Tashan-e-Ishq 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yuvi and Mahi’s pre wedding ceremony is going on. Twinkle sees Mahi’s saree stuck in fan, she says if fan starts running then Mahi.. Yuvi brings Mahi closer, fan switches on, Mahi’s saree starts unfolding, all ae shocked, she is undressed as fan runs in other direction of saree draped, Kunj runs and covers with his coat. Yuvi says to Twinkle that why you did this? Mahi says you can stoop so low? Twinkle says i came to fan side to switch it off, Mahi says stop lying, truth is that you cant bear fact that Yuvi loves me, you are jealous of my happiness, you did this with me? Twinkle says how can you think that i can do this, i told you Yuvi has planned something thats why i was asking you to not wear this saree, Mahi says i dont wanna listen to you, you insulted me

infront of all, Twinkle says why would i do it? i told you Yuvi has made plan to insult you in party, Mahi says just shut up, dont blame Yuvi for your plan, Leela says Mahi you have misunderstanding, Twinkle cant do this with you, she is your sister, Mahi says i kept bearing all this thinking she is my sister but now i wotn sit quiet, Leela says lets go in room and change clothes, Mahi says i will not go anywhere, Twinkle wanted to me stand here like this so i am standing here now, Twinkle requests her to change clothes, Mahi says why you didnt think about me when you made this plan? Yuvi says lets go Mahi. Twinkle says to Yuvi that you have again become successful in insulting my relative, i warned you to not do anything with Mahi, she is about to slap him but he holds her hand and says i did mistakes in past but i love Mahi and cant do anything like this so keep your bullshit to yourself, Kunj holds Yuvi’s collar and says Twinkle told me about your warnings but i thought you will not do anything, you have crossed all limits, Yuvi says she is lying, i didnt do anything, Kunj slaps him and says you are lying, you tried to malign girl’s respect, how could you, he is about to punch Yuvi but Mahi comes inbetween, Yuvi says Twinkle is lying, i didnt warn her, i didnt meet her, Kunj is about to beat Yuvi but Mahi stops him and says who gave you right to beat Yuvi? Kunj says Yuvi told Twinkle that he will insult you in party, Mahi says even you are taking here side? she is trying to break my relation, you should make her understand, RT says enough, he asks Twinkle to leave, Yuvi smirks at Twinkle, Kunj says to Twinkle that lets leave from here, he drags her from there.
Kunj and Twinkle comes in room, Twinkle says why i am not able to save my sister? why i always lose to him? i will talk to Mahi, i cant sit quiet, she is my younger sister, Kunj says we will talk later, Twinkle break things and says i need to protect my sister, Kunj says control yourself, Twinkle says my own sister doesnt trust me, Yuvi is winning over everyone, my father doesnt trust, no one trusts me, she breaks pot and hurts her hand, Kunj holds her finger and sucks her blood, Sajna ve plays as Twinkle looks at him, Kunj asks if she is feeling pain? Twinkle says not more than seeing my sister with Yuvi, he will destroy her, she says leave me alone for sometime, Kunj says i cant leave you alone, Twinkle pleads to let her have sometime alone, she runs from there and comes on terrace. Twinkle cries on terrace, she locks door, Kunj from inside asks her to open door, he says dont give pain to yourself, he listens rain and says weather is not good, you should come inside, he says if you dont come in then i will break door, Twinkle doesnt listen and drenches in rain, Kunj breaks lock, he tries to hold Twinkle’s hand but she cries, he puts his hand on her hand, Twinkle cries and takes her hand away, she looks at Kunj and cries, Agar tum saath ho plays, Kunj cups her face, he wipes her tears and comes close to her but Twinkle moves away. Kunj comes to her, he pulls her towards him and nods to not cry, he lifts Twinkle in his arms, she looks at him, he takes her from there.
Kunj brings Twinkle in room, Twinkle asks him to put her down but Kunj pulls her closer to him more, Twinkle is surprised, Kunj brings her to bed and makes her lie on bed, both share eyelock, agar tum saath ho plays, Kunj moves away, Twinkle cries and says everything is finishing infront of my eyes, Yuvi is destroying everything and i am not able to do anything, she cries, Kunj feels bad, he tries to console her but cant.

Scene 2
Leela says to Mahi that i know Twinkle, she cant even dream to hurt you, she loves you alot, trust your mother, Mahi says you will take Twinkle’s side obviously, i am new to you, you dont know me, you dont even care about me, all you care about is Twinkle, RT says what are you saying? say sorry to her, Mahi says i am sorry to love a guy who treats me like princess, i am sorry that Twinkle and Yuvi had past but its gone, Leela only takes Twinkle’s side, why you all cant see that Twinkle is trying to break my relation, why you all people are against me. Rt says nothing like that, i am with you, we will have sangeet ceremony tomorrow, Yuvi comes and says we will do patch up of sisters too tomorrow.
Twinkle thinks that i have to talk to Kunj that i cant runaway from my duties, Mahi needs me, i cant leave her alone, Kunj thinks that Twinkle is right, we should not leave Mahi alone, i should cancel plan of canada, Kunj says to Twinkle that i have taken decision, Kunj says to Twinkle that i have decided, we will not go anywhere, we will stay here and solve everything, i will talk to Leela, Twinkle says you were not listening to me earlier then how you agreed now? Kunj says i have taken this decision as husband of yours, even if i take you away from all this, you will not be at peace as you will keep thinking about Mahi, Twinkle says i will always have guilt if i leave Mahi now, its all my problem, if you wanna settle down somewhere then you can leave me and go
Yuvi says we will settle all matters between sisters, Mahi says to RT that see even after so much, he is trying to patch up with Twinkle, Rt thanks Yuvi for understanding, Yuvi says i am part of family, Yuvi thinks that i have fish in my net now, i will do so much bad with Twinkle’s sister and all her respect will go away.
Twinkle says why are you destroying your life to fulfill your duties? Kunj says to Twinkle that you are my wife, your problems are mine too, he pulls her closer and says i am not doing this as my duty but i care for you, for your family as they are mine too, Kunj says dont give “duty” lable to my love, i am not going to leave you anywhere anytime, he leaves, Twinkle thinks that i am not alone, Kunj will always be with me, if he is saying that he will set eveything right then i trust him, he will do it.

PRECAP- Kunj asks Twinkle if she has any plan? she says i will do trick which i did last time, i will instigate him and will record his confession, Kunj says i have better plan, you instigate him and i will record his confession as he can doubt you, Twinkle says perfect.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Aakanksha

    what a lovely episode….all the effforts that I hav put in to watch it were worth it….I was out for some work but luckily got free jus 10 min b4 8 so I rushed to my closest friends house and we watched it there. sids acting and the twinj scenes were just awesome. tei is d best serial ot of all the ongoing serials

  2. Riya

    OMG OMG..!!!!
    i m in love with this guy..!! How can he be soo romantic…!! man,u olwayz manage to give butterflies in my stomach..!! <3 just love u kunj..!!
    haay meri siyappa queen..twinkle…! luckey girl haa…
    ok now coming to mahi..is she mad or what..how can she even think that twinkle,her own sister can do such a cheap thing…and that too with her only…and RT,the dumbest of all…the way he is talking to twinkle,i feel like punching him hard on his face..!!! idiot.!!

    overall the best twinj seen soo far..!!love twinj..!!

  3. Oh wow aaj ka episode bahot bahot bahot aacha tha specialy twinj scene i loved it and fainly kunj ne apne dil ki baat kah hi di love u sooooo much twinj???

  4. Today kunj’s words to twinkle was an indirect love confession..I enjoyed their scenes & I cnt wait for his real confession to her & hers as well… Kunj is a real man, not yuvi…
    I feel so sorry for mahi, she’s so damn stupid??..she insulted her flesh & blood for a man tht will brk her very soon…ppl give trust away so easily..y wud twinkle b jealous of her relationship when twinkle has a husband like kunj?and the relationship is just her relationship becz yuvi dnt give a rats shit abt her..
    RT on the other side is such a damn fool.he will b partially to blame when mahi is left in the cold… Kunj is so pure,he’s kind, down to earth and one of a kind.who’d trade kunj for yuvi?stwwwww…
    Writers? Gt rid of mahi and yuvi fast..off with their heads!!?

  5. kripa

    kunj!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    he is so cuuuuuttteeeeee!!!!!
    leela did only one good work in the whole show…she chose kunj for her daughter ๐Ÿ™‚
    bt this mahi -_-
    dumb,fool,irritating,annoying,brainless,stupid,cry baby,idiot girl -_-

  6. Rakshita

    Guys did u notice the last fifth line …..he says don’t give duty label to my love……so….guys what do u say abt this line….??

  7. Uv will not confess his drama…..I think he will pretend to be innocent….bcz WO kunj ko b trap kre gaa and twinkle k against krne ki koshish kre gaa.. But kunj bhaya don’t trust him again…

  8. Rishel sid bieber

    Kunj is like a pice of dimond????…realy twinkle is vry vry vry lucky to hve a husband like kunj…..
    2dys epi is soooo romantic..writers jyada time nahi he seriel ka title chnge karna parega bcz ye tashan e saadi aab tashan e nahi rahi..kunj ne indirctly confession kar hi di..dekh na uv tumhara aab kese band bjta he nd mahi u also.. jst wait n watch..kiyu ki aab do pyaar karne wale eak ho gaye..aab ayega seriel me twist…????
    Aur ha rt is not prfect 4 a father..if he didnt trust his family so why he came back…kharus mahi ke sath hi rehna chahiye tha naa..dirty minded??????????????????????????????

  9. Ritzi

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!! I was having goosebumps in my stomach while watching twinj scenes especially that rain one !!!!!!! Luv u kunj…….. Ur the bestest

  10. Sheena

    I loved it when kunj said that don’t give “duty” label to my “love”???? omg!! omg!! omg!!!!?he indirectly confessed his love…

  11. kunj told to twinkle RITZI and todays episode was soooooooooooooo nice&roamantic twinkle is luuuuuuky to have a such a loving husband…….&we love u a lot twinkle&kunj.

  12. guf

    Sooo romantic kunnnjjjjj? I am falling in love with u ur sooo cute yaaar haaye …….n wen u wer wet ur hairssss n u wer looking osm in black…ufff soo dammm handsome…love u sid??

  13. puja

    awesome epi…loved 2 d fullest ….thanx for update…twinj parts were awesum….loved it totally…twinj rockzzzz!!!!!

  14. rura

    Kunj tell it for twinkles family……..coz agr twinkle ko love khta to…..twinkle bhut shokd hoti ……may b he meant to twinkle in his heart..may be

  15. Simi

    Today’s episode is d most romantic episode of tashn e ishq . the best part tomorrows episode those things will happen which we all were thinking n wanted happen.??????the best twinj scenes were today. Kunj is d best character male on TV at dis tym he’s the best . Tara’s ryt even I want a guy lyk kunj in mah lyf but as a friend. He console s twinkle very nicely. So cute . today’s episode all kunjs efforts only………..love twinj???????????Mr n Mrs sarna

  16. OMG..loved todays episode twinj is magical…n todays was the most romantic scenes of TEI yet…love twinj u guys r amazing..as well as i kno that a love story wont b full without some drama n villain but this uv is soo damn pissing the hell out of me n should i evn mention mahi…..but u kno what yuhi u guys r actually bringing twinj closer than ever so thanks for that…but am still not gonna like u….

  17. Getting sick n tired of this emotional fool mahi how can she even think that twinkle will do something like that to her why will she want to snatch yuvi n her so called happiness away frm her when twinkle have such an loving n caring guy like kunj?????….
    Mahi shld be thankful that she have a sister like twinkle i mean so much insults twinkle get from her n yuvi despite all of that she/twinkle still want to fight strong for her against yuvi cuz for some people they will leave the love one to suffer and how dare she talk to kunj like that….when the truth come in front of her disgusting face i wanted her to feel so much pain n suffer like what she is giving to twinkle right now i know they will forgive her quickly that i dont think she deserve it so easyly

  18. Twinkle ur foolish n dumb sister don’t need protection she need destruction that what she wants what she get it then she will understand
    Can’t wait to see her face when yuvi true colours will come out in the open then she will know who knows he/yuvi better she or twinkle even rt will have to seek forgive from twinkle look how twinkle trust him so quick n today for him to trust her he make fuss about it……so not fair????

  19. Rishel sid bieber

    Sidhant?????????????mean kunjjjjjj????????? Realy u r sid???? Plz tell me na r u realy sid OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG…….

  20. Rishel sid bieber

    I agree with tara….. bt if u sid toh plz plz plz plz tell na..m gone be crazy………..???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  21. Rakshita

    Sidanth…..means r kunj….oooooommmgggg…!!! If ys,We all r big fan of kunj nd sid’s acting….plzzzz do reply…..thgh I don’t think so…..????

  22. Rishel sid bieber

    If u realy sid so ans the following qusn
    1.wht is ur favrt colour?
    2.whts gme do u like mst?
    3.wht is ur fav dish?
    4.which thng do u like 2 cllect mst??
    5.where is ur real home..??
    If u give me the correct ans.dn i bilved that u r siddhant gupta my crazy love……………..

  23. tara

    hey rishel sid bieber..if it was sidhant then surely he would have a dp unlike us having symbollm sure smone is joking..

  24. Rakshita

    The upcoming episode will show that Twinkle is tensed for Mahi and Yuvi’s relationship.

    Twinkle plans to show Yuvi’s truth to Mahi to save her sister.

    Twinkle is tensed and Kunj plans to change atmosphere for Twinkle.

    Kunj plans a valentine’s surprise for Twinkle to cheer up Twinkle.

    Twinkle-Kunj’s romance

    Twinkle is happy to see the surprise and Twinkle and Kunj comes closer to each other.

    Yuvi sees them from far and fumes seeing them together.
    I guess this is gonna sme good news on for twinj fans???

  25. ?Carol Ann โ›ตโ›ต

    I hope this Time their tricks toward Yuvi will success!! And please dont bring Anitha in between this matter, this time!

    • ?Carol Ann โ›ตโ›ต

      Yup you right!! If I changed my name to SELENA GOMEZ, everybody will freak out and say “OMG!! Selena gomez from Disney is chatting with us now” right even though its impossible.

  26. no yaar this yuvi and maahi s rubbish drama not end so easily u remember uv child s drama almost 2 months now as they r setting maahi as uv s pair drama not end so easily hope atleast they make uv s plan fail

    • Aakanksha

      I agree with u sudha. Let’s see what happens in todays mahasangam as per sbas segment twinj will reveal yuvis truth soon

    • Simi

      Same here I too agree . at d present tym they will drag dis mahi shit for long . I jus want tat twinj should be successful in their attempts at least coz I don’t lyk always twinj only fail against UV . atleast ek do baar to plan kamyaab hona chahiye

    • Simi

      Sush obviously dis is not sid . its some person who changed the name . u see akansha has given a example also up

  27. Simi

    Ya kunj will be in a disguise wearing a pagdi n those rajasthani clothes n bierd also .this appearance will be in yuhis sangeet .so maybe today only. Guys u can see dis pic on Twitter. I saw it there.

  28. Simi

    I saw tomorrow’s trailer . n here we go Anita n UV were together only. N twinj dance tomorrow i din see any romance but dance.

  29. Devil

    Where is all written up updates of today…? No tei, no msm, no kt, no yvr … None of them is there… Where all the writers… Pls want wu… Hope it will be soon…?

  30. maatu

    I think this is the best episode of TEI cauz there are 75 comments totally. Now 76 including mine….Twinj and Yuvi rockzzzz love zain imam….

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