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The episode starts with Twinkle and Kunj shouting…..
Kunj hides his body with his hand and by that time Geet also comes listening to Kunj voice and she was shocked to see them in that way and then burst out in laughter.
Twinkle closes her eyes…
T – Aise koi kisi ke kamre mein bina bole ghusta hai kya
K – (Angry) – What do you mean by “kisi aur ke kamre”?? This is my room madam and you are sleeping in my room and in my bed….
T – Bebe asked me to sleep here and this is guest room
K – This my room…

Twinkle opens her eyes and again closes her eyes
T – First you wear your dress
K – This is my room and I’ll decide whether I’ll wear my dress in my room or not who are you to tell me haan
Twinkle is disgusted with him but before she could say anything Bebe and whole family comes there and starts laughing…
Geet – Bebe who is she???
B – She is Twinkle Taneja daughter of famous jewelry designer Leela Taneja.
G – Oh.
K – Bebe why this girl is in my room and sleeping in my room???
B – Koi nae puttar galti se tere room mein aa gayi hogi chalo Twinkle puttar main tujhe guest room le jaati hoon
T – ji Bebe.
They all went but Geet was still there.
G – Bhaiya Twinkle di kaisi lagi???
K – Badtameez. Dusron ke room mein ghus jane wali
G – Bhai I was asking about her beauty.
K – (Lies) Bhayanak.

K (Thinks) – SHE IS BEAUTIFUL but not more than Alisha and he smiles.
Geet sees this and cough.
G – (Teases) Bhaiya she is Bhayanak but then also she brought smile on your face haan
She runs out of the room and laughs…..
Twinkle is in the guest room. She is combing her wet hair and as always looking very beautiful. She is wearing crop top(Black) and her belly was visible and floral printed skirt which was till her thigh. She puts kajal on her eyes which adds to her beauty.
Her room door was knocked by servant.
Servant – Ma’am Bebe is calling you for breakfast.
T – I’m coming in just 2 min.
She hurriedly puts her neck piece and went downstairs.
While walking on the staircase her leg slipped and was about to but someone holds her on time. He is none other than our lovely Kunj Sarna. They share an eye lock (Sajna ve plays in BG). Geet come there and smiles at them.
G – (Thinks) I think bhaiya is going to fall for her. Thank God she came in his life. Now Alisha cheapster will go from his life.

(Actually Geet knows the real intension of Alisha)
Geet coughs and they both come back into senses and leave each other. Twinkle was about go
K – (low voice) Ise toh itni bhi manners nae hai ki THANKS bol de MS ATTITUDE QUEEN
T – (turns to him) I didn’t told you to hold me and leave from there.
Geet smiles seeing their cute nok-jhok.
Everyone comes to breakfast table. Everyone occupied their seat and only three seats were left . Geet sits beside Bebe so Twinkle and Kunj had no choice but to sit beside each other.
G – Twinkle di plz pass paratha’s plate.
T – Yah sure.
Twinkle passes the plate. Geet knowingly asked Kunj
G – Bhaiya jaldi pass kijiye na mujhe bahot zor se bhook lagi hai
Kunj gives Geet death glare and takes plate from Twinkle’s hand and accidentally he touches Twinkle fingers. They share an eyelock (Sajna Ve plys in BG)
G – Bhaiya jaldi pass karo na
They both come into senses and Kunj passes plate to Geet. Then only Twinkle’s driver arrives.
D – Ma’am gaddi theek ho gayi hai aap kaho toh nikaal doon aur ma’am leele ma’am aapko call karne kaha hai.
T – Theek hai tum jao main 5 min mein aa rahi hoon
D – Ok ma’am.

T – Excuse me, I’ve to leave.
K – (In low voice) kaun bol bhi raha hai rukne ke liye
T – (To Kunj) Did you said something????
K – Nahi toh maine toh kuch nahi kaha….tumhara kaan kharaab ho gaya hai shayad.
T – Very funny
Twinkle gives him disgusted look and touches Bebe feet and tells bye to everyone and she leaves.
Leela, Meera and Twinkle’s sisters were sitting on the sofa with some guest and pundit ji.
Leela – Pundit ji we called you today to take out Priya and Rishi marriage dates
Pundit – Ok Leela ji

After looking at kundali
P – There is a shubh mahurat after 15 days. It is very auspicious day and it is said that whoever marry on that day will be forever.
L – (Looking at Rishi’s family) if you all don’t have any problem then we start our preparation.
Pavitra (Rishi’s mom) – OK ji (smiles)
Leela – Then taiyyaariyan shuru ki jaye….
The episodes end on Leela’s face…..

………………- 6th episode-………………..
I hope you guys are enjoying the writings 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Shamz

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