Tashan e friendship to Tashan e ishq (Episode 13)


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Let’s start.

The episode starts with Kunj trying to control Twinkle. He holds her with both shoulders and tries to take her.
Kunj self-talk – kitni moti hogai hai twinkle. He looks for a taxi but can’t find one. Twinkle starts behaving weirder. Some people passing by see her and laugh. Kunj looks at them and they stop laughing. Kunj sees a small road in between and takes twinkle there. Twinkle pushes him. He falls on the ground.
Twinkle (in drunk state) – oye, u hold your ears.
A confused Kunj asked – Why?
Twinkle – just hold and then sit down and stand up, do ten times. Kunj was confused.
Kunj – nahi karoga.
Twinkle- Nahi. She pouts.
Twinkle – Do it or I will shout.
Kunj – Okay, okay. He does it and says Naina what did u do. He completes it.
Twinkle – good boy.
Kunj – why did u say to do this?
Twinkle – mere saath shaadi karne ki saza hai.
Kunj – What? Waise sahi kahrahi hai.
Twinkle runs, Kunj runs behind her.
Kunj – Twinkle wait, wait.
Twinkle – I’m not going to wait. U wait.
Kunj – Oh god how will I control Twinkle. Taxi bhi nahi mil rahi.

He sees a taxi and stops it.
Taxi driver – Where do u want to go? Kunj hands him the paper. He reads it and says come. Kunj nods. He goes and gets twinkle who is not willing to come.
Kunj – Twinkle Jo karna hai na woh tum room mein jakar karna, bhi nahi. A sad Twinkle comes with him.
They the hotel. Kunj pays and takes twinkle to the room. Kunj bolt the door and takes Twinkle on the bed, who instead pins him to the wall.
Kunj – Twinkle what?
Twinkle – I want to kiss u.
Kunj – Twinkle nahi. Twinkle comes closer to his face. Kunj closes his eyes. There is only half inch distance in his and her lips.
Kunj thinks – what’s going on? I came here for honeymoon no actually for exploring London and this. Babaji please stops this girl. Twinkle backs off. Kunj opens his eyes. He is relaxed.
Twinkle – Mera mood chala gaya.
Kunj – Twinkle come and sleep.
Twinkle – Nahi. (Once again pouting.)
Kunj lifts her. She is about to shout, but he makes her hug him and she does not shout. He puts her on bed and sits beside her. Twinkle sleeps and Kunj goes to sleep.

In morning,
Twinkle gets up holding her head.
Twinkle – mera sir. She opens her eyes and finds Kunj sitting in front of her.
Twinkle – Kunj why is head paining and why I don’t remember anything I did yesterday.
Kunj (handling her the glass of lemonade) – twinkle yesterday Naina spiked your drink and u were behaving weird.
Twinkle – oh, tell me I did not do anything to u na.
Kunj – No, u did.
Twinkle – What?
Kunj – u were trying to kiss me.
Twinkle – What? Nahi u r lying.
Kunj – Why will I lie if u were really doing it?
Twinkle – okay, okay.
Kunj – now drink this, so that your hangover goes off.
Twinkle – okay. She drinks it. Kunj goes to get ready. Same does Twinkle.
Then, down stairs they meet Naina. Twinkle yells at her.
Twinkle – Naina, u spiked my drink, I will not leave u.
Naina – sorry, but I wanted something funny to happen.
Twinkle – funny. She runs behind Naina. Kunj laughs seeing this scene.
Kunj – yesterday what happened, I don’t know if it was funny but this is funny.

Precap – not decided.
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Credit to: Mitali

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