Tashan e friendship to Tashan e ishq (Episode 10)


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Let’s start.

Usha is talking to Manohar about Twinj’s honeymoon. Then, Twinkle come in and greets them, they too greet. Twinkle goes in her room.
Usha- Should I give her the tickets.
Manohar – No, let Kunj also come and then we will surprise them. Kunj enters.
Usha – Kunj we want to give you something.
Kunj – What?
Usha- Twinkleeeeeeeeeeee…………………. Twinkle comes running.
Twinkle (in shock) – What happened?
Manohar – no thing just wanted to tell u about your honeymoon. Twinj r shocked. They look at each other in shock.
Usha (handling them their tickets) – These r your tickets to London.
Kunj takes them in a shock.
Usha – Pack your things and get ready to go. Flight is of tomorrow.
Twinkle – Maa can I go to meet Yuvi papa and Maa.
Usha – Of course. But, actually they only were coming here. Twinkle gets happy. Taneja family enters. Twinkle quickly goes and hugs Leela then RT then Yuvi. While Yuvi is searching for Mahi in the big house. Kunj comes to them and touches feet of Leela and RT and takes their blessings.
After having dinner and some talking Taneja family goes to their respective house. And Twinj in their room.

Kunj – Twinkle how much of fun to UK we will have.
Twinkle – ooo sadu do u really want to go there “UK”. Twinkle was making double inverted comas with her hand and stressing on the UK.
Kunj – Actually no, but actually yes. He said this, leaving twinkle confused.
Twinkle – Kunj look don’t eat my head.
Kunj – Twinkle I’m not eating your head, but just telling that we should go.
Twinkle (coming closer to him) – Why do u want to go.
Kunj – Yaar Twinkle I get these chances only 5 times in a year or throughout the year I’m stressed, so I was asking u should we go.
Twinkle – What did u say, u were asking me. Great liar. U were not asking me instead u were pleading me to come.
Kunj (hesitatingly) – are twinkle I………….. Okay I was pleading u. will u come.
Twinkle (smiling) – Okay I will come bcz I’m also going to UK after three months.
Kunj (making faces) – I’m going to UK after 6 months. Twinkle laughs hard.
Kunj – Why r u laughing?
Twinkle- Nothing.
Kunj – Then okay.
Twinkle – Let’s sleep. Kunj nods.
Kunj – packing.
Twinkle – I’m done with my packing as if I came here three days back and so I didn’t remove my clothes from bag. So it is u to have your things packed.
Kunj – Twinkleeeeee……..
Twinkle – What?
Kunj – Packing my things too.
Twinkle – lazy creature. Pack your things yourself. Twinkle goes to change her clothes. She comes out and looks at Kunj packing his clothes. She smiles and goes to help him. Kunj looks at her. Twinkle is about to go near the cupboard but slips and is about to fall, Kunj looks this and catches her time. Sajna ve plays. They both r looking in each other’s eyes. Then, someone knocks the door. Twinj get back to their original positions. The person comes in and it is Mahi.
Mahi – Bhaiya and bhabhi wishing u a good honeymoon tomorrow.
Kunj and Twinkle together – Thank you Mahi.
Mahi – welcome good night.
Twinj together – good night.
Mahi goes and Twinj sleep.

Aditi and Rahul r present in US. (Guys I’m putting four more characters here only two r revealed here. first is Aditi and Rahul’s mom Riya Mehta, Aditi and Rahul’s father Suraj Mehta.
Her mother comes and asks them about their health.
Aditi – We r will mom, how r u?
Riya – Good.
Rahul – mom after 2 years. And hugs her.
Riya- good to see u both.
Aditi – mom why r we called here. Is the conference here?
Riya, their mom is about to tell but Aditi’s father stops her by giving a death glare look. Riya stops to say.
Riya – actually party is organised and then conference. Aditi nods.
Then, someone from back says this is our gorgeous, beautiful girl. We welcome her. The person enters. Aditi and other’s turn back. Everyone is happy. But, Aditi and Rahul r shocked to see her.
The screen freezes on Aditi and Rahul’s shocked faces.

Precap – Twinj go for their honeymoon, on the other hand Aditi fights with her father.

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Credit to: Mitali

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