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So let’s begin the show….

The episode starts with Twinkle is on the phone and she is very shocked hearing something and tears rolled out from her eyes.
T – Where is she now??
From other side someone says something.
T – I’m in that hospital only; plz tell me where is she now???
Again from other side someone says something and she rushes to third floor and went to some room where a lady is lying unconscious and she is none other than the same lady whom Kunj had saved. Twinkle went near that lady and cried bitterly.
T – Daya (She is Taneja’s maid for almost 20yrs and loved by TWINKLE very much b’coz when Twinkle was small and her mother didn’t have enough time to be with Twinkle then this lady was there to play with her) how all this happen???
Doc – Who are you??
T – (She clears her eyes) She is my daya.
Doc – Aapki daya lucky hai jinhe woh ladka time pe le aaya and unki saari formalities jaldi poori kar di warna aaj inki aankhon ki roshni jaa sakti thi.
T – Woh kaun hai doc??
Then only Kunj arrives with medicines and he is checking that all the medicines are there or not.
Doc – Look he is here.
Twinkle is shocked to see Kunj as well as Kunj is shocked to see her there. Doc leaves. Twinkle runs towards him and hugs him.
T – Thank You so much for saving my Daya .
Kunj also hugs her back.
K – Shshshsh Twinkle it’s ok. Nothing will happen to her and she will be fine.
Twinkle breaks the hug and look here and there in awkwardness. Kunj breaks the silent.
K – Its ok Twinkle.
He hands her the medicines and leaves.

After sometimes Daya gets conscious. Twinkle is very happy as well as relieved and gives her a peck.
Daya(D) – Main theek hoon Twinkle puttar. (in a low voice).
Twinkle hugs her and says
T – Aapko theek hona hi padega.
Airport is shown. A girl is coming out of the airport. She is wearing one piece floral print dress and a pencil heel sandal. The girl face is not shown properly. Someone hugs her (It’s a guy) and she also hugs him back and plant a kiss on his cheeks. The camera now shows the guy who is none other than our handsome hunk Kunj. He holds her and walks.
K – Welcome to India Alisha.
She smiles.
A – I miss you baby. You left NY and didn’t inform once.
K – I’m so sorry baby. Actually it was surprise for me as well. I didn’t know that we have shifted here for good.
They leave.
Twinkle is in her balcony reading novel and having coffee when her phone rings and it flashes UV on it.
T – Hello UV. How are you now???
U – I’m well. By the way I called you to tell that be ready by 7:00 pm as I’m coming to pick you up.
T – Wait wait take some breathe then continue. By the way where we are going????
U – It’s a surprise and yah I’m sending something I hope you like it.
UV moves his phone from his ears as her voice were too loud but he smiles.

Kunj enters house with Alisha. She looks at the house and gets lost in it.
A (Thinks) – This house is much more beautiful than his NY house. It’s not that bad to stay over here. She smirks evilly. Kunj taps her shoulder from behind.
K – Come, meet my lovely Bebe.
They went near Bebe who was sitting on the sofa reading religious book. Kunj ask Alisha to touch Bebe’s feet when she meets her.
K – Bebe, meet my bf Alisha.
Bebe looks at her. She went to Bebe and touches her feet and says
A – Pairi pona Bebe.
B – Jinda reh puttar. (But she didn’t smile)
K – Bebe, I’m very hungry please bring something to eat.
Before Bebe could say something Alisha interrupts.
A – Ba…I mean Kunj why don’t we go to some hotel for dinner what say…
K – Nice idea you freshen up and then we’ll leave baby. Come with me I’ll show you the guest room.
A – Yup.
Bebe didn’t like Alisha as she was too close to Kunj and Bebe can understand the reason that she was more than bf. She wants Twinkle in place of Alisha.

Bell rings. Twinkle hurriedly went to open the door as she was very excited to see her gift. She opens the door and finds a courier boy with a box in his hand. She smiles and takes the box without seeing whose name is written on it and opened it and found that there was a beautiful necklace in it and a letter. She unfolds the letter…
This is for my love. I know that you are much more beautiful than this necklace. But I want you to wear this on our wedding night. I love you jaan.
She read it and was surprised.
The bell rings again but she didn’t open it as she was shocked. Priya opens the door and smiles seeing box and takes it. She sits beside Twinkle (still shocked) and opens it and found red gown in it and a letter.
Twinkle I want you to wear this gown today if you like it.
She reads this and gets sad as this was not her parcel.
Pri – Twinkle tera parcel hai.
She didn’t respond so she taps her on her shoulder. Twinkle comes back into senses.
T – What happened di??
Pri – Tera parcel (In a sad tone)
Priya didn’t notice that Twinkle was also having some parcel with her.
T – What happened di why are you so sad??
Pri – Nothing.

Twinkle turns the note and finds “Rishi your love” written on it. She gets to know the reason of her sis sadness. Priya stands and was about to leave when
T – (Teasingly) this is for my love…
Priya becomes happy and turns immediately to take the letter but Twinkle runs from there.
Pri – Twinkle give it to me. (She runs behind Twinkle)
Finally Priya get hold of Twinkle and takes letter.
T – OOOOHHHH DI someone is being romantic haan haan……
Twinkle starts tickling Priya and they both share sis moment.
T – Achcha Di I’ve to get ready as UV had some surprise for me.
T – No Di it’s nothing like that. We are just friend.
Twinkle’s room
Twinkle comes out of the washroom wearing red hot backless gown. She went near her mirror and curls her hair and wears droplet earring and solitaire in her finger. She puts red lipstick and mascara which adds to her beauty. She is looking very gorgeous and s*xy. On the other hand UV was busy in the preparation for surprise date.
AT 7:00 PM
UV calls Twinkle.
U – I’m waiting for you come fast.
T – Yup.
They end the call.

Kunj is getting ready and he is wearing black tuxedo and looking damn hot. Alisha is wearing black sequined till thigh dress. They both are ready for going to have dinner.
The screen freezes on Kunj and Alisha.
…………………………- EPISODE 9-………………………

I hope you guys liked it…….I know you all maybe sad because of Alisha’s entry but don’t worry when I’ll proceed further you will like it
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Shamz

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