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Scene 1
Twinkle lies unconscious in house, Babee and Leela are worried for her. Kunj is trying to call doctor but he is not picking up, Babee sees Twinkle getting conscious, she informs Kunj. He gets happy seeing Twinkle conscious, Twinkle gets up and look around. Yuvi and Anita comes there too, Twinkle smiles at Kunj, she comes near him, he thinks she is approaching him but Twinkle passesby him and comes to Yuvi who is confused, Twinkle acts like slapping Yuvi but then caresses his face lovingly. Twinkle says Swami(my lord/husband) you have come to take me? are you afraid of anyone? Yuvi asks what happened to you? are you fine? what are you saying, Twinkle asks why you are running away from me? you are my Swami, my husband. Leela says what has happened to this girl? she comes to Twinkle and slaps

her hard, all are shocked, Leela asks Twinkle to comeback to senses, are you mad? you are calling this cheap man your husband? did you forget what he did with you till date? Twinkle says you.. why you are not allowing me to talk my husband? Leela is stunned, Kunj asks Twinkle if she has gone mad? Twinkle says to Yuvi that we will go away from here, i dont wanna stay here, Anita says you are acting like bengali girl, this is your new, be away from my son, Leela says what has happened to my daughter? why she is talking like this?
Twinkle comes to her room and is doing pooja. All come there, Leela asks Twinkle what she is doing? Twinkle says i am doing pooja for my Swami, nobody can separate me from my husband, she is wearing bengali saree and doing pooja. Babee says if some evil soul is possessing Twinkle? what is she doing? Yuvi and Anita comes there. Twinkle says to Anita that you want to snatch my Swami from me? tell me answer.. Yuvi thinks what is Twinkle trying to do? this is for sure her new drama otherwise Twinkle in this avatar for real is not possible. Twinkle looks at Yuvi.. she goes and hold heavy bed with her one hand, all are shocked, Babee says some evil soul is possessing her for real. Twinkle asks Anita if she will let her stay with her husband? will i get my husband or not? answer me. Twinkle comes to Anita and says Yuvi is my husband, if you try to snatch him from me then i will kill you, she throws a dagger at her, Anita is shocked. Yuvi says to Twinkle that you want to live with me as my wife? Twinkle nods, Yuvi says i want this too but there is some confusion, Anita is not vamp, she loves you, she is my mom and want us to live as husband and wife and real villain of our story is Kunj.. Twinkle angrily looks at Kunj, Babee says what rubbish? Yuvi says to Twinkle that if you really want to be with me then kill Kunj, if you want my love then kill him, go ahead, Yuvi thinks that Twinkle is good actor but she cant fool me with her acts, i know she cant hurt Kunj even in her dreams, Yuvi gives dagger to Twinkle and asks her to go ahead. Babee says no Twinkle, Twinkle throws dagger at Kunj, he moves back and gets saved, Leela says have you gone mad? Babee says you are trying to kill your husband? Yuvi is stunned and says Twinkle you hit Kunj for real? Twinkle nods, Anita says to Yuvi that lets go from here, she takes Yuvi from there.
Anita and Yuvi are in room, Anita says to Yuvi that have Twinkle gone mad? maybe because of your antics, she has lost her mental balance? or has she gone in past birth? or evil soul possessing her? Yuvi says i dont know why she is doing all this.
Kunj says to Twinkle that have you mad? you are calling Yuvi your husband? Yuvi comes from behind and listens their talk, Kunj says you dont remember anything, Yuvi took you to jungle, he wanted to take advantage of you but i came there and saved you, you got hurt on head thats why maybe you are saying all this, lets go from here, Twinkle says no, i want my Swami, where is Yuvi? Yuvi listens all this and thinks that Twinkle is not acting, she is not even listening to Kunj and tried to hit him too, there is some problem with her. Twinkle faints, Kunj gets worried.
Doctor checks Twinkle and says to family that Twinkle got hurt on head so she has lost her senses but she will become fine with time, you all have to be careful to give her what she wants. Yuvi and Anita listens, doctor leaves. Yuvi says to Anita that Twinkle is not in senses, we have to take advantage of situation till she doesnt get senses back. He comes to Twinkle’s room, Kunj says Twinkle is in this condition because of you, Yuvi says yes i have made her liks this so i will take care of her, i am her husband, you all leave, i want to spend sometime with my wife. Twinkle becomes conscious, Yuvi says to Twinkle that i am sorry baby, i didnt listen to you, you were right, i am your husband and you are my wife, he smirks at Kunj. Yuvi says i promise i will not do it again, Twinkle says no you have made fun of our marriage, your mom did it too, Anita says no we love you alot, we were just scared of seeing things, we are fine now. Twinkle says no you both have made fun of pious relation marriage, Yuvi says i am sorry, i did wrong, i will do anything you say, just say what you want, i will do it for you. Twinkle says to Yuvi that you dont need to say sorry to me, you have made fun to pious relation marriage so you should say sorry to people, go outside and say sorry to people, Yuvi says i will do anything you say, i will do it, Anita is confused, Yuvi leaves.
Yuvi and Anita comes on street, Yuvi tries to talk to people about marriage. He says to one girl that i want to talk about marriage, girl calls her husband and they scold Yuvi for eve-teasing girl as they think Yuvi was doing. Twinkle comes there and says what happened? no one is listening to you? i will help you. She calls women around and says Yuvi want to say something to you. She asks Yuvi to lean in to women then talk what he wants to say, they will listen with concentration, Yuvi says good idea. Yuvi says to women that i never took marriage seriously but then i realized how pure, how powerful this relation of marriage, i realized it very late, i wish i had realized it earlier, i have tortured my wife alot, i have never given her respect, i will ask forgiveness by sitting on knees, i am sorry for doing all this, i will respect Twinkle from now, he sits on his knees. Twinkle says to women on street that Yuvi have made fun of such pious relation marriage, he has tried to temper with it, he has played dirty tricks using pure relation of marriage, he has broken marriage, Yuvi is confused as to what she is saying against him, one women ask what has Yuvi done? Leela, Kunj and Babee comes there. Leela says we will tell you, they stare Yuvi who is confused, Twinkle smirks.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Yuvi that you stopped so low to come near me, you will get punished for your deeds, women starts beating Yuvi. Anita says to Twinkle that you didnt do good, you will have to pay for it, Twinkle says you did same with me earlier, i am doing justice, Yuvi is beaten by women badly.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Awesome precape but starting is confusing

  2. I knew it , I told that it’s twinkle’s plan. Well leave that .I think that today’s episode was a quite good one.

  3. omg….tht ws a damn hilarious episd…..i knew its all twinkles plan….i knw cvs wl nt separate our twinj…thts d nly reason i luv ths shw…d couple r always togthr n both r d support systm of each other….

  4. Amazing guys wats dis actually happening i m nt getting anything yeh kabhi kuch keh rhi hai n kabhi kuch i thnk its being interesting now i jst cant w8 fr nxt episode?☺

  5. Was twinkle acting or real as i dint see d episode

  6. Oh thank god i thought something else now enough of ll dis show us some twinj scences

  7. Awesome epi jus luv it.soooo cool

  8. Thanks atiba for the fast update lovely episode enjoyed it to the core three cheers for twinkle just can’t forget uvi’s face now he and his vamp mother will realise what to play with a girl’s respect & the true meaning of marriage

  9. this epi jst a time pass wala yaar…. i found it boring!

  10. The episode was soo hilarious. I love twinj n zain ka acting was too gud today. Uska confusion wala look. It was fantastic.

  11. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Wow what an episode loved it wow it was twinkle’s plan I m sure Yuvi’s face was worth watching loving this show only for Twinj now I hope that Yuvi realizes his mistakes n crimes ASAP n let Twinj reunite because TEI is nothing without Twinj


    So it was all drama created by twinkle, kunj, leela and babe… i can understand they made plan but how come she learnt bengali all of sudden..?????
    Sometimes all shows make confusion!!!!

  13. oww..i like the bangla speaking drama..i am also a bengali so i understood each word of twinkle..so nice…and the precap..asume..i knew it was twinkle’s trick to punish uvi..go ahead twinkle..u did the r8 thing..???????

    1. Ami o bengali…

  14. poor uv…..

  15. Awesome epi just luv it .it’s true dey really make confusion.wen twinkle said 2 yuvi DAT u r my swami.I felt bhaai new story.waah but 2days epi wz totally cooolll

  16. Twinkle saying bangali it’s really awesome. I understood each word as I m also bangali

    1. lgta hia yaha mostly sab bengali hi h 😀

    2. I am also a bengali…

  17. N twinkle becoming suddenly bangali larki frm Punjabi kudhi.I mean nt bad ha twinkle

  18. Nice acting twinkle

  19. I don’t yuvi is doing bad. If he is doing that then kunj n twinkle even their family is doing bad. I’m not saying what yuvi has done is good but kunj know everything that he love her but he marry her. He has also done bad to yuvi.. Chura too kunj ne bhi bhoka hai yuvi ko.
    Uske paas heroine hai too woh mere najar mein hero nahi hair.

  20. Kunj ko bhi villain banau usne aur twinkle ne bhi too bura kiya hai yuvi kaa. Too yuvi koo hi kyun aap log villain banaya rahe hop..

    1. really, kunj ko goa me jaan se marna, twinkle ko molest krna, mahi ko do baar jaan se marna ye sab hero k inishani h , dhanye h aap. apko esa hi hero mile.

      1. Really apko aisa hi hero mile…. Fool…

  21. Maina? You won’t mind me addressing ur comment right? Kunj and his family didn’t do anything wrong…. Yuvi does not love twinkle.. It’s all a game to him..love, marriage, relation, women and the lives of others… He cares abt no one and nothing just himself.. He pretended to b a kid hit throw stone and leela, she mother of the woman he claimed to love..He kidnapped twinkle time and time again, he tried to kill her sister, hr had her beaten badly on the street and he even tried to rape her..TWICE!! Before all tht he always misbehaved with her..
    It was twinkle’s choice to not marry him n marry kunj..tht was nt kunj’s choice… All kunj did from the day he met twinkle is protect her n care for her n with time he started to love her..what was his mistake? What bad did he do? What did the family do? Other than fighting bk against inhumane who av tried to ruin them time and time again? Yuvi doesn’t deserve twinkle…he has never been a good person..he think of twinkle as a meal ticket tht he only should av…she is a woman nt a shiny toy..kunj didnt do bad..he deserves her..maina b logical.im nt trying to b rude but would u choose yuvi’s character to b with had u been in twinkle’s position? Wht would u do if ur family was facing trouble becz of yuvi and his mother? Reason with ur self for a moment.no hard feelings n plz dnt misunderstand my point.

  22. Let me correct my mistake.. I mean to say he threw a stone at leela, the mother of the woman he claimed to love… And where inhumane is it was suppose to b inhumane people.

  23. I loved today’s episode. It was awesome…
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode!!!!!

  24. Is she really having a memory problem . I am confused. anyway don’t separate twinj.

    1. ARE NAHI. WO ACTING KR RHI THI maa bete ko maza chakhane k liye. aaj ka episode zarur dekhna dil khush ho jayega. 😀

  25. Ahria mendezz amazing yes its all true i 2 wantd 2 say dese all things same 2 same its true n also if u don’t mind i wuld lk 2 add twinkle also strtd luving kunj dey can give dere lives fr eo dey luv eo n dat uv is actually nt wrth anything he is playing d role of villian he i thnk 3 times usne twinkle ka fayeda uthane ki kosish ki n 1st time par toh usne kunj hero ka naam lagadia tha dats it n claps fr uahria mendezz?☺????btw atiba pls post 2days episode 2 asap


  27. Guys did you notice something ? The bengali lines were not spoken by twinkle aka jasmine… The voice was someone else’s…

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