Tashan-e-deewangi twinj (Summary part 1)


Summary (part I)

This is a story of two love birds how they met and fall in love with each other….both of them realized their love in a sudden as we say love can happen anywhere and at anytime…..

Let’s begin the story…
A girl named Twinkle Taneja is a daughter of Leela Taneja and granddaughter of Meera Taneja. She has three sisters named Priya, Prachi, and Payel. Twinkle is a bubbly girl or rather says hot…and Yuvraj Luthra is his best friend….One night while Twinkle was returning from UV’s house when her car get stuck and it was raining so she took shelter in a nearby house which is none other than Sarna’s house…she stayed that night over there only but by mistake she slept in Kunj’s room…In the morning Kunj returned from New York for good with his family…He went to his room to freshen up without noticing that someone is sleeping in his room but after coming out of his bathroom he went straight to the mirror and praising himself when he heard a girl saying “Good Morning” which made him shock and he turn and that was the first meet of Twinkle Taneja and Kunj Sarna…

Both showed attitude to each other….UV proposed Twinkle which she accepted with a condition if their parents agreed then only they will take their relation further…here Twinkle’s big sister was going to get married…It was also revealed that Kunj loves Alisha and was in a relationship for three yrs though they didn’t get physical….Twinkle get to know the truth about Alisha that she was after him just for money and was betraying him as she already loves Kunj’s bf Danish…Twinkle tried to exposed Alisha but fails. Twinkle’s didn’t lose her confidence and succeeded in exposing the truth of Alisha in front of Kunj…

The revelation of Alisha’s truth made Twinj to become friends….to strengthen their friendship they went for a coffee date and there they became business partner as Twinkle did course in event management and Kunj want to expand his business in different field….then comes the Priya’s wedding celebration and Twinj comes closer to each other….they got contact also….one the mehendi ceremony Kunj realized his love for Twinkle but it was too late as Twinkle had already committed to Yuvraj so he thought to leave that place….after Priya’s wedding Twiraj was about to get engaged but Alisha came back to make Twinkle’s life hell so killed UV which shattered Rina (UV’s Mom) and blamed Twinkle for everything….Twinkle was hell shattered with harsh words of Rina….She just walks on the road like a living dead and was about to get crashed by a truck but Kunj rescued her on time but she fainted and was hospitalized…Everyone in her family was shattered seeing Twinkle in that state and doctor also left all hope…..

Kunj get to know that in the outskirts there is a mandir and whoever goes there with a pure heart and bare feet and climbs the staircase on his knee and brings holy water for the patient then he/she is cured…Kunj did as he was told and it took 2 days but by the time he reached the hospital doctor already said that she is dead but the pure love of Kunj and his determination brings back his Twinkle….Kunj was relieved to know that Twinkle was out of danger but his wounds and his weakness made him unconscious….and both of them was admitted in the same hospital…after few days they recovered was discharged…

Then Twinj went to Mumbai for their first assignment where Kunj’s caring nature attracts Twinkle and she also fall in love with him but she didn’t confessed…but destiny wrote something else and there Alisha again came back in their life with her evil plan…she created a scene that Twinkle was raped and everyone starts gossiping about Twinkle which made Kunj furious and in anger he cuts his finger and applied blood on Twinkle’s forehead who was numbed….Twinkle tried to commit suicide but Kunj stopped her in time…they came back to Amritsar…They were stuck in a lift which was planned by Payel and Geet (Kunj’s Lil Sis) and then they watched HORROR movie which made Twinkle hell scared and she was unable to sleep at night and to her surprise Kunj came to her room that night through her balcony and took her to a dhabba and then on a cliff where they saw sunrise….next day pundit ji came and fixed their roka after 9 days and marriage after 1 month….Kunj got a new assignment in Kolkata and finally they reached Kolkata….

To Be Contd………….

Keep smiling and Be happy
From Shamz…..
🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Chiku

    Woaaah!!! U r back????finaaallllllyyyyyyy. Lovely. Loved it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Kitna tadpaayaa????haayee intehasa hogaayi ab toh ff ki???????
    Plzz jaldi post karna
    Love u❤️❤️

    1. Shamz

      Sure Chiku I’ll post soon…but I wanna know dat shud I complete this summary and then continue mah story or shud I directly update new chapters???

  2. Sohi

    Who are you I don’t remember ? you
    Like seriously after how many months you are coming
    Iam hell angry with you ?

    1. Shamz

      Ouch!! It hurts to know that ppl forgot me 7 months…(just kidding) but no worry I hope this tym u’ll remember me….

  3. Sohi

    But yes I remember each and everything of this ff
    I didn’t forget any single scenes
    Iam excited to read it again
    Do continue

    1. Shamz

      I’m glad that u remembered my work becoz for an artist if their works are remembered then that’s only their great achievement… 🙂

  4. Dr Riha Khurana

    Sweetheart if u don’t mind me asking, are you shamrouz?

    1. Shamz

      Nope I’m not Shamrouz…I’m Shamz well that’s my penname… but yah I’ve written many OS for TEI and this is summary of my previously written long incomplete story….hope this time I’ll complete this story…

  5. Simiyy

    Hey Shamz
    I was a silent reader before you stopped writing and loved your ff
    I can’t wait to read more
    Post soon
    Loads of love

    1. Shamz

      Thankew so much

  6. Plot is really good
    Looking forward to read more

    1. Shamz

      Hey Aafi this story had already been written…it’s just short recapitulation of the story since I last update seven months back….I’ve already completed 59 episodes…. So If u wanna read all this episodes you can search…I hope u won’t be bored…

  7. Woo finally u r come back plz jaldi post karna ff

    1. Shamz

      Thankew so much…

  8. welcome..awsm.FF

    1. Shamz

      Hey Maha, this story had already been written…it’s just short recapitulation of the story since I last update seven months back….I’ve already completed 59 episodes…. So If u wanna read all this episodes you can search…I hope u won’t be bored…and thanks for welcoming me back….

  9. Shamz yaa I remember I read ur ff nd os as a silent reader nd after so many months u r coming I thought that u left Tu but no happy to see u back…well the episode was fantastic…
    Luv u..

  10. Presha

    hey shamz awesome nd i think u may have remember me …plz post soon

    1. Shamz

      Yup I remember u…and yup I’ll post soon…

  11. SidMin23

    It was great start

  12. Paavu

    yaad tha saara dearie ek ek point yaad tha bs i jst want new post of it i m sooo happy

  13. Dii aap kahan the?? Well I know that you don’t know me …..So hi I am Cp ?? CP is my name ka short version ???
    I had read your previous os as a silent reader and I luved that too…..
    Glad that you are back?

  14. ?☺☺☺☺☺☺ yipeeeee you are back???
    Aww… i really missed you
    Well i know i am commenting on your ff for the first time…. but i was a silent reader of your ff and trust me it was amazing ff….. i am a huge fan…… i am literally jumping that you are back..??
    Plz post next part soon ?
    Eagerly waiting??

  15. Fatimaa.

    Heyy shamz….
    U r back…finally….
    I remembered the story dear…
    Post soon

  16. Mia12

    Oh my gid Shamz…☺☺
    Finally ur back oh god,,?? m so much hapay n M big fan of ur writing,,??
    I really missed ur ff yrr,,??..kahathi maine to socha ki u leave TU.?? U knw kuch pehlehi mai Google mai search karke tumari old update read kia phirse kya kare tumne itne dino se update nai kia.. ?? PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ update kar do jaldhi se…phir gayab mat ho Jana OK..??
    Love you..??

  17. Aashiya

    Ommmmmmgggggg,shamz di ur back…
    now I’m gonna party?????????
    U know I missed u nd ur ff like hellllllll…..
    I still can’t believe you are back…..gosh,m getting insane now…..sm1 pinch me ???????????????????
    ur really back..m dancing ,jumping,like hell now…………?????????☺☺?
    well first let me introduce myself, I am aashiya, 13 years old nd a crazy fan of dis ff…….?????
    Nd was a silent reader of ur ff since d 1st epi. …….This ff makes me speachless ???????????????????
    like seriously. ….nd wait a minute,where were u since soooooooo long????
    u don’t know how muuuccchhhhh iiiii mmiiisssseeeddd uuuuuuuuuuuuu. ..?
    thank god ur finally back….?????

    Nd I dont need any summary coz dis ff is locked in my heart nd I have lost the key????

    Plshhh post the episode soon….coz m dying to read further☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    Plshhh don’t make me wait????
    Love u loads?????????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    – Aashiya ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ❤

  18. Purnima.agrawal30

    Thank god tumne post toh kiya….mujhe lga k tum bhul gyi ho ff k baare me….by d way it’s amazing fabulous interesting

  19. Ramya

    Shamz after a long time
    I remember ur story
    Ab jaldi se summary enf kardo aur EPI bji dedo
    Love u keep smiling

  20. SidMin

    Di I just don’t believe his you are back .. I was waiting for your ff like hell … I remember each scene … Hope you post soon just can’t wait 🙂 Love you Post soon 🙂

  21. Kruti

    Inteha ho gayi Intezaar ki…….frankly speaking I had made up my mind that u wont continue the ff……and this one is seriously a surprise for me
    Do Continue soon….Can’t wait

  22. Shalini15

    Omg had hoti hai yaar intejaar ki pata hai kitna miss kiya tumhare ff ko nd you too. Well I’ve not forgot it’s story mujhe achhe se yaad hai I hope you will be regular this time. Please do continue soon.

    By the way I was silent reader of your ff but now I’ll be regular commenter ???????? Waise ek baat bolun…… you are soooooooo beautiful ??????????? Well I’m Shalini 22 year old college going girl. You can call me Neha too.Can we be friends?

  23. Shamzzz diiii finallyyyyy soooo happpyyyy kitna wait karaya aapne not done ha but ab koi wait mat karana plzz plzz plzz jaldi jaldi post krna and ha mujhe ek ek scene yaad tha iss story it used to be my fav. Story…kaha chale gaye the aap par aap ab kahi nhi jaaoge aur jalfi se post karoge…..ok?

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    M soooo hell happy to c u bck agn…..u know I was waiting for u like anything. …….thanks well summary ki zaruat nahii thii aapko jo post karna hai karo bas jaldi krna coz I cant wait….anymore 7 months long timee…..ohhhh godds…..love u soooo mch dii thanks for it bt I want ur ff asap now…. 😉
    Silly me bt luv u dii….. ♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡★☆

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