think he is sorry and is changing and kunj will not belive..


  17. No it shouldn’t be happen. If it happens then our hero kunj role will be over. I just pray to god that Writers shouldn’t write like this episode. Plzz. I just hate uv’s character. Agar uv or twinkle ki hi love story bataani thi. Then why u brought to kunj in middle of the serial. I love kunj and his acting and he looks perfect with twinkle. Plzz don’t separate twinj. Twaj no ways i like twinj not TWAJ.so plzz it shouldn’t happen.??????

  18. As anisha told yuvle. So i don’t want this name to be together. Twinj is too good. Love u twinj and forever i will love twinj as couples not yuvle.

  19. guys..chill..after the leap twinj will separate but they will re unite.because separation is only for re union.and uvi and twinkle’s closeness doesn’t mean that twinkle will fall for him or start to love him.may be they remain good frnds..because after the leap it will show that twinj go different paths,parted their ways.but this thing again get them re unite with a twist.so just chill and wait and watch.something new and different going to be happened..

  20. You know what after yuvi changes positive cherry will be wanting twinkle as cherry the new villain . Cherry is changing into negative role

    1. Awww I liked cherry. He was so funny 🙁 but I hope yuvi and twinkle won’t be together

  21. finally uv turned good…it’s very good news for twiraj fan’s. but I’m not sure for that.who knows our writer mind.first promo was twiraj after that they change twinj and now. ……whatever happened I’m just hoping that uv should not be quite. ….I’m watching TEI for him…

  22. What is happening? I can’t just hope there is no leap but I think yuvle will get back together as remember the phrase ” everything is fair in love and war ” this applies to uvi but all I want is twinj and zee to need to think of fresh ideas as they’re using the same ‘leap’ ideas over and over again. #twinjforever

  23. The leap track news might or might not be true. And, even if it’s true TWINJ will be together at the end of it.. We all thought that this fake marriage drama would be boring and disgusting.. But, it was damn and was meant to make yuvi’s character positive. Same for the leap track.. It’ll also bring some new twist, suspense and new fun. Please don’t stop watching the show.

  24. Yr shit i sure i ll stop watching d show if ders a leap nt only me i thnk all ll leave watching d show i don’t no yr y do dey always hv 2 separate r twinj n dis uvraj wat d hell y r dey saying dat dey both ll seprate n dis uvrj n twinkle ll cum close r u all stupid y dey both ll cm close at least ugggghhhhh?????i m jst hating d show lk dis if dis is d new trn u no
    ppl i was 2 mch atchd wid dem dat if sumthing happens 2 twinj i go in depression now wat ll happen 2 me yr pls stop dis trck we cant watch it luv twinj dan anything else???n now by dis trck wat ll happen oh man shit pls don’t do dis 2 my r twinj pls a humble huge watevr u undrstand it is dat big request pls pls i jst don’t no stop d trck i use 2 watch d show becoz it was d most diff show i saw n now u ppl r being wrst 2 us pls don’t do anything pls i luv u twinj i luv u sidmin pls help us dese all thngs r by my heart i m nt lying n watevr den if u understand btr odrwise ahh???

  25. What rubbish … we love twinj and do not want them to separate….

  26. guys dont be sad if twinj separate allso they will unite and uv will be positive and for him there will be a girl and there love story will be shown and next villan is cherry and one thing u notice guys if they want to separate twinj they can separate but they done their remarry and separate because if they separate before remarry tw will be uv wife so they remarry twinj and separate and unite from this we can notice twinj made for each other and i am exited watch this track pls be patience and watch guys it will be fun towatch*******

  27. Guyzzz plzzz calm down I know we all r feeling depressed about d leap and separation bt same happened wid us when there was twinraj marriage track we r very disappointed at dat time we were blaming CVs bt still they bought our twinij close at d end of track. Let’s have patience and watch just to see what destiny unfolds for ur twinij and we can trust CVs dey will never do something against our hopes coz they also know d importance of d couple….
    That’s just my outlook if I had hurt anyone’s feeling d I’m sorry bt I know u people r supportive and in any case u all will support TEI..

  28. hi guyz i am commenting on this page after a lng tine ..just i want to say that i watched tei for twinj nd now there are no twinj scenes..so its better to quit this show..don’t think i am mad i watched all the tei episode 3 times a day .i was mad over it bt now i donot like this …. kunj is also acting like a stone he is not showing care and affection for twinkel.if u guyz want to see …see bt i will not bt i will read ur ff bcauz from last 2 months i am visting this page and u all r my frndz ..i donot want to lose my frndz due to dis silly track… PLZ GUYZ REPLY I WANT TO KNW UR OPINION ON MY VIEW

  29. Aastha I can completely understand u feelings nd feeling gald that u expressed ur thoughts so nicely.
    I also agree wid u dat TEI had lost its charm earlier it was so diff nd good bt I’m so helpless dat I cnt control myself frm watching it just bcoz of twinij and I find myself so connected wid dis serial and they really work hard just to please us and in return if dey dnt get expected TRP they will feel so low. Bt everyone has their opinion ….yah u said right reading all ffs gives a different pleasure . A BIG BIG THANK U TO ALL FF WRITERS.

    1. i knw smetimes we feel connected to sme shows … ☺ continue dear to watch dis show.. bcauz what to see or nt .. depends on ur choice. And thnx to understand me

  30. Yuvi is more romantic than kungi

  31. Yuvraj look’s good than Kunj ,want to see twaj scenes

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