Tashan e friendship to Tashan e ishq (Episode 12)


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Let’s start. Twinkle gets a call of Mahi and Mahi asks her that who is guiding them. Twinkle answers Naina.
Mahi – Okay Bhabhi enjoy. She cuts the call.
Twinkle then gets a call of Naina.
Naina – Guys I’m outside the hotel. Come fast.
Twinkle – yes we r coming. She cuts the call. Twinkle comes near the washroom door. She knocks the door.
Twinkle – Kunj come fast. Naina is waiting.
Kunj – Twinkle yes I’m coming. Wait for a second.
Twinkle – okay. She moves from there and her mobile rings, it is Naina. She tells her they r coming.
Twinkle comes to washroom door and starts knocking. Her mobile rings and she looks behind and just then Kunj opens the door and Twinkle still knocking, knocks on his face. Kunj is surprised; twinkle looks back and realizes her mistake, but due to slippery surface she is about to fall, but Kunj catches her in time. Twinkle looks at Kunj and his bare body, only on his towel. Just then Kunj’s mobile rings and they back to original positions. They both r feel awkward. Kunj attends the call and realizes that it is Naina. He tells her that thy r coming. Kunj gets ready.
They both go down. Naina yells on them.

Naina – u both r late.
Twinj (holding their ears) – sorry. They sit in the car. Twinkle beside Naina’s seat and Kunj on the back seat.
Naina (shouts) – Let’s go and explore the world.
Kunj (in a teasing way) – oh behan, pehle London ghomle phir duniya. Twinkle and Naina smile.
Naina – thoda over hogya na.
Kunj – thoda nahi, zayada.
Naina and Twinkle nod. Naina drives, Kunj looks at the sceneries and twinkle recollects her memories. She remembers their childhood incident.

Flashback starts
Naina was the class monitor and was minding the class. Just then she saw Twinj talking and made them stand up. Twinj plead her to make them sit as she their best friend, but she refused. Then, Twinj holding their ears said sorry to her. Naina melted and made them sit.
Flashback ends.

Twinkle smiles. Naina looks at Twinkle smiling and says pagal ho gayi hai kya twinkle, andar hi andar has rahi hai, hume bhi toh joke suna de.
Twinkle – nothing yaar, just remembered some memories. Yaar we have so many memories locked in our treasure. When I remember them I feel very happy. Naina and Kunj nod.
Twinkle takes a paper and rolls it and holds it like a mike and says my tip to all the people in the world. Naina and Kunj say what.
Twinkle continues – whenever u r sad or depressed, there are two tips for u, first listen to peppy songs and second tip remember the quality time spend with your friends and family members.
Naina – Right, but Mrs philosophy stop your philosophies bcz big ben has come want to see na.
Twinj nod.
They see big ben, London bridge and many attractive things in London.

In evening, about 7pm, Twinj and Naina fully exhausted, reach near a bar and Naina advices them to come along with her in the bar.
Twinkle – Naina I don’t drink, but I’m surprised to know that u drink.
Kunj – Even I don’t drink, sirf gam ko bholane ke liya pita ho.
Naina – wait, wait a minute me and drinking never. U both know that I don’t drink and I will never drink.
Kunj – Then, why r u asking us to come with u.
Naina – guys look in this bar me and my brother, harsh come to drink juice. U know we get the best juice here.
Twinj – okay. They go inside and Naina says I will get the drinks for u.
Kunj – no drinks only juice. Naina nods and winks at Kunj. Kunj is confused.
Naina goes and gets the juice. Twinkle take it and drinks it, same does Kunj and Naina. Twinkle feels dizzy. Flashback is shown were in morning Naina gets a calls of Mahi who asks her to do something which gets Twinj closer to each other. and then Naina asked the boy giving juices to spike Twinkle’s juice.
Kunj looks at Naina and fumes.
Kunj – Naina, why did u do this, okay but how will I take her to the hotel. Naina takes a paper and pen and writes something on it.
Naina (handling the paper to Kunj) – Just show this to the taxi driver and he will drop u to your hotel.
Kunj – Naina where u going.
Naina – Home.
Kunj – Naina help me to get this Twinkle out from here. Till then twinkle starts to behave more horribly. Kunj looks at Naina and Naina holds her ears. She leaves from there. Kunj is tensed.
The screen freezes on Kunj’s tensed face.

Precap – Twinkle behaving weird and trying to kiss Kunj.

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Credit to: Mitali

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