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So let’s begin the show

The episode starts with Bebe asking Twinkle to change her dress…
B – Aneeeetaaaa
Anita comes down in her night gown. She is yawning
A – Yes Bebe
B – Bring clothes for Twinkle puttar…
Twinkle went to change her dress. She is wearing pink and grey coloured anarkali and looking damn hot as always. She walks down the stairs. Bebe looks at her and she was mesmerized with her beauty…
B – Puttar you are looking very beautiful. Come sit near me and have a talk while having tea (Smiles)
T – Yes aun….I mean Bebe and she smiles
B – How is your friend now???
T – Better now (while taking a sip)
B – Achcha beta it’s very late u should sleep now…go upstairs then go straight and after four room u’ll see two rooms side by side…the first room is the guest room
T – ok Bebe. Goodnight

Bebe went to her room and Twinkle upstairs. She follows the way as told by Bebe. She now stands near two rooms and wonder…
T (Self talk) – Bebe toh bataya hi nahi left se first room ya right se first….what to do now??? Chalo left se first hai usi mein chali jati hoon…
Twinkle went inside the room. The room was beautifully decorated. The room has a combination of blue and white. The window is from ceiling till floor but it is locked. The curtains are also in the combination of blue and white. The bed sheet is also blue in color with silver border and pillow white with silver border and cushions are tidily kept. There is wind chime near the door which opens to balcony. She opens the door and went to balcony and was stunned to see flowers were also in the combination of blue and white. She stands in the balcony closing her eyes and feeling fresh air touching her soft face as she always used to do before going to sleep. After sometime she went to sleep….

4:00 am
Near Sarna’s Mansion
4 cars stop. It’s a BMW. Bodyguards come out of the car and opens back gate of the cars.
1st car is shown
A girl’s bare leg is shown coming out of the car. The girl eyes are shown then her half face is shown. Now camera shows her from bottom to top. She is wearing one piece black color dress with golden accessories and a bracelet on which it is written GEET. So she is none other than Geet Sarna. Then a lady comes out of the car and she is wearing jeans and shirt with a scarf and she is Usha Sarna
2ND Car is shown
A lady comes out wearing pink color gown and carrying stylish bag. She is Anand’s wife Tanvi. Then a man comes out wearing Black suit with green shirt.
3RD Car is shown
Manohar Sarna comes out of the car.
A leg is shown wearing blue denim and brown shoes. Now his hand is shown wearing stylish watch. His eyes are shown. Now it is shown that the guy is walking towards the gate…and yah he is wearing white summer cool shirt. Now his lips or rather say that his lower face is shown. Now his face upper part is shown and finally his face is revealed. He is clean shaved super hot guy. (I think u guys are thinking right)
All of them proceed towards Sarna’s Mansion. They finally reached the Mansion. The gatekeeper salutes them and wished them GM. They all proceed towards the bungalow and rings the bell.
Bebe opens the door and smile brightly and hugs Manohar

B – (Crying in happiness) Monu tu aa gaya. Itta der kyun laga diya apna ghar aane mein
She breaks the hug and asked one of the servants to bring gold aarti thali and asked others to make special Punjabi food and call all the members downstairs.
Servant – Yes ma’am.
One of the servants brings aarti thaal. Bebe did the aarti and asked them to keep their right leg first with their respective wives. They all enter the house.
Geet and hot and handsome guy touched Bebe’s feet
B – Jind reh puttar.
Bebe holds their ears.
B – Kunj (Now it is revealed that he is none other than most awaited guy of this FF) Geet. Tum dono toh apni Bebe ko bhul hi gaye the na. Pehle toh baat v kiya karte the ab toh woh bhi nae.
Kunj and Geet – Ouuuccchhh…sorry Bebe! Sorry! Now we have come here forever and we’ll have a talk every day I promise.
Bebe leaves their ears and laughs.
B – Now go to your rooms and freshen up and we are preparing breakfast for you all
K – Love you Bebe.

They both went to their room as they used to visit India regularly.
Kunj went to his room and didn’t notice that someone was sleeping on the bed. He directly went to bathroom to to freshen up. He comes out in white towel and went near the mirror to comb his hairs which was opposite to his bed. (Till now he didn’t notice that someone is sleeping on the bed.) He was smiling looking at his abs and to himself.
K- Kunj tu kitna hot and handsome hai (Smiles)
Twinkle wakes up.
T – Good morning s*xy (Her eyes are closed. She always used to say when she gets up.)
Kunj turns and see her. He is mesmerized with her beauty. Twinkle opens her eyes and finds Kunj staring at her with bare body and only in towel.
T – (Shouts) Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
Kunj comes into senses and he also shouts.
The episode ends on their shouting face.

……………….-5th episode-………………..
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Credit to: Shamz

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