Tashan-e-deewangi twinj episode 53

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So let’s start the Sidhant’s show with a smile…….
The episode starts with Twinkle sleeping on her bed when sunrays fall on her and she opens her eyes….
T (Rubbing her eyes) – Good morning Kunj….
She turns to look at her side and finds that Kunj had already left the place…..her eyes falls on a note….she took it and opens…
Hey Twinkle
I’m sorry for leaving so early. Actually I don’t want to disturb your sleep because you look so cute while sleeping….Achcha, be ready at 11:30am as we are going out…..
Your love
After reading the letter a cute smile peeps on Twinkle’s lips….she was lost in Kunj’s thought when Payel enters her room…..she was amazed to look at decoration…..
P (Amazed) – OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Payel’s expression made Twinkle to come out of her thoughts….Payel quickly came and sat near Twinkle…..
P (Smiling) – Di….last night jiju came here na……all these arrangement is done by him only….
T (Lies) – No…..your jiju didn’t came here….and all these decoration is done by me only…..actually I was feeling very bored so I thought make myself feel special so I did all these…..and by the way why have you come here????
P (Sadly) – Actually Di, I’ve some important work to do that is why I have leave now only and Prachi di had left her important file here only so can you give this file to her….
T – Ok. I’ll give it to her.
P (Smiles) – Thank you DI….
Payel gives a peck on Twinkle’s cheek and left from there….
Twinkle gets up from her bed and quickly went to her bathroom….
Twinkle went inside the bathroom and switch on the music system……it plays a song from movie I HATE LOVE STORY (Bahaara)
Soyi soyi palkho pe chal ke
Mere sapno ke khidki pe aa gaya
Aate jate mere dil ke in haathon mein
Woh khat thamaa gayaa
Pyaar ka…..
(Twinkle went inside the bath tub and smiling endlessly as this will be their first date after confession from Kunj’s side….)
Lafzon mein rang hai pyaar ka….
Bahaaraa (2)
(Twinkle blows bath bubble near the wall….)
Hua dil pehli baar ve….
Bahaaraa (2)
(She taps on bubble water….)
Ke chain to hua faraar re…
Bahaaraa (2)
Hua dil pehli…pehli baar ve….
(After taking bath she gets up from the tub and covered herself with towel…)
Oh toraah saajan…
Aaayo tore des….
(She grabbed bathrobe from the hanger and wear it…)
Kabhi dikhe zameen pe
Kabhi dikhe woh chand pe
(Twinkle went near the mirror and gives a big bright smile….when she finds Kunj had back hugged her….Kunj’s hand rest on her belly and chin on her shoulder….
K – You look stunning in bathrobe…. (Smiles)
In shyness Twinkle cups her face with her hand and after few seconds she removed her hand and finds no one was there and it was just her imagination….she pats her forehead and smiles)
(She comes out of the bathroom and went near the side table)
Nazar kahe use yahaan
Main rakh loon baandh ke
(…..where Twinj engagement picture was framed and she took it in her hand and smiles endlessly or should I say blush….)
Ik saans mein…
Dhadkano ke paas mein
Haaan paas mein ghar banae
Haaye bhule yeh jahaan….
(Twinkle admires their picture and kissed on Kunj’s lips….)
Bahaaraa (2)
Hua dil pehli baar ve…
(Twinkle stands up with their pic in her hand and twirl looking at the picture….she had a bright smile on her face….)
Bahaaraa (2)
Ke chain toh hua faraar re….
(She went near the curtain and hold them tightly…..she twirls and swings with the curtain…)
Bahaaraa (2)
Hua dil pehli….pehli baar ve….
{ T – Kunj, I don’t know what is happening with me….I’m unable to stop my blushes…your thoughts had conquered my mind…I can’t think anything other than you….today I’ll give you a surprise… (Smiles) }
(Twinkle went near her wardrobe and opens it….she looked at her wardrobe and doesn’t find anything attractive….she looks here and there…biting her thumb of one hand and other on her waist….and finally her eyes falls on a gift box…)
Ye badliyaan woh ched de…
Toh chalke baarishen….
(She opens it and took out the dress and it is a purple saree…and smiles…..
T – Kunj, you always wanted me to wear this saree na so today I’ll wear this saree….only for you…. (She kissed the saree)….)
(Twinkle wears the blouse and hooked it….and looking at the youtube she wore saree….)
De aahantein kareeb se…
Toh bole khwahishen hai aaj kal
Zindagi hai har ek pal….
Har ek pal se chahe
Haaye jiska dil huaa….
(Twinkle is wearing bangles when Kunj comes and back hugs her…
K – You look even more pretty in this attire…..and he kissed her shoulder…Twinkle closer her eyes with his touch….after sometime she opens her eyes and find no one behind her….she pats her forehead….and went near shoe wordrobe….)
Bahaaraa (2)
Hua dil pehli baar ve…
Bahaaraa (2)
Ke chain toh hua faraar re….
Bahaaraa (2)
Hua dil pehli….pehli baar ve….
(She is standing near the shoe wardrobe and searching for the perfect match for her dress and finally she spot silver shimmering high heels shoes…)
Soyi soyi palkho pe chal ke
Mere sapno ke khidki pe aa gaya
Aate jate mere dil ke in haathon mein
Woh khat thamaa gayaa
Pyaar ka…..
(Again she went near the mirror and look at herself from top to bottom and took some selfies with a pout and finally took her clutch and proceed towards her room door…)
Lafzon mein rang hai pyaar ka….
She switches off the light and went downstairs waiting for Kunj to come…..
Payel went to Sarna’s Mansion…She is wearing light blue distressed denim and white crop top on which it was written “HALLA BOL” and bandanna on her head…..
Payel meets Geet who was wearing royal blue top and white denim and accessorize herself with finger ring…..
P – Hey, go and change your dress….
Payel handed over a paper bag to Geet to which she gave confused look…..finally after sometime Geet comes out wearing same dress as Payel was wearing….and both of them proceed towards the car…..after sometime the car stops at an isolated place where almost twenty girls were standing wearing same dress as PaGee were wearing and three muscular boys were also there and they were also wearing same dress but without bandanna….and instead they were wearing bracelet on their hands…..Geet was confused looking at them as they all were wearing same dress as she were wearing….Payel introduced Geet to everyone and they all were having hockey sticks in their bags…..they all proceeds towards the same mall were Twinj got stuck inside the lift…..Everyone get inside the mall….the security ppl checked them….
(YA Devi Sarvabuteshu
Shakti roopena samsthita
Ya devi sarvabuteshu
Shanti roopena samsthita)
Since everyone were having hockey so they didn’t enquired further….Payel group proceed towards one shop and scattered there and slowly slowly asked all the shoppers to move out of this shop and thankfully everyone left the shop one by one and finally the boys shut the gate and stood outside like a bodyguard…..all the salesmen were stunned to look at them as they were unable to understand what were happening over there…..
(Aaj se ab se
Aan meri main tumko nahi choone doongi
Jaan ko chahe chalni kar do
Man ko nahi chune doongi….)
P (Shouts) – Everyone come over here and stand in a line….
Everyone comes but didn’t stand in a line….whereas two members of Payel’s gang were shooting the whole scene….
P (In anger) – I said stand in a line….do you have ear problem….
The entire sales ppl stand in a line as they were scared to see everyone having hockey stick in their hands….
(Chuke dekho dil mera
Tumhe dil mein bhar loongi
Par ched ke dekho tum mujhko
Main tumko nahi chodoongi…..)
But to a surprise on man was hiding beside them and tried to escape from the situation….he was about to escape when a girl from Payel’s team forwards her leg and he fell on the ground…..
Payel went near him and holds his collar and drags him to the centre and gives a big tight slap on his face making it red….
(Ya devi sarvabuteshu
Shakti roopena samsthitha
Main tumko nahi chodungi)
P (Still holding his collar) – Why were you running from here???
The man stood numb over there……
(Ya devi sarvabuteshu
Shanti roopena samsthitha
Main tumko nahi chodungi)
P – Who tried to blackmail my friend by making her video???
Everyone stood numb over there….This shoots the anger of Payel to the highest level…..
(Skirtein saari raat dopehri
Dar dar ke nahi chalungi
Candle jala ke sandle dikha ke
Mar mar ke nahi chaloongi….)
She went near one salesman drags him down….beats on his knee making him fall on the ground and wincing in pain….Payel keep on kicking on his belly and continuously asked him…
P – Who tried to blackmail???
After 20 to 25 mins…..the man opens his mouth and says that everyone was involved in making her video but Rakesh stalks her…….
The entire gang member in the group of two starts beating everyone with hockey stick……
(Jis duniya mein ma behne
Rishta nahi gaali hai
Us duniya se maryaada ke
Saari hade todungi….)
S.M (All) – I’m sorry madam……ahhh….we’ll never do this again….I’m so sorry…..
(Kadam mila ke dekho to
Main saath mein tere chal dungi
Par ched ke dekho tum mujhko
Main tumko nahi chodungi…..)
But the members didn’t freed them and they keep on beating them…..whereas PaGee were beating Rakesh on his vital area and he was howling in pain…..Geet was beating him with full energy whereas tears of pain were also gushing out of her eyes….with every drop of tears her pain were also decreasing….After sometime the entire group was tired as well as they whole crew was beaten to the extreme….then Payel gave the final blow…..she took out the razor and scrape off the hair of Rakesh and…..
P – Geet, come here…
Geet went near them…..Payel took out boot polish from her and gave it to Geet…..
P – Blacken his face…..
Geet took it and was about to blacken his face with her hand…
P – Wait Geet. They don’t deserve to be touched….
Payel took out her shoes and gave it to Geet….
P – Use this…..
Geet took it from her and dip the shoes in the polish and then spread it on his face with those shoes……
(Main tumko nahi chodungi….
Main tumko nahi chodungi….
Main tumko nahi chodungi…..)
After that all the girls holds each other hand and proceeds towards the gate….they open the gate and did Hi-five with the boys and by that time police also came and took all the salesmen and ordered to close down the shop until and unless they find out that the owner is not behind all this……everyone passing by took the pictures of all the salesmen……
One of the shoppers says….
S – Well done girls!!! They should be punished so that next time no one dares to tease or harass any girl……
Media person also came and took photographs of the salesmen….
PaGee does Hi-five to each other and others also did the same…..everyone was smiling as their mission succeeded…..
Next Scene
PaGee were sitting inside the car…..
G (Smiling) – By the way Payel how do you know that the person were the salesman….
P – When you showed me your pictures then only I got to know that they were from this mall only as I remembered that you wore this dress on that day only….and after that I also enquired about that number and got to know the user of that number and I asked my friend to gather all the information and my qualm was right….. (Smiles)
G (Smiles) – Seriously you are true sister of my Bhabs….
P (Confused look) – What do you mean???
G – Actually once some spoil brats tried to misbehave with her but she knocks him down…..
P (Smiles) – Of course….after all she is my sis….lol
Both of them look at each other and burst out in laughter…..
The episode ends on PaGee smiling face…….
………….- 53RD EPISODE ends -…………….
I hope you guys enjoyed the episode……..
And am I able to compensate my break with my long episode….???
And how was the episode????
Once again thank you so much for reading my fan fiction till now and supporting it……….
I’m really obliged that you guys like to read my imagination….
Once again sorry for late update as I was really busy for last few days…my whole body was paining…..and was very tired to write anything…..


  1. zayb_zikra

    That’s it dat ws really cute…
    Means twinkis imagination yaar….
    Osmmmm u jus nailed it……. Ws jussssssssssssssss amazing….
    N mission halla bol ws jus windblowing…
    Loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much sista….
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    Keep writing….
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    N ur ff too….
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    Ok ab bas n bieee do cont soon …….

  2. Shreya

    It was awesome!!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!??
    Adding that harassment part made it even beautiful…..such wrong doings should be severely punished!!

  3. Kruti


    |Registered Member

    Shamz no need to thank us each and every tym ya we need to thank u for giving such a wonderful story…..thank u thank u thank u sooooooooo much
    And aaj ka epi to perfect song selection ya and bahara is one of my favorite songs
    And for a change humari twinkle ka sherni wala mode payal me as gaya tha……..loved it to the heights of infinity
    And sorry for that name mistake in my last comment
    Love u loads

    • Kruti


      |Registered Member

      Shamz ur dp is too bud
      and I noticed one thing u always put the dp according to the epi……how do u get such idea’s ya

  4. purnima

    awesome…Amazing….& pagee scenes awesome….aise logo k saath aisa hi krna chahiye….

  5. |Registered Member

    Di….I guess I’m gonna faint….whoa….what an epi di! I’ve got no words di. Bahara is my fav song….that’s why I loved it more. Twinkle’s imagination part was too good and payal to sherni nikli. What a an epi! Really girls shoukd be this daring…..mindblowing di….

  6. Keerthana

    Amazing epi shamz…. Thanks for the long epi…. Finally my wait is over…. Every day I was waiting for u to post ur ff… Today when I saw ur ff posted I really felt very happy… Thank u sooooo much for the long epi… Eagerly waiting for the next epi…

  7. Ria


    |Registered Member

    Amazing episode Shamz. Loved it to the core. The best thing about your fan fic is that it always gives a moral value.. love it a lot.

  8. saby

    all the while the song was playing in my mind.
    seriously twinkle’s dream was visualised in front om my eyes…..
    and payel rocked today seriously, uh showed women empowerment today
    ekdum mast…. a grand salute…
    dear i love uh as well as ur ff,
    but ur ff more….. sho shorrry 😉

  9. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Missed ur ff soooo much ….
    Episode was so romantic plus it taught us the moral values too ..
    Twinkle’s imagination along with the song part was amazing… itna acha ke pucho mat ke kitna accha tha …I was literally imagining Twinkle’s doing all those things nd that was giving me goose bumps…
    Nd MashaAllah ….hats off to u as ur ff is an inspiration to others …it always teach us something new…Today the way u showed fight against women harassment is commendable…each nd every girl should learn from it …
    Superb idea….. love ur ff …nd u too

  10. Angita


    |Registered Member

    Shamz I started to read the episode with a smile like said bit smile turned into laughter,seriously today’s episode was a total blockbuster pagee and twinkle scene was just awesome,your ff is known for awesomeness,na?

  11. Romaisah

    My fav song yaar!! #Bahaara btw got a piece of gud news for u my exams r finally over so i can come to TU most of the time now do u no hw relievedd i am ??? I love the lesson taught in this epi n yes twinkle imagination is on point ?? .. Post ur next epi soon im waiting n hope u feel better

  12. Lama


    |Registered Member

    What an episode yaar…seriously it was…
    Mind blowing?
    Out standing?
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  13. Suni


    |Registered Member

    Heyy Shamz!! Yr.. soo sorryy for late comment.. 🙁 i was a bit bzy 🙁
    Now cmng to ff.. epi was wonderful as usual!!!! Loved it??? U r nailing it girl….???? 🙂 🙂

  14. Cutie pie

    No kunj in dis epi bt it was suprb galz mardangi loved it n choice of d song bahara one of my fav awsme part

  15. Shreya098


    |Registered Member

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