Tashan-e-Ishq 11th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 11th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yug is going through records. He says mom’s so many business associate would need a wedding planner? Twinkle comes in and says why are you poking nose in my business. Yuvi says go out I am talking on call. Twinkle says if you could stay quite on time.. Yuvi says sorry Mr. Arora. there was a wild cat. sorry I will talk to you again. Twinkle says you called me wild cat again? Next time you come here come with sleeping pill.
See what I do I made a page for you and wrote you are expert. He laughs. He says clients outside city will appraoch you, Twinkle says it was not needed delete it. She deletes it. Yuvi says you posted instead. Which college did you go to? Do you even know how to use laptop. He gets a call from a client who saw her post. Yuvi says yes yes you can meet us. I

will send you address.

Doctor says before surgery we have to take his bone scan. The patient asks how many more days? She says few more then new beginning of your fairytail love story with twinkle.

Twinkle tells Sarna what yuvi did and signed the contract. She says how will we handle it? He says I will talk to him. Baabe opens the door. some people come in and says jeny are you here? Yash? Babbe says no they are not here but please sit. We are glad you are getting married in this age. He says no no we want our son yash to marry their daughter jenny. Babee says one cristian and one hindi. wow. Where will this wedding happen? They start fighting that wedding would be in church or temple.
Yuvi says why are you people fighting. It doesn’t matter. The parents keep fighting.
The woman says your marriages are so boring. The music is like lulaby. Twinkle says please listen to us. I have a solution. Please listen to me. thank you very much for being quite.
The engagement will be according to catholic beliefs and wedding in temple. Yuvi says brilliant this is what I was trying to say. The parents agree. Twnikle says all sorted.Please sign the contract. They sign the contract.

The doctor says to Kunj you miss dishes Twinkle used to make? I would make something for you. If I could I would go to twinkle and ask her to make it and meet your family.
Twinkle sees her dupatta. She recalls her moments with Kunj. Twinbkle says when we got our first contract I was wearing this. It was so much phone. We used to fight so much. She wears that duppata. she recalls kunj giving her a flying kiss.
Twinkle comes out. She says where are the pearls it had?
Kunj in hospital sees the pearl. Twinkle says I want to talk yuvi. Yuvi says I have to prepare a lot of things. She says please. Thank you very much for always helping us. But I can’t forget what happened. You got your mom arrested thanks for that but you have made a lot of mistakes. You tried ruining my life. I can’t forget all that. I will never forgive you I am sorry. you were never part of our family and you will never be. So please go and dont do all this.

Twinkle says to servant these sheets are so cheap. I don’t want to see them again. she throws them they fall on Yuvi. The worker runs and helps him. Yuvi says who was it.. Twinkle comes downstairs. Twinkle says go home and watch tom and jerry. usha sees them together.

Yuvi says to Babee that Yash’s mother has asked me to call his friends, should i do it? Babee says no call them, Yuvi calls them. Pallavi gets call.
Manohar says to all chapels are booked, what we will do now? Usha says you should not have taken up project, Yuvi says i know some people in this field,i have already called them, Manohar thanks him, Yuvi says i should leave now, Babee says you stay here, Twinkle says let him leave, we will do work, Babee says there is alot more that yuvi needs to do, stay here, Yuvi says i dont mind, i like working here.
Grooms family checks decorations and is impressed by Twinkle. Yuvi comes home on bike, girls stare him, Twinkle asks them to go to work.
Yuvi takes off his shirt and says starts cooking food. Twinkle sees girls glaring at Yuvi as Yuvi is shirtless,Twinkle says to girls that if you want to work then stay here otherwise leave from here, and Yuvi you.. what you are doing here? Yuvi says i am checking cylinder, why you are getting angry? Twinkle says you are smiling at girls, they have left work and just roaming around you,come inside and do work, Yuvi says i am dashing and handsome, what can i do? i will finish my work then i will come inside,see you have horns on head, Twinkle throws shirt on him, Yuvi points finger at her, she points finger at him, Babee comes there and asks why they are wasting time here? Yuvi says i was telling her that only,she is wasting time here, i should not go inside,this Twinkle is brainless,he wears shirt,Twinkle looks away,Yuvi wears glares and leaves.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Yuvi that groom will bring ring for bride. They are in room, room door’s gets locked, Twinkle tries to open it but its locked from outside, Yuvi says please open this door otherwise this wild cat will eat me up, Twinkle stares him.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. ami

    I think they’ll make yuvle as a lead pair;because they are showing them a bit closer as friends and then love.what’s in the mind of the writer ??I am wordless.

  2. twiraj fan

    wow….tashan amid UV n twinkle interstg ..i wz waiting fr diz..uff @last twiraj r comin near 2 eachothr ..twiraj rocks


    I hope no new love triangle start as it will be bad to see yuvi and twinkle as couple….

  4. yashasvi ( yashu )

    thxxx atiba fr the update…. omg twiraj’s soo cute nok-jhoke…
    hey guyz i read an article which said that uv vll b the hero n kunj will bcom villian…
    yrrrr wt the hell r the writers oing, y r they making kunj villian…..
    dnot know wt they r upto

  5. Sara

    Omg I’m so happy twiraj is together and I’m sry fr twinj fans but I want twiraj to come together and twinkle to move on by forgetting kunj and it was so cute the way twinkle got jealous when the girls were behind yuvi and ya twiraj fans forever

  6. samiarahman

    the next track will like that as kunj is alive,he will come and some drama will happened regarding uv.pregnancy or leap won’t happened.but who will play negative role as anita get arrested and confessed her crime???will mahi come back??i can’t take this suspense anymore..

  7. Rani

    Yeeeyyyy!!! I just love to see TWIRAJ together….. Since they were shown as the hero and heroine at the beginning of the story, so they must be the same at the end also….. Yuvraaj is Twinkles’ first love ❤

  8. sparkle

    Wow love twiraj nok jhok. I will be on cloud nine if twiraj will be the couple. I badly wanted it to happen. And since sidhant gupta quit the show, i dont think so anyother actor can play the role of kunj like him. So for me twiraj is the best.

  9. angel

    guyz plzz dnt neglect twiraj ..hope u remembr dt tashan e ishq was all about twiraj n tashan bw thm ..stl cnt 4gt d first episode of tei hw cute dr 1st impression was..plzz start lyking twiraj

  10. samiarahman

    after seeing today’s episode i am sure a big drama will create between twinj for uv.and usha will also misunderstand her as she looked at twinkle and uv suspectly.that will be the next track.but i know everything will be fine between twinj as they are made for each other.but may be some new villain will come or anita will release as kunj is alive and trying to do new drama.but everybody knows about anita so may be some new villain will come.whatever i am waiting for the upcoming track and twist.which will happened after kunj’s arrival

  11. RiaA MendeZz

    I have a feeling when twinkle’s pregnancy comes out usha will doubt that it is kunj’s.
    People think when twinkle said she’ll never forgive yuvi that its a “cute twiraj scene” Lol. Opinions!! Opinions!!
    This show is getting boring day by day. Now twinkle is locked In a room with yuvi & ppl will question her character. That’s cute?
    Pavitra Rishta was and always will b the best show shown on zee TV.
    Tei!! Idk what’s going on.
    I’ll probably never look at the written update of this series again neither will I watch it on TV. Just so stupid. Yuvi just can’t get over himself and butt out of twinkles life. Ughhhhh. From now new n its strictly fanfictions for me.

  12. Zuha (SuNusZuRahLima Rocks >3)

    I am sorry my twinji lovers, but now I feel Twiraj rocks, because of Sid bhaiya has left then no means of Twinj, seriously the charm of Twinj/Sidmin is incomplete without Sid bhaiya, and no one can replace him, and just look at Zain he is also a brilliant actor and one more thing. when from the start it was Twiraj so ofcourse the couple will be Twiraj??Just Love u Twiraj?

  13. rayna

    Day by day TEI is boiling my blood by showing twiraj together.When I saw yuvle together,I want to break the tv by throwing remote on it.
    Missing twinj and sidmin very badly.I wish if sid have never quit the show.
    I m just watching TEI for new kunj.And writers plz bring new kunj or sid quickly and dont make yuvi fall in love with him.Plz bring new kunj as fast as possible

  14. Yuvle ki deewani

    Ooo my yuvle hai main mar jawan finaly the day hs come i hd been wtng for they wr the lead couple of ds shw frm beginning wowww dey r jus prfct mmmuuuaaahhh lov

  15. samiarahman

    hoho hihi…kitna zeyada galatfemi me jite hain kuch log..?are vai agar twiraj ko hi couple bana hota to cv’s ne kunj ko zinda kyun rakha?har episode me twinkle aur kunj ak dusre ki bari me soch ke emotional kyun ho jata hain?i am not against twiraj.they are also cute but the fact is tei is all about twinj’s love story and kunj is the hero of the show.is liyei to cv’s ne kunj ko zinda rakha that he can come back for his beloved wife twinkle.new hero v to serf jas yani ki twinkle ki liye hi a raha hain.that’s the truth and all should except that.misunderstanding to hoga hi twinj ke bech me uv ko lekar but they will re unite as kunj is coming back for her only.haha..i really don’t understand some peple why can’t able to understand this simple thing??

  16. Nadira

    Twinkle Yuvi looks good
    But at ds if they r d lead,It’s like hell
    Kinj loved twin soo much
    if he turns negative thn nobody will blve in love i must say ??
    so disgusting

  17. yuvi /zain ki fan

    yuvi/zain is the only actor who despite of playing negative role has won soo many hearts more than hero of tei..OMG just think if he had playd positive thn he wud have broken all the best actor record..love uhh yuvi /zain u r d bestest of all..
    twiraj rocks…i hope yuvi gets his first love back..love uhh yuvi….

    • Yuvle ki deewani

      Yes i agree wid u zain our uv z bst n yuvle let haters burn in hell i dont care!

  18. priya

    Yuvi and twinkle look cool.yuvi would be better than new kunj I guess. Nice episode, hope it continues

  19. samiarahman

    haha..aj ki sbs segment me zain ne kya kaha ye zara sun lena.then u got to know what will happened next…

  20. rayna

    Aaj ki sbas segment mein yuvi ne kaha ki woh sirf twinkle se maafi mangna chahta h aur chahta ki twinkle use maaf kar dein aur usse apna le as a frnd.Aur woh twinj k pariwar ko yeh proof karke dikhana chahta h ki woh sach mein badal gya h.
    He has not said anything about twinkle and his love story will start.So hope ki ab toh twiraj fan ko samajh mein aa gya hoga ki twinj lead pair h.Twiraj nahi.

    • NRK

      thank u rayna.from the very beginning it is the story of twinj.but I want sid as kunj.I cant see anyone else taking his place. there is no replacement for him.and one thing guys if new kunj is good as our sid.will u again Strt watching the show.

    • samiarahman

      yup zain said he want that twinkle will except him just as a frnd and of course nothing else.and he also want whole family will forgive him and he is trying to make them happy and help them to forget kunj’s death

  21. twinj rocks

    Hey guys i think as pallavi is yash’s friendd then yash will invite her and pallavi will come with kunj to make him feel fresh but twinkle will not realise that he is kunj while kunj sees twinkle and yuvi together and will missunderstand them.
    This is my thinking guyss.
    Missing kunj alot .
    Love you twinj aka sidmin 🙂

  22. ami

    Yes.if new kunj will be as best as siddhant we would definitely watch tei;for their Romance to rejuvenate again between twinj.fingers crossed

  23. NRK

    if we continue to watch the show trp will not have much effect and there is no chance that they bring back our sid

  24. NRK

    after reading wu if there is scene of sidmin then i watch tei only to see sidhant. after the entry of new kunj they will not even show that.it looks like sid never existed in the show.sid please come back

  25. Douglass

    You will discover definitely a whole lot of particulars like that to take into consideration. Which is a great point to bring up. I provide the thoughts above as general inspiration but clearly you will discover questions like the one you bring up where one of the most vital factor will probably be working in honest superior faith. I don?t know if very best practices have emerged about items like that, but I’m confident that your job is clearly identified as a fair game. Both boys and girls really feel the impact of just a moment’s pleasure, for the rest of their lives.


  26. jonna

    I like this episode very much I like you very much UV you are my hero .I don’t like kunj .you are the best match for twinkle .

  27. Rani

    I am here to clear up something….. Guys, don’t you remember that Twinkle used to love Yuvraaj ??? Yuvi was shown as the main lead from first… May be the show will go such that FIRST LOVE IS UNDOUBTEDLY THE UNFORGETTABLE!!! FIRST LOVE ALWAYS WINS…

  28. jonna

    uv you can take kunj roll and kunj can take any other roll. So you and twinkle can be a good pair and the serial will be more good and enjoy to watch it

  29. yuvraj luthra it's me your fan

    Yuvraj I am your big fan I like you very much . the ending should be nice like UV and twinkle should get married and kunj should not come back hearing this .And yuvraj luthra and twinkle should be happy together and this is called the happy ending .If this don’t happen …….

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