Tashan-e-deewangi twinj episode 49

Hello friends welcome back to Sidmin’s Tashan E World…..
I hope you are enjoying the twist and turns…….
Thank you so much for your lovely and overwhelming comments…..all the comments are very closed to my heart…the same way as the episode is close to my heart…I just can’t express my happiness….I was literally reading all your comments for more than five times…and every time a big smile peeps into my lips….tears of happiness were gushing out of my eyes….thank you so much for your love and support….
I know from two days I haven’t posted my story….actually I was very busy and I didn’t get time to write….actually I wrote a bit but then I deleted that episode and rewrote it all again….
Since I’ve decided to continue my ff so friends please do have patience for their wedding because I’m thinking about their marriage as I want their marriage also to be different from others and it would be unique….so please give some time for thinking about their grand wedding….I hope you’ll support me for this…I’ll try my level best to entertain you all…..
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So let’s begin the Sidhant’s show with a smile…..

The episode starts Twinkle is wearing red saree with off shoulder blouse….her hair is left open and she had put red lipstick on her lips and a simple chain with a pendant on her neck and looking very beautiful…..she is waiting outside her mansion when a car stops near her and she gets inside it….from her face it is very clearly visible that she is very angry…..now the camera zooms inside the car and shows the person sitting next to her and he is our Kunj who is smiling looking at her….but she was ignoring him to the fullest….finally they reached the destination….the car stops and Kunj comes out of the car and opens the door of the car for her….he forwards his hands but she ignores his hand and comes out of the car and starts to walk….Kunj walks behind her and smirks….

He went near her and pulls her in a jerk and took her in his arms….Twinkle avoids her eye contact but he looks at her without flipping his eyelid and walks…..Finally they reached near a lake side where the tree was beautifully decorated with tiny bulbs and hundreds of red cushion was hanging on it where it was written “I LOVE YOU TWINKLE”, “YOU ARE THE BEST THING HAPPENED IN MY LIFE”, “YOU ARE MY HEART BEATS”, “YOUR SMILE MAKES MY DAY”, “MY SOUL IS YOUR SLAVE NOW” and many other lovey dovey quotes were written on it….He lands her on the ground. She went near the tree and took one of the cushion on which it was written “TWINKLE YOU ARE THE REASON OF MY SMILE”. She reads it and her eyes becomes teary and she kissed the cushion while Kunj comes from back and hugs her keeping his hand on her bare belly making her to close her eyes and rest his chin on her bare shoulder…. (She is wearing off shoulder blouse)

K – Did you like it???
Twinkle turns and hugs him very tightly…her eyes are closed and tears of happiness gushing out in the form of transparent pearls…the most precious pearl…
While they were hugging each other Twinkle’s blouse unhooks making her tensed….
T (Tensed) – Kunj….
Kunj breaks the hug and cups her face….
K – What happen, Twinkle???
Twinkle stays mum and turns around….she moves her hair to one side….Kunj understands it and hooks her blouse while she closed her eyes as his touch was making her shiver….he bends a bit and kissed her bare back making her breathe heavily….he moves upper a bit and kissed her shoulder and then her neck…he sucks her neck making her neck wet….then he moved to other side and moves her hair to other side and kissed her shoulder and then her neck….he bits her neck
T – Ahhh….
Twinkle turns and hugs him….
K – I love you Mrs. Twinkle Sarna…

Twnkle blushes and they break their hug…Kunj keeps his hand on her waist and pulls her towards himself….both of them closed their eyes and moves towards each other and finally their lips meet each other and they had a passionate kiss…Twinkle caressing his hair whiles Kunj squeezing her waist….after sometime due to lack of breath they parted…both of them breathing heavily and smiling endlessly….Kunj kneels down and removes her drape from her belly and made her wear kamardhani on which little stars were hanging on the chain and each stars had a letter inscribed on it….if the letters are read together then it will spell “Twinj will always be together”….Kunj kisses on her belly…

T – I love you Kunj….
K – I love you too my siyappa queen…
Twinkle opens her eyes and found herself sleeping on her bed…and Kunj was sitting near her…
K – I didn’t know that in your sleep also you chant my name and confess your love also wah… (He winks at her)
Twinkle looks here and there…
T (Thinks) – Oh my god! I was seeing him in my dream and too like that….
She was lost in her thoughts…when Kunj snaps his finger near her eyes…she comes out of her thoughts…
K – I’m here only…you don’t have to think about me… (Smile)
T (Stammer) – I….I….was not… (Avoiding her eye contact) thinking about you…. (Looking at him) By the way when did you come in my room….??
K – When you were moaning my name as if I was kissing you in your dreams….
Twinkle widens her eyes…
T (In a low voice) – How come he know???
K (Smiling) – Did you said something???
T – No…I didn’t said anything…I think tumhare kaan baj rahe hai… (I think you have ears problem) you should go to the doctor and get your ears check once….Achcha why are you here??
K – Why??? Can’t I see my fiancée…???
T – Kunj seriously….
K – Actually we’re going for a family picnic…so get up and be ready…
T – Family picnic????
K – Yup, actually my cute lil saali yesterday demanded for a family picnic then only I was allowed to enter your house and make you mine….
T (Laugh) – Awww……
She went near her wardrobe to take her dress out but Kunj comes…
K – Today, I’ll choose a dress for you….
Twinkle shifts aside and Kunj began to search for the perfect dress….after much mess he finally takes out an orangish red colored top and black long skirt….
K (Looking at the dress) – Yah this will perfectly suits you…
He handed over her the dress and she went to the washroom….

After sometime….
Twinkle comes out in that dress and saw something….she was amused…
The camera shows Kunj is folding her dresses which he earlier made a mess and properly keeping inside her wardrobe….
T (Surprised) – Kunj………
Kunj turns and was mesmerized to see her without any makeup….her wet hair drives him crazy and he walks towards her while she moves back until the bathroom door stops her….Kunj comes closer to her and his finger plays with her wet hair….she closes her eyes….he leans to her and smells her hairs…
K (Romantically) – Your hair smells great….
Twinkle opens her eyes and looks at him in confusion…
T – Actually yah XYZ shampoo smells great… (Funny tunes play)
K (Surprised) – What???
T (Casually) – Actually I also loved this smell that is why I brought this shampoo….
K – Seriously Twinkle….I was saying romantically and tum to uska pura band hi baja diya…..
T (Innocently) – What did I say….you only told that you loved this smell so I also agreed with you….and how come this could be romantic…..
Kunj shakes his head and shows “nothing can happen with this girl” look….
K – Achcha leave all this…let’s go…
T – Arre Kunj wait I didn’t wear my earring also…..
Twinkle goes near the mirror to wear her earring but Kunj comes and make her wear earring and then simple chain….
T – Done… (Smiles)
She turns to leave but Kunj holds her wrist and pulls towards himself….both are very close to each other….Twinkle’s belly touching his abs….in short it seems like both of them were one body…..
T – Kunj, leave me….what are you doing???
K – One thing is missing….
T (Confused) – What???
Kunj took out an anklet and makes her wear it….
K – Now it’s perfect… (Smiles)
Both of them comes out of the room and proceed towards hall….
M – Finally, both of you had come….
Twinj comes down and stands near Payel….
P (In a low voice) – Are you done with your romance?? I thought that we have to cancel our picnic only…. (Giggles)
T (Holds her ears) – Naughty girl….
T – s*xy but where is my mom???
M – Actually she had some important meeting so she was unable to come…
T – And Prachi di???
Pra – Hey Twinkle! I’m here only….
T (Smiles) – We’ll have great fun together but wish mom was also there with us….
L – I’m also coming beta….
Twinkle turns…
T (Smiles) – Mom….
M – You had your meeting na???
L – Yes, I completed it early so I’m also joining you all… (Smiles)
K – Achcha then let’s go…
Everyone leaves from there and went to Sarna’s Mansion as bus was to leave from there only….
Sarna’s and Taneja’s greet each other……
…………- 49TH EPISODE ENDS -…………

PREACAP – Picnic time…..

I hope you liked it….
Hey how was her dream???
Once again thank you so much for your lovely support…..

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  1. Awesomeeeeeeee yaar…..U just nailed it….very excited for their Grand Marriage…..Love u ? ? ?

  2. Nice epi shamz…????????. Finally u posted….. Picnic masti on its way….. Enjoyed this epi to the core…

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  4. Aamu

    AWESOME ONE WAS WAITING FOR UR FF ONLY .n yaa i m sorry i dint cmnt but i m not able to login through my account in my fon so wen i read from fon i cmnt on ur ff by d namee sana hope u remember me
    loved twinkles dream so romantic .n d scene in which kunj was foldin tw cloths hehe

  5. Omggggggggggggggggg shamz di it ws so romantic yaar…….
    For a second is ws shocked that it ws her dream omgggggggg ……
    That thing ws gr8 yaar ur amazing…….
    N m ur ff ki dewaani…hehehhe……
    Btw do cont soon plzzzzz ……..
    Luv u ……
    Keep smiling……..??????

  6. Kruti

    OK…at first I thought y is twinkle suddenly angry with kunj and then as always u brought ur trump card…it was a dream…seriously ur just fab…..awesome epi…..waiting for d picnic fun
    And take ur time for d marriage… U know na sabar ka phal meetha hota hai

  7. Ria

    Amazing episode..loved it to the core.. will be waiting for the next one. And, please take your own time. We’ll surely wait for the grand event.

  8. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    amazing. …loved thier romance. ..

  9. Soo nice!! Thank you Shamz??
    Lovee your ff soo much! Your ideas are seriously mind blowing and i dont mind waiting for the wedding part because i know that you will make it happen beautifully with your breath-taking ideas❤️?

  10. Hey Shamz
    m really srry i was out of station dat’s y i was able to cmmnt on previous epi’s…
    The epi was superb…

  11. SidMin

    Loved the episode hope we get to see more romance in the picnic

  12. Awmse shamz di lov ur writing skills suprb yaar is it not 50 chapter ciz i think d engagement part was 49

  13. Suni

    Wowwwwww episode!!!!!
    Loved it 2 d core… ????
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    Excited for picnic trip …..love u…muaahh

  15. Fan

    Fantastic epi..

  16. It was just too good.. That dream sequence.. The intensity in that sequence was just too good.. Then that funny scene between twinj.. It was just super awesome episode.. Will b waiting for the grand wedding.. I know u’ll give an extraordinary grand wedding more than that of our expectations.. Just good luck for that.. Waiting for next episode eagerly.. :-)<3

  17. Sidhantian (isabella)

    Grt ?
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  18. It was awesome ……really very nice

    A cyclist moves at 12m/s for 1minute and at 16 m/s for 2 minute. Find the average velocity if the second part of motion is in the same direction as the first .

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me plzzzzzzzzzz I missed the class of this topic ….n I don’t know how to solve it ….my teacher asked for homework …he will check it …..what I will do ….we all are friends that’s why I asked u all instead of asking anyone else …I know u all will never disappoint me ….plzzzzz help
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    1. Ria

      Hey Sonal! So, see basically 12 m/s in 60s that means 12*60=720 m and 16m/S in 120s which implies 16*120=1920 m. So, now avg velocity is total distance divided by total time. So, 2640/180= 14.67 m/s. I hope this is correct and helps you out.. but, please check through the calculations again.

      1. Thankewwwwww so much ria

  19. Awesome one ……loved it….


    hey sonal we r nt since students but commerce srry cant help and shamz ur ff was heart touching today

  21. Saby

    Shams….. Nice episode…. As always? and take ur time and make the wedding also memorable and unique like engagement….. I just love ur creativity…. Hatsoff to uh…. And eagerly waiting for those….. In twinj wedding….???

  22. Thankewwww so much ria

  23. Rashiverma2199

    Shamz the episode was awesome……I thought that the dream sequence was real….even I was equally surprised

  24. Shamz u r jst suprb
    i luv ur writing skills n take ur own tym fr making twinj marriage a memorable one……… luv u n ur ff :*:*:*

  25. Shamz u r really great
    i luv ur writing skills n take ur own tym fr making twinj marriage a memorable one……… luv u n ur ff :*:*:*

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    Shamz a bigwala sorry 4 such late arrival
    Loved the epi
    Ur terrific writer yaar
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