Tashan-e-Ishq 10th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Twinkle faints, kunj wakes up and finds Twinkle beside him, he is stunned, he looks around and tries to wake Twinkle up, he is feeling cold in cold storage and tries to free his hands from ropes, he looks at Twinkle, Kunj moves and cuts rope ffrom lock of storage room.
Babee says to family that i was worried for Kunj thats why i didnt tell anyone about ransom, Surjeet says this means that they took money, didnt leave Kunj and now Twinkle is kidnapped too, Leela says we have to save our kids.
Kunj finally breaks rope tied t his hand, he comes to Twinkle and tries to wake her up, he says Twinkle’s pulse is getting low, if she doesnt wake up then.. he tries to open door of cols storage but no help, he ask Twinkle to wake up, he says Twinkle’s pulse is getting

low, he rubs her feet and her to come to consciousness, he hugs Twinkle and it worried for her, he cups her face and kisses her cheek, Twinkle wakes up and moves away, Kunj says thank God you have woken up, Twinkle says why did you kiss me? Kunj says i didnt have any option as i had to wake you up, i could have given you body heat, Twinkle says you took advantage of situation, Kunj says you must have tortured me when i was unconscious, your dream must have got fulfilled that i kissed you, you are my wife so chill, he says its too cold, he hugs her and open ties of rope on her hand, Sajna ve plays, he says we have to go, he tries to untie rope from her feet but Twinkle says i will do it myself, she does, Kunj says lets go else we will become ice cream, the scream to open door, Kunj breaks door, they leave from there.

Scene 2
Usha ask Manohar if he gets to know about Kunj? Manohar says no, Raman says i searched everywhere but couldnt find them, Leela says i have to find them, she is about to leave but Kunj and Twinkle comes there, all get happy seeing them, Usha hugs Kunj while Leela hugs Twinkle. Usha says we were so worried, Leela gets conscious and moves back from Twinkle, she comes to Kunj and is happy to see him, Babee says to Twinkle that i am sorry, Twinkle says no, you are not at fault, you did what you were forced to do, you were blackmailed, and atleast Kunj was with me in end, elders should not ask forgiveness from younger one, Leela ask Kunj if he is fine? he says i am fine and your Twinkle too.
All family members are sitting, Leela ask Kunj who kidnapped you and where were you kept? just tell me name, Twinkle thinks that how to tell Kunj was kidnapped by Anand, i know they will be hurt to listen this but i cant hide truth, Anand is my brother in law but he has done mistake and i cant support him, Kunj says i dont know about them, Twinkle thinks that i have only option that is truth, Leelt ask him to recall who were they, Kunj says i dont remember anything, Twinkle says Kunj was kidnapped by Anand, all are shocked, Usha says this girl has gone mad, first she destroyed Kunj’s life and now behind Anand, Twinkle asys trust me anand kidnapped Kunj, i know this is bitter but true, Anita says this is perk of having modern daughter in law, this Twinkle sent Cherry to jail the made my son Yuvi mad and now calling Anand kidnapper, Babee says to Twinkle that think befoe you speak, Twinkle says i am saying with surety that Anand kidnapped Kunj, she tells them how Anand came to meet kidnappers, it was clear that Anand did kidnapping in some problem but it was anand only, Usha says no my one son can hurt other son for money, Babee says Twinkle maybe you are mistaken, Twinkle says i am sure it was Anand, i am 10% it was Anand only. Usha says stop it Twinkle, she is about to slap Twinkle but Kunj holds her hand.

PRECAP- Kunj says to Twinkle that if your allegations on Anand is not true then i will not spare you, Twinkle says trust me i am not lying, Kunj says how can i trust you, someone comes and says because i proof.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Precap is not this

  2. Yeah precap is not this. Athiba please update correct episode you missed last part

  3. This written update is not complete.

  4. plzz…give complete information

  5. Hey guys…. I am not a regular viewer of this serial,still I saw something in the advertisement. It’s that someone is lying dead and his face is covered…. Twinkle goes near to that person and opens the cover.. She finds that the person is Kunj.. KUNJ IS DEAD!

    1. I think Kunj is acting. If Kunj is really dead I won’t follow this show anymore. I watch this show for one and only Twinj and Yuvi’s acting.
      And I like Zain/Yuvi’s acting a lot.

  6. kunj ask twinkle how can i trust your words.. at the same time police will come with anand and anand agreed that he had kidnapped kunj for money. babe scolds him and ask police to take him to jail. precap: police about to take anand to jail , every one is worried but twinkle ask police to leave anand.

  7. Twinj scenes were superb today.

  8. the precap was- twinkle stops the police from arresting Anand

    1. Thanks for the precap ruth

  9. The update is not complete!

  10. Please don’t delay in updates

  11. Misshka Guptaa

    Awesome episode!

  12. ankita senapati

    hello! everyone…i m new here…bt i m a regular viewr of tashan e ishq…

  13. Nice episode

  14. Why every week plan of kunj murder is made in the serial….plz don’t kill kunj..he is soooooo cute?☺☺☺

  15. Why kunj murder plan is made every week in tashan.e.ishq? Please don’t kill kunj

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