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The episode starts with Leela asking everyone to start the preparation….
Twinkle arrives and hears only “start the preparations”
T – (Smiling) what preparation???
Prachi – (Smiling) Priya di’s marriage date has been fixed and it is after 15 days.
T – Wow congrats di
Twinkle went to Priya and hugged her.
Guests left….

L – We have to do many things so few days are left for her wedding
Leela went to Priya and hugs her….
L – My lil princesses have become so big that she going to make her new home for herself with her life partner.
She becomes emotional and kisses her forehead. Everyone joined them in a hug.
They all share family moment….
T – Mom don’t you worry about marriage as I take all the responsibility for it. I’m so happy that my first wedding planning will be for my sister only.
L – I’m so happy that my all daughters are so matured and love each other so much. But how will you manage all this alone???
T – Don’t worry mom Chinki (Twinkle’s childhood friend), Yuvraj and Bubbly will help me and it will help us only to get more knowledge.
L – Twinkle I forgot to ask you where you were last night???
Twinkle narrates her everything.
Meera – Before we start the wedding preparation I think we should take baba ji’s blessing.
L – You are right ma you all should go gurudwara first.
Priya – Ma you won’t come with us.
L – Sorry beta I won’t be able to come as Nepal’s Royal is specially coming to India for meeting and you know that how much it’s important for us to expand our business internationally.
Priya – Ok mom.
They all leave for Gurudwara.
B – Usha rani you all have come to India after long time so I was thinking that we should go gurudwara.
Usha, Geet and Kunj – Ok.
K – Actually I was also thinking same. I don’t know but whenever I went to gurudwara I feel very peace.
They all left to same gurudwara where Twinkle and her family went.

Taneja’s reached gurudwara and going upstairs.
Twinkle is wearing yellow and light pink colored anarkali and as always looking very beautiful and mesmerizing. Her head was covered with pink colored dupatta.
Sarna’s also reached gurudwara and going upstairs. Suddenly Twinkle’s leg got twisted and was about to fall but someone holds her on time and he is none other than Kunj. Twinkle is now in the Kunj’s arm and their eyes meet. They had a long eye lock (Sajna Ve lays in BG). Taneja’s as well as Sarna’s see them. Geet coughs and they break their eye lock and Kunj pulls her up and both compose themselves. Everyone smiles at them.
K – I know I’m very handsome iska yeh matlab nahi hai ki tu bar bar mere samne gire and he smirks.
T – What do you mean Mr. Towel Sarna ha??? And by the way I didn’t tell you to help me.
K – Mujhe kya pata tha ki tum ho Ms. Attitude Taneja. Agar pata hota to tujhe pkadta hi nae
Geet – oh ho aap log phir se shuru ho gaye.
Twinkle was about to climb upstairs but due to pain se was unable to climb.
U – Kunj, go help her.
K – No mom I won’t help that attitude girl.
U – Kunj is this my upbringing???
Kunj make faces but went to help her. He goes near her and holds her hand but she jerks his hand. He was very angry. He shows his intense look and forcefully holds her and takes her in his arms. By now she puts her hand around his neck. He climbs the stairs with Twinkle in his arms (Dil ibadat kar raha plays in BG). They all went inside the gurudwara but twinj were outside. He makes her sit on the bench nearby and kneel down near her. He takes her leg and opens her sandal and gently touches her leg. Twinkle closes her eyes. He twisted her legs as she had sprained.
Twinkle – aaaaahhhhh
She clutched his shirt near his shoulder in pain. Kunj looks at her hand then her face. Twinkle also opens her eyes & they both share an eye lock for some time (bahaara plays in BG). Twinkle breaks the eye lock and look here and there in awkwardness…..
K – Now you can move your legs.
She turns twist her legs and pain was gone nd she smiles looking at him. They both went inside gurudwara.
Kunj and Twinkle both bows down and prays to god. Twinkle went to Bebe and touches her feet.
T – pairi pona Bebe (sorry if I’m mistaken)
Twinkle introduces her family member to Bebe, Usha and Geet.
Soon Geet and Payel becomes friend and they exchange their phone numbers.
They all left in their respective cars.

All the members are sitting on the sofa and chit chatting…..
Meera – Mujhe toh woh log bahot achche lage….Twinkle puttar Sarna’s ko bhi Priya ki shaadi mein bulaana.
Payel – Especially Kunj bhaiyya ko (Naughty Smile).
T – Theek hai s*xy but main Mr. Towel I mean Kunj ko invite nahi karoongi woh ek no ka sadu hai.
Pa – (Teasingly) Toh aap kya bolengi ki aap sab log invited hai Kunj ko chod kar.
Twinkle leaves in anger. Meera and Payel laughs at her.
The episode ends on trio face……

……………….-EPISODE 7 ends-…………………

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Credit to: Shamz

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