Tashan e friendship to Tashan e ishq (Episode 1)


Here’s the first episode, I hope u like it. Thanks for the comments. Let’s start.

A girl is shown distributing cloth, food and other important stuffs in an old age home. Her hair moves off her face, her face is revealed. She is Twinkle.
An old man says to her- U r very great person. Who does social worker for others, but have a different mind.
Twinkle gives her reply- I know. But, my parents have taught me to help people.
An old man- God bless you. Doing such good thing, again god blesses you.

Two people come are on the gate. They are Usha and Manohar. They see Twinkle going from there, but are impressed by her as they heard the conversation.
Usha- See so nice girl, I want to get her info.
Manohar- Why?
Usha- Look we can see her background then talk to her parents about marriage.
Manohar- Okay, I get it. Let’s ask there.
They go there and ask the boy about the girl who just went.
The boy- She is Twinkle Taneja.

Usha- I think I heard this name first. Let it be. When does she come here?
The boy- 1st and 15th date of every month.
They think to get all the info about her.
Usha- Can we get all info about her.
The boy- No, that’s not allowed.
Manohar- Will u tell this to Kunj.
Usha- No, not at all, till we get her info.
They go and distribute the things.
On the other hand, Twinkle is in her office.
A girl comes to her and taunts her. She is Aditi.
Aditi- Did your social work.
Twinkle- Any of your business.
Twinkle- Then, why is the need to infer my life, my own time.
Aditi- Chill I was just asking you.
Twinkle- There’s no need to ask and I don’t like to answer people like u.
Aditi fumes red hot after this statement. But Twinkle comes to her and says no need to get red hot, it’s already hot. Please don’t higher the temperature. It would be uncomfortable for others to sit. So chill. Poorna (she is just for cameo role when Aditi is there) get ice cream for her.
Twinkle goes from there and Aditi looks at her in angry.
Fifteen days later

Usha and Manohar get the info of Twinkle. Just then Kunj comes in.
Usha to Kunj- Come here, I have news for you.
Kunj – What?
Usha – Your marriage.
Kunj – No.
Usha- Kunj you are settled now, so please think of your marriage.
Kunj – Ok. Who is she?
Usha –She is Twinkle Taneja.
Kunj – I heard this first, but can’t remember.
Manohar- She is very good. Please think about it.
Kunj – Okay dad.
He goes in his room and starts digging his mind. Mahi comes there.
Mahi – What happened bhai?
Kunj – I’m thinking who Twinkle Taneja is.
Mahi – I heard this name bhai.
Kunj- Yes, me too.
They think for some time and then come to conclusion and both say school.
Kunj jumps out of his bed and opens his wardrobe. He searches and gets his school calendar. He searches for Twinkle Taneja in it and finds it.
Mahi – Bhai she was your friend in the school, but do you remember that incident.
Kunj – Don’t take name of her. I will marry Twinkle……never. Mahi call mom dad.
Mahi goes down only to see them going to Twinkle’s house.

At Taneja House.
Usha and Manohar meet Leela and RT.
RT and Leela – Namaste.
Usha and Manohar – Namaste.
Usha – We want to fix our Kunj’s marriage with your daughter Twinkle.
Leela – But what about Kunj, I think I heard this name first.
Usha – I think you heard his name as Kunj is a business tycoon.
Leela – Yes I think so.
Usha – Ask your daughter Twinkle and if she is ready. Then we will fix the engagement date. Do you have any problem with the marriage?
Leela and RT – No.
Manohar – Ok we will go.
They start to go but Twinkle comes in. Usha says to her Very beautiful. They go from there.
Twinkle to her parents – Who r they?
Leela – They got an alliance.
Twinkle- what my marriage?
RT – Yes.
Leela – Boy is Kunj Sarna.

Twinkle – I will think about it. But I don’t want to marry now.
Leela – You are settled and now you should marry someone.
Twinkle- mom I will think about it.
RT – okay
Twinkle goes in her room. Yuvi comes from his room to greet Twinkle.
Twinkle thinks who Kunj Sarna is.
She sits on her bed.
Yuvi – What r u thinking?
Twinkle – About Kunj Sarna.
Yuvi – Di, he was my best friend.
Twinkle – School
She goes to her wardrobe and finds the book. She finds Kunj’s name in it.
She starts crying. Yuvi calls Leela and Rt.
Leela and RT – What happened? They go near her.
Twinkle – Papa mummy Kunj is the boy who did that incident 12 years ago.
Leela – I remember but he didn’t do it. It was done by Rahul. Kunj was innocent.
Twinkle – But, still. I don’t want to marry.
On the other hand Kunj tells his parents about Twinkle.
Usha – oh, but she knows that you r innocent.

Kunj – But I can’t marry her. I know Rahul did it…..but.
Usha – Look she blamed you because you were present there at that time, Rahul was not present there.
Kunj – But, still.
RT and Manohar give same advice to Twinkle and Kunj that was the families will meet each other tomorrow. There Kunj and Twinkle solve their problems and clear the misunderstandings.
Kunj and Twinkle both agree to each other and clear everything.
At night Twinkle tries to sleep but can’t and Yuvi comes to her.
Yuvi – Not sleeping di.
Twinkle – trying to sleep. What about you?
Yuvi – I’m trying to sleep.
Twinkle – Or thinking about Mahi.
Yuvi – No I’m not.
Twinkle – Oh really. She starts tickling him. Yuvi runs away from there.
Twinkle remembers her childhood. Flashback starts
It is shown that Kunj used to tickling her when she used to taunt her.
The screen freezes on Twinkle’s happy face.

Precap – Twinj meet each other.

Credit to: Mitali

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