Tashan-e-Ishq 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yuvi hugs Mahi and says please clam down I am fine. He smirks at Leela.
Kunj says I tried to talk to twinkle about setting up in Canada but I couldn’t. Leela says you have to talk to her. Twinkle comes in and says what are you saying? Leela says I want you and kunj to go to Canada. I want you to have a new start with him there.
Twinkle says you decided this about me and didn’t even inform me? Kunj says I was about to tell you. Twinkle says how can you even imagine that I will leave mahi with yuvi. I wont let her ruin her life. RT comes in and says you wont do anything. I have decided that I will get yuvi and mahi married. Twinkle says don’t do this, this will be a wrong decision. Yuvi comes in and says you can wait if you want. Twinkle says you will wait

all your life I wont let this happen. RT says I can give yuvi a chance. Tomorrow yuvi and mahi will get engaged and I want you all to attend it, this is my final decision. Yuvi smiles and leaves.
Leela goes out as well. Twinkle says papa can’t do this, I couldn’t help her. Kunj hugs her he says don’t worry. I am with you. She says her life will be ruined. The song ‘agar tum saath ho’ plays. Kunj says don’t worry I will handle everything.

Next morning, Twinkle sees in dream, yuvi says you weakness your sister with me and you will lose. Now see how I ruin mahi’s life today. Twinkle wakes up in shock. She sees Kunj talking on call. She says Kunj I wont go to Canada. He says I can’t see you this way every day. She says I wont go anywhere. I can’t leave mahi alone. He says ma papa are with her. Nothing wrong will happen. Twinkle says you know yuvi, how can you be so selfish. He says I am selfish because I care about you, you are worried all the time. Yuvi can’t change. Twinkle says i am fine. He says yeah I can see. She says I care about mahi, I can do anything for her. Even shake hand with anita. Kunj says you didn’t even tell me. She shouldn’t be trusted. She says I thought you would help me but you wanna take me away from everyone. I can’t let yuvi ruin mahi’s life.
Twinkle comes downstairs, yuvi says this anger is not good for health. Why are you upset? You should be happy. Your sister is getting engaged today. Twinkle says get lost. He says is this how you talk to your ex and brother in law? You should be in your house and help my sasu maa in preparations. Twinkle says don’t fly so much I wont let this happen. he says you will stop? If mahi’s relation is broken, she wont get married anywhere.. because tonight same will happen to mahi like happened to dropati. Twinkle says don’t even think about harming her. Yuvi says I am Yuraj, stop me if you can.

Mahi says maa see this sari, Yuvi brought for me. He cares so much for me. Leela says in heart yuvi what is right and what is wrong. Twinkle comes in, she says mahi will wear sari in the engagement? I have to stop mahi. Twinkle says this is so pretty. You should wear a lehnga. You will look old in sari. She says yuvi broght it for me. Twinkle says i have a lehnga you will love it. She says yuvi wants me to wear this. Twinkle says let me show that to you. Mahi says no I will wear this. Mahi says this is yuvi’s plan to humiliate you, you can’t wear this. Mahi says I knew you would do this. You can’t see me happy. You are making a plan against yuvi. Twinkle says try to understand. Please don’t wear this. Mahi says I will wear this. Twinkle snatches the sari from mahi and cuts it. Mahi says what have you done? She is crying. Twinkle says sorry but I did this for you.
RT and leela come in. Mahi says see what twinkle did. She torn my sari apart. RT says just leave from here. Twinkle says please listen to me. RT says get out twinkle. Mahi says see what she did?
Leela says in heart yuvi has mixed poison among them.

Scene 2
Engagement starts. RT is busy in preparations. Babbe comes in, Leela welcomes them. RT says I hope we will leave all old problems with this new relation. Anita says of course, congrats leela. Leela says same to you. Leela says where are kunj and twnikle? babbe says they are coming. Yuvi says where is mahi? Leela says she is getting ready.
Kunj and Twinkle come in as well. Mahi comes downstairs. She is wearing the same sari. Yuvi smirks at twinkle..
Leela says mahi how you wore this? it is torn. Mahi says twinkle tear it.
Yuvi gave it to me with love. Leela says come.
Kunj asks twinkle you did this? She says yes, yuvi threatened me. He said that he will humiliate mahi. And mahi was not listening to me. Kunj says he cant do anything here. He is playing mind games with you. RT says come lets take a family photo.
Anita says to twinkle, we can stop this wedding, if we shake hands.
RT says to Leela lets start the engagement.

Kunj asks twinkle what happened? She says i am really worried. Kunj says don’t worry. There are so many people here, he can’t do anything here. Yuvi and mahi are on stage. A man thumbs up to yuvi. He hooks side of Mahi’s sari in the fan. Yuvi asks mahi to stand up. Twinkle sees it. The fan turns on, Mahi’s sari unrolls. Everyone is dazed. Mahi covers herself.

Precap-Twinkle says to kunj I warned you not to play with my sister. Yuvi says how dare you think I would do this to mahi. Kunj slaps Yuvi and says don’t talk like that to twinkle. Mahi says jeju you have no right to insult yuvi.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Fatarajo

    Twinj scenes are always a treat to watch just want Twinj to confess love ASAP no more dragging pleaseeee , and the only thing I like about the precap is Kunj taking stand for Twinkle

  2. esha

    This mahi is way so dam stupid I wonder this kind of girls do excess or just in dramas
    Kunj is just so sweet the way he console twinkle
    Lelaa as a mom is not doing anything she knows yuvi very well but still she so confused about him like what the hell
    Rt does not no anything about yuvi but the way he react like he knows yuvi for years stupid

  3. Aakanksha

    sum1 plzzz kill mahiii or just get her out of tei she is just soo dumb nd y is twinkle falling into so many probs for dat dumb girl. twinj plzzz just get out of this shit. yuvi is succeeding in all hi motives, kunj plzzz do sumthin nd get twinkle ot of this. badd baddd badddd epi I just hateeee YUHI

  4. Sheena

    I think twinkle should jst act as if she has no problem with Mani n yuvi’s relationship n play her own games silently n cunningly. She doesn’t need to declare her every step n pls twinkle keep kunj updated shouted every step that u take so that he can help u bcoz he is soooo smart??

  5. Im sick of Mahi n her problems… so dum. Y twinkle n kunj cant hve some alone time n atleast bond. Dam so long in a marrigae hardly any chrmistry. Whats wrong with these ppl

  6. tara

    I don’t understand why twinkle is behaving so emotional and erratic…you would think by now she would know how to play yuvi’s games! And Leela stopped talking to twinkle because of yuvi but she is allowing mahi to marry him??? Why doesn’t she stand up to RT and set him straight?

  7. Oh lord!!mahi is so dumb she makes water come to my eyes like she’s an onion..ppl say love is blind, I disagree!!stupidity, Tht is blind..Infatuation, Tht is blind ..Anger, Tht is blind.. Love is such a beautiful when u have the blessings of every one around u..when the blessing is pure and not out of pity..when love is pure and real u dnt try to b happy cz u r automatically.. When it’s love you’ll know when one is pretending and when the feeling mutual.the connection will b strong and real coming from both partners and not just one.Mahi’s stupidity will make her fall flat on her face leaving bruises n scar’s tht she’ll never recover from..when in love, if ur partner allows u to go against ur family even if its indirectly.. The love int real!.Mahi will need twinkle so bad & she’ll realize it soon. Better late than never..

  8. kripa

    GO GO GO twinkle!
    just go to canada with the only person who cares about u!
    you can only be happy if u stay away from ur family -_-
    just GOOOO!

  9. Pradol

    I like the comment by Tara—Twinkle with Kunj should come up with something to reveal Yuvi like tape his conversation with Twinkle

  10. sara345

    Mahi is stupid!
    Twinkle should just ignore them nd silently play hr games. Kunj is always with her! Im soo happy that atleast he understands her:’)
    They shouldn’t hv brought mahi to the show… .

  11. this is too much…..
    idk why twinkle always have to be the one proving things to these stupid peoples for
    if i was her i would done left them on the own to feel the pain and leela is a next stupid emotional fool how can she believe yuvi over twinkle when she fully well know how yuvi is that he can never be a change person and mahi is a big n stupid gal she only singing yuvi yuvi yvui….hold god days twinkle shld dig some sense in she head and left she own her cuz when you done like hear u does got to feel if mahi want to married yuvi then twinkle shld let her go ahead when things get out of hands she na go run to twinkle for help cuz when twinkle was telling her about yuvi she didnt want to hear…..
    twinkle need a break frm this families even with kunj he promise to be with her thick n thin and still she does be the one standing alone in any battle i fed up seeing twinkle cry this need to stop writer why shld she always be in pain…..

  12. Rishel sid bieber

    1.I will kiiiiiil stupid mahi…dn’t wry i willlill her nd kick out her out????
    2.secondly i wil kill uv..nd kick out him..???
    3.dn nxt is anita.. i wil put her in2 jail
    4.dn i wil shift twinkj in2 some romantic place before velentines????????????
    2dys epi is tooooo good.kunj u r so sweet like alwys.. bt kunj let me tel u one thig ki nice slaps??????????????????????????
    Bt twinkle wht ru doing yarr..plz go na….

  13. Its just disgusting yaar doo saal baad mahi aur yuvi ne dicide kiya tha ki wo ek nahi honge then RT is doing marriage RT mahi ke cakar main twinkle ko insult kar raha hai

  14. ?Carol Ann ⛵⛵

    Dear Lord,

    Please bless my Twinkle with powerful strength to fight agains……,
    Mr.Devil attitude Yuvraj Lutra ?
    Mrs. Evil Drama Queen Anita Lutra ?
    Miss Stupid Leftover Mahi Taneja ?
    Mrs. Ungrateful mother-in-law Usha Sarna ?
    Mr. Good-for-nothing RT ?
    Mrs. Dumb Leela Taneja ?

    ………………..and make My Twinkle always Strong ?, always Clever ?, more alert to surrounding ?, able to figure out how to overcome everything ? and stay romantic with Mr.husband ?

  15. Winston RUssell

    One of the better serials…however, laced with stupidity of bad intent …Anita, Yuvi and most stupid female, Mahi.

  16. ?Carol Ann ⛵⛵

    ? The day Yuvi shows his true color infront of Mahi is the day Mahi regret the most in her life for not listening to her sister and she will drown in her own guilt toward Twinkle !!!! I can’t wait and I can’t imagine her face when she will know the truth…!!!!?

  17. zayn malik

    You khathri,yuvi is no stranger.he was twinkle first love.he was the fist person to enter tashan e ish as twinkle lover and Anita son.

  18. Fay Hosein

    Mahi is so retarded – just like her father. Again, the writers have chosen to recycle the Twinkle/Yuvi idiotic nightmare to the Mahi/Yuvi idiotic nightmare. Are they so creatively bankrupt? Can’t they explore different story lines?

    Adin – ASAP is an acronym for As Soon As Possible!

  19. preet

    Yuvi plz don do the cheepo things to get twinkle plz do something tashanfull so all love you nd ur style plz writer unit twinkle nd yuvi as acc. To main lead plzplz …..rok
    Zain nd jasmin

  20. anne

    I totally agree with all the ur comments…The Mahi is so irritating & stupid. She’s been crying since she entered the show..no use of brain at all..OMG. Twinkle instead of busy proving and fighting should instead play reverse phycology with Yuvi. She should show him that she is happy with Kunj which is worthy cause.

  21. Simi

    I love kunj coz he’s wid twinkle n hate frekin mahi . she is a fool her sari fell still she’s takin uvs side . n Anita is not fakin I think. D worst is mahi n rt . rt doesn’t even know UV still he’s doing these all things. Fools……..but love twinj . they r only d best at this tym

  22. Simi

    Twinkle should jus make UV jealous. Lyk in dst episode where kunj was dancing for twinkle .ppl saw u saw uvs face . o mah god he was soooo jealous . then UV will be frustrated . n twinkle tell BT her every plan to kunj n shouldn’t say anything BT her plans so loudly to other ppl;-)

  23. SMC

    Nowadays they r focusing more on Yuhi not Twinj…
    But guys don’t write messages they r of no use Mahi aka Shritama is not going to leave the show bcoz of our comments if we simply waste time writing rubbish it’s of no use.They work hard for us,they r just trying to bring the trp rating up since when Zain had took a break all his fans used to send messages to Sidhant n Jasmin squinting where is Zain,end Twinj n start Twiraj and I think they bought Shritama to increase the trp rating bcoz maybe all the KTHTMD fans would support Tashan E Ishq.But yes I accept all ur comments r right but as a Tashan E Ishq fan I would support what they do and yes even I would want Mahi character to change.
    But they better do something good on Valentine’s Day!

  24. Rishel sid bieber

    Best coment carol ann?????
    Don’t think about mahi nd uv..bcz jese aye the waise hi chale bhi jayege..wo kiya hai na thora sa tei ka twist barhane aye hai..pehle bhi toh aya tha uv bt iss bar kuch jyada hi atitude ke saath kuch jyda hi twist barhane aya hai bt dont wory hamari supr woman twinki hai na???? sab thik kar degi…………

  25. tara

    smc i agree wid u..bt mahi is tooooooooooooooooooo irritating,,i don’t have any prob wid yuvi..coz as many times he tried to create problem twinj only came together bt becoz of this mahi we get to see less twinj scenes and thet stupid rt also shouted at twinkle…

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