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So let’s start the show
The episode starts with Twinkle sitting in her balcony and having coffee when her phone rings and it flashes Yuvi on it.
T – Hello, Yuvi bolo kya baat hai???
U – Kuch nae bas aese hi tujhe call kr liya….aur waise bhi besties ko call karne k liye wajah ki zaroorat nahi hoti.
T- (Smiles) Sahi kaha besties hote hi aise hai. Achcha kal tumhara plastic surgery hai isliya sharp 8:00 am baje taiyyar rehna main tunhe pick up karne aaooongi.
U – Ok madam.
They both laugh and said bye to each other and slept.
Twinkle stretches her hand and finally sits on her bed.
T – Good morning s*xy. (Smiles)
She goes to freshen up.
After sometime she comes out of her bathroom. She is wearing red palazzo and black loose crop top. She went to pick Yuvi.
Twinkle enters UV’s house.
T- UV where are you??? We are already late. Come fast.
U – Twinki achcha hua tum aa gayi plz mujhe dress pehenne mein help karo.
T – (Shocked) Whatttt???
U – Actually…mujhse shirt ki button nae lag rahi hai. plz plz help kar do.
T – (Smirks) Ok but in one condition.
U – What???
T – You have to give me treat after your operation.
U – Yup. Ab to aao…..
Twinkle went inside his room and start buttoning his shirt while he looks at her lovingly.
U – Twinkle I don’t want ppl to see me like this. Will you plz bring jacket for me.
T – Sure.
She went towards his wardrobe and start finding jacket. She saw jacket with a hood on the top shelf so she stretches her hand to get hold of it but fails. Then she stands on the last shelf to take jacket but she slips and UV hold her on time. They share an eye lock and while sharing eye lock
T – UV mujhe aise hi dekhte rahoge ya mujhe uthaoge bhi.
But he was lost in her.
T – (A bit louder) Uv
He comes back into senses and pulls her up.
T – UV.
U – What happen???
T – You are holding my hand.
U – Oh I’m so sorry.
T – It’s ok UV.
They both left for the hospital.
UV was holding Twinkle’s hand tightly as he was very nervous. Twinkle understands this and she hugs him while hugging
T – You’ll be fine. Don’t worry.
She pats his back and breaks the hug. Both of them are very nervous.
Doc – Mr. UV plz change your dress in the dressing room.
UV went to dressing room and wore hospital dress while Twinkle stands outside. After a while he comes out of the room and went to OT. Twinkle is now restless and walking left and right.
An old lady is walking on the road and a car comes in a high speed and she met with an accident. She was thrown on the ground and bleeding badly. Everyone gather near her but no one was bothered to help that lady. Just then Kunj’s car arrives. He saw ppl gathering over there so he went out to see the matter. He is shocked to see an old lady lying on the ground bleeding and nobody is helping her. He hurriedly went to her and takes her in his arm and rushes to hospital. Coincidentally he took that lady in the same hospital where Twinkle was present. The lady is on the stretcher and Kunj is also helping nurses to take stretcher to OT. As stretcher comes near OT Twinkle gets a call and she leaves from there.
Doc comes out of the OT.
K- Doc how is she now??
Doc- She is out of danger but plz you bring this medicine.
K- Yes doc.
He leaves to bring medicines. From other side Twinkle is coming in hurry. Both collides and fall on the ground. Twinkle is on the Kunj. They share an intense eye lock (Sajna Ve plays in BG). Twinkle breaks the eye lock and she was about to stand but she was pulled back again as her bracelet was entangled with Kunj’s shirt button. She tries to take out her bracelet. Kunj for the first time looks at her properly. Her hair was playing with the air. He looks at her eyes and was mesmerized with her beauty. While she was trying to take out her bracelet she got hurt in her hand.
T – Oouchh.
Kunj comes back into his sense and asked her
K – May I help you? (In a soft and sweet voice without attitude)
He holds her bracelet and accidently his fingers meet her fingers. Twinkle leaves it and Kunj takes it out the bracelet. They both get up feeling awkward and looking here and there….Twinkle breaks the silent
T – I’m sorry.
K – (Teasingly) Mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai ki koi sorry bol raha hai.
T – Kyunki main tumhe sorry bol rahi hoon.
K – Ek bar fir se bolo mujhe sapna lag raha hai.
T (Angry) – Sorry. She leaves from there.
Kunj smiles unknowingly. He realizes that he was smiling. He taps his head and went to bring medicines whereas Twinkle went near OT.
After sometime doc comes out of UV’s OT.
T – Doc how is he???
Doc (Smile) – He is absolutely fine. Right now he is unconscious but after 4 – 5 hrs he’ll be conscious.
T – Thank you doc.
Next Scene
A man gives a phone to Kunj and says
Man – Bhai yeh phone us lady ka hai…main bahot der se unke family member ko try karne ki koshish kar raha hoon but koi utha nahi rahe hai so plz aap try kare kyunki mujhe jana hai
K – Ok.
Kunj takes it and call someone from the phone. He calls twice but no one receives the call. On the other hand Twinkle look at her phone and finds that her phone is in the flight mode so she makes it general and as she does, she gets a call and is shocked.
The episode ends on Twinkle’s shocked face….
……………………….-8th EPISODE ENDS-…………………….
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Credit to: Shamz

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