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Scene 1
Usha says to Babee that i am worried for Twinkle, where she must be? how she must be? Babee says dont worry, God will make everything fine. Leela comes there and says i found some letters outside, some are for Yuvi, Babee spills tea on letter mistakenly, she sees its letter from Anita for Yuvi, she reads that Antia wrote, it was good to see you yesterday, i had to leave but i want to meet you, one more thing, i didnt kidnap Twinkle, i promise, i hope you believe me, i hope to see you soon, love mom. Leela says this means Yuvi met Anita yesterday but he didnt tell us why? they get angry thinking about it. Babee calls out Yuvi’s name, he comes downstairs and asks what happened? she shows him letter, Kunj comes there too, Yuvi reads letter, Babee says you went to meet Anita, after

so much happened, you didnt even tell us, Yuvi says who gave you this letter? Usha says this means its all true? Anita kidnapped Twinkle? Leela says your silence is saying something else, something is fishy, tell us whole truth for once, Yuvi contemplates and says i cant tell you anything right now, give me sometime then i will clear all doubts but rightnow i have save Twinkle from kidnappers, Babee says i dont understand what you are doing, you Rocky, went with him but why didnt you catch Anita and get her arrested? Rocky says when i went there, Anita was gone from there, Babee says what will happen now? Yuvi says excuse me, he leaves.
Yuvi comes to his room and reads Anita’s letter and recalls how she said that she didnt kidnap Twinkle, he says what was she doing there if she kidnapped Twinkle? i cant trust my mom, she can go to any level, where are you Twinkle? Kunj and Pallavi sees him tensed in his room. Pallavi says to Kunj that Yuvi doesnt seem involved in kidnapping but we are getting involved all this, you should focus on your career, Kunj says i made this career to destroy them, i used to let my anger out in boxing ring because i couldnt do that to Twinkle and Yuvi that that time, once i find Twinkle, i will take my revenge from her and for that i will take Yuvi’s side even if he is my enemy.
Yuvi comes out of his room at night and sees some silhouette in hall, he sees no one and says maybe it was my doubt. Yuvi’s man calls Yuvi and says some person named Saith kidnapped someone from your society three days back, Yuvi says Twinkle was kidnapped that day, man says i am going to meet saith, Yuvi says i will come too.
Its red light area. Babee is there with money, man says to her that did you bring money? she nods, he asks her to come inside, Babee is appalled to see place gross, she says God forgive me, dont know where i am.
Yuvi comes to his man’s house, he comes in and sees him dead with bullet in his head, he is appalled and says what is all happening? he gets call from kidnapper, kidnapper says are you done? Yuvi asks why did you kill my man? kidnapper asks him to go to red light area and stop their business, Yuvi says why should i go there? kidnapper says dont question me, take police with you and go to red light area, he ends call, Yuvi says what if Twinkle is there?
Yuvi comes to red light area with police, police starts searching for Twinkle, Yuvi prays for her. Man brings Babee to one room and closes door, he takes money from here but police comes there and arrests Babee, Babee protests and says you are mistaken, i am from Sarna family, i am not into all this, she tries to tell them truth and says i am not from here. Police woman brings her out, Yuvi sees Babee there and says what are you dong here? Babee says tell them that i am not like that woman, tell them, Yuvi says she is my babee, release her, policeman says nobody can go from here, our respect is at stake because of filth like this, Babee is shocked and says you did this? you made this raid happen? Yuvi says yes but.. she says dont say anything, Yuvi says i will sort everything out, its confusion, police takes her from there, Yuvi is tensed.
Babee is brought in cell, there are some call girls there. Yuvi comes to police station and asks Babee what she was doing there? Babee slaps her and says stop your drama, i know what your mom is doing and you are involved in all this, one side your mom called me to bring money to red light area and save Twinkle and otherside you bring police there for raid? Yuvi says you are mistaken, Babee asks him to get lost, Rocky comes there and asks inspector to release Babee, i have talked to commissioner, inspector calls commissioner to confirm. Babee is released, Babee thanks Rocky and leaves, Rocky says to Yuvi that i will take her home, Yuvi nods.

Scene 2
At home, Babee says to Yuvi that your mom ranaway from jail and you knew it but you didnt tell me, you know about her plan, Yuvi says i didnt know its mom’s plan otherwise.. Usha says what you would have done then? would you tell us everything? we have given you place of our son, but that doesnt mean you can keep doing mistakes, we all believe that you have freed your mother from jail, you know she wanna hurt your mother but still you took Anita’s side, Yuvi says why would i take her side? i love Twinkle like crazy, i can die for Twinkle then why will i do this? why dont you guys understand, Leela stands up and says i trust Yuvi fully, i know Anita better, she can do anything to hurt us, she can kidnap Twinkle, she must have done that raid for Babee but i cant believe that Yuvi is involved, he cant do this, i trust him, Usha says you can trust him but we cant stay in this house being scared, we cant trust him, you know what i am saying? Leela says i understand but no worries, it night, we should leave, she asks Yuvi to come, he sadly looks at them and leaves with Leela. Rocky comes tehre and says i dont have right to speak but still. Rocky says i will do anything in my power to find Twinkle but i think your people should gibe one chance to Yuvi to explain himself, he is doing everything for Twinkle afterall, Babee says dont take name of that jerk, we dont need his help, we will do everything alone.

PRECAP- Twinkle’s prayer meet is going on, her photo has garland on it, Yuvi comes there and is shocked seeing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wth! This Sarna pple cant they trust Yuvi.. wat happened to all these yrs he was serving them.And he was the one who arrested his mom.. Stupid pple.. thanks atleast Leela supported him

    1. swetha kannan

      is twinkle dead

  2. poor jas wo Apni bf ki sath holiday manna rahi hum at bali aur yeha unki anthim sanskar hai.wah wah cv

  3. Its been three episodes n i haven’t seen twinkle…what is this? Jasmin turned like sidhant and came out? .
    Where is she? I miss her…

  4. What the heck is this??? Yuvi is in Sarna mansion since the past 5 years and now all of a sudden they don’t trust him? Like seriously? Ugh this is ridiculous…Missing Twinkle

    1. Manny

      same here. I hope she will be back from holidays soon.

  5. What’s going on they even can’t trust UV
    He has sacrifice his everything for them
    He cared about them every time how can they doubt UV they don’t know how powerful time is 5 years are enought to gain anyone trust its not 5 months
    Firstly also they showed twiraj loved from 7 years so 7 years are enough for UV to develop feelings for twinkle but he was taking revenge…..

  6. Manny

    The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s daily popular show Tashan E Ishq (http://www.metromasti.com/page/overview/64849) will
    witness some high intensity drama.
    It was earlier seen that Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin (http://www.metromasti.com/page/overview/64885)) will get kidnapped by
    some unknown goons.
    Yuvi (Zain Imam) will get few unknown calls and letters demanding the release of his mother Anita in exchange of Twinkle’s
    However in episodes to come it will be soon revealed that Kunj (Naman Shaw) is behind this full fiasco to take revenge from
    Yuvi and Twinkle.
    Kunj will try to prove Yuvi evil and dangerous in front of the entire Sarna family and spoil his image hence he will come up
    with such a dangerous plan.
    Will Yuvi be able to know the real culprit behind Twinkle’s kidnapping or not?

    I dunno whether this is a reliable source or not, but kunj is awfully calm and he aint even supporting Yuvi .it more like he is trying to be hero and make yuvi villain or smth.

  7. Why is kunj doing all this??dont know what are serial makers are up to.this serial will surely come down with low trp if this confusion are going to happen .

  8. ???Carol Ann ???

    I was surely 88% guarantee that half of Tashan-E-Ishq is zain iman fans, so surely they will support TwinkRaj in every episodes and that make me proud. But, can you just imagine for once in your daily life if This drama really happen in your real life, just for 10 second, put yourself in Kunj shoes, will you let go the one you Truly love to someone who is psycho maniac stalker that is crazy about your partner ? will you easily let them go ? Big NO NO right? So, just think about that before you put all blame on Kunj…

    My intention to leave such a message like this is not to make you mad at me, it just that I want all of us to clear our mind and think logically before leave such a “stupid” comments and curse Naman Shaw who bring negative role for the new Kunj. Remember, it’s not Naman who request bad character for this show…, he just fulfill his task for his role as villain Kunj.

    1. 90% are sid fans and we support only him.but some feels compared to naman zain is better match for jas so they are supporting zain.I also agree that.if the negative kunj was played by sid then also this 90% will support kunj.I Damn sure.no one can hate kunj aka sid if he is or –

    2. 90% are sid fans and we support only him.but some feels compared to naman zain is better match for jas so they are supporting zain.I also agree that.if the negative kunj was played by sid then also this 90% will support kunj.I Damn sure.no one can hate kunj aka sid if he is ve or -ve

    3. Right you’re right carol but there is something which you didn’t say in fact not only zain imam fans who is supporing twiraj there are a lot of twinj fans who is also supportin twiraj as we twinj fans don’t like the new kunj that so called rocky he’s not good looking at all and annoying all the time so due to that I didn’t hesitate to choose twiraj as they are so adorable

  9. Manny

    I dunno to whom are u referring this, but I for one didn’t bash anyone. i just said what they were showing on Tei . Plus we can’t compare these incidents to our real life ,these kinds of incidents happen extremely unlikely and serial can show anything that doesn’t happen in real life cuz they only care about TRP.

    I hope jamisne will be back soon. Without jusmine tei is getting boring .

  10. in a word bakwas….totally nonsense and disgusting show is tei now…koyi show itna bakwas kese ban geya??kuch v accha chez dekhne ko nehi hain is show me ab…totally nonsense….

  11. Is twinkle dead? Can’t be what has happen to this show come on ppl

    1. no she will be back

  12. Yes maybe ppl want to see yuvraj n twinkle together but y r these guys making kunj a negative role Wat the hell is going on I just hate this show

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