Tashan-e-Ishq 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Yuvi punches Kunj, both fight but Twinkle stops him, Kunj says i love Alisha but she doesnt agree for this relation but you guys dont trust me, i will tell everything to Manohar that we dont wanna marry as ;you both dont trust me, he leaves.
Anita says to Manohar that i will give you proof then everything will be clear.
Yuvi ask Twinkle why did you believe that Kunj? Twinkle says Kunj’s eyes says that he is not saying lie abotu Alisha, i love you and i can see love in Kunj’s eyes, we have no other way but do deal with Kunj, i have to stop Kunj, she leaves, Yuvi says Twinkle is running behind Kunj alot these days.
Kunj comes to Manohar, Twinkle comes there too, Kunj says that i love Alisha and Twinkle loves Yuvi, i cant marry her, if you want then you can throw me

out of house, Manohar turns and he has headphones in ears, he takes them off and ask what were you saying? Twinkle thanks God and says we want to go to lunch, Kunj was asking about it only, Manohar allows them, Twinkle takes Kunj from there, Manohar was watching video of Twinkle with Sunny in which she said that she drink alcohol and all.
Twinkle says to Kunj that this deal is important for me and Yuvi, dont break it, Kunj hods her tightly and says stop seeing your boyfriend only, others can get hurt to, i can get hurt too, Twinkle says i am sorry, this deal is important for all of us, lets begin from start, lets become friends, Kunj says we can have deal but no friends, he leaves.
Manohar is looking at Twinkle’s video, Usha comes there and says i got proofs against Twinkle too, she shows him list which has Twinkle’s demands after marriage, JUsha says i know you like Twinkle but she is not right girl for Kunj, Leela has hidden reality of Twinkle, dont you remember how Twinkle was drunk in party, we should break this relation, Manohar thinks.

Scene 2
Anita comes to Leela and says i have imported tissues for you as when you will get to know about Twinkle relation being broken then you will weep alot, Leela ask what you are saying? Anita says you dont believe me? call Manohar Sarna and ask status of this relation, Anita takes phone from Leela and calls Manohar, she puts phone on speaker, usha says to manohar that when we know truth about Twinkle then take call and cancel this marriage, Manohar takes call, Leela says to Manohar that i wanna talk about Twinkle and Kunj’s relation, Manohar says i have something to discuss too about this relation, I want to complete preparation of marriage as soon as possible, i dont want any mess, Leela says ofcourse, she ends call, Leela taunts Anita that now you will need these tissues, they are imported so do use them.
Leela is oiling Twinkle’s hairs, Twinkle says you have magic in your hands, Twinkle’s phone rings, she doesnt take it, Leela ask her to take it, Twinkle says i am with you now, keep messaging my hairs, Leela says in childhood you used to now sleep without message, Twinkle says i miss those days, Leela says i will miss you when you will leave from here, you will get married soon, Twinkle ask her to not get senti, i will be with you after marriage too, this is my house and i will come here for message after marriage too, she says now my turn, she starts messaging Leela’s hairs, Twinkle’s cousin comes there and clicks her picture, she says you will leave from here so i am taking your pictures, Twinkle ask her to take more, Yuvi messages Twinkle to come and meet him.
Usha says to Manohar that you know about everything and still you didnt break this marriage? Manohar says why should i? just for this video? maybe Twinkle didnt like this Sunny, why this society always blame girls for broken marriage, people are jealous of us thats why sent this video and Guruji also said that Twinkle is best so she will become our daughter in law, i know she have some conditions after marriage but we will change that after marriage, this marriage wil happen, he leaves, Usha says i have to do something to break this Twinkle’s relation..

PRECAP- Usha gives money to detective and ask him to keep an ey on Twinkle. Twinkle and Yuvi are together, Yuvi gets romantic and sings song, dectective comes there. Alisha says to Kunj that you know how can you make me happy, Kunj says i cant leave my family, Alisha says dont bother me then, Twinkle listens this and thinks why Alisha is not understanding Kunj’s love and why i am feeling bad for him

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hope we see kunj & twinkle together

  2. Hope kunj and twinkle marry. .. They pair up good…

  3. Twinkle and kunj r best Jodi

  4. Love kunj n twinkle not yuvi

  5. twinkle &kunj are made for each other and i hate yuvi rudeness towards twinkle

  6. finally twinkle is feeling for kunj

  7. Cant wait to see kunj and twikle together….dey are such a perfect match?? yuvi is behaving like a small boy

  8. Wht da hell the main cast was supposed to be twinkle & yuvi & now yuvi is evil huh??
    It better hve a nice twist like yuvi promised twinkle’s dad or something

  9. pls…..my yuvi b the main hero abimnyu of kyy…zain imam luv u wid core of my heart

  10. Baseless and weak storyline

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