Tashan e friendship to Tashan e ishq (Episode 3)


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Twinkle looks at Aditi in anger.
Aditi – What? Why r u staring me.
Twinkle – Who told u about my marriage?
Aditi – Do you remember Rahul in school?
Twinkle – Right. Cheap people will call cheap people only.
Aditi – Cheap we……….as u say.
Twinkle – Why r u acting to smart in front me. U know, you r not smart at all.
Aditi – Look I don’t even care what you say.
Twinkle – Then, why do you like to interfere in my personal things?
Aditi – I don’t know.
Twinkle – It’s enough talking with u, just waste of time.
Aditi – Right. Waste of time.
Twinkle – Bye, actually no I should say kick off from my life.

Aditi fumes out. Twinkle smiles looking at her.
After some time Aditi calls someone and Twinkle gets suspicious on her. She goes behind her. Aditi and person on the phone talk (all muted). Twinkle listens the whole talk and is shocked.
Twinkle self-talk – But how, how can this happen. Twinkle is all confused.
At 4 o’clock she calls Kunj and asks him to come at Diamond Park near his office.
Kunj – why?
Twinkle – Just listen to me, there’s no need to ask anything. I want to ask u some important thing.
Kunj – Okay, but when.
Twinkle – Hmmmmmmm……………………… at 8 pm.
Kunj – Okay.
Twinkle – Be punctual. Be present there at sharp 8 pm. done.

Kunj – Okay.
At 8 pm Twinkle is waiting for Kunj. Then Kunj comes.
Twinkle – Late. It’s 8:10.
Kunj – Only ten minutes late, chill.
Twinkle – Childhood defect still there. When we were small you every time used to come late. Don’t you have manners?
Kunj – Just shut up and say what you wanted to.
Twinkle – okay. First breathe in and then breathe out. Do it ten times.
Kunj – What? R you taking my P.T. class.
Twinkle – No. Just do it because what I’m going to ask u, u will feel to slap me. Kunj does what Twinkle tells him to do.
Kunj – Now say
Twinkle – Tell me the truth, Do u and Aditi loved each other. Kunj is shocked.
Kunj – From where do u get to know this.
Twinkle – When Aditi went to pick up the, I was suspicious on her and I was shocked when I got to know that you and Aditi loved each other.

Kunj – Yes we loved each other. But, she is b*t*h. But how do you know about.
Twinkle – Kunj she is working in my office. You didn’t tell me about it. And do your mom and dad know it.
Kunj – Yes they know about it and they were ready for it. But …..
Twinkle – But what?
Kunj – But when I got her home, she did not behave properly with my parents. Then, I broke up with her. But she still did not leave it. She everyday called me and then told me that she loves me a lot, but my heart wasn’t listening ready to bring her back in my life.
Twinkle – When did this start?
Kunj – When that incident happened, there was no one near me except my parents, even my best friend stepped back (Yuvi). But, she was there with me. Then, when I came up from that incident, she proposed me. I had to fallen in love with her. But now I think why I loved such a girl who loves me, but never loved me.
Twinkle – To sad. Kunj starts crying. He sits down.
Twinkle – Why r u crying? She sits beside him and hugs him. Kunj is shocked.
Kunj – Twinkle what r u doing? Twinkle breaks the hug. They both feel awkward.
Twinkle – Actually I hugged you because when we were small I used to hug u when u cry and u would stop crying. Look u stopped crying. Kunj is surprised.

Twinkle – Did you broke up with her, if not then I can cancel this marriage.
Kunj – What you heard on the phone was that I said her that I will never make her my girlfriend. And yes we have broken up 1 year before and I’m ready to marry u. Twinkle looks at him.
Twinkle – Okay I should go now. She gets up. But Kunj holds her hand and stops her.
Kunj – Wait I will drop you.
Twinkle – I have my car with me, I will go.
Kunj – You drive in front I will come behind you.
Twinkle – No need.
Kunj – There is a need. When we were small I never used to let u go alone anywhere, ya accept some (I suppose u all got to know the place).
Twinkle – Okay. They drive and at the side of the road Twinkle sees an ice-cream stall. She parks her car and goes there. Kunj is surprised, but remembers his childhood with her, when they used to eat ice-cream.
After eating he drops her home.
Twinkle – Thank you.
Kunj – Welcome. She turns back. But Kunj calls her and says please be aware of Aditi, she will do anything to have u separated from me.

Twinkle – Okay. She goes in.
Kunj self-talk – Twinkle I’m sorry I didn’t tell you a thing which is most important in your life. Sorry. He goes from there and Twinkle turns back and looks at him going from there and says he is not so khadoos like childhood Kunj. She smiles.
The screen freezes on her smiley face.

Precap – Engagement is going on and someone enters inside (face not shown).

Credit to: Mitali

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