Tashan-e-Ishq 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Alarm rings at 5am as its Sargi time but Twinkle doesnt wake up, Kunj wakes up and tries to wake her up but she is in deep sleep, Usha knocks door, Kunj comes out and doesnt let her go inside as Twinkle is sleeping, Usha says i have to give Sargi to Twinkle, she must be awake, Kunj says yes she is awake but you cant go inside, Usha ask why? Kunj says i was helping her to wear saree, she will embarrassed to see you, she is shy, you can give me this Sargi, Usha says fine, she gives Sargi to him, Usha leaves, Kunj comes in and says to sleeping Twinkle that i am saving her from everything and she is sleeping peacefully, i wont wake her up now, she will remain hungry whole day without having Sargi.
Its morning, Twinkle wakes up and says to Kunj that i am going to eat Sargi as it

must be 5am, Kunj shows her clock and says its 8am, Twinkle says didnt alarm ring? Kunj says it did but you were sleeping peacefully, i tried to wake you up but you didnt budge a little, Usha came to give you Sargi but i had to lie to her that you are getting ready, if she had come inside then she would have scolded you alot, Twinkle says i will eat Sargi now, Kunj says i may die if you do this sin, Sargi time is finished, your fast will not complete if you eat now, where is your tashan that you will fast, Twinkle is tensed, Kunj says eat this Sargi now, Twinkle says i wont eat sargi, i will fast without it, Kunj says as you wish, he leaves, Kunj says its all clock’s fault, it didnt ring loud.
Twinkle comes down, Babee calls her and ask if she is fasting today? Twinkle says yes, Babee ask to tell why we do this fast and whats history behind it, Babee says you are modern, you don even know what Karwachauth means? for you it must taking your picture while fasting and putting it on facebook, she says to usha that you didnt tell her anything, Usha says i will teach her everything, if it was some other inlaws then they would have taunted her mother, Babee calls Nikki and ask her to tell history about Karwachauth, Nikki says i dont know, Babee says Twinkle is new and its her first Karwachauth but its not first karwachauth for Nikki, you didnt tell her anything, Nikki say my mother didnt bother to tell me about it and Usha never told me about Karwachatuh, Babee says to Usha that its not only mother’s responsibility to daughters about Karwachauth but mother in law should also teach them, your elder Daughter in law doesnt even know about it so why to blame Twinkle, Usha thinks that this Twinkle doesnt know anything and puts me in problem, she ask Twinkle Kunj was telling that you were going to wear Saree today, why you are not wearing it? Twinkle is confused what she is saying, Kunj comes there and listens this, he comes and says Twinkle must be shying away, we both tried to make her wear saree but she couldnt, its so difficult to tie saree, Babee says no problem, she ask Twinkle to get ready nicely for evening, Kunj says she is so excited for fast, she can fast for me every weekend, babee says she should as she got such nice husband, Nikki thinks that there is something fishy between them, i should find out if Twinkle is fasting or not.

Scene 2
Twinkle says i am so hungry, i should have eaten Sargi, she burps, Kunj says you were saying such big lines but you ate food right? i wont tell anyone, Nikki listens this and says i was sure Twinkle was not fasting, she leaves, Twinkle says to Kunj that i didnt eat anything, i am having burps due to acidity, i dont want to put my mother down, i want to show world that my mother have given me good upbringing, i will follow all rituals of this house, Kunj says sorry and leaves, Twinkle says i miss Maa.
Nikki tells Usha about Twinkle not keeping fast, Usha says i knew it that she cant wake up early morning and cant do this fast but i am sad that Kunj lied to me for her and saved her, its true that son change after marriage, she ask Nikki to tell this to Babee as she is mother in law and would not look when complain about daughter in law, you go to her and tell this truth, once truth is known to Babee then she will handle Twinkle nicely, Nikki says to Usha that when babee will know that Twinkle broke her fast and ate food then she will throw Twinkle out of house, Usha says anything can happen and smirk(thinking if she tell about Twinkle not fasting then Babee will throw her and its her wish), Usha says when Babee gets angry then she can do anything.
Nikki tells Babee that Twinkle broke her fast, Babee says i dont believe this, Nikki says i have patience but Twinkle is more modern than me and doesnt believe in fasting and all, Babee ask if she has proof that Twinkle has broken her fast? Nikki says she doesnt have proof, Babee says i am not Usha that i will believe anything you say, if i get proof that Twinkle is not fasting then i will scold her, get lost from here, Nikki says when Twinkle is not happy with this marriage then why would she fast? Babee is shocked and ask what?

PRECAP- Karwachauth pooja is going on. Twinkle sees Kunj’s face through sieve after seeing moon. babee says to Twinkle that if you didnt want to fast then you could have told me but why did you do fake acting of fasting? Twinkle cries, Pinni supports her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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