Tashan-e-Ishq 11th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Anita says i will crush them under my car, beeji comes there and ask them to stop it, she says have you both fought? now can we toss, she brings out coin and does toss, its tail, Anita loses, beeji ask Anita to take car aside, Twinkle says to Leela that i am getting late for competition, Leela and Twinkle sit in car, Anita thinks that i have spent lacs til now but now i will spend crores and will show my status to Leela.
amritsar beauty queen contest starts, host says judge is Mikha singh. Twinkle is getting ready in dressing room, she finds one model talking to her mother that she will say, she will work for poor, Twinkle says only i will win it.
Mikha Singh enters the stage and sings Meriya jugni, host says now our competition will start and our second judge is Anita Luthra,

Twinkle gets tensed, that she wil not allow her to win, host says third judge is Leela Taneja, Twinkle smiles, Leela says to Anita that what you thought you will make my daughter lose this? you can never win over me, competition starts, Twinkle comes and does cat walk on stage, Leela gives her thumbs up, Anita is fuming in anger, after cat walk, host ask models to tell about themselves, Twinkle comes on stage and says i used to get called little star, i didnt like it, but then my mother said that i am shining star for her, i am not twinkle twinkle little star, i want to win this and become great twinkle, Anita writes very boring and gives to Mikha, Leela sees this and writes wonderful for Twinkle, Mikha says i like the girl.

Scene 2
Mikha is going, Anita comes to him and offers him money, she says you have to do my small work. Twinkle is getting ready, she comes to Mikha and says can i take selfie with you? Mikha says i wanted you to win but you offered me money, this is cheap, i will make sure she doesnt win, Twinkle is confused, Leela ask what happened? Anita comes and says i offered Mikha 1 crore and asked him to make you win, she says now you both get sad on your loss, she leaves, Twinkle says i will not lose, i will try my best.
Competition starts again, models dance on stage, Twinkle dances too. After dance, a model gets sprain in her feet, Twinkle helps her and takes her best stage, she does her message, model says i dont want you to lose because of me, Sapna says i need to win this competition for my parents, they need my support, Twinkle says Sapna you are more important than this competition.
Mikha says finalists are Sapna, some other model and Twinkle, host says now we will ask questions to models. Mikha ask model if you win competition then what will you do? she will work for society, Anita ask Twinkle what you think about neighbours, Twinkle says neighbours are like dengue mosquitoes, they snatch our peace, neighbours should be kicked, Mikha recalls how she said to Sapna that if i was judge then i would have announced Sapna winner for her spirit, Mikha thinks that she said wrong answer so Sapna can win, host ask Mikha to tell result, Mikha says it was tough competition, i have taken decision, he says Twinkle is winner, he makes her wear crown, Anita fumes, Mikha leaves, Twinkle thanks everyone, she says someone else deserve this crown, she makes Sapna wear crown and says you deserve it, someone come on bike, has helmet on his face, takes Twinkle on bike and leaves from there, Leela gets tensed.
Twinkle ask who are you? Yuvraj removes his helmet, he says i dare as care, i can kidnap you or can give my life to you because i am crazy for you.

PRECAP- Anita and Leela fight over Twinkle’s kidnapping, otherside Yuvraj romances with Twinkle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. tdy episode is awesome in expect more

  2. Nice show
    Expecting a lot from it

  3. nice episode….love it…;-)

  4. nice episode….

  5. Its sooo good yaar I jus luv yuvi…. after kyy I really missed him but now he’s back this is damm cute….. just loved it

  6. Really interesting show…luv it

  7. Oh my god, I love this series
    , it’s the best

  8. asli hero ko entry kara do…..Kunj Sarna(Sidhanth Gupta)….aur bhi mazaa aayega…

  9. Really nice episode…..enjoyed it:)

  10. Kunj is not d asli hero..yuvi is d asli hero..i just luv him

  11. Kunj s d asli hero its deer in telly reviews

  12. Kunj is not d asli hero dear.. zain imam aka juvraj is d asli hero der r lots of video in you tube..u can c if u dn’t belief me den

  13. yuvraj’s luv is acting…..helping his mother’s revenge on twinkle family…..kunj is real hero..it is the twist..

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