Tashan-e-Ishq 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Twinkle sees babbe. Kunj says twinkle let me go to college. The pooja is over. He says babbe please ask her to let me go. Twinkle says he is lying. Would i ask him to clean the temple? Babbe says why didn’t leela come? Twinkle says i dont know why she didn’t even call me. Babbe says you should go see your mom.

Leela is crying. She recalls seeing that man. She drinks water. Leela says why are you doing this with me God? When I was happily living my life with my family. When no news of him came in after that incident i supported myself and twinkle and now that man is in front of me. Back in my life. I dont know what to do? Twinkle comes in saying where are you maa? Leela says twinkle shouldn’t know about all this. she will be broken. She says twinkle shouldn’t

know that her dad is alive and kept himself away from us. Twinkle says why didn’t you come to pooja? You could call me if you are not okay? Let me call doctor. Leela says i am fine. Give me lemonade. And don’t add sugar. I am on diet. Twinkle says please care of yourself. You are both my mom and dad. Now go and rest upstairs i will give you lemonade. Someone calls on leela’s phone.

Cherry says to Anita i put snake in that basket. Anita says you are good for nothing. He says at least i am better than your son yuvi. anita says you better not bring yuvi in. And I have to do something against that mom and daughter. Now kunj is completely in twinkle’s control.
Twinkle picks leela’s phone. He says I am from chandigarh site? Can I talk to leela ma’am. Twinkle says she is not well she is resting you. He says its important. twinkle says no she is resting and and hangs up.
Her dad calls later, twinkle picks and says i told you maa is not well. You better call raman mamu, he will take the work call. Her dad says in heart my daughter? Twinkle. I know you will never forgive me but I had a reason to do this.
Twinkle gives lemonade to Leela. Leela says two people called. One from chandigarh i asked him to call raman. Then someone called i thought its the same person so i scolded at him but he hanged up. Twinkle says so many blank calls to you these days? leela says shut up i am your mom.
Twinkle says why didn’t you think about second marriage? You were alone all your life. Leela says give me lemonade. Twinkle says i am always worried about you. Why didn’t you give it a thought? Leela says shut up. Twinkle says its better that you didn’t because i cant share my mom with anyone. Twinkle says okay i am leaving now but promise me you will call me if you need anything. Twinkle leaves. Leela sobs. Her phone rings.
Her husband says how are you leela? She says i dont need your care. You didnt care if we are
alive or not. He says i heard twinkle today, she sounded so good. Can i meet her once? She says you kept me from my rights. You wanna meet her? Stay away from me and my daughter. He says please dont do this. i wont let her know that i am her dad. Can i talk to her? Is she around? Leela says i wont be talking to you if she was around. He says please. Leela hangs up.

Twinkle comes home. Kunj is leaving. She says you are leaving on time? I am impressed. He says a wild cat came in my i have to wait a little.
A girl comes in and says kunj? Kunj hugs her and says maya. He says twinkle she is maya my childhood friend. And now we are in same class. And maya, she is my wife. They recalls their school life. Maya says lets go to college kunj. Maya says it was nice to meet you twinkle. Kunj’s choice is really nice. Kunj says yeah from childhood.

Leela sees twinkle’s childhood clothes and toys. She cries. She says you were so young when all this happened. Everything ended in a moment. And now how much he tries, he can never fill the gap. When you get to know the truth, what will you go through. This is all because of him. I will never forgive you. He hears his voice. He says where are you leela? Leela says this can’t happen? She sees him in hall. Leela says what are you doing here? He says i got to know you are not well. She says stop this drama. He says i always cared for you. She says you are lying. He says trust me. She says i dont even wanna see your face. Go from here before someone sees you. she goes back in her room. She runs upstairs and falls on the stairs. Leela runs to him. He faints. Leela says please open your eyes.She brings water and spinkles it on his face.

Twinkle comes towards the house and rings the doorbell. Leela is trying to get him up. Twinkle rings bell again and again.

Precap-twinkle says why is maa not opening the door. I have to go in even if i have to break the door. Leela tries to wake him up. He opens his eyes, twinkle comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  7. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode….
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    But father drama is not required in the script… unnessary addition

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