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Scene 1
Kunj, Twinkle and Usha prays for Manohar, Twinkle looks at Kunj but he ignores her, Sajna ve’s sad version plays, Kunj and Twinkles does parikama(taking rounds) together, Twinkle recalls how she did it earlier with Kunj and how he promised that her win is his win and he will make her win all fights, Usha leaves, Kunj leaves too, Twinkle goes behind him.
They come out, Twinkle asks Kunj to listen to her for a minute, Usha comes and says dont you understand? stay away from my son, he doesnt want to talk to you, Kunj says lets go mom, Usha says make me understand her, what she thinks that she will do drama and we will forget everything? let me clear one thing that our house doors are closed on you permanently, neither me nor my son wants you, Kunj says lets leave, Usha says

Twinkle from the time you have come in our lives, only bad is happening, you are bad omen for us, Kunj says what are you saying? lets leave, he makes her sit in car, he looks at Twinkle and leaves from there while Twinkle stands there hurt and distraught.
Twinkle is sitting in her room, she looks at her phone sadly, Leela comes there and sees her sad, she says you havent eaten anything, eat some food, Twinkle says i am not hungry, i want to talk to you, i am worried about Kunj, i dont know if he has eaten anything or not, when he is angry, he becomes stubborn and doesnt eat anything, call him and ask if he has eaten anything or not, Leela says earlier i used to be worried for you that if you have eaten anything or not but now you are grown up that you are worried about your husband, its good to see your concern for him, she calls Kunj, Twinkle asks her to put it on speaker, she does, Kunj picks up call, Leela says to him that i know there are tensions between you and Twinkle but i also know everything will be fine between you both soon, Sajna ve plays, Leela says Twinkle told me that you dont eat food when you are tensed, Kunj sees food on table, he says i have eaten it, Twinkle takes call from Leela and says you are lying, you know that you cant lie, Kunj says i dont have kiddish attitude like you, i dont leave food, dont disturb me, he ends call, he says i am not like Twinkle, i am not childish to leave food for small things, he eats food. Twinkle says to Leela that i need to talk to Kunj alone, i cant talk to him on phone but how will i meet him? he will never agree to meet me, Leela thinks that she is right, she has to meet Kunj alone, i and Babee will do something to make them meet.
Leela calls Babee and says Kunj and Twinkle have meet and talk to sort out things but Kunj will never agree to meet, he is angry with her, Babee says i have an idea through which Twinkle and Kunj will get time alone and also Twinkle will be able to explain herself, she tells her idea(which is muted), Leela says idea is good, Babee says it will work, she ends call, Yuvi have listened their conversation, Yuvi says they think that they can reunite Kunj and Twinkle but till i am here they can try anything but cant reunite them.
Man comes to Kunj and gives him flowers, it has card which says “from Twinkle”, man comes and gives him chocolates too, Kunj says whats wrong with her? papa is in ICU and she is sending me flowers and chocolates? he throws them away and leaves. Yuvi comes there and eat chocolates, he says how rude Kunj, i sent these on Twinkle’s name and you threw them away? this is so bad, Kunj this is just start, just see what i do next.
Twinkle shows video to Chinki in which she is meeting editor, her face is not shown, she says this is fake video, Twinkle sees ring in girl’s finger in video, Twinkle says i saw same ring on Purvi’s hand, this means she is doing this to take revenge from me, i have to find her home, Leela calls Twinkle and says i slipped in kitchen, nobody is at home, you come fast, Twinkle says i am coming, she leaves.
Twinkle comes home and calls out Leela’s name, she asks where are you maa? she finds her everywhere but is not able to find her. Kunj comes out of his house and says thank God Leela called me, dont know where is Twinkle, he goes to Leela’s house, Leela locks gate from outside, she asks Babee if this will work? Babee says this will work, they will get time to talk, till they dont reunite, our house will not be in peace, this way they will fight but will talk, Yuvi sees them from far and says how cute, these senior citizens made good plan but now i am involved in this plan too and see how much Tashan i will bring in this plan.
Kunj comes to porch of Leela’s house and sees it decorated with lights, heart shaped balloons, lips and kissing picture of a couple, he finds Twinkle there too, Twinkle says Kunj you? he sees the decorations and says you did it? you aked Leela to call me here? what has happened to you? why are you lying? you involved Leela in your lie too? Twinkle says i didnt do it, Kunj says how can you be so insensitive? whats all this? what you thought that everything will be fine after doing this? you know the situation then how can be you so insensitive and childish, he starts to leave, Twinkle asks him to listen, Kunj says what you think that doing these cheap things, everything will become fine? you are sending me chocolates and flowers and now this, Twinkle asks Kunj to listen to her, Kunj says you think these all will work? Twinkle says trust me i didnt do it, Kunj says i thought we should sit and talk to find some solution but seeing your childish acts since morning, i dont think you worth it, you dont but i care about my father, he tries to open gate but its locked from outside, Kunj says now you will say that you dont know how its locked right? Twinkle says i really dont know, Kunj breaks lock, he stares Twinkle angrily and leaves. Twinkle stands there sad, Yuvi comes there and breaks heart shaped balloon, Twinkle looks at him in surprise and anger, he says what happened? Kunj left? i thought you both will sit, talk and enjoy but it feels like Kunj is still angry with you? why are you staring me? you must be thinking i came here, its fun to jump in your balcony, i remembered our old days, dont you miss them? why would you miss as you have Kunj in your life now, you should thank me for doing so much for you, i sent chocolates, cards to Kunj, he threw them away then i even decorated porch for Kunj but what he did? he scolded you and left, Yuvi laughs on Twinkle, she looks at him in disgust.

PRECAP- Yuvi says the day you challenged me on Mahi’s topic, i decided that day to separate you from Kunj, Twinkle says you can try as much as you want but if the fight is love vs craze then its always love which wins in end, Yuvi leaves angrily.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanks for fast updates
    It’s love which wins finally, so no matter, this uv drama has to end.

  2. Arhhhh..dis uvi..n kunj is also out of his mind yaar..he doesn’t even listen to twinkle

  3. i just hope kunj listens all their talks….plzzz do this….

  4. What’s wrong with this Kunj!!!!OMG srlsly he’s just not even listening to a word that Twinkle is telling….Ik that he’s upset and angry with her because she dint tell him about Purvi’s matter but at least he must have little trust on her… And yuvi us another case…srsly shays wrong with this crew all of a sudden!!!?? I just hope Twinj will unite before this week ends…lets see and hope for the best

  5. Thanks for the fast update Atiba mam.
    Kunj hate u for ur rude behaviour
    Pls unite twinj
    Hate that YUVI

  6. Twinkle did a great job by giving this Yuvi a good reply , missing Twinj romantic scenes a lot sometimes this Yuvi is too annoying, I just hope some miracle or whatever happens n he falls for Mahi n thn he will forget about Twinkle
    Hey those who haven’t read my ff intense love on TEI can read episode 11 along with summary of episode 1-10 in this link:
    And please do drop comments m always desperate for comments ;P

  7. I’m so badly stuck…can’t even stop watching tei & also can’t bear to see twinj fighting like this…GOD!!!!! I just want to kill UV,Anita & that Usha( blithering idiots)???

  8. when will twinj unite.it is so boring to see twinj like this.Kunj.

  9. when will twinj unite.it is so boring to see twinj like this.

  10. Nice precap

  11. hoping mahi to help twinkle in finding out the truth of that fake video after knowing the real side of yuvraj……hoping for good epi next week

  12. Very emotional episode..

    hoping mahi to help twinkle in finding out the truth of that fake video after knowing the real side of yuvraj……hoping for good epi next week

  13. Nice ep but can’t wait 2 c twinj uniting. Tnx for fast update atiba

  14. Guyz any one know wat happend in trust vs love of gopika 2day

  15. Precap was nice … :)but the way kunj is behaving with twinkle is not good at all yrr….. kunj should also think what twinkle did was for his sake …. :(:(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(I hope all will be fine soon and we will see kunj & twinkle together…… I’m feeling very bad for twinkle… I will kill this idiot UV he is soooo bad :@:@:@:@:@:@

  16. For the love of God pls unite them…. Pls…….

  17. I am very angry with kunj how can he thought that twinkle can do this.Precap is interesting.

    1. prerna , he is angry on twinkle about the fact that twinkle hides her the truth….and he believes that the video is fake , he already mention it earlier

  18. Shruti i hope tomorrow’s episode will be twinj reunion

  19. This devil yuvi.I don’t Understand this writer. Why you can’t stop this track of yuvi.sent him to hell

  20. I mean soon twinj will be together…

  21. one thing is common in zee tv’s every show…that all the daughters in law are always bearing humiliation and always giving tests to prove something…
    otherwise they are not considered as ‘adarsh bahu’ :/
    i thought twinkle was different…but no,even in this show the bahu is ignoring her self respect and fighting for her in laws.. -_-
    what the hell? :/
    usha called her manhoos?they all keep slapping her but still she is not saying anything? :/
    and what about her parents?even they are not taking stand for her?
    ridiculous! :/
    and this yuvi -_-
    doesn’t he have anything to do?he always romas around the house and listens to others plans -_-

  22. My sis says dat whoever goes to sarna house gets irritated n out of mind..all thanx to dat pathetically idiot nonsense usha rani..naukrani

  23. Yuvi is such a bad actor….always overacting…geezan…so annoying to watch

  24. Kunj u would have listen twinkle atleast one time she also has right to prove herself innocent kunj kyu uski baat ek baar bhi nhi sunta its vry wrong yaar and this usha thinks that she is vry smart but soon u have to say sorry to twinkle for ur this behaviour babee and leela tried their bst. Unhone twinj ko milaane ki koshish ki pr seperatly planning krni chahiye thi unko vo uv ne sab kuch sun liya nd precap was vry nice twinkle ne bht acha jawaab diya us uv ko but feeling bad for twinkle hope that she should prove herself innocent soon. Eayerly waiting for next episode ♥♥♥

  25. Mahi will help twinkle to reveal yuvi. Read serial gossip

  26. “Ishq aur junoon ki ladai mein ishq ki he jeet hoti hai ” . love dis one dialogue. Can’t wait know for UV n twinkle faceoff . now I feel tashn e ishq mein tashn toh kahi gya he nahi hai , I mean twinkle apni doli leke ane wali hai . waiting for d tashan next week ##

  27. Oh what happened to twinj… Disgusting kunjjj he is very bad .how can he do this with twinkle…? Twinkle ne use hamesha maaf kar deeya aur woh use maaf nhi kar sakta…… Jab phele KUNJ aaya tha (tei me) mujhey aacha nhi lagta tha BUT I accepted him I liked TWINJ more than TWIRAJ but now I feel yuvraj is much better …….but mujhe precap smaj nhi aaya yuvi bolts hai ki use twinj j ko separate karne ki Mahi ke topic keep bad Sochi but actually woh to unhe phele he alag karna chata that n ..???????????????????????? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me ??? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. pls do not say kunj is disgusting coz he is right in his place BT twinkle not sharing anything wid him . like ppl say when twinkle shouts at kunj for tat raping thing , she did not know BT d incident n tats y she was angry at him n all . now wat happened yaar dis is d same situation, soooo y r ppl blaming kunj here . it should be equal man\woman ………pls do not simply blame kunj in dis . ?

      1. They r things in life that u have to keep to your self for a while sometime hiding thing does prove to be his/her benefit n some time bad
        Or besides twinlke was helpless maybe she was under manohar oath or promise not to tell thing that why she keep quiet and in the previous episode she ask babee if hiding something imp for some reason or benefit if it bad and babee say no maybe when manohar is out of coma they all will know the truth and all of them will have to seek forgiveness from twinkle
        Come on twinkle stop be ignorant n emotion why r h taking these shot from them for i agree they all are eldery ppls n u shld respect but the r crossing the limits with u and just standing there Like some emotional fool listen to all that crap i though u were an independent girl with common sense self respect n self esteem modern gal who stand up for her right how can u listen to that mad usha telling u to stay away from her son u shld a turn and tell her that her son is u husband and she don’t have right to come between u n kunj…… I won’t give a damn if that this mom i mean come on i would tell her that in her face u shld make that kunj understand that u n him take wedding vows together that we shld alwayz trust love understand promise to support each other in every good or bad time etc…..why he is not perform his parts ask him that twinkle

    2. U know wat Rani I guess u din get mah point m saying ppl r blaming kunj for not supporting twinkle n for not taking any stand when she was leaving d house n all n they r saying that if twinkle would have told kunj then also manohar must have got a heart attack coz he got a message from someone. Now one thing if twinkle would have told kunj then he would have taken a stand in front of his family n tat usha also. Sooooo dis misunderstanding wouldn’t be there. Soooo kunj is not angry he’s hurt . his eyes tell everything. Pls notice it in d episode when usha is saying that all shit to twinkle. When he’s was leaving he’s eyes tell everything. I toh supporting kunj n twinkle both but more twinkle. Love twinj n waiting for d coming week . twinkle n UV face off now in full on tashan . love tei n twinj ##### ?

      1. Sry I support kunj more not twinkle . ( by mistake)

  28. Guys can you please write your comment in English. I don’t know Hindi

  29. Ohh sorry twinkle but atleast you know it’s yuvi that want to separate the two of you so u should think who can be the personal sent this vedio to the family

  30. Idk why kunj is doing this with twinkle the last episodes of twinj were awesome but now UV is ruining everything hope everything’s gonna be alright n we could see twinj together once again 🙂

  31. Iam crying for twinkle, this idiot lady usha , how can u taunts twinkle, manohar always say u r manhoos his life, and kunj didn’t say anything chaligai, aur bhaat twinkle be Hamisha tumari bari me soach rahi hai tum hamisha tumari family ki padi hai, Maine, socha tum understandig husband, ho, UV ne sahi bola u r loosed pati, iam sorry to say I love twinj but this two days ihate kunj behavior rude with her, boring always twinkle prove to herself, so much injustice, ilove twinkle she is the best ….

  32. Kunj the Marshmallow and Usha the Mind-Job! One can really see you two are related.
    It’s so obvious, any person can see that Yuvi and that excuse of a mother Anita are involved in all this. At the rate that this is going, my dear Kunj, I regrettably have to say this:
    Oh my dear Mahi, I’m so happy you got paired up with that lunatic Yuvi. After the way you treat your sister over a stranger, I won’t be surprised if he abuses you in every way possible because that’s exactly what you deserve! Why don’t you and that Idiot Mitali in KKB do us all a favour and just commit suicide, SERIOUSLY! We don’t need you fools!

  33. My Sweet Twinkle, we love you.
    Take it from me my sister, you don’t have to prove a God Damn thing to anyone. If they don’t believe you, F$%# them and move on with your life, you’re still very young and incredibly gorgeous. They’re the ones inflicting the most damage, so let them pick up the pieces.

  34. Feeling good by listening comments. u all are right guys. Kunj is really wrong. I want that kunj should get a nice lesson from twinkle, so that he should not dare to hurt twinkle again.?????

  35. Whts wrng with kunj…..twinkle s jada to bo baccha h..even uski baat to sune bs kuch bhi soch lta h bo kbi twinkl p trust ni krta…yuvi trap kr rha h ar bo fas rha h..pta ni kb khtm hoga y yuvi drama…?

  36. kunj ne isa kyu behave karraha hai. mujey yeh episode bilcul be pasand nahi hai

  37. Kunj is also right and twinkle also the one who is wrong is only that mad, nonsense Yuvi!!!!

  38. Yes everyone u all r right at least kunj should hear once what twinkle want to say, how rudely he is behaving with twinkle… plse jaldi se ye sab drama end ho becoz i want twinj together…. And this usha, how disgusting she is MANHOOS not twinkle…..

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