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Here’s the 5th episode.
At night Twinkle and Kunj were thinking what happened with them. Then, went to sleep.
Next day when Kunj goes to office, he gets a surprise. Everyone in his office wish him for his marriage.
Kunj (in a low tone) – Thank you. In goes inside in his cabin. Then, his junior comes in and then says Sir, Mr Khanna has organised a party today evening, I forgot to tell you about.
Kunj – Okay. I will come.
Junior – Sir, Mr Khanna got your marriage news so he said that bring your to- be wife with you. Kunj is surprised.
Kunj– Okay. What time.
Junior – Sir, 7 pm today.
Kunj (in a tension voice) – I will call her and ask her about this, and then I will let you know.
Junior – Okay, sir. But please fast.
Kunj – Yes.
Kunj self-talk – how will I get this girl yaar? Ek number ki ziddi hai. I will call her now and then my tension gone. He calls Twinkle. On the other hand Twinkle is in a meeting and does not pick up the phone. Kunj tries but fails and decides to do later.
In lunch break, Twinkle calls him asks him what happened.
Kunj – Actually, woh
Twinkle – What say fast?
Kunj – Twinkle My office CEO has organised a party and told me to bring you there.
Twinkle – When?
Kunj – Today 7pm.
Twinkle – No sorry, I can’t come because I’m taking my family to dinner today. So sorry.
Kunj – Okay. I will go there alone.
Twinkle – okay. She cuts the call.
Kunj calls the person who told him about it and says I will come alone as my to- be- wife has some work today.

At 4 pm, Twinkle is at home.
Leela – How was your day after engagement?
Twinkle – Very well. I did all my meetings clearly.
Leela – Did you get Kunj’s call?
Twinkle – Yes, He was saying that there’s some party organised by his CEO and his CEO said to bring me with him.
Leela – What did you say?
Twinkle – I said no to him.
Leela – Why did u say no to him?
Twinkle – I want to take you for dinner today so I said no.
Leela – Are, we will go tomorrow. Please Twinkle go with him. This will bring you more close to him.
Twinkle – Maa, You know that I don’t love him at all neither he loves me.
Leela (cupping her face) – I know bacha, but you have to go there because now his respect is your respect.
Twinkle – Maa, I think you should see Ki & Ka.
Leela – C’mon call him. Twinkle calls him.
Kunj – Now what?
Twinkle – I’m coming with you. Today 7pm right.
Kunj – Great, yes today 7pm. I will come to pick you up.
Twinkle – Okay. She cuts the call. Kunj is happy.
Leela – C’mon now go and select a dress for you tonight.
Twinkle (in a dull tune) – Okay Maa.
She goes to her room. Yuvi comes to her.

Yuvi – Di I made Mahi my friend yesterday.
Twinkle – Wow, one step completed.
Yuvi – Yes, but she said that she doesn’t believe in love concept. Twinkle bursts out laughing very hard.
Yuvi – What happened Twinkle di? Why r u laughing?
Twinkle – You made her your friend and now onwards she is just your friend. I don’t know how a girl can’t believe in love.
Yuvi – Di, she was too studious in school.
Twinkle – Even I was studious in school, but I never fell in love with anyone.
Yuvi – Yes.
Twinkle – I think that you have to stay……..unmarried your whole life.
Yuvi – No I can’t, di you see how I make Mahi fall in love with me.
Twinkle – Yes, but don’t use any wrong tracks for it. Please Yuvi.
Yuvi – Yes di and do you remember that you have I come at my college tomorrow at 3pm.
Twinkle – Yes I will come. But, now tell me what I shall wear. She opens her wardrobe and removed three gowns. First one was full sleeves, deep neck, and backless, orange coloured gown, second was half sleeves, small neck, backless, pink coloured gown. And the third one was sleeveless, small neck and not a backless gown and it was blue coloured.
Twinkle – Which one Yuvi?
Yuvi – Twinkle di hmmmmmm…………………….. the third one. It looks more suitable for you.
Twinkle – I was thinking the same. I hate to wear backless dresses.
Yuvi – I know that di. She uses that dress and till that she gets a call of Kunj.
Kunj – Twinkle I will come at 6:30 to keep you up as the place is little far away from here. So be ready. And Please don’t wear any backless dresses.
Twinkle – Okay I know that you don’t like backless dresses I will not wear it.
Kunj – Okay bye.
Twinkle remembers an incident in happened in their teenage in which Kunj scolded her for one and half hour for wearing a backless dress.

Flashback starts
Twinkle – What is the problem to wear a backless dress?
Kunj – There is problem. Do you know how people were looking at you wearing that dress?
Twinkle – Kunj, why r u so possessive about me?
Kunj – Twinkle I’m possessive about you because I can’t see any one looking at you with lust in their eyes.
Twinkle was touched with his words and said ok I will never ever wear clothes like this only for you. Kunj smiles.
Flashback ends.

Twinkle smiles and gets ready for the party. It is 6:30 now and Kunj is waiting for Twinkle and ready to leave with her. Twinkle comes there from front. Kunj is stunned to look at her. She was looking very beautiful. She sits in his car and is ready leave. Her family wave their hands to them.
In car, Kunj says she is looking very pretty.
Twinkle – Thanks. Do you want some music?
Kunj – No, I hate listening to music in car. Just noise pollution.
Twinkle – Tum sadu ke sadu hi rahoge. Sadu Sarna.
Kunj – You listen to music in car.
Twinkle – Yes I do.
Kunj – Very good. Keep it up.
Twinkle – What is your problem? Can’t you understand anything without having an argument?
Kunj – Argument and me. What r u doing? Twinkle stays quite.
Twinkle – Let’s go.
Kunj – Okay finish this topic here.

They reach their venue. Kunj meets all his colleagues and introduces them to Twinkle. After some time, everyone starts to dance. Twinkle and Kunj don’t take part in it, but Kunj’s boss courage’s them to take part in it and gets them on the dance floor.
Kunj takes Twinkle’s hand in his and she puts her other hand on her shoulder. Wajah tum ho song starts to play. Twinkle and Kunj feel awkward, but they dance and they both continuously look in each other’s eyes. Kunj is fully fallen in her eyes and says your eyes r still the same. Twinkle feels awkward and tries to go from there but Kunj pulls her back. The dance stops, Kunj comes back to sense and they separate each other.
The party ends and Twinkle and Kunj get back to home. They both remember what happened with them. They both have a soft smile on their faces.

Precap – Twinj meet each other in the college of Mahi and Yuvi.

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Credit to: Mitali

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