Tashan-e-deewangi twinj episode 48

Hello friends welcome back to Sidmin’s Tashan E World….
I hope you guys are enjoying the twist and turns of the show…..
Thank you so much for your love and support for this ff…..
Thank you Sara, Sayeeda, Ria, Zikra, Keerthana, Saby, Maanvi, Laddoo, Rashiverma2199, Riya, Kiara, Crazy, Kruti, Panchi, Fan, Jasmin Vani, Nur Amy, Cutiepie, Lama, Mehek, Happiness, Sana, Shatakshi, Jenny, Arundhati, Tamanna and all the silent readers also……
Hey friends yesterday’s comments was just awsm…I really don’t have words to express my happiness when I read each one of ur comments… Yesterday whole day I slept actually I was not well my head was paining and was feeling very week….but ur comment made my afternoon as well as evening… Thank u so much for ur lovely comment…..
Hey friends I’ve accepted all ur bone crushing hug, flying kiss, jadu ki jhappi, tight wali hugs…..
I really didn’t knew that u all will love the episode…. As I thought u might be bored listening to Leela’s talk…but I’m glad that u all loved it…once again THANKEW SO MUCH….
Hey Kruti let me know what u thought…. And are they similar to ur thoughts…..
Hey Tamanna and Zikra don’t be sorry….
So let’s begin the Sidhant’s show with a smile….
The episode starts with a girl coming towards Twinj with a red tray on which two rings are kept surrounded by rose petals….Twinkle looks at it and smiles brightly….finally the girl comes next to them……
L – Twinkle puttar Kunj ko anghooti pehnao…
Twinkle nods in confirmation and proceed to make him wear the ring but Kunj moves back making everyone shock…..
B (Tensed) – Kunj puttar, what is this???
U – Kunj beta, why are you not wearing the ring……
K (In full Tashan) – I’ll not wear…..
M (Angry) – Why???
Kunj holds Twinkle hand and drags her out of the hall and proceed towards his car….Everyone follows him…..
While Driving the car…………
T (Angry) – What the hell is this Kunj??? What are you doing?? I said leave me….if you don’t want to engage with me then leave me…. (Tears rolled down her cheeks)
Kunj was like as if nothing had happened and he is alone in the car in short he was ignoring her to the fullest….
T (Shouts) – Tell me damn it…..
But to her surprise Kunj was still mum and top of that switch on the radio…..
Twinkle feels disgusted and switch off the radio….and Kunj again switch it on….and the process of on and off went on until Kunj stops the car….He went out of the car open the door for Twinkle to come out….by the time family members and everyone also reached the place……Kunj drags Twinkle to some place followed by everyone…..
Twinkle was shocked….her eyed widen and her mouth open….and Kunj smiles looking at her…..everyone face was shown and they were equally shocked as Twinkle was……..
Now the camera shows the reason behind their shock…The lawn was beautifully decorated with tiny bulbs and chairs were covered with white sheet and on it big pink colored satin bow was tied…..and there was a giant screen were Twinj pictures were displaying and in a distance there were several hot air balloons were tied…..the balloons were of pink colored in the center surrounded by white hot air balloons and all the balloons were beautifully decorated with purple and white orchid and tiny bulbs……and near the screen some men were playing violin to make the environment romantic…..
K (Smiling) – So did you liked it???
Twinkle looks at Kunj with teary eyes and immediately hugged him…..
T (While hugging) – Thank you so much….this is the best gift I’ve ever got….
They break the hug….
K (Cupping her face) – I’m glad you liked it…but this would not have been possible if my telly update gang would not have supported me….
(Really friends if you would have not supported me then I would have not been able to write this ff so far…thank you so much for being with me all the time….especially my regular commenter becoz if they won’t have commented then I would have stopped writing it long back….love you all )
T – I want to meet them as well….
K – Yah sure…here they come….meet Sara, Kiara, Jasmin Vani, Nur, Mehek, Jenny, Tamanna, Shreya, Romaisah, Fan and Shamz….
Telly update gang – Congrats yaar….I hope you liked the decoration…
T (Smiling) – Of course, it’s so beautiful and different….thank you so much for this as well as coming here and enhancing the beauty of our party……
(Everyone smiles….)
(Hey friends did you smile listening to her (Twinkle’s) words…if yes then my mission accomplished….)
Kunj forwards his hand to Twinkle and she readily gives her hand on his hand and they proceeds towards the hot air balloon…..Kunj gets up on the balloon and forwards his hand to Twinkle….She holds her lehenga from one hand and gives her other hand to him….he pulls her and her hand lands on his chest and they share a sweet and adorable eyelock…. (Bas itni si tamanna plays in BG)…..and slowly slowly the balloon starts to fly and finally stops at a distance….other family members also get up on the rest of the balloons in the group of two and surrounds the Twinj’s balloon….from the ground it looks like a flower is floating on the air….and all balloons surrounding Twinj’s balloon were revolving around it……near Twinj balloon flying drone cameras were revolving to shows directly on the giant screen so that guest could also see their engagement ceremony properly…..
L – Twinkle puttar now make Kunj wear the ring…. (Smiles)
Twinkle smiles and make him wear the ring while family members threw rose petals on them……Now Kunj make her wear the ring and everyone claps for them….Twinj hugs each other….both of them are smiling endlessly…
Twinj and other family members lands on the ground….suddenly almost all the lights of the lawn goes off only few lights are on….
The spot lights fall on Kunj who is having mike on his hand and he is looking down at the stage….
Kunj starts to recite a poem….
Teri aankhon ki adaayein…
Tere baalon ka beparwah hona…
Tere hoton ki muskan…
Tera achanak se roothna…
Aur phir thodi hi der mein khilkhilakar hans dena…
Meri tashan ko deewangi mein badal di….
(Twinkle eyes him lovingly and walks towards the stage and went near the Kunj and took the mike from him)
Twinkle continues the poem….
Tera haule se mujhe dekhna……..
Meri aansoon ko apne hoton se pochna…….
Meri bin bole batoon ko samajh lena………
Meri har dard ko khud mein bhar lena………
Meri har nakhdon ko sah lena……..
Meri TASHAN ko DEEWANGI mein badal di……..
Both of them eye each other lovingly and their eyes become teary and they hug each other…….Everyone claps for them and they come out of their LOVARIA world…..
Both of them walks down the stage hand in hand and had a big smile on both of their face….
The host takes over the stage…
H – So ladies and gentlemen how the poem was said by the lovely couple……give a big round of applause to our lovely couple….
Everyone claps for them…….
H – Now comes Ms. Zayb Zikra who’ll show some dance moves to us……
(Everyone claps for her)
Lights of the stage goes off and spot lights falls on a girl whose back is shown…she is wearing pink and grey shades lehenga and dance on Haye re mera ghagra from YJHD….she dances like Madhuri Dixit and at the end of the song she walks down and drags Twinj on the stage and they all dances on it….
(I hope Zikra that I’m able to bring smile on ur face 🙂 )
H – What an amazing performance….. Now the whole telly gang is going to perform for our newly engaged couple……
Our whole telly groups shake there legs on Dekha jab se tmko bas dekha tumko yaara….from K3G
(Everyone claps for our telly groups….)
H – What a fabulous performance put up by telly gang….Everyone hold your heart and be seated because in few minutes your heart will start to beats fast as the lead of TASHAN-E-ISHQ…Mr. Sidhant Gupta and Ms. Jasmin Bhasin are going to come and fire the stage….
Everyone is very happy and Twinkle hugs Kunj very tightly…
T (While hugging Kunj) – Thank you…thank you thank you so so sooooo much for bringing my favorite couple on my engagement………
K (Smile) – Anything for you my siyaapa queen….
T (Making puppy face) – Aww so mean Khadoos Sarna…today on our engagement day also you’ll say like this to me…. (Crossing her hands on the arms and looking away)…I’ll not talk to you….
K – Why did you told me Khadoos Sarna (Crossing his hands on the arms and looking away)….I’ll also not talk to you…
Both of them look each other from sideways and then avoid their contacts and again they looks at each other and finally breaks out in laughter…..Kunj was mesmerized by her beauty and pulls her closer and sensually moves his finger on her face…making her more closer to himself….now both of them are very close to each other….they are so close that they can even hear each other’s heartbeats….Twinkle closes her eyes and parts her lips and Kunj also closes his eyes and parts his lips…and their lips touch each other lips and was about to gave in……….
H – So here come the dashing… stunning…. handsome hunk Mr. Sidhant Gupta….
Listening to this Twinkle pushes him away and went near the stage………
T – I can’t believe it….he is standing in front of me….he looks more handsome off screen….Oh my god! Look at his biceps…and his body….he is so dashing….
Someone pats on her shoulder and she turns…
T – Kunj….
K (Fake anger) – You didn’t tell me ever like this…
T – What???
K – That I’m handsome or something like that…..
T (Acts to smell) – Something is burning I guess….. (Smiles)
K – Yes…something is burning and you know what is burning…
Twinkle looks at him narrowing her eyes….
K – My heart is burning…..
Twinkle laughs and goes closer to him….and sensually open his first button of his sherwani….
T – I think I should end that fire….
She bows down a bit and kissed near his heart and Kunj smiles at her…..
T (Innocently) – Now it’s ok….
Kunj smiles and moves his head in “Yes”…..
Kunj holds her hand and took her to green room where THE SIDHANT GUPTA is doing his touch up as he had the next performance……
K – Hey Bro.
Sidhant turns and smile at him and hugs him very tightly whereas Twinkle look at him shocked and her mouth is wide open……
S – Hey Bro. and by the way congrats yaar….
K (Looking at Twinkle) – Meet my fiancée Twinkle Taneja….
Twinkle comes out of her shock and smiles at them….
T (Whispers) – Kunj, you know him???
K – Of course. We’re in same college but afterwards he came back to India and I was there only….
Twinkle forwards her hand to Sidhant….
T – Hello myself Twinkle Taneja….I’m one of your biggest fan. Your acting is so natural….and the way you smiles or you do your one eyebrow up just makes me salivate…..
S (Smiles) – Thank you so much….
T – But I’m very sad that you’re going to leave that show…please don’t leave… I love your chemistry with Jasmin…you both look perfect with each other….you guys complete each other….
K – As we do….. (Smile)
S (Teasingly) – Love is in the air…. (Smiles)
Jasmin enters the room…
J – Hello guys….
Everyone turns to look at them….
Kunj went and hug Jasmin….Twinkle also come there and hugs Jasmin making Kunj apart from her…. (Guys jo bhi ho pyaar mein log kisi ko bhi apne chahnewale ke kareeb kisi ko nae dekh sakta….)
J – Congrats yaar…
Jasmin gave a peck on Kunj’s face making Twinkle jealous….then only volunteer comes and says to Sidmin that they are called on stage….Sidmin leaves and Kunj was also leaving when Twinkle holds his hand and pulls him with all her force….Kunj looks at her confused….
T (Narrowing her eyes) – How dare she kissed you???
Kunj smiles which make Twinkle more furious and she pulls him towards herself and come closer to his face and kissed his cheeks…
T – Here only she kissed you na and in front of me….
K (Naughtily) – Wow….I didn’t knew if any other girl will kiss me then I’ll get kiss from you also…double bonanza….thanks for making me understand yaar….
T – You cheap…
And she turns to leave but Kunj pulls her closer….
K – Only you’ve right to touch me and no one else…
Twinkle blushes and looks down in shy….
Someone open the door and she is Payel…
P – If both of you are done with your romance then please come as guest are looking for you….. (Smiles)
Twinj felt embarrassed and leaves from there…….
On the stage…….
Sidmin are performing on the song SAB TERA from Baaghi…..
Sidmin are very close to each other….he twirls her and makes her fall in his arm….then he makes her stand slowly and rested his hand on her waist while she keeps her hand on his shoulder and both of them swings….they were so engrossed in each other that they didn’t knew that song ended long back….Twinj walks up the stage and went near them who were lost in each other eyes…..Twinkle to Jasmin and Kunj to Sidhant in their ears softly…
Twinj – Do you love Sid/Jas???
Sidmin – Yes, I do….
Sidmin comes out of their dreams and realized what they said just now….Jasmin blushes whereas Twinj smiles at them….to her (Jasmin) surprise Sidhant kneels down and forwards his hand
S – Ms. Jasmin Bhasin will you like to be my life partner forever???
J (Smiles) – Yes……..
He gets up and hug each other…..everyone claps for them….
T – I’m so happy that both of you love each other….as I always wanted you to be together always…….. (Smiles)
K – Why don’t you guys also get engage right now….??
T (Smiles brightly) – Great idea!
Twinkle calls someone to bring two engagement rings and after half an hour Sidmin also gets engaged to each other….
The episode ends on Twinj and Sidmin’s smiling face and both the pairs were hugging their partners…….
……….- 48TH EPISODE ends -………
I hope you guys enjoyed today’s episode………..
PRECAP – Depend on your decision….

This is my longest episode in the entire ff episodes…..as this one is of 15 pages and normally I write for 10 pgs and max 13 pgs….
Hey friends,
1. Did you like my poem that Twinj recite for each other……??
2. Did you like the surprise that Kunj gave to Twinkle???
3. Did you like the arrangement of their engagement???
4. Do you think that their engagement was different from the normal T.V shows and others…???
5. Hey I’ve designed today’s dp…did u all like it…..????
Please do reply the above question…if not all then at least one…
Thank you so much for reading and investing your precious time in reading it……
Hey, I really request my silent readers from the core of my heart please do reply on today’s episode as it will decide that should I write further or end it on their wedding….
This is my first fan fiction and would be my last fan fiction as well….so my further writing decision depends on you all….
Hey I really want to continue further so please do comment and encourage me to write further as this episode is really very close to my heart….frankly speaking if I didn’t get enough comment on this episode my heart will seriously break and I won’t be able to write further………
Love you all……….
Thank you for bearing me for so long…….


  1. Sara

    *Crying tears of joy* U literally fulfilled all my wishes and dreams. Someone give this girl a medal. OH MY GOD I can’t believe I just met Twinkle and Kunj. As if u weren’t done u brought out Sidhant and Jasmin and I hyperventilated then u made them a couple and got them engaged and I died of happiness. (But I came back to life cause I need to finish ur ff ?) This is the first and only time I will see such a majestic engagement (hot air balloons like how do u come up with these stuff?) That brain of yours is the srsly the eighth wonder of the world. BRAVO! ❤️

  2. Poorvi

    Just have no word to express how good ur writing skills are.. The episode was just breath taking.. N ur story line its going superb.. Just getting too much addicted to ur ff..
    Actually m sorry I thought to comment in ur ff’s also but what to do.. Just use to read it in such a rush coz my exams are approaching for coming tuesday n I was just not ready for them.. As I was busy busy bunking my class n even if I use to attend I use to sleep during class hours.. So it was just pay back time.. Study study n just study..
    But today u made me break that by this fantabulous episode and decided to comment in each n every ff I read from now on..

  3. Jasmine wani

    Firstly tnkw soooo much twinkle se mje mila ne k liye mene kbhi nai socha tha….nd yar jo poem thi…by GOD bhut ache ap me talent 2 bhut h….aj me ye garv se kehti hu tashan e ishq shamz ko direct krna chaiye……twinj ki engagement k sath sidmin ki b…wow dat’s great yar…nd ap ko pta h ap ke ff tashan e dewangi ka me hr ek epi pdti hu bt coment nai krti coz me main bal pe net on krti hu ….ap k invitation k bad mene usi time pck dala…….once again thankyou so much..:-*:-*

  4. Romaisah

    GOD !!!!
    SHAMZZZ !!! You once again stole my heart although i didnt like this episode one bit …… I freaking LOVEDDDDDD ITTTTTT !!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh i was literally freaking out reading this episode god dammit its soo different n yes wen kunj backed away i got a bit scared but then the surprise u planned like omg balloons and all yaar?? Tooo good then Sidmin u literally made me blush idk y the hell i was blushing n yes u made me smile n happpyy Thankk you !!!!!!
    I loved the poem
    I loved the surprise
    I loved the decorations well duhhh
    And ur dp ????????????????????? hawww i wannaa meet u in person i srsly need ur autograph ❤❤❤❤❤❤ my heart is still beating fast after this epi n im glad i couldve helped #TellyUpdateGang
    I rele hope im gonna see tashan e deewangi next epi uploaded asap yes im demandinggg u!!!!! I love u to the moon n furtherrr!!!!

  5. ms.tashan queen

    Shamz di u r lucky tht a silent reader is commenting gfirst on ur ff…lol
    Just wanted to know wgwther only girls use read n write on telly updates

  6. Cutie pie

    Offcourse i loved it from strtung to end evry libe i loved i seriously wish dat sidmin r real couple bt nai hosakta liv u yaar seriously awsme nver thought abt something lyk dis n unique Congo n plzzz do continue aftr dis ff plzzzz n plzz accept my frnd request in fb n if u hav insta account tll me ur id

  7. ms.tashan queen

    Hey shamz di u r just fab…ni words to describe…btw i m a silent reader tdis is my first comment on TU plz continue ur ffs ur decoration surprise poem n every thing was just beautiful like u k …lv u bye

  8. Kruti


    |Registered Member

    Okkkk……seriously I’m under a shock….just can’t tell u what’s my feeling after reading d epi…… Shamz ur jst fabulous…and ur writing skills r extraordinary…. and tumhara dimaagh wowwww..from which corner of ur brain do u get these ideas
    And coming to ur questions
    1.the poem was good
    2.the surprise was awesome
    3.the engagement setup was fascinating
    4.aisi engagement ke bare mein chetan bhagat ne bhi nahi socha hoga humare Indian TV writers kya sochenge……it surely was verryyyyyyyyyyyyy different one and the best one
    5.ur dp is also gud
    U seriously r a girl made for literature……hats off
    And the ppl ur were talking abt to get engaged with twinj were sidmin……wowwww.kash aisa real lyf mein hota
    And abt my thought to ur further plot…….maine kha tha humara dimaagh itna aacha nahi hai ki tum jitna soochen…..u already proved me half way wrong
    Wow aaj ka comment is of d size of a short story

    • Kruti


      |Registered Member

      And pls don’t even think of ending ur ff…..nahi to main tumse naraz ho jaungi and I will not comment in future…..and Maine kisi ke ff mein tumhara comment pada tha ki u have so many ideas that u can continue d ff for more than 100epi…..yar hum bechare readers par thodi daya dikha Roz itni aachi story milti hai padne KO ki TED has become like morning cup of coffee….. So pls don’t stop ur ff till there is a stop to ur ideas(hope there’s never a stop)……and kisi ko unki morning coffee na dena is very bad…..lolz…..thoda zyada hogaya na pata hai mujhe……so keep smiling keep writing luv u loads..muaaahhhh

      • Kruti


        |Registered Member

        Sorry aaj zyada dimaagh paka rahi hun
        Par I have 2 que for u
        What’s ur age???(hann hann pata hai ‘never ask a man his salary and a women her age ‘ but pls tell me)
        and by any chance r u in d field of literature???if not u surely must b there

  9. Keerthana

    Wow dear…. Tooooooooo gud… Oh of the world…. ??
    This is the first time I am reading such a marvellous engagement plan ?? I wish that u too might have ur engagement in such a situation ???? ( don’t take me wrong if u feel that I have interfered in ur personal matters dear)
    A very big sorry from my side because ur poem was in Hindi… I don’t understand that good… I apologise for that.. Anyways I feel that the poem written by the GREAT SHAMZ will be rocking… ???
    I jut hope ur headache is fine…take care…

  10. Ria


    |Registered Member

    Shamz, I’m just so heartbroken. How could you do this? I told you not to think about stopping but, you again thought.?? I am really disheartened.
    Coming to your questions,
    The poem was superb
    The surprise was amazing
    I’ve told you this before also that the way you describe arrangements I can feel everything going around me.
    The dp is awesome
    And, ofcourse it was different from TV show engagements. We’ll always have villains to disturb functions in our Indian daily soaps.
    The best part was SidMin getting engaged. I wish that happened in real life too buy, seems like quite impossible.
    Anyways, i loved the episode and please for God’s sake don’t think about stopping to write the ff.

  11. Kiara

    What an amazing poem literally speechless I though it was a movie dialogue Hats off yaar??????
    I felt jealous when all were getting introduced to twinkle but thats OK caz they deserve it

  12. Shreya

    OMG!!! Shamz!!!! Seriously AWESOME!! GREAT AND SIMPLY OUT OF THIS WORLD!! I loved it??
    It felt that you read my heart’s wishes and wrote this epi…Incredible ideas!!! From where do you get such
    wonderful thoughts??
    I wish time stops and goes back to TEI
    with sidmin but with your ff i seriously feel that your lively desciption of sid n jasmine and the way you depict them have made me want to stay here n read more and more??
    I also loved the poem??
    It was mind blowing n i will definitely like to read more of these…i have to say!! U have many hidden talents??

  13. Sayeeda

    Ya Allah…. Shamzoo….bas ek baar ; ek baar mere samne aajo I’m dying to meet u …..I wish I could pluck the stars from the sky nd present before u ….Seriously in the history of TU page none of writer did glories as u did…..
    This is the eight wonder of world…. if some award is more prestigious than oscar I would surely given u …

    U know I read this whole episode thrice …..nd today u made me cried ; I felt so touched seeing ur love nd affection towards ur readers….today I felt why Allah made me to acknowledged about tu …if I would have came here I would have miss reading ur ff…..

    I won’t be saying this was good or that was good …..bcoz each nd everything was exceptionally done…..the best one ur poem…
    Shamzo dear words kam padh rhe hai to express my joy …what to do ?.
    This was the bestest engagement ceremony I even been through…. Even directors of serial need to take lessons from u …love uuu…….lovvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuu bahut saara….

    Nd yah take care of ur health …nd get well soon ….nd don’t ever dare to think to end it . I can’t think a single day without ur presence …hope ur ff crosses 1000 episodes….


    • Sayeeda

      Shamzo mujhe maloom hai ke main bahut zayada bolti hoon ….but today let me speak …..I can’t resist myself …u know I kissed ur dp just bcoz ur a very special gift to our tei family ….
      I REQUEST TEI TU TEAM ……PLZZZZZZZZZ…..JUST ONCE LET THIS EPISODE TO BE READ BY OUR SIDMIM….. I know it’s impossible but when a girl can create a extreme imagination of our twinj ; then why can’t just for once u make this episode read to our Sidmin …..plzzz ….I’m damm sure if they would read this they will surely feel exalted nd will want to meet her…love uuuu….Shamzzoo

  14. Shatakshi


    |Registered Member

    Hey Shamz
    U know I really don’t have words to describe my shockness…becoz all of the above comments have already done that
    N just one advice or rather say a suggestion that never ever in ur widest dream… Think of ending it okay
    I m warning u…n its serious…
    Becoz we all love u n ur creativity
    Nothing more to say….I m speechless

  15. Saby


    |Registered Member

    Omg shamz uh r just a darling……the way uh portrayed sidmin and twinj engagement it was awesomawesome year….. No one cud think sumthing like this…..
    1. The poem was just the best and were defining them completely…..?
    2. The surprise was again the best and the arrangement made by the Tu Gang were amazing…..
    3.The way uh described the decorations….. I was able to visualize it in front of me…… It was damn romantic……?
    4. Surely the engagement was very much different and a unforgettable one….. Now I m thinking to appoint uh as a decorater in my wedding in future whenever it takes place……..??
    And one more……. And ty for making sidmin engaged….. I too hope that there shud b sumthing in real life?? same pinch for that

  16. Saby


    |Registered Member

    Hey shamz plz don’t end this ff….. And don’t end writing…… Uh write so well….. And as I always say uh writers are my inspiration…. Hw cn uh only back out like this..? I don’t know anything I just know that uh r not allowed to end to end ur ff and uh will keep continuing and give us shocks and surprises like this only……. Bone crushing hugs….. ? and love uh lots and lots more……???

  17. Rashiverma2199


    |Registered Member

    I’m very happy after reading this…..was smiling throughout….. What amazing brain and heart u have….so awesome idea…..sidmin engagement….. Superb…..even I performed in twinj and sidmin engagement… Aahhhh it’s a dream come true to see them face to face…..today’s episode was the best so far….lovaria world was so beautiful….. Awesome shamz…..3 cheers for u…HIP HIP HURRAY…. HIP HIP HURRAY…. HiP HIP HURRAY??????????????????????????????????

  18. Laddoo


    |Registered Member

    Nhi….I dnt understand one thing di….shall i laugh or cry? What the hell di! How can u write so well? Aapke andar Shakespeare ki aatma hai kya? Di….aadhi aatma mujhe bhi chahiye….just awesome di….main aapki sachhi fan ban gyi hu….*standing ovation*…..speechless!

    • Laddoo


      |Registered Member

      Di….that tym I didn’t write much. Actually di….today’s episode was not good. Not at all good. It was simply mindblowing! I mean such beauty in writing! Everything was Madhuri Dixit wala ‘perfect’. Frm the engagement decor to the poem to the dp to everything….OMG….it is beyond anybody’s appreciation. My brother once told me that no wrd is there in the dictionary for me and that he’ll invent one wrd soon. Today I repeat the same for u. And di for SidMin’s engagement….that was beyond my imagination….amazing…..and di…..dnt u dare stop writing this ff…..this is the best one I ever read. Koi half century pe aate aate out hota hai kya? I want 100 episodes at least….see you soon with d next epi di…..love u….!

  19. panchi

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  20. Dheemahee

    Hey dear I am a silent reader I don’t know from where to.start appreciating you u r fabolus and the idea of engagement was awesome love u do.continue and post soon

  21. Riya

    wow shamz what an episode never seen such engagement on television n sidmin engagement just loved it u fulfilled my wish seeing sidmin as couple in real life it is impossible but enjoyed it in ur ff engagement in hot air ballon new idea . I loved every bit of it poem was amazing do write such poems i would luv to give u my lucky pen n don’t even think of ending dis ff soon I wish ur ff completes more den 200 episodes 2 more episodes to go for half century of ur ff keep going dear luv u n ur ff a lot dis is longest episode of ur ff n my longest comment on ur ff .

  22. Suni


    |Registered Member

    Heyy Shamz!! I was a silent reader of ur ff bt 2day i couldnt resist myself frm cmntng…. first of all i must say tht you’re an amazingg writer….. u write sooooo beautifullyy.. ???….
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    Nd now cmng 2 dis epi.. i m lacking of words…. idk wht 2 say abt this epi… in dis epi evrything’s perfect… perfect nd perfect.. loved dis epi to d core.. ???
    Nd now ur ques.
    1)poem is amaazingg
    2)the surprise was simply awesome??
    3) engagement idea nd all d arrangements r vry unique..
    5) Nd dp is vry beautiful……?
    Hats off 2 u yr… ?????
    Nd plzzzz its a request dnt end ur fff plxx..plzzz..??….
    Nd yes sry fr not cmntng on ur prev.epi’s bt frm now i’ll cmnt on all epis…..

  23. Happiness


    |Registered Member

    I don’t have words dear I am crazy for ur ff I don’t know what to say u r exceptional , u r the best n if u will end ur ff I will end reading ffs plz don’t do that n ya everything was the best

  24. Lama

    Oh My God…Is it seriously a FF…I m still under a shock…Not even getting words to describe it…Firstly the Answers of ur question-
    1- I Loved the poem recite by Twinj.
    2- The surprise was Fabulous.
    3- The arrangement of their Engagment was Amazingly Awesome
    4- Their Engagment was totally differ from other n thats y i loved it
    5- What to say for the dp its Awesome
    6- Mot importatly Get Well Soon dear
    Yaar u r really a Greatest Writer…The idea of Hot Air Balloons was Fabulous…Fantastic…Awesome…Amazing…Plus the idea of Sidmin dance…their engagment Oh My God yaar seriously i m lacking words to describe ur creativity…love u yaar muuuuuaaaah ???????????????????????????????


    hey shamz u know that u should be a director or story writer awsome fabulous mind blowing pls dont endthis pls plw pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls


    hey shamz u know that u should be a director or story writer awsome fabulous mind blowing pls dont endthis pls plw pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls after sidhant left this the ff we r enjoying pls dont end


    hey shamz u know that u should be a director or story writer awsome fabulous mind blowing pls dont endthis pls plw pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls after sidhant left this the ff we r enjoying pls dont end pls continue

  28. zayb_zikra

    Awwwweeee diduuuuu m literally crying tears of joy u kno…..???
    Omg omg omgggggggggggg m speechless dear loved it to d core…….
    U made me cry as well……
    Luv u so soooooooooooooooooooo much ki luv 7 infinity………
    Yaar ur really gr8 …….
    Omgggggg………our two Jodi’s engagement………. Omgg loved it……
    Yaar u should b a wrter plus a poet??????………
    Gr8 all in o e package full to all together an amazing pack……….
    Loved d poem to d core……..
    N epi ws fabulous……….
    U made mah day yaar………….
    U made me smile n tears of happiness yaar really I ws sad from d morning mah mood ws nt gud bt u made my day yaar………
    I jus nw opend d TU page n I ws busy wid my notes ……
    N ur ff ws jus distracting my mind…..
    N finally I gave up my book n read ur ff I it literally made my day………
    N plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz m literally vry sry for yesterday yaar
    M felt really guilty……..
    Plzzzzz luv u so much luv u To d moon n back…….
    Luv u my jaan………
    Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz……….
    M really blessed to have such an amazing wrter on TU page n I made my all my cute si family……….
    Luv u …..
    Keep loving………….
    Keep writing………..
    N keep smiling…..???????
    N n n plzzz keep writing such a lovely poems…….
    Luv u so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much………
    N once again really sry……..
    Luv u…….

  29. Fan


    |Registered Member

    Wow shamzz u nailed it… the epi was mind blowing…from where do u get such awesome ideas for ur epi??iam curious….btw did i ever praise ur writing skills??well i dont remember but today i have to do it after reading a very beautifully written epi…u r a very good writer yaar…u should become a writer…i love reading ur ff..it always bring a smile on my face..keep up the good work…btw sorry for commenting late i am very busy nowadays as my clg started…keep writing..???

  30. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    hey shamz. ..u literally made me cry u know….u fulfilled every wish of mine…me meeting twinkle n kunj….secondly sidmin engagement….wow…what to say yaar. ..kash ye real me hota….ur poem was just awesome. ..ur dp…cute one…the arangements mindblowing. …kabhi kabhi mere dil me khayaal atha hai ki tume writer ke saath saath event planner bhi hona chahiye…n yah ur engagement was totally different from others boletho hatke….hahaha. …seriously yaar koi itna accha kaise lik saktha hai…I m shocked n u rocked. …hahaha. …aaj thoda zyada hi paka rahi hun naa…srry…

  31. Sidhantian (isabella)

    Just speechless yar..
    Overall superb ?
    But deserved more ???
    Now m out of comment.. u be my best ff writer s well s poety..
    Deeply in love with ur way of writing

  32. Sg fan (nikki)

    OMGGGG engagement aise hai toh shaadi kahin underwater na ho jaye!! U just killed it yaar and sidmin engagement was icing on d cake! I just want an autograph and selfie wid u plzzz tell ur age nd city! I know im being too greedy but u re like becoming myGIRL CRUSH!!

  33. baby

    yr wow shamz osm bt i was missin hahaha yr actually i luvd it kya engagement thi n hot air baloon wow amazing i mean yah ur song ws also amazing luvd it yr

    • Shamz



      Hey baby u’r already present in Twinj engagement…. I didn’t miss u as u had confirmed ur coming… Plz do read epi 47 also…

  34. baby

    or baki ka bout dis episode nly ll cmnt later k bie gn definately ll get a cmnt tmrw fr dis spcl episode

  35. dreamer

    Shamz arundhati here…seriously sorry a big sorry for late comment but I m speechless about the epi
    I liked every word of it..luved it
    u r truly stunning writer
    very gud poem.
    ctd asap dear
    luv u and ur ff loads.
    And all the ff writers. ..maybe from today I won’t be a regular commenter.
    plz a big sorry for that.i will try to visit tu .all…keep writing and keep smiling. ..and loving twinj
    shamz osum…muah…

  36. baby

    Hey thanks so mch btw i was jst joking?bt yr shamz u r gr8 yr wat 2 say wat a gr8 srprise man sidmins engagement i wish it happens in real lyf yr srsly i jst luv d cpl of sidmin dey r my dream cpl n yr hot air ballon idea ws osm i wish we all shuld b hving kunj(sid)jaisa hsbnd mile caring luving n joh sb wishes puri kare meri tumhari sbki☺?gaana likha hai n yr u r fabulous marvellous beautiful amazing pretty dam sure kya likti ho yr i want an autograph o urs?yr u wr amazing jst luvd d engagement n w8ing fr d marriage god bless dem r sidmin twinj n d telly update gang?☺

  37. sweta

    Hey shamz I m a silent reader the epi is fab even if I don’t hv word 2 explain how much I love the epi n plz yaar continue your ff plzzz I just love it plzz continue

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.