Tashan e friendship to Tashan e ishq (Episode 7)


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So let’s start episode 7
In morning, Leela comes in Twinkle’s room and says Twinkle get up its 8:00, but does not find her there. Then Twinkle comes out from the balcony. And says Maa I’m ready.
Leela – Today is your haldi ceremony.
Twinkle – Maa, r these rituals compulsory.
Leela – Yes. Everyone gives respect to these rituals.
Twinkle – Okay.
Leela – Look Kunj’s family got you a saree. It was yellow colour one. You have to wear this and come down.

Twinkle – Okay Maa, I will come. Twinkle smiles at her.
Leela – Twinkle go and wake up your lazy brother.
Twinkle – Maaaa…… he is not lazy.
Leela – Okay, okay. Wake him up. Twinkle nods.
Twinkle goes in Yuvi’s room and looks at him still sleeping. She tries to wake him up but Yuvi. Then, she takes a pillow and starts hitting him.
Twinkle – Ooth aaj Yuvi kumbh karan ki tarah so raha hai.
Yuvi – Twinkle di, please don’t hit. Twinkle keeps hitting him. Yuvi gets up and takes a pillow and starts hitting Twinkle. They both have a pillow fight. Then, RT and Leela come in and see them fighting. They smile and then say stop, stop, stop fighting and come fast. Everyone would be waiting for you. They stop fighting and r surprised. Twinkle and Yuvi both together say everyone? They had question mark on their face.

Leela – Your mama, mami and bubbly have come here. Twinkle and Yuvi run down to see them.
But, they find no one there, then someone from behind say ooo puttar hum yaha hai. It is Raman mama. Twinkle and Yuvi run to him and very tightly hug him.
Pinni mami – oh humari Twinkle kitni badi hogai ki ab toh uski shaadi ho rahi hai. Twinkle smile but thinks my marriage is just sake of my family and nothing else. Everyone goes inside.
The time comes when haldi ceremony is there. Twinkle wears the saree gifted by Kunj’s mother to her. She was looking to beautiful in it.

Everyone praises her. Then everyone starts putting her haldi. Kabira (happy wala) song plays. It is Yuvi’s turns and he puts a full plate of haldi on her. Twinkle hits him. Everyone laughs. But Twinkle is sad, thinking of her marriage.
On the other hand Kunj‘s family also does the haldi ceremony. The ceremony ends. (I ‘m very sorry to fast forward the part.)

Next day, it is mehendi, both families meet at Twinkle’s house. Twinkle comes down and everyone looks at her. Kunj thinks she is absolutely stunning.
She comes to Kunj who looking at her, she claps her hands in front
of him. He comes to senses.
Twinkle – What?
Kunj – nothing. Leela calls Twinkle. She goes from there.
Kunj self- talk – Yaar this girl has something in her which is attracting me to her. ……. Kunj shut up don’t even think about it. You can’t fall for her. Never, I will never fall for a girl like Twinkle, I will just marry her for sake of my family. Okay. Kunj go away from this topic. I hate Twinkle, I hate Twinkle. Yes. Mahi comes near him and asks what? Kunj answers what, go? He goes from there. Mahi stays quiet.
Leela asks Twinkle to put mehendi. Twinkle nods. Twinkle puts mehendi. Twinkle is sad and Mahi asks what happened. Twinkle says nothing and smiles.
The person who is putting mehendi asks her husband’s name.

Twinkle- Kunj. She puts a K in her mehendi and then Usha asks Kunj to search the K on Twinkle’s hand. Kunj makes faces but goes and sits beside Twinkle and tries to find letter K, but is unable to find it. He winks at Twinkle to let.

Twinkle – He is doing cheating. He is asking me to let me let where the letter is.
Kunj – Nahi, nahi she is lying.
Usha – Kunj no cheating. Kunj gets the letter and teases Twinkle. She gives a death glare look to him.
On the other hand, Aditi and Rahul are planning to spoil Kunj Twinkle’s marriage. Aditi gives idea to him (all muted) Rahul smirks.
The mehendi ceremony also finishes. (I ‘m very sorry to fast forward the part.)
Next day, sangeet ceremony. Leela says to Twinkle only two days for your marriage.
Twinkle – Maa, senti mat karo. Leela smiles.

Twinkle – I’m will come to meet you.
Leela – yes, Twinkle Kunj is very nice, you will be very happy with him. Twinkle gives a soft smile. Kunj comes there.
Kunj – Namaste aunty.
Leela – No aunty, only Maa. Kunj smiles.
Leela – Bhagwan kare tum dono ki Jodi salamte rake. Twinj look at each other. Kunj ignores Twinkle.
The sangeet ceremony starts.
Mahi dances on song Punjabi wedding song. Yuvi is stunned to see Mahi. Mahi and Yuvi together dance on Ainvayi Ainvayi song. Everyone praises them. Everyone also dances. Then, Bubbly comes to Twinkle and asks if she is happy. Twinkle says yes she is happy. Bubbly goes from there.
Twinkle to Kunj – Tell me who is happy in their marriage.

Kunj replies – Madam, everyone is very happy in their marriage bcz they r marrying that person whom they love the most, but in our case everything is upside down and we r not happy bcz we don’t love each other, we r only friends and we r getting married against our wishes.
Twinkle – First time you have used your brains good, there is a point in your sentences. Kunj fumes.
Kunj – Shut up Twinkle I every time use my brains. Actually u don’t have brains.
Twinkle – Kunj I will not let you live so easily.
Kunj – Ya right, I will also not let you live so easily.
Precap – Not Decided.

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Credit to: Mitali

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