Tashan e friendship to Tashan e ishq (Episode 9)


Guys I’m thankful to you all that you all liked my ff. Once again thank you.
Let’s start.
Twinkle and Kunj come back home and then Usha asks Twinkle to kick the kalash with her right leg and come in. Twinkle nods and does the same. Twinkle‘s first feet in the house after marriage.
Manohar – Kunj take Twinkle to your room. Kunj nods. They came to his room.
On the other hand, Leela is crying for Twinkle.
Yuvi – Maa, why r u crying? Kunj jiju is there to take care of her. And you know Kunj how much of care he takes of our Twinkle it was proved in the past and now also. Leela agrees.
@ Sarna Mansion
Twinkle – This is your room.
Kunj – Don’t act to smart, you came here once.
Twinkle – Ya, engagement day. Kunj nods.

Kunj – Hold on how we will stay in this room. Remember yesterday’s incident. Junglee Beeli ooth gayi. Twinkle fumes out but control’s her angry.
Twinkle self- talk – You have to live with this guy for your whole life.
Kunj – Did u say anything?
Twinkle – No.
Kunj – Then how we will stay in one room.
Twinkle – Hold on, we can do partition. Left side yours, right side mine.
Kunj – Look good idea but washroom.
Twinkle – Washroom belongs to both of us.
Kunj – Ya, but I think but we should discard this plan.
Twinkle – Why?

Kunj – Look washroom is on your side and I have to come there so there would be no partition.
Twinkle – Ya, plan discarded. But, you sleep on the couch and I will sleep on the bed, right side and out pillows in between.
Kunj – Why?
Twinkle – Actually if you think that u r feeling cold or hot then u can come on the bed. No problem.
Kunj – Twinkle u r saying this.
Twinkle – Ya, look if u r not comfort table to sleep on one bed, then its ok, but if u want u can.
Kunj – Okay. Kunj smiles.
Kunj and Twinkle go to their respective offices.

@ Twinkle’s office
Boss – Twinkle first of all wishing u happy life ahead and ya, Aditi has urgently gone to US for 2 weeks. So u, have to do all the meetings of hers.
Twinkle – Sir thank you but sir, my family members’ r saying to take holiday. And this.
Boss – I know that, but we have no option. Okay we can do one thing is that postponed all the meetings of Aditi.
Twinkle – Sir but how.
Boss – U know Na so u have to stay.
Twinkle – Okay sir but can we do it in three days.
Boss – Twinkle there r 10 meetings depending of Aditi.
Twinkle – Sir that’s great so I can handle them.
Boss- Okay as u think. Get on to work.

Twinkle – yes sir.
Twinkle come out and asks Poorna (Aditi’s best friend), why Aditi has gone US.
Poorna – Twinkle actually Aditi’s parents have called her and her brother.
Twinkle – Okay thanks.
Poorna – You’re welcome.
Twinkle thinks that means Rahul and Aditi have gone. Let it be Twinkle concentrate on your work, 10 meetings in three days.
@ Sarna mansion
Twinkle comes home exhausted. She in the room and Kunj asks her what happened. She tells him everything.
Kunj – Oh! Twinkle u know that 10 meetings in three days can’t happen.

Twinkle – Kunj I will try my best. And so I have to complete 2 presentations.
Kunj – Twinkle if u need any help please tell, I will not sleep till u sleep.
Twinkle – Kunj why?
Kunj – Twinkle yesterday I promised you that I will be with u for everything. And I also have some work so tell if u need anything.
Twinkle – Thanks and now I need coffee.
Kunj – Okay I will get it for you. He goes from there.

Twinkle remembers an incident happened in their childhood. When twinkle had many projects to do and Kunj had promised to help her in it. Twinkle smiles. Then Kunj gets her coffee and she drinks it. Then does her work Kunj also help her in it if she had any problem. She completes her work and goes to sleep and so does Kunj.

Precap – Twinkle’s meetings ends and Usha tells Twinj about their honeymoon.

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Credit to: Mitali

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