Tashan e friendship to Tashan e ishq (Episode 8)


Thank you all the people to support me, Plzzz keep reading and commenting on my ff. Here’s the 8th episode.

The episode starts as Aditi gets a call of her dad.
Dad- You both have to come to US for a conference.
A shocked Aditi said – Dad, US When. A whisper said to put the call on speaker. (Rahul said).
Dad – You both have to sit today.
Aditi – Dad tickets.
Dad – I have booked them. I will mail it and pack your things and go airport.
Rahul – Dad, why?
Dad – Shut up don’t ask stupid questions, just come everyone will be waiting for you both. Aditi and Rahul r shocked.

Rahul – Aditi what will we do. We made such good plan and now this.
Aditi – We have to go bcz if we don’t then dad will…………
Rahul says kill us.
Aditi – Right.
Rahul – But, you will let the wedding happen.
Aditi – No option our plan is spoiled.
Rahul – okay. I will go and pack the bags.

Aditi – Proceed. Rahul nods.
Aditi to herself – I’m still left with a trump card. So no worries.
They leave for US.
At Taneja Mansion.
Leela to Twinkle – Twinkle u will go today.
Twinkle – Maa, don’t cry yaar. You r making me senti. Leela smiles. Yuvi comes there.
Yuvi – Di, I love u. Why r you going from here. You know this house will be so empty without u. Yuvi cries.
Twinkle (in crying voice) – Yuvi Yaar don’t cry. Please. And I’m not going anywhere.
Yuvi – Why r u saying lie? Twinkle cries and hugs him. RT comes in.
RT – Full on drama.
Leela – Let it be. You will never understand our feelings.
RT – I’m also feeling to cry. Twinkle and Yuvi go and hug him.
Leela – Okay let’s go. Twinkle come fast. Twinkle nods.
Chinki comes there and says happy.
Twinkle – Happy and me. Never. My life is going be hell. I’m marrying that person whom I don’t even love, neither has he loved me. Chinki laughs.
Chinki – Twinkle there would be one day when u will get your true love in him.
Twinkle – no.
Chinki – bet. Twinkle nods.
Chinki- 5000 ki bet.
Twinkle – Okay.
Leela comes and says they will come. Get ready.
Chink gets Twinkle ready. Twinkle is looking very beautiful.
Kunj and his family has come. All the mantras and other rituals r done. Pheras r also done. Now Twinkle and Kunj r married. Twinkle has tears in her eyes. It’s time for Twinkle to go. Leela, RT and Yuvi cry. Twinkle hugs all of them. Twinj take blessings of all elders.
Raman – Stop this melodrama. Twinkle and Kunj you both will stay in hotel. Twinkle and Kunj r shocked.

Pinni mami – Yes, Yes, after all this is your first night after your marriage. Twinkle and Kunj look at each other in shock.
Leela to Kunj – Kunj I know that you will take much care of my Twinkle. Kunj holds her hands and says Maa you be very calm. I will take care of Twinkle. Everyone has broad smile on their faces.
Twinkle and Kunj reach the hotel. Twinkle enters the room first and looks at the decoration done.
Twinkle self-talk – Look at the decoration, everyone is thinking that we r very happy. But, no. Twinkle goes in to change. Kunj comes and looks at the decorations.
Kunj self- talk – So much of hard work, all wasted. He removes his coat and jumps on the bed and says comfortable bed. And sleeps.
Twinkle comes out of the washroom and is surprised to look at Kunj sleeping. She goes near him and tries to wake him up and is unsuccessful. She tries to wake him up by hitting pillow.
Kunj – Mahi let me sleep, I’m very sleep.

Twinkle (in all anger) – Oh! Mahi. Stupid this is Twinkle Taneja. Now see I will wake u up. Sleeping on my bed. Twinkle takes a jar of water and pours on him. Kunj get ups in shock.
Kunj – Twinkle what r u doing? Twinkle gives fake smile.
Twinkle – Waking u up.
Kunj – Why?
Twinkle – This is my bed. I will sleep.
Kunj – Twinkle is there any plate here on which it is written that this is your bed.
Twinkle – I’m saying na, so this is my bed.

Kunj fumes out and again sleeps on the bed. Twinkle in full angry mood, starts hitting him. Kunj gets up and says Kunj beta you r gone, this Twinkle is on full angry young woman mood. Kunj you r gone. Twinkle keeps hitting him and Kunj runs in the room and Twinkle behind.
Twinkle – Mr Kunj Sarna you r gone. Kunj climbs on the bed and takes a pillow and starts hitting Twinkle. They have a pillow fight.
Kunj – Stop Twinkle. Twinkle starts hitting him harder. Twinkle loses her balance and catches Kunj and they both fall on the bed. Kunj on top of Twinkle. They share eye contact. Then, Kunj gets up. So does Twinkle.
Kunj – I will sleep on the couch. Twinkle nods. Twinkle sleeps on the bed and Kunj on couch. They both remember a scene taking place exactly like this in their childhood. They both sleep.
After some time, Someone knocks the door. Kunj goes to check and Twinkle gets up. The man says sir this is cake for both of you. Kunj takes the cake in and says thank you.
Twinkle gets up and says how u can accept the cake.

Kunj – Look I’m very hungry so I am eating this cake.
Twinkle – How cake u eat it?
Kunj – using my mouth and hands. Twinkle holds her head.
Twinkle – You want to eat na. Kunj nods.
Twinkle – okay. Twinkle takes the cake and puts it on Kunj‘s face. Kunj is surprised.
Twinkle – Now eat.
Kunj – Twinkle……………….. Kunj goes in washroom and cleans his face.
Twinkle and Kunj sleep, but r hungry. Twinkle gets up and asks Kunj to come with her down to eat as is also hungry. Kunj nods and they go down.
Episode ends.

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Credit to: Mitali

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  4. Nice episode

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